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We are in the age, obviously, of digital content, of th
We are in the age, obviously, of digital content, of the internet content. The one thing that I think this pandemic is going to do is going to explode this kind of digital content.

I had a shoulder injury and the pandemic helped me take some time off to recover 100 percent, and the UFC took some time off, too.

The coronavirus pandemic has been emotionally taxing for all families, and this time is especially disruptive for those relying on carefully built routines and support systems.

But I’m thankful that God used me to inspire all the young generation and all the Philippines people to keep fighting during this pandemic.

Access to humanitarian assistance and information are all the more important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our most historically underserved communities have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many in these communities have not had the option of not going to work or working remotely, increasing their risk of exposure to coronavirus.

My debut project was during a pandemic, so I was in the house and never got to see the people who listened.

I’ve long said housing is health care, especially during a pandemic.

We feel like we experienced probably two to three years of growth in 18 months. You couldn’t probably responsibly plan for a pandemic or the amount of capacity that’s needed.

We’ve learned that, especially through the pandemic, the American people want to use the mail to ship packages.

Louis DeJoy
There is no governing structure for a pandemic, and little more than vague political pressure to ensure limited access to life-sparing tools and medicines for more than half the world population.

Laurie Garrett
The pandemic has been such an awful time for so many people around the world, but it has also been a reminder for us about the things that really matter – the people in our lives and the love we have for them.

Turning a zombie pandemic into a generic disaster movie robs the zombies of their dirty, nasty edginess and robs the disaster of its epic scope.

Leave it to an Obama supporter to bring up Iraq in the middle of a conversation about the swine flu pandemic.

During the pandemic in our fulfillment centers, we had a system and a process around people being able to request short and long term leave and the process just didn’t scale.

Even after being diagnosed with Covid-19, Bolsonaro fails to take this virus seriously and is directly targeting vulnerable indigenous communities by failing to provide them with adequate funding to address this pandemic. It’s an attack on human rights.

Your medical debt should not be reported on your credit, especially in the wake of a global pandemic.

Yeah, I started on YouTube. I posted videos every Friday and wrote new songs every week. Back then, I was in a very vulnerable place with all my fans. Now in a pandemic, it feels like I’m going back to my roots and playing on my OG piano that I played when I first started.

That the AIDS pandemic is threatening sustainable development in Africa only reinforces the reality that health is at the center of sustainable development.

In the wake of the pain, economic loss, and unprecedented global suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am greatly saddened that my name and that of Kyoto University have been used to spread false accusations and misinformation.

The pandemic has affected every single field and part of life globally including the entertainment field.

With the advancements made in the medical field, we dealt with the Nipah virus and later established the Virology institute. This gave us the confidence to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reason I vouched for reopening liquor vends despite the pandemic was that there was no other source of revenue than excise duty.

But the threat of a pandemic is different from that of a nerve agent, in that a disease can spread uncontrollably, long after the first carrier has succumbed.

This global pandemic isn’t just claiming lives directly from the virus – it is taking a massive toll on Queenslander’s mental health.

Even the pandemic flu of 1918 only killed one to two percent of the people who were infected.

A pandemic influenza would mean widespread infection essentially throughout every region of the world.

During the pandemic, obviously gaming has become almost like a primary activity. People are at home all the time, they need to entertain themselves, gaming has seen huge growth in all the gaming companies and so Twitch is no exception.

Unless there is recognition that women are most vulnerable… and you do something about social and cultural equality for women, you’re never going to defeat this pandemic.

Stephen Lewis
If a severe pandemic materializes, all of society could pay a heavy price for decades of failing to create a rational system of health care that works for all of us.

I’ve heard Donald Trump say some pretty unhinged things. I’ve heard them over and over and over again. But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than his attacks on mail-in voting in the middle of a pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the immense, underlying inequities in our nation.

COVID relief means not only addressing the health impacts of this pandemic, but also rebuilding our economy.

