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When Steve Jobs toured Xerox PARC and saw computers run
When Steve Jobs toured Xerox PARC and saw computers running the first operating system that used Windows and a mouse, he assumed he was looking at a new way to work a personal computer. He brought the concept back to Cupertino and created the Mac, then Bill Gates followed suit, and the rest is history.

Observation, very general and wide-spread, has shown that small children are endowed with a special psychic nature. This shows us a new way of imparting education!

If you take a Baroque commode and put a Baroque clock on top of it, maybe it is not so interesting as when you put a computer on top of it. Then you see both items in a new way.

Why isn’t it natural for people who have lived and worked at something to want to use the knowledge and capacity in a new way, free from the burden of making a living?

James Rouse
Let’s find a new way to think about the entire taxonomy of solar system objects, and not clutch to this concept of ‘planet,’ which, of course, only ever meant, ‘Do you move against the background stars, regardless of what you’re made of?’

The secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way.

The studio is a place where I can experiment before I’m prepared for an idea to become a body of work, or a new way of working, or a way of working that can sustain me over a period of time.

I was really excited by the idea that people were sharing information now and discovering information in a totally new way on the Internet via Twitter and Facebook, yet that experience was pretty clunk and just lots of links.

Famous pivot stories are often failures but you don’t need to fail before you pivot. All a pivot is is a change is strategy without a change in vision. Whenever entrepreneurs see a new way to achieve their vision – a way to be more successful – they have to remain nimble enough to take it.

I wanted to study painting and become a painter, but I had a huge flip-over in my life when I was about 18 or 19. I was part of a criminal environment; I got arrested and convicted, and I had to start thinking in a new way.

Aksel Hennie
A novel means a new way of doing a story. If you go back the origins of a novel, ‘Clarissa’ – that’s not a novel; it’s just a bunch of letters. But it isn’t! Because it’s organised in a particular way! A novel is what you make of it.

For a sculptor, a painter, a weaver, a potter, the dialogue between one’s materials and what one makes from them is easy to see: discover a new material or a new way to use a familiar one, and new things can be made, sometimes leading to the discovery of more new material, leading to more creation.

Avatar‘ is the greatest, most comprehensive collection of movie cliches ever assembled, but it’s put together in a brand new way with a new technology, and tremendous imagination, making it a true epic and a kind of a milestone.

Theater is dangerously open to repetition. It’s exciting when you hit on a new way.

The magic of GoPro is that we are enabling the world to communicate in this new way, to express themselves in a new way, and it’s snowballing.

I think Detroit is already providing a model for change in the world. I think that Detroit – I mean, people come from all over the world come to see what we’re doing. People are looking for a new way of living.

Grace Lee Boggs
We already have many of the technologies and tools that we need to build a sustainable future. What we don’t have is a new way of thinking, and that’s really the hardest part.

The main problem with writing in verse is, if your fourth line doesn’t come out right, you’ve got to throw four lines away and figure out a whole new way to attack the problem. So the mortality rate is terrific.

I began doing writing projects and art and design projects to explore a new way of seeing Canada. Roots is one more way of continuing this exploration. I want to present a wide-open Canadian sense of color, adventure, communication and openness that defines our country.

There is a new way with very very tiny fiber optics, which give an enormous high resolution. There are many many thousand fibers, very very close together with a very small diameter.

Lennart Nilsson
I’m an absolute fan of Angela Bassett. I think she‘s a great, great actress. In the biopics, she is so moving. She’s very rare. It’s something that doesn’t happen that much, to see an actress inventing a new way of showingwomanonscreen, and a new way of being beautiful.

Arnaud Desplechin
Whether we’re talking about books, music or film, it’s all about storytelling. You get a powerful new way of connecting with people once you hear their stories.

Craig Hatkoff
One of the things is challenging yourself to do a Rome show when everybody‘s done a Rome show. To find some aspect of food culture or chef culture that people can look at in a new way.

Crazy Arms‘ is one of those songs that can get crushed beneath its own weight. It’s kind of likeOrange Blossom Special’ or ‘Rocky Top’ or ‘Crazy.’ But when you go back to the original interpretation, you hear it in a new way.

If you’re playing with somebody from another idiom, you can’t react to them in the same way that you react to somebody that is closer to your idiom. You don’t fall into the same habits. You find a new way of communicating.

In general I like a guy who is athletic, somebody who can teach me something. Whether it’s teaching me a new way to cut on a wave or teach me a three-point conversion or teach me how to dribble a soccer ball. There’s something really cool about that.

