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Instead of diving further back to the fandom as a child
Instead of diving further back to the fandom as a child, more recently when I was training as an independent wrestler, that is really when women’s wrestling took to the forefront and really started this upward rise.

Britt Baker
I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of the digital media revolution.

Some people have their sexuality really at the forefront of who they are, and I applaud those people.

You can’t dictate to a country or a religion about how they handle things, but having said that, WWE is at the forefront of a women’s evolution in the world, and what you can’t do is effect change anywhere by staying away from it.

We like to be kind of at the forefront for how all football federations should treat their female athletes.

I know what my goals are, and I always keep that in the forefront of my mind.

As I’ve evolved, I’m capable of doing a lot of things at once, but really, as an entrepreneur and business person, it’s more about adding the right structure to be able to handle scaling all those things as opposed to being at the forefront of doing a lot of them.

Israel stands proudly at the forefront of international achievement. The world’s leading corporationsGoogle, Intel and Motorola, to name but a fewmaintain research and development facilities here, and our technology start-ups continue to be acquired by the likes of AOL, eBay and IBM.

In some ways, it’s the start of all those science-fiction movies that we watched as kids coming to fruition where you’ve got entities living and working out in space and off the planet. Just to be at the forefront of that is enormously exciting.

To be at the forefront of something that can spark a major change as far as kids going to an HBCU and learning about our history and learning about our culture and learning about our ancestors, where we came from – that’s a big thing, that’s a really big thing.

If I was courting the Muslim vote, I wouldn’t have put establishing the partnership ceremony at the forefront of my first term, would I? I go all around London advocating lesbian and gay rights.

In Wisconsin, We’re at the forefront of research that might one day bring cures for diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and we must seize its great potential.

Jim Doyle
When we first started in ’04 or ’05, that’s when social media started to become a way to release music and connect with fans – and our fans were kind of at the forefront of that.

The creation of millions of secure, well-paid jobs must be at the forefront of any Green Industrial Revolution.

Money has stepped to the forefront of everything.

The guitar player that I’m doing my solo tour with, Angel Vivaldi, he’s been releasing incredible guitar albums and people just don’t really know about them because instrumental guitar isn’t really at the forefront of music these days.

I’d say that animal rights and environmental issues have always been at the forefront of my mind.

As a mom, that’s at the forefront of everything in my mind, so I’m always trying to balance, whether it’s bringing Violet to work or, the second I am done working, getting home to her.

In medicine, you learn about ethics from day one. In mathematics, it’s a bolt-on at best. It has to be there from day one and at the forefront of your mind in every step you take.

I’m at the forefront of the NXT women’s division, and it’s really humbling to think that I’m not just a part of this new era but that I’m the leader of it.

Evan Wolfson is a dear friend of mine. Almost more than any other, Evan is responsible for bringing the issue of marriage equality to the forefront of our struggle for civil rights. He is a courageous pioneer who has been relentless in this battle for marriage equality.

One of the biggest things about being an entrepreneur is discovering your own management style. You can learn from others and try to emulate what they are doing, but at the end of the day, your inherent personality – how you deal with events and situations – comes to the forefront.

For now more than ever, we must keep in the forefront of our minds the fact that whenever we take away the liberties of those we hate, we are opening the way to loss of liberty for those we love.

Women have always been at the forefront of progressive movements. Women can be depended on when you need bodies in the streets for women’s rights and human rights.

We should be on the forefront on this focus on justice, and do all we can to care about our community, to care about our society, and to make our communities a much better place.

In Chicago, you have an absence of strong family units, and that absence gets filled by gangs. You have a failure in the school system, after-school programs and other social programs to help keep kids off the streets. Amnesty International speaks to that in some way, by keeping these issues in the forefront.

I think at the prospect of bringing children into the world, your mortality comes very much to the forefront, absolutely.

For me to train and get ready for racing, I can’t just sit in the gym all the time and that’s the way it is. Responsibility starts and stops with me. My main gig is grand prix driving, that’s what I do and I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

Mark Webber
We have come a very, very long way and Michael Bloomberg has been at the forefront of that change.

As a viewer, I love to watch reality shows, and being a part of the industry, I feel it helps a lot. There are a lot of talented artists in small towns and villages of India, and these shows are a huge platform to showcase their talent and bring them to the forefront.

We are on the forefront of a revolution in which identity and expression will take priority over the labels assigned to us at birth; in which self-identification will take priority over perception; in which gender will fall away entirely.

Live Nation is one of the most unique, exciting companies in the world and has remained at the forefront of the live entertainment industry by continuing to innovate and bring live entertainment to more fans around the globe.