This pandemic is a global war. It has affected the entire world. Those countries which had lifted the lockdown in haste thinking that it was over, were again forced to impose it to curb the spread.

I would say, first of all, I want everyone to get the vaccine. Every opportunity I get, I stress that – my family is vaccinated. That is the best way for us to get on the other side of this pandemic. But you can’t mandate your way out of Covid-19.

The Biden Administration is making a mockery of the rule of law and destroying our country, even as we are going through a worldwide pandemic.

Since the pandemic began, COVID-19 has posed significant and often disproportionate risks to Central Virginia seniors and their families.

Based on assessment of all available information and following several expert consultations, I have decided to raise the current level of influenza pandemic alert from phase 4 to phase 5.

Every day, those on the front lines are putting themselves at risk to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m honored to be partnering with Sharecare to provide immunity-boosting shots to our local Atlanta heroes and give them the support they need during this time.

During the historic 2020 presidential election, we saw record participation from voters across our state and country despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

I want to be incredibly clear: The United States stands for a public health approach to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cut short the lives of over 67,000 Americans. It has sickened over 1 million Americans, and it has impacted every one of us.

Business as usual has been failing Bostonians since well before the pandemic, and COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated deep inequities across our city.

Unfortunately, even during a pandemic we’ve seen a process in Washington that makes no sense for the needs of Mainers.

In the middle of pandemic, who can match the energy of a child at home? I am so blessed to have wonderful people around me who help me out with stuff when I am not around.

The covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that infectious diseases know no borders.

Africa needs more funding to continue to fight all of those diseases. We are losing more than 1.3 million young children under the age of five every year because of malaria. We’ve already lost 25 million people to the pandemic of HIV-AIDS. More people are dying now from typhoid fever. Diabetes is on the rise.

Of the many lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic thus far, two of the most critical are the need for effective national leadership and clear, consistent communication. Countries that fared well had both in abundance; those that didn’t often faltered.

Small businesses are the heart of a thriving community and vital to the American economy, and there isn’t one in Georgia or across our country that hasn’t been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

I had been an activist on the issue of HIV, primarily in the African American and Latino communities here in the U.S. for many years. It was horrifying to me how the pandemic was raging right here in this country but no one was talking about it.

The terrible toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the entire world is a reminder of the interconnection and interdependence of all of our human rights.

As a farmer, I understand firsthand the challenging circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic has created within our agriculture community.

All countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans. Countries should remain on high alert for unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness and severe pneumonia.

Alright, let’s tackle the worst part of this pandemic: people are dying, or they’re worried about their loved ones dying – and it’s hard not to spiral out. After almost two decades at war, this has been the reality for military families for a very long time. Welcome to our club.

Boston‘s future depends on taking the lessons from the coronavirus pandemic to tackle big challenges.

The whole world has praised India‘s efforts in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We will win this war by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and cleanliness.

What works most effectively for quelling disease outbreaks like Ebola is not quarantining huge populations. What works is focusing on and isolating the sick and those in direct contact with them as they are at highest risk of infection. This strategy worked with SARS, and it worked during the H1N1 flu pandemic.

I think everybody during the pandemic has gone one of two ways: either you haven‘t paid attention to your fitness at all and you’re at home and stuffing your face. Or, like a lot of people, you have become goal-oriented because you can focus on different things.

One of my top priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to minimize learning disruptions for Connecticut students and see that every K-12 student has the educational technologies they need to thrive in school.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an incredible toll on our country. Every state has been impacted. Every community has suffered. Especially working-class communities of color, like the neighborhoods Attorney General Becerra and I grew up in.

Drag queens are extremely innovative and, I mean, we will persist through plague, famine, war or pandemic. We will prevail.

Even during this COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t lost sight of the improvements in technology our state is making to streamline the way we do business.

Continued federal overreach won’t end the COVID-19 pandemic or put food on the table.

The pandemic, first and foremost, I think had an effect on all of us in different ways, and coming here to the Olympics is something that we’ve all pushed and strived to do.

