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We are told that the first part of the process is to se
We are told that the first part of the process is to select the very smallest seeds from the smallest plants, which is not at all unlikely, but I cannot speak to the fact from my own observation.

I have more artistic control in a smaller show. But it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still make a big impact.

I’m so emotional when it comes to even the smallest thing.

Yeah, I try to tell everybody – I don’t think a lot of people believe me – that I’m the youngest and the smallest of eight boys. People don’t believe me until they see us all together. I’m one of the tallest, but size-wise, I’m one of the smallest.

It’s not easy to play the big guys, especially since I’m one of the smallest guys on tour.

Real Texans believe in looking out for each other. We believe in honoring our mothers and fathers and keeping our smallest residents – our childrenhealthy.

The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.

The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention.

Roger Nash Baldwin
You don’t need equipment of any kind to get a good workout in. In fact, you can get a good workout in the smallest of spaces, from a dorm room, to a studio apartment to a hotel room.

The loneliest you will get is in the most public of arenas: You will go to a place and end up in the smallest compartment possible, because it’s a distraction to everybody, and you end up not getting to enjoy it like everyone else.

Once in a while, when I’m out on the lawn, I’ll jump around and do a couple of things. Here’s a secret: The older you get, the more difficult it gets. The smallest little injury stays with you for so long. But that’s how it goes, and it doesn’t stop me. I’m always ready to do something that hurts a little!

We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universes, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.

The reason bubbles are spherical is that a sphere is the smallest, most economical form possible to contain a given volume.

God hangs the greatest weights upon the smallest wires.

Six is the hardest number for me to experience, the smallest. It’s the absence of something – it’s cold, dark, almost like a black hole. If someone tells me they are depressed, I might imagine myself in the hole of a six to help me empathise.

I want almost no laws, I want the smallest government possible. I don’t want anyone telling anyone what to do.

Gavin McInnes
Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.

I have always been small and one of the smallest heptathletes out there. And earlier in my career, I was faced with coaches and athletes who felt I was too small to be a multi-eventer. It gives you a push to show you can do it.

The cloud removes the barriers to entry associated with traditional IT investmentsmeaning even the smallest companies can benefit from enterprise-class services.

It always makes me sad when I think of how I saw Wagner wasting his vitality, not only by singing their parts to some of his artists, but acting out the smallest details, and of how few they were who were responsive to his wishes.

Anton Seidl
I would be up until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning on nights I was facing a wall. Because when I walked into WWE, I was told I was going to be fired ten times because I’m the smallest guy around.

You can tell when you watch a movie, usually, what the actors’ experience was on the movie, because even the smallest of roles were interesting.

I played against Kobe a lot when I was in high school during the summers, even in college, just being that guy in L.A. coming up. He always gave me advice here and there, and even the smallest things stuck with me. I watched every single thing that Kobe did, every game, every move. He made me a student of the game.

The best way to show an emotion is not through a character‘s words, but their smallest expressions – to take what an actor would visually do and try putting that down on the page for the reader to ‘see.’

There are about a dozen of these gardens, more or less extensive, according to the business or wealth of the proprietor; but they are generally smaller than the smallest of our London nurseries.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish.

I developed my armour at prep school. I was the smallest guy in the school. I got bullied a lot. So I developed broad shoulders.

Any Reform Bill which is worth a moment’s thought, or the smallest effort to carry it, must at least double, and it ought to do much more than double, the representation of the metropolitan boroughs and of all the great cities of the United Kingdom.

John Bright
Even the smallest daily chore can be humanized with the harmony of culture.

Alvar Aalto
Man is so muddled, so dependent on the things immediately before his eyes, that every day even the most submissive believer can be seen to risk the torments of the afterlife for the smallest pleasure.

Mickey – the smallest husband I ever had and the biggest mistake I ever made – well, that year, it was.

Ava Gardner
I’ve made some stupid decisions, so I have to be careful. I once said ‘no’ to a film that was a number-one hit. And ‘Date Movie’ had the smallest budget of any movie I’d been in, and it went to the top of the box office.

Sophie Monk
I make a little goal every day and work toward achieving it – even if it’s the smallest little thing.

I turn over a lot of money for a lot of people and I’m the smallest fish in it.

Michael Hutchence
I grew up at a park, and everybody was always for themselves. I was the smallest, so I had to find a way to get my own rebounds, and it always translated throughout my whole career.

Every boxer needs to be able to punch, but none more than me, and that’s because I’m not that skilful, and I’m one of the smallest heavyweights you’ll ever see.