Aimee Teegarden
What the iPad does is it opens people’s minds to a new way of doing things. They’re actually thirsting for it.

With the House of Marley, over the years we’ve been trying to establish ourselves not just as a brand but a lifestyle movement. So it’s been a challenge to get people to adapt to our new way of thinking. We’re all about sustainability, the natural life, the eco life.

ShapeShift, like SatoshiDICE before it, demonstrated how an old business could operate in a brand new way because of the properties of cryptocurrencies.

We believe a truly new kind of game entertainment will not be realized unless there is a new way to connect a player to his game.

The thing about good art is that it makes you look at things in a new way.

People recognize intellectual property the same way they recognize real estate. People understand what property is. But it’s a new kind of property, and so the understanding uses new control surfaces. It uses a new way of defining the property.

When we approach games, we’re always emotional-focused, so if a free-to-play business model works against the emotion, we won’t use it. If it actually works well with the emotion, or if we can come up with a new way to do monetization that’s different and that’s unique for the game, I would go for that.

We know it is impossible to go on finding, moving and wasting oil, leveling forests, paving land, dumping poisons, and multiplying our numbers. A new way of life, a new set of thoughts must be found.

I’m part of a speech therapy programme called the McGuire Programme. It teaches you a new way to breathe, a new way to speak, a brand new way of tackling the mind-sets that come with having a speech impediment. Mainly, it teaches you how to slow things down, and that has really helped me.

When I learned about Airbnb, I was like, ‘Wow, this is an amazing, new way to travel; it’s about community, and there’s a lot to figure out to clear the way,’ so I was really drawn to that.

In ‘The Purity Myth,’ I not only discuss what the purity myth is and reveal its consequences for women, but also outline a new way for us to think about young women as moral actors, one that doesn’t include their bodies.

I got married, which opened me up to a whole new way of feeling about life, which in turn reflected on the way I do my art, you know.

After the scarlet fever and the whooping cough, I remember I started to get mad about it all… I went through the stage of asking myself, ‘Wilma, what is this existence all about? Is it about being sick all the time? It can’t be.’ So I started getting angry about things, fighting back in a new way with a vengeance.

Discussing and dissecting opposing viewpoints with others on Twitter opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.

Real change isn’t found in some new way to think about yourself, but in freedom from the need to think about yourself at all.

We need to be our own heroes. We need a new way of looking at things. Greta Thunberg has shown us that. It’s crazy, but this kid has proven that we can be our own leaders.

I love rearranging and reimagining tunes, so I want my audience to enjoy hearing songs in a new way and make their own discoveries.

When you love food as much as I do, staying healthy is not easy. I mean, moderation, not deprivation. That’s my new way of living. I always want more and that’s just my life.

The global e-learning online market is on fire. Organizations which feel left out of this non-linear world of opportunities are seeing the need to adopt this new way of lifelong learning.

That was the first major social sciences conference at which social scientists from all cultures wanted to reach a consensus on whether we can continue to pursue a national course in the social sciences or whether we need a cosmopolitan path that also connects us in a new way.

But what was interesting about what the Who did is that we took things which were happening in the pop genre and represent them to people so that they see them in a new way. I think the best example is Andy Warhol‘s work, the image of Marilyn Monroe or the Campbell‘s soup can.

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.

Tom Freston
Machine learning is a new way of creating problem solving.

From early on… we really looked at the Internet as a whole new way to provide storytelling and entertainment.

When I heard Charlie Parker, I knew that that was going to be the new wave, the new way to play jazz. From that point on, I was sold with… the idea of bebop.

Buddy DeFranco
One of the magical things about these anthropomorphic animal movies is that we can take things that are so common in our own world that we deal with, like the DMV, or moving to a new city, or our family, and show you a mirror image of those things, reflected in a whole new way. That’s why animals are great.

Byron Howard
Once you reach a certain age with radio stations, you’ve got to be an oldie but a goodie. If you wanna do something new, you’ve got to find a new way to present it to people.

Action sports is just in a new era: thinking outside the box, being creative, and inventing new things. I just think people dig that. It’s a new way of being an athlete.

Being involved with BABYMETAL has allowed me to acquire more chances to really become involved with music. As a result, I find myself noticing each individual instrument the band plays and I feel that I have found a new way of enjoying music on a deeper level.

I’ve started listening to music in a new way after I started running. When it comes to running, I really got into the idea of track listings that way, too.

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

Donald Trump
I’m always looking for something new: a new inspiration, a new philosophy, a new way to look at something, new talent.

