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The people who run a university are far more qualified
The people who run a university are far more qualified and intelligent in handling people than someone who inherited his money and used it to buy a pro team.

Hayden Fry
I became a vegetarian after I became aware of factory farming and slaughterhouses and the torture and inhumane handling of all these animals.

I never have issues in handling the fame. I was in a boarding school, as I am from a middle-class family. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we all learned to respect money and understood its real value.

I grew up in Alsace – in Strasbourg, by the canal; the family business was coal handling. It was still in the days when three generations would live under the same roof. There were 15 people for lunch, 20 for dinner.

We need to make friends with ourselves. We are stuck with our self all day, so let’s be kinder, gentler, more amusing company. Let’s take our own hand and say, ‘There, there, sister. You’re doing a good job. I’m proud of how you‘re handling all this craziness down here. Don’t give up. Carry on, warrior.’

My music comes before my stardom, so the pressure of handling fame does not matter.

We don’t have real control over death. You could die of a heart attack, a building could fall on you, you could be in an accident, you could have a fatal disease. So, how should you conduct your life? You just go ahead and live, taking reasonable precautions – like handling the mail more carefully.

It was only when I started handling Treasury Operations that I realised all of a sudden just how much wealth we have. That is a huge responsibility, so I decided to get on with it and learn how to manage it, because I am a single child and have no siblings to share the responsibility with.

I don’t want to be any kind of producer at all – hands-on or otherwise! I feel producing is a very difficult job and creates ulcers! Maybe some people would like to have a certain amount of control; not me. It’s too much stress and includes managing everybody‘s egos… handling my own is enough!

I’ve got people handling the media. I employ at the moment two people. No-one is paying income tax on the money they use to employ people.

I just always had a knack for handling and passing the rock and making things happen.

I mean, the first ‘Back to the Future‘ is kind of a perfect script, I think, in terms of handling time travel the best. It depends on your definition. To me, that means it effectively uses it in the story.

Most people give Kennedy a passing grade, a good grade on the Cuban Missile Crisis handling, but what they don’t realize, if he had had strength, if he had showed strength before, there would never have been a Cuban Missile Crisis.

Pilots enjoy the fun and challenge of handling the fancy machine.

Philip Greenspun
When I was a Republican governor, he was obviously a Democratic president, but on issue after issue after issue, President Obama was very helpful to us in education, in the environment, with the handling of the BP oil spill.

Charlie Crist
There are critical issues facing us, including handling transportation of lakhs of migrants, completing harvest and procurement on time, supporting poor and needy, and above all, combating the spread of the pandemic.

Some times you lose more than you win. It’s about handling losses and trying to turn them into positives. You get out into the big leagues and there’s a period of adjustment to be made. You’ve got to handle it.

Lindsay Davenport
Sometimes I feel 15; other times, I feel fully grown and mature and handling all my business. It can waver from day to day, hour to hour.

If we were handling a bomb which could go off at any minute as a result of our actions, we would mind ourselves and be delicate. Our words have the same power, yet we wield them around as though they were powerless and insignificant.

This was how Johan Cruyff worked. He was demanding a lot, but when you got there, and you were in his team, he was an incredible protector. He would push and push you, and then he would protect you. He was a master at handling players. He knew when you needed to be pushed or protected.

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

Many people still believe that ‘greensolutions are too expensive, but they are actually much cheaper when all of the costs to public health, social services, and waste handling are factored into the same equation.

We have grown used to money. The handling, the increase of it, is the chief business of life now with most of us.

The only time I would shoot from the outside was in practice, and then it was only when we were shooting for milkshakes. And as far as ball handling goes, I always said that when I dribbled, it was two bounces and a kick.

You’re an actor, are you? Well, all that means is: you are irresponsible, irrational, romantic, and incapable of handling an adult emotion or a universal concept without first reducing it to something personal, material, sensational – and probably sexual!

George Herman
Driving a stock car does not require much handling ability, at least not as compared to Grand Prix racing, because the tracks are simple banked ovals and there is almost no shifting of gears. So, qualifying becomes a test of raw nerve – of how fast a man is willing to take a curve.

When you start thinking it is a party instead of putting your suit and tie on and getting your job done and handling your business, you are thinking about the wrong thing.

It’s a bit ridiculous to have people who have two years of experience handling an $83 billion budget.

Mike Thompson
We’re all here for a limited amount of time, and life is difficult – not unfair, but difficult. The key is to really confront our fears because when we do, and when we look at them, we really begin to realize that we are capable of handling them.

In addition to the executive responsibility of handling and managing the government, the president has an important voice that sets the tone for much of our national discourse.