I see a film or a TV series or a play as being this machine. It sounds quite robotic, in its description, but it’s basically a machine and you’re just one of the cogs that goes in it. You’re not the biggest one, and you’re not the smallest one. Everyone’s the same size.

I’m constantly trying to make myself better, to learn more. I didn’t finish college, so I feel like I’m always having to prove myself. I don’t want to feel like the smallest person in the room.

I envisage there being absolutely no regulation whatsoever – no minimum wage, no maternity or paternity rights, no unfair dismissal rights, no pension rights – for the smallest companies that are trying to get off the ground, in order to give them a chance.

Back in the Eighties, I’d buy the biggest Benetton jumper I could find and would wear it long-sleeved, hanging off my shoulders, with a varsity jacket and a baseball cap on back to front with a quiff. I was the smallest boy in my class, and I looked like a reject from New Kids On The Block. Terrible.

Underwriting is probably the smallest part of our business.

Warren Stephens
Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small in it. Far the greatest things grow by God’s law out of the smallest. But to live your life, you must discipline it.

I know it’s kind of cliche to say Messi is your hero, but it was special for me because I was training with our boys’ team a lot in order to push myself. I was really inspired by the way Messi could still control a game despite being the smallest person on the pitch.

I thought the Little League fields were big. You look back now, and its obviously the smallest field you can play on.

Yes, well I really hope I can make a difference, even in the smallest way. I am looking forward to helping as much as I can.

I can’t wait to start something up myself that is actually about giving unsigned bands the exposure they deserve, especially when they travel so far to play the smallest gig they’ve ever played in their lives.

Dan Hawkins
Between death and a new birth, we know that our body, down to its smallest particles, is formed out of the cosmos. For we ourselves prepare this physical body, bringing together in it the whole of animal nature; we ourselves build it.

The most successful detectives owe their success to noticing small signs. Scouts are natural detectives and never let the smallest detail escape them. These small things are called by Scouts ‘Sign.’

Seriously, Jamie Cullum could be the smallest person on the planet. He might be lovely and charming and you might think we all should spend more time talking about his piano-playing techniques but, seriously, have you seen how short he is?

The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.

I played at Room 5 a lot, which is probably the smallest capacity venue in Los Angeles. I begged my friends to come see me.

The smallest number, with God and truth on their side, are weightier than thousands.

Charles Simmons
Praise your children more than you correct them. Praise them for even their smallest achievement.

A meaningful life – this is what we look for in art, in its smallest dewdrops as in its unleashing of the tempest. We are at peace when we have found it and uneasy when we have not.

Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Most new jobs won‘t come from our biggest employers. They will come from our smallest. We’ve got to do everything we can to make entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Ross Perot
Though everything else may appear shallow and repulsive, even the smallest task in music is so absorbing, and carries us so far away from town, country, earth, and all worldly things, that it is truly a blessed gift of God.

Felix Mendelssohn
I’ve always been one of the smallest, if not the smallest guy on the football field.

I have never been to an acting school, and on the sets of ‘Karwaan,’ Irrfan was my acting school. By observing him, I learnt to improvise in the scenes along with focusing on the smallest of the details.

That’s not the way I think, ‘I’m the smallest guy on the field, I have to go out there and do this and do that.’ I just go out there and play.

I took a trip to D.C. before the Off Broadway production started, and one of the things that was really telling is that Hamilton has probably the smallest statue in all of the Mall area, and yet he’s got the greatest monument of any of them because we’re all walking around with him in our pockets.

I was the smallest out of everyone I hung out with.

When it came time to take a job, I had the distinction of joining the smallest company of any graduate in my class. I left to become only the fifth full-time employee of HAL, and when I told my father this, you can imagine, it was not the happiest moment in the history of my family.

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.

My grandmother valued even the smallest of things.

Koichi Tanaka
I trained with a guy by the name of Scott Casey. He actually worked with WWE back in the day, but he didn’t become a big star. What I want to teach is what he taught me: that the smallest things are what people are really looking for.

What has ‘theology‘ ever said that is of the smallest use to anybody? When has ‘theology’ ever said anything that is demonstrably true and is not obvious? What makes you think that ‘theology’ is a subject at all?

To establish yourself as a leading man, you’re shooting for the smallest point on the target, and you get a lot of judgment thrown at you. It takes a lot for them to get past everything and just watch your art and what you’re doing.

If you are focused on profits right out of the gate, you’re gonna have the smallest profitable business that has ever been seen.

Dominant narrative is so overwhelming in politics. The smallest gaffe when the momentum is against you is a disaster. But when it is with you, everyone just ignores it.