Children in Georgia and across America should be able to get to and from school each day without breathing polluted air, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated challenges for children already managing respiratory problems.

The left has viewed the coronavirus pandemic as a political ‘opportunity’ from the start.

States with their limited resources will have to shoulder the greater burden of economic crisis that will follow the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial package announced by the Centre is inadequate.

Without equity, pandemic battles will fail. Viruses will simply recirculate, and perhaps undergo mutations or changes that render vaccines useless, passing through the unprotected populations of the planet.

Laurie Garrett
We have a pandemic of childhood trauma.

After all it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic.

We need to build on the progress of the Affordable Care Act, not tear it down in the middle of a global pandemic.

During this pandemic we have not been able to meet the people we love, except virtually and that is what our song, ‘Pass Aao Na’ is about.

Grave security concerns can arise as a result of demographic trends, chronic poverty, economic inequality, environmental degradation, pandemic diseases, organized crime, repressive governance and other developments no state can control alone. Arms can’t address such concerns.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted women and communities of color across our state.

I think tennis and golf have had a large boost in participation with a lot of people wanting to take up the game since the start of the pandemic.

Casper Ruud
The Paycheck Protection Program has been vital to helping our small businesses and workers weather the coronavirus pandemic. Yet this program has operated with little oversight, and we’ve seen Kansas small businesses owners struggle to access relief while large corporations with deep pockets have no problem.

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the importance of planning ahead.

This is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.

Donald Trump
China‘s relationship with the world has changed dramatically since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan resulting in human lives and global economies being ravaged.

There’s always selfish behavior. There are lots of examples of people hoarding. But we’ve seen in this pandemic that the vast majority of behavior from normal citizens is actually pro-social in nature. People are willing to help their neighbors.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been reminded how important Virginia’s farms are to getting food into our stores and onto our tables.

Security incidents have gone up 5-10 times during the pandemic, so there is an increased need for security operations risk management, identity and access management, data privacy and compliance.

Ashok Soota
As we address extreme weather and pandemic disease, we will understand and overcome racism and bigotry so we can safely and together do space.

The Coronavirus pandemic has three major battle fronts: public health, economic, media. Whatever his flaws, Trump understands that all three battles must be waged.

Cinema halls must be preserved by us and by the government. That business is in trouble today with monumental maintenance costs of idle machines and empty seats. When the crisis of the pandemic gets over and it is safe for all of us to go back to that experience we must, in hordes.

Just as we responded following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and just as an earlier generation rallied in a united front to fight World War II, members of Congress must respond to the coronavirus pandemic without regard to our party affiliation.

It’s not a small thing, it’s a pandemic, but economically we should not be in this position that we are this fragile as an industry. We don’t go racing for three months and we are on the verge of collapsing, which is amazing.

Guenther Steiner
How much would Italy give to be in our position and be able to declare a quarantine before having thousands of cases? We are facing a pandemic with an incredible virility that has probably never been seen before.

The pandemic has thrown up so many unique challenges and we are proud of the way Manchester United and its fans from Manchester and around the world have reacted to the enormous pressures during this period.

The Paycheck Protection Program created in the CARES Act did help many small businesses keep employees on their books in the early days of the pandemic. But many small firms are ailing now; the hospitality industry has been decimated; and state and local governments are shedding workers.

Life is not promised forever. That’s the biggest thing that I learned and I enjoy and I will take with me past this pandemic, is just being able to appreciate every little thing that goes on.

From the ‘get go’, we were working within the limitations of the pandemic. The idea was to work around the situation, and that led us to ‘Joji.’

From the beginning, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has presented very difficult challenges.

There’s never been a pandemic which hasn’t exploited a change in the way we livepolitics, social structure, technological change, warfare, it’s always something that we humans have done or are doing that’s tilled the soil for the pandemic and the solution to it is usually social, behavioural and political.