Give your employees a shot at showing the company a new way, and provide the room for them to chalk up a few small victories. Once they’ve proved that their idea can work on a limited basis, they can begin to scale it up.

The problem with competition is that it takes away the requirement to set your own path, to invent your own method, to find a new way.

I remember that the day I finished ‘The Angels,’ part three of ‘The Book of Laughter and Forgetting‘, I was terribly proud of myself. I was sure that I had discovered the key to a new way of putting together a narrative.

We want to destroy everything, not rebuild on the same rubble. We have different ideas. It is like any work. You have to have a clean slate. Then, you have a programme, a new way of thinking. It is a way of thinking. Not a restoration. Parties out. Citizens instead of parties.

I love collecting market stuff in Mexico. I have an etagere built onto the wall of my living room, which has cubicles that are lit and filled with super inexpensive pottery. You see them in a new way; they become museum pieces.

Rick Bayless
Writing genetic code like we do software will usher in a completely new way of living for all of us. When this happens, our society will be as fundamentally changed as we have seen from the invention of computers.

Rarely, someone comes around that is influenced by so many things but is looking for a new way to do something.

I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists. I want to help those artists get to the next level and provide existing artists with a new way to reach fans. I wanted to partner with the Cutting Edge Group because they share my vision and have a proven track record in innovation in the music business.

I got to express myself in a whole new way as a different person on camera, in a different way as an actress, and I loved it.

I always thought that I was a terrible writer. And I started to write songs. And I started to like what I was writing. I think it’s a new way for me to express things that are closer to myself than when I play a role because, of course, it’s really not me.

I’m really impressed every time Kanye comes to perform at ‘SNL‘ because he finds a new way to make that space work for him.

Sasheer Zamata
Operation Ajax’ presents history in an entirely new way. It takes a true story and uses cutting-edge technology, never before used in this way, to bring it to spectacular life.

It Might As Well Be Spring… I used to sing that as a young girl in my voice lessons. Then I picked it up again and it spoke to me in a whole new way.

The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.

You know, I have found a new way to get high and stay spaced out for hours on end, and the government can’t stop me… It’s called senility.

If there really is no new way to be found, we are not afraid to stick with the old one that we found previously. So, I do not make every building different.

TechCrunch evolved on the Web as a new way of presenting the news on the Web.

Do everyday things in a new way to get the brain thinking in new ways.

I suppose that I’m excited by exciting theater. It takes a risk to show us the world in a new way.

I’m mostly interested in characters and how they manifest themselves in their relationships. I’m delighted that people relate to the characters in ‘Bojack,’ and hopefully they will too to the characters in ‘Undone.’ If they understand themselves or feel seen in a new way, I think that’s a wonderful thing.

One of the challenges of innovation is challenging a set model. A traditional way to manufacture footwear existed for hundreds of years. Now we have a whole new way.

A lot of people have said that I’m super-snarky and mean. But honesty is the only way to get people to change. It’s very important to be constructively critical – give people alternatives and you’re giving them a new way to see themselves.

The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work.

Tolerance has to be shown by those who come to this country for a new way of life. If you are not prepared to become Australian and give this country your undivided loyalty, obey our laws, respect our culture and way of life, then I suggest you go back where you came from.

There is never going to be a substitute for face-to-face communication, but we have seen since the alphabet, to the telephone and now the Internet, that whenever people find a new way to communicate, they will flock to it.

I love every minute of fatherhood, staying up all night, changing nappies, kids crying, I find it really funny and inspiring. It connects you to the world in a new way.

You just keep playing. If someone special comes along and organizes it in a new way, then you’ll have another approach and everybody will jump on it to try to learn.

Lee Konitz
I think humans have to learn a new way of dwelling on this earth. A way of living with their companions: animals, plants and fish.

That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.

I want my art to make people look at the world in a new way. I mean, what’s the point of the art of writing if it doesn’t take you into the mysterious?

A really important thing when you come up with a concept is that you solve a pervasive problem for people, and you don’t try to create a new way to do something that isn’t necessarily broken.

I could pose in fashion commercials as a high society star but politics is a new way of life.

When the car was introduced in 1908, people could experience a brand new way to travel that was more efficient than a horse and buggy. Can you believe that cities tried to outlaw cars in the United States? Can you imagine driving a car for a year then having to go back to a horse and buggy?

Becoming a grandmother brought me back to the things I forgot to love. Nature. Playing. Seeing animals. A new way of looking. A rejuvenation. A cycle of life – things come back to you. The details.

You know, I grew up on romantic comedies, and it’s hard to find a new way to tell that story.