Look at liberty’s greatest historic advances: ending slavery. Giving women the vote. Outlawing legal segregation. Each and every time, the people at the forefront of advancing those reforms – often putting their lives on the line – called themselves liberals.

As chairman, I commit to keeping Business Roundtable CEOs at the forefront of constructive public policy debates as we pursue an agenda of greater growth and opportunity for all Americans.

We Catholics have been in the forefront in defending the dignity of the human person. Clericalism is a direct violation of human dignity.

What is also strange to me is that public libraries have always been in the forefront of opposing censorship.

I try not to put anything political on the forefront of what I’m trying to do creatively. At the same time, I do think it’s wonderful when I hear people say that it’s inspirational that I’m an Indian woman on camera. My life is very diverse, and my friends are a diverse group of people.

As actors, we want to show our acting prowess but one has to understand what to show and when to show. I learnt very early in my life that it is not required to be in the forefront all the time. There is a moment that belongs to you but when you are not needed, you need to disappear.

In the 1980s and the 1990s, when HIV hit its peak, the gay community was at the forefront of the fight against the silent killer.

It is a shame and the moral bankruptcy of the Congress that its leaders, who were at the forefront of the freedom struggle and fought against foreigners, should think of having a foreigner as the Prime Minister.

As a traditionally risk-averse nation, India has rarely been at the forefront of innovation. Indian companies have mostly imitated others and became very good at it.

I feel very strongly that the Democratic Party has, in the past, been the party of the future. I think when you look at Social Security and Medicare, when you look at the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, I think the Democratic Party has always been in the forefront of change.

You have to be able to bring technology to the forefront and allow economic opportunity to be more equally spread.

You can’t be on the cusp of innovation and at the forefront of technology if you’re wearing blinders. If you don’t have an exploration program where you’re exploring your world here on Earth, underwater, and in space, then you’re wearing blinders and handicapping yourself.

Gwynne Shotwell
It’s not something that’s at the forefront of my mind, but I think I’d regret it if I didn’t have children.

As the world’s sole remaining super power and economic powerhouses, our nation’s ability to be at the forefront of innovation and production has enabled unparalleled economic success of our nation’s workforce.

‘Aqualung’ marks the point at which I had the confidence as a songwriter and as a guitar player to actually pick up and play the guitar and be at the forefront of the band. It’s also the album on which I began to address religious issues in my music, and I think that happened simply because the time was right for it.

About 10,000 people a day go on first dates from Match… We’re trying to celebrate that, bring those success stories to the forefront and make it even easier in our product to meet up at Starbucks.

I still have shy qualities but nobody would believe that, just because we’re in the forefront and I can talk a lot of mess and I can run my mouth.

In the forefront of science, there is not much difference between religion and science. People harbor beliefs. That’s what happens when people believe something religiously.

You’ve probably seen that any visible PalestinianAmerican woman who is at the forefront of any social-justice movement is an immediate target of the right wing and right-wing Zionists. They will go to any extreme to criminalize us and to engage in alternative facts, to sew together a narrative that does not exist.

I’m trying to bring gangster rap back to the forefront, like in the early ’90s.

Now that a cappella is sort of coming to the forefront of the music world, I think people are starting to realize that it’s a well-crafted art form, and not just a cheeseball novelty. That being the case, my hope is that a cappella groups, new and old, will get the recognition they deserve.

Mitch Grassi
When you talk about domestic violence, it’s not just athletes that are involved in it. Our society has really done a poor job of addressing it. And it needs to come to the forefront.

It is no secret that our tax code is drastically outdated and burdensome to all Americans. Fortunately, more and more people are aware daily of the inequities that arise from things such as the estate tax, and it has come to the forefront of Congress’ agenda.

Technology is at the forefront of everything these days – communication, work. It’s amazing and scary at the same time how robots have evolved, but I find it hard to believe that robots will completely rule the world. Not in my lifetime anyway.

Graham McTavish
The ‘Transtastic’ hat represents what I want to do with my life’s work, combining my experience and visibility to improve the lives of other people and bring their often-overlooked stories to the media forefront.

Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in our country’s history.

We need to be at the forefront of technological development again.

I feel so lucky that I feel the music is at the forefront of Audioslave, and the songs are the most important thing.

I have very strong feelings about a lot of things. I am sometimes reluctant to come straight to the forefront with it. You know, first and foremost, I’m a musician. I’m a songwriter.

I truly believe that ESPN has been in the forefront in terms of the diversity in front of the camera and improving the balance between men and women.

JACL has always been at the very forefront of making sure citizens‘ civil rights remain intact. They fight wholeheartedly against discrimination, prejudice and racial bias and they always provide a calm voice during turbulent times.

My life day in and day out is accessing my emotions and bringing them to the forefront.

I’m not going to give quotes about inventing the ‘beach book,’ but I was certainly at the forefront of it.