The question that stands in the foreground is not ‘Do we need this technology?’ No one denies the great chances and the great opportunities that we have in the fight against poverty, the handling of climate issues, the fight against sickness.

As with almost every significant aspect of the Bush presidency, its handling of 9/11 was a catastrophe from start to finish.

When my body is strong, I feel stronger inside. I feel more capable of handling emotional situations. Usually I’m more of a inside-out person, but this was a great case of me from the outside in.

As members of Congress, we may disagree with the administration‘s position on foreign policy matters, but the fact remains: the Executive Branch is tasked with handling diplomatic matters.

The more crap you have had to deal with in your life, the better you are at handling ‘Big Brother.’

During Hurricane Sandy, we expended billions and billions of dollars, literally. In the handling of the emergency and the construction and the aftermath, trying to get people to come back to the affected communities. So I’m very proud of what the state did.

There’s a bit of hazing when it comes to the youth performers and a disbelief that you’re capable of handling dramatic or comedic material on an adult level.

Kolkata is a great city, has great food and great people. We had some problems finding the kind of old buildings we were looking for, and even handling the crowds, but on the whole it was fun shooting there.

I mean, I feel pressure sometimes, but I think I’m handling really well.

I’m fascinated by the whole concept of snake handling. When you read about the Pentecostal snake handlers, what strikes you the most is their commitment.

Dodd-Frank is an important statute, but often when the government believes it’s handling a particularly important issue, there can be a tendency to overreach.

If there are only three guys at the top of the organization handling things, it’s the definition of a bankrupt company. In creating leaders without titles, we are going to have organizations with people at the helm putting forth their best.

She felt like a chess player who, by the clever handling of his pieces, sees the game taking the course intended. Her eyes were bright and tender with a smile as they glanced up into his; and her lips looked hungry for the kiss which they invited.

Kate Chopin
See, I have no journalism in my background, so I wasn’t practised at research or writing non-fiction, nor at handling the truth in a journalistic way. Journalists know when to call a halt and write something, but I kept on looking for answers.

John Sladek
Most of us have jobs that require some handling of other peoples’ feelings and our own, and in that sense, we are all partly flight attendants.

Our handling of Covid-19 pandemic, especially in Dharavi, has been applauded at the international level.

Silence,’ I think, was the hardest, because it’s so different from everything we’ve done before and required very delicate handling and trying to find the right meditative pace.

I’ve never seen anyone handling pans in the streets of New York, and if I did I doubt I’d give them money, unless I needed a pan. I do give money to homeless people, whether they ask or no.

Hamish Linklater
I will say that there are genuine and serious concerns about what Hillary Clinton did before the Benghazi attacks, during them, and after them. I think her extremely careless handling of classified information, to use FBI Director Jim Comey’s term, disqualifies her from being president.

I’m a weirdo magnet, but I’m handling it better than I used to.

Brian Molko
Well, it is true that they did – the Pentagon did impose rules for governing the handling of the Koran in January of 2003, after there had been complaints about the handling of the Koran from detainees, from the International Red Cross.

Michael Isikoff
As a contemporary Indian woman who has been handling so many things, I think she can be a very strong woman, a very strong working woman. We need more and more working women in our country.

Chinese learning is an internal learning, but Western learning is an external one; Chinese learning is for the cultivation of oneself, just as Western learning is for the handling of worldly affairs.

If you’re looking for power and handling, then I think Ferrari is the answer.

The PC way of handling culture has been to not talk about it. But we should be talking about it.

I feel I can continue to grow as a player. I have a long time to continue to progress with my shooting, continue to keep my ball handling tight, continue to stay in shape. You know, all of it.

For many centuries, suicides were treated like criminals by the society. That is part of the terrible legacy that has come down into society’s method of handling suicide recovery. Now we have to fight off the demons that have been hanging around suicide for centuries.

There is definitely a sense that when you, as a CIA ops officer… are handling assets, they are delivering to you their trust and their well-being. And you feel very protective of them, even if they’re not very nice people.

It’s tough enough handling the teen years in private without all the pressures of work and long hours on the set.

I feel the car, but I think with me and my background of dirt racing and stuff and not having pit stops, you just kind of ‘All right, this is how my car is handling, I’ve got to figure out how to drive it’ and then you get a feel of how you want it to feel.

Once I taught him how to operate an online bank account, my father began handling transactions for my foundation-related activities.

The more fears that we’re exposed to, the more fears that we are handling every single day, asks us to exert more and more control over our lives.

Touch was important. The evening of the Third of July we would go around the neighborhood and look at the fireworks others had bought, taking them out of the brown paper sack and handling them cautiously as if they were precious stones. There was envy when we saw sacks with more in them than we had.