Norman Swan
We have taken measures to ensure businesses stay afloat during the pandemic and undertaken historic structural reforms to accelerate growth post-Covid.

Getting a TV in my bedroom was something that I decided to do five months into the pandemic because I was finally, like, You know what? I might as well make my apartment feel like a hotel room.

COVID-19 is not the first pandemic and it won’t be the last.

Norman Swan
When we can get the incidence of HIV down enough to turn the trajectory of the pandemic, it will assume a momentum of its own in diminishing HIV.

We call on the P.R.C. to remain focused on supporting international efforts to combat the global pandemic and to stop exploiting the distraction or vulnerability of other states to expand its unlawful claims in the South China Sea.

To be honest, Im a really bad Gen Zer, because I didnt get Netflix or any streaming services until the pandemic. I was always a die hard cable person.

Sport, like life, hardly gives you second chances, certainly not in a pandemic era.

The real reason Democrats are pushing for universal mail-in balloting has nothing to do with the global pandemic which originated in China; they simply believe it will help them win elections.

It’s the advantage of the virus to spread, and you can only spread when you infect people and they infect other people without necessarily killing them. So if you had 100 percent mortality, the potential pandemic would almost self-eliminate itself.

The paid professionals who navigate the complications of playing their sport during a pandemic at least share in the financial rewards. Far worse off are college football players – who lack the union protection and financial resources of their professional counterparts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical vulnerabilities in our pharmaceutical supply chain.

The coronavirus pandemic and fears about its spread have brought to a screeching halt years of efforts to get Americans to do one small thing: bring their own bags to the grocery store and stop using plastic ones.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way schools function in nearly every capacity, and I am proud of the way Connecticut’s education officials, teachers, and staff have been able to respond in order to ensure that students continue to receive a quality education.

If we can provide even a few months of early warning for just one pandemic, the benefits will outweigh all the time and energy we’re devoting. Imagine preventing health crises, not just responding to them.

To be clear, from an epidemiological perspective, there shouldn’t be any mass gatherings during a pandemic.

Unprecedented’ is the term I’ve heard most commonly to describe the COVID-19 pandemic. As for me, I would describe it as a storm at sea. Lengthy and ferocious. Uncontrollable. Frightening. All-pervading.

I’m sure my father would applaud the explosion of youth activism that has emerged in response to the gun violence pandemic. I’m certain my parents would agree it is gratifying to see young people leading social change projects in a multiracial coalition.

Honestly, I’ve always been a very positive person and I maintained that even when my family tested COVID positive or when I gave birth in the middle of a pandemic.

With the pandemic crushing the world, I pray for everyone’s health and well-being. I wish the world heals fast. Every morning I wake up with the hope that a vaccine gets invented soon to combat Covid-19.

When you take a step back and look at the totality of Gov. Newsom’s decisions, time and again California found itself under the nation’s toughest lockdowns – while also experiencing the worst COVID-19 rates. Gov. Newsom gave us the worst of both worlds during this pandemic.

We’ve seen the benefits of expanded telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of making sure access to care is available if patients have to stay at home. That value won’t go away when the pandemic ends.

I can see the gravity of this pandemic as my parents are doctors. This is not only a health crisis and we need to be on humanitarian grounds. It gives me immense satisfaction to help people who are in need and it is a very basic thing that I can do in these tough times.

I have a song on my album called ‘Distance’ which I wrote in the pandemic all about not being to see my partner and having a sense of physical – and social – distance.

Becky Hill
Especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted tribal communities, we must invest in infrastructure in order to advance economic recovery and create much-needed jobs.

At some point in the future – possibly the very near future – Britain will be hit by a deadly pandemic, and its impact could be utterly devastating.

Well, I think that the pandemic, I mean what a crazy period. I don’t think any of us have lived through anything like that before and I hope we never live through anything like that after.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the importance of having safe and accessible public lands as outdoor spaces in which to reflect and grow. We are all responsible for being stewards of these precious lands and keeping these natural treasures safe for generations to come.