I think it’s important for an actor to see the work they’ve done because every time you revisit a work you come up with a new way of improving it. It’s a good way to brush up your craft and your skills, so I think it’s a good thing to do, keep seeing your films.

When I was younger, people were inventing a new way of writing – James Joyce, Hemingway, Faulkner. And I thought we had to find a structure for cinema. I fought for a radical cinema, and I continued all my life.

Agnes Varda
My challenge as a satirical artist is how to present ideas to people to enable them to question and reexamine their beliefs. My hope is, that my work provokes people to look at things in a new way.

Joey Skaggs
The scientist is also a composer… You could think of science as discovering one particular thing – a supernova or whatever. You could also think of it as discovering this whole new way of seeing the world.

Shows in the ’70s and ’80s were a lot more provocative. Shows that are coming out now – like ‘Black-Ish,’ ‘The Carmichael Show’ – are showcasing people of color in a new way. It’s not stereotypical.

Bresha Webb
In 2010, there was a TED event called Mission Blue held aboard the Lindblad Explorer in the Galapagos as part of the fulfillment of Sylvia Earle’s TED wish. I spoke about a new way of exploring the ocean, one that focuses on attracting animals instead of scaring them away.

What was done is measure directly, with exquisitely sensitive instruments, gravitational waves predicted about 100 years ago by Albert Einstein. These waves are a new way to study the universe and are expected to have significant impact on astronomy and astrophysics in the years ahead.

The interesting part about ‘Iron Sky‘ was crowdfunding. It was financed in a very special new way. Timo Vuorensola is an amazing, concentrated person who was able to make this comedy. When I saw the film for the first time, I liked it very much.

When I write, I tend to read it out loud to myself after. I’m a very uncomfortable reader, so it creates a distance between the text and me – it is a new way to see it.

The bigger goal of giving all parents more choices is one that will have to be discussed and undoubtedly roundly debated, but we are going to have to continue to build the case. The momentum is there on the state level in many states. That’s where the energy needs to be harnessed in a new way.

The point is that there are challenges within techniques. When you differentiate in technique, you challenge yourself; you ask yourself the same question in a new way.

If an employee can demonstrate results produced in a way that the company didn’t think possible, then a new way forward can begin to take shape.

In art, as in science, reductionism does not trivialize our perception – of color, light, and perspective – but allows us to see each of these components in a new way.

I’m convinced that there’s a new way to define capitalism, and that the definition should include three ingredients – that we love our work, that we are building a traditionally successful business, and that we are having some positive impact in the world, whether it’s local or global.

I do feel like young people feel pressured to be extraordinary in a new way. Of course everybody is extraordinary in their own special way… but not everybody has been an activist, or volunteered somewhere incredible, or has perfect scores. So it’s a lot of pressure to put on young people.

The Web is the new way to figure out who’s hot and what’s not. You can’t let TV dictate because it’s so polished, so political. It is what they want you to know. The Internet is the raw.

I used to be very rigid because I just wanted to get through it. Now, if I think a scene should go a certain way and it goes another, I’m able to go that new way with ease.

I like the idea of trying to influence society by taking a brief, then maybe subtly changing it or looking at it in a new way to see what interesting things can emerge.

I mean, moderation, not deprivation. That’s my new way of living.

Home Alone was a lot and a lot and a lot of standing and sitting and walking and running and it was physically demanding but in this, I’m doing back flips and riding ostriches. It’s physically demanding in a new way, so it’s fun.

Alex D Linz
Our post-war generation were struggling to escape the past and the burden of guilt we carried and to find a new way.

I don’t believe complete assimilation is possible, at least not for anyone who has an active, open mind. Every step, every entry into the flows of existence can be seen as a beginning, a commencement of a brand new way of seeing oneself in the world. This is the case for everyone.

Every time I start a new work, I try to be different and to start with a new perspective, so I search for a new idea, something which gives me a new way to access my creativity.

All of imagination – everything that we think, we feel, we sense – comes through the human brain. And once we create new patterns in this brain, once we shape the brain in a new way, it never returns to its original shape.

Jay S Walker
Once social media was introduced, it enabled a new way for people, particularly the younger generation, to connect with one another, based on common interests, goals and even values.

Raymond Arroyo
The theatrical marketplace is a challenge. What do you have to do to get someone to purchase a movie ticket to your movie? You have to do something that they’ve never seen before; you’ve got to enthrall them in a new way.

Many composers use software to write music – programs like Finale or Sibelius. There are also recording programs. I should say I’m still very old-fashioned, I still use pencil and paper. But almost every composer I know does it the ‘new way.’