When I first came in, family life wasn’t at the forefront of your career or who you were as an artist. You was even supposed to be projected as a single man for the public.

It is incredible to come to work every day surrounded by individuals whose insights and efforts place us at the forefront of finance.

What we need to do is fundamentally shift the justice system by bringing redemption to the forefront and making sure that second chances are possible in this country.

Pick any scientific field, and you’ll find that those snubbed by their communities, left feeling alone and despised, were often those on the forefront.

All you can do when you are given a chance to play for England is to go out against whoever that opponent may be and do it very well. And if you do that, you get yourself in the forefront of the manager‘s mind.

The U.K. has been at the forefront of developing the climate change policy architecture that can ensure climate action is integrated into economic decision making.

Normally the teams that are in the NFC and AFC championship games are the teams that are going to be right there in the forefront as the season begins.

The Iranians had to come to the forefront of supporting and helping Iraq fight Daesh with advisers, with other help, logistical support for our armed forces, and we very much welcomed that.

Iraq was home of the Abbasid Caliphate, a golden age when the Muslim world was at the forefront of math, science and medicine.

This uprising of 1976-77 was, of course, the historic watershedWithin a short period of time, it propelled into the forefront of our struggle millions of young people.

I mean, when you’re a pioneer and you are at the forefront of an offensive, you’re going to be the most optimistic person.

I’m a black woman, so I’m obviously not going to write something where women aren’t at the forefront.

As we look ahead to our very diverse future, BAJI plans to continue to be at the forefront, uniting black communities to attain racial, social, and economic justice for all.

To kind of be on the forefront of things here in NXT is definitely a big feather in my cap.

Research is creation of knowledge which leads to new and efficient solutions for the society. Shiv Nadar University, therefore, believes in being at the forefront of research. To create new knowledge, one needs to solve open-ended problems, which basically make one think on one’s own.

As a quarterback, obviously, you’re going to be put in the forefront whether you like it or not, and if you’re not then you’re not doing your job.

Know your target audience. Always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Understand their lifestyle and what they are looking for. Gather their feedback and use it to tailor your approach. The voice of the consumer is an essential input into the development of any fashion business or blog.

I am proud to represent the first explicitly feminist government in the world, and one that has been at the forefront of advocating for greater attention to women, peace, and security.

Isabella Lovin
When you’re in the throes of writing, I find, the lessons you’ve casually imparted to others are not in the forefront of your mind. Which may be good or bad. Probably both.

My mother said, ‘Did you ever believe you would be an activist?’ I said, ‘No, not really.’ But I just felt in my heart that I needed to step up and be a leader in the forefront.

Anderson‘s been here the longest, he brought our sport to the forefront. He’s been around, and yeah, I’ve always been a fan and I’ve always enjoyed his fighting style.

When I think about the shows that we have on our air, we’ve been known for a long time for shows that feature strong, dynamic, powerful women at their forefront. And we’re going to continue with that kind of storytelling.

Facebook is at the forefront. It’s the company that can fundamentally change the way information is being exchanged and processed. It can be the basis for artificial intelligence to develop over time.

I want to do music, and I want that to be the highlight of everything that I do. I want that at the forefront.

My father was at the forefront of the economic justice movement – fighting for and with Black women who were on welfare for dignity and for enough support to feed their families, shelter their kids.

As Asia‘s rising powers seek to sustain growth and ensure stability, energy security has moved to the forefront of Asian geopolitics.

I love music and I love acting. I always keep that in the forefront, not all the other distractions around me.

I think Irish people pride themselves on being at the forefront of technological industries, things like the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, all those hi-tech industries, we’re always there or thereabouts.

Beyonce is very outspoken on feminist issues. So I think that’s good. That could be brought to the forefront more.

Games are a media that relies on technology to be innovative and forward thinking and interesting. Personally, I love being at that forefront when something new comes out.

I will continue to be at the forefront, participating in rallies, marches, letter-writing campaigns, and fighting for federal funding for Planned Parenthood. And, I will always oppose the nomination of any anti-choice U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

New York was at the forefront of rap, so because of all the great people who have gone before me, being a rapper from Queens, I have to live up to those standards. I’m basically just a regular guy who says what he feels and likes to joke. I like long walks on the beach… and I love rap.

I think our society today, the negativity is at the forefront, so you see all the people that have outrage about this or that.

Certainly tolerance and acceptance were at the forefront of my music.

Journalists were at the forefront. From the Civil War until the early 1900s, nothing was being done to solve the problems of the Industrial Age.

With abolition, it’s necessary to destroy systems of oppression. But it’s equally necessary to put at the forefront our conversations about creation. When we fight for justice, what exactly do we want for our communities?