Top 10 Duress Quotes

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There's nothing better than to be rootless cosmopolitan
There’s nothing better than to be rootless cosmopolitans who seamlessly merge into whatever society. That’s the greatest thing human beings can aspire to. Whether forced by duress, Jews became perfect modern human beings. After the Holocaust, one doesn’t really mourn for that – it’s too disturbing, seems like a mistake.

I tried to avoid anything that caused me frustration or grief or duress. I played FarmVille and procrastinated like all teenagers.

That’s the whole point of writing to me – I put my characters under incredible duress, and from that comes their truth. In a way, I’m using them to try to find my own answers in life.

I’m known for wearing tweed jackets, khaki pants and suede shoes. I’ve only worn a suit in parliament under duress, when I was on the front bench.

I think I’m drawn to characters with complexity or who are under duress in some way and have some conflict going on.

I never wanted anything to do with the theatre as a child. I was dragged there under duress.

Learning to be your natural self in front of five cameras and a silent studio takes time. Trying to be funny under duress is probably a lot like trying to play golf relaxed under pressure.

What I found was when I started my first study, and then in subsequent studies, is here you have people under some kind of duress, or I chose to study them because they represented some kind of historical event, as it impacted on them or as they helped to create it.

I’m a sensitive guy. If you are a woman and you’re in any kind of emotional duress and you write a song about it, I’ll buy you album.