Just like football, business is a game of inches, where the smallest advancement or advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing.

I’m someone who has grown physically at a later age, I was always one of the smallest players.

I think I am one of the smallest surviving brands.

In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leitmotiv.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
The smallest feline is a masterpiece.

My mom is quite religious, and she got the name Tituss from the Bible. It’s one of the smallest books in the Bible. I don’t know why she added an ‘s,’ but she just did.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

I did my thesis on clowns. It’s a powerful thing when you’ve got this little red nose on. It’s a mask, the smallest in the world, but it unveils you. You stand up there and do these exercises that free you, let you play, and see what comes out. What comes out is the truth.

My goal is to change perception about giving money for charity. A lot of people still think that this is only for the rich. I used to think like this, but this isn’t true. Begin by donating the smallest amount you can afford. You’ll soon realize how easy it is to support worthy causes.

Talking about theater, actually, I built a little barn in upstate New York, and I call it ‘the smallest theater in the world,’ but it has a mini stage and a red velvet curtain.

I’ll be happy if I can gain even the smallest place inside the literary imagination of U.S. readers.

Elliot Perlman
The world is part of us, and we are part of the world. Even through the smallest acts, we can demonstrate that. I believe in the human spirit, in the kindness in all of us, and I am hopeful for this world.

I fell in love with Virginia Woolf in college. I especially admire how well she writes about daily life, how she captures so much meaning and consequence in the smallest details of a day.

I always wanted to, to the smallest detail, make my parents proud.

My aim as a frontman is always to try and shrink the venue, if you can, to turn that football stadium into the world’s smallest club. At least you have to try.

Larry David‘s armor is his dissatisfaction with the world down to the smallest detail, and up to the whole ghastly arrangement. He won’t win, but he’ll enjoy losing.

I took lessons since I was little; I used to pay for my own singing lessons and take myself. Just take the bus when I was a kid and go. But I’d been writing music for years, since the smallest age.

Whatever you want to do in the industry, do it on the smallest level at first. If you want to be a writer, write a screenplay in your house. If you want to be an actor, put on a one-man show. If you want to be a stand-up comedian, go to an open mic.

The cosmos is about the smallest hole that a man can hide his head in.

But giving back isn’t just a celebrity thing; the smallest acts can make a big difference.

I’ve had people tell me I’m fat, and I’m like one of the smallest people I’ve met in my life.

I want to work with Bayona again. I keep emailing my agent about it. Even the smallest role, I’ll do it.

So many of my paintings, people would be like, ‘What more do you have to do?’ But the smallest little things make all of the difference.

All the sculptures of today, like those of the past, will end one day in pieces… So it is important to fashion ones work carefully in its smallest recess and charge every particle of matter with life.

Alberto Giacometti
A single prop that does not look real to an audience can louse you up. The same is true of the smallest flaw in setting up the motivation in a story line.

Desi Arnaz
When you are stronger, it helps. But ever since I have played football, I have been one of the smallest ones, and you have to try to compensate with other things because if you are faster or stronger, it helps you.

Whether it’s some last-second move within a move that he’s adding, or switching up his timing the smallest amount, or using the rim as a shield in all of these creative ways… it’s hard to explain, but what Kemba is able to do around the basket is unique.

The person whose doors I enter with most pleasure, and quit with most regret, never did me the smallest favor.

I’ll be fine, and suddenly I’ll feel the depression coming on. It can start with the smallest thing.

What is fashion? It’s discipline. Discipline and a credo to do only the best, down to the smallest detail.

There is room in the smallest cottage for a happy loving pair.

My Chinese side comes out in my dancing. There’s a certain in-the-moment sentimentality, an appreciation for the smallest details.

Yuan Yuan Tan
Norway is a small country, about half the size of Sweden, but it has a very good film climate because they have municipal cinemas, so even in the smallest towns you have a cinema that shows art house films from all over the world.

If you look at America, which was the experiment of the smallest conceivable government, what grows out of that is the largest government the world has ever seen.

Stefan Molyneux
The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

Even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference.

With any child entering adolescence, one hunts for signs of health, is desperate for the smallest indication that the child’s problems will never be important enough for a television movie.

Our opponents maintain that we are confronted with insurmountable political obstacles, but that may be said of the smallest obstacle if one has no desire to surmount it.

I don’t care who you are. You can be the smallest person off the street, or you could be the biggest person in the world. I’m going to treat everybody the same – with respect.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

If you leave the smallest corner of your head vacant for a moment, other people’s opinions will rush in from all quarters.