I’m still at the end of my rope because I find myself not handling things well when I travel.

Stephen Lewis
We should involve the whole world in the handling of this refugee crisis.

I counted on sixty days only, but I held out for 133. I didn’t go into power, but to get power I borrowed some power from the President and made him sign a number of decrees and give me enough power to create a system capable of handling crisis situations.

Aleksandr Lebed
I never take storms as seriously as I should, which is probably not the way I should be handling it. I think it’s to do with growing up in New Orleans and having a hurricane, like, once a week.

Chloe Bridges
It’s just about working on everything, perfecting everything, like my 3-point shot or ball handling.

Independent of the strength implications, baseball, like most athletic events, is a game of feeling capable of handling the current challenge.

I have been very successful in handling people who hurl abuse simply by being patient. Ignoring them is the best policy because afterwards, it’s the fans that criticise these so-called celebrities for their bad conduct.

When you’re losing, there’s that survival instinct. But when you’re handling success, people think it’s easier, and they think losing’s harder. But handling success, to me, always creates more issues. Are you in touch with reality? With perception?

One must be entirely sensitive to the structure of the material that one is handling. One must yield to it in tiny details of execution, perhaps the handling of the surface or grain, and one must master it as a whole.

Barbara Hepworth
Women’s behavior in handling beauty, even before feminism, was to deny they had any. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Nancy Friday
Anyone reading contemporary poetry – especially contemporary African-American poetry – will quickly see that race is an enduring subject. What some don’t realize is just how diverse the handling of that subject is. It’s as diverse as blackness.

People are obviously capable of handling the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But I don’t know how many people have had to experience them within seconds of each other.

I’m all for CM Punk becoming a part of the organization. I think his background and training in martial arts, he should be capable of handling himself and doing well. And bottom line is, people are going to tune in to watch and that’s pretty much the bar of getting into the UFC, if you can sell tickets.

I’ve been handling guns since I was a kid.

I know a lot of Cup Series champions, and they each have a very different personality. They all go about handling adversity, their challenges, and even confrontation a little differently.

Some people are better at handling the limelight than others.

Richard Prince
The Republican approach to handling the coronavirus and the economy is apparently not to turn to our government, but to put our heads down, go on as usual, and hope for a vaccine.

Friendships are fragile things, and require as much handling as any other fragile and precious thing.

Randolph Bourne
My interest in matters more directly concerned with the handling of particles was growing, in the meantime, stimulated by many contacts with people understanding accelerators.

Simon van der Meer
There is a continuum of values between the churches and the general community. What distinguishes the handling of these values in the churches is mainly the heavier dosage of religious vocabulary involved.

Only when all children are in a book-loving environment will they achieve literacy, yes, but a lot more: a confidence in handling abstract ideas, an understanding of a multiplicity of viewpoint and the complexity and diversity of human interaction that comes through reading widely and often.

PayPal claims it can help merchants expand into international markets; its system makes it easier to do business with customers in multiple countries, for example, by handling tricky stuff like currency conversions automatically.

If a Pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation to resign.

Put as much pressure on me as possible. I have no qualms handling that, because I expect that out of myself.

The first pages of memory are like the old family Bible. The first leaves are wholly faded and somewhat soiled with handling. But, when we turn further, and come to the chapters where Adam and Eve were banished from Paradise, then, all begins to grow clear and legible.

I went to NYU undergraduate, then for a Master’s in English, and got a summer job at St. Vincent’s. I was a ward clerk handling everything in an intensive care unit.

Glen Mazzara
When I was much younger, I realized that when I was handling something very large, and I was on my own doing that, that my breathing rate would increase, and that would affect my ability to think as well as I normally would. So when that starts happening, I slow down.

One of the ironies of being with someone you really love for a long time is becoming completely incapable of handling stressful or difficult things by yourself.

For a big man, it’s a little different because you don’t always have the ball. Not handling the ball and playing pick and roll and doing all that where you can find your spot. You’re kind of depending on others a lot.

One thing my dad‘s always told me about leadership is when all hell‘s breaking loose, everyone‘s looking at you to see how you’re handling it. If you’re frantic and out of control, they’re going to be frantic and out of control. If you’re calm, cool and collected and doing the right things, they’ll follow you.

Handling pressure is the key to doing well in Indo-Pak matches.

Dunk, and people anywhere will ooh and aah. But you can wow a crowd in New York with ball handling and passing.

I feel like handling a narrative in fiction is a wonderful way to teach stories that then open a pathway to reality and understanding.

Yeah, well I think anyone who likes fast cars will love the Tesla. And it has fantastic handling by the way. I mean this car will crush a Porsche on the track, just crush it. So if you like fast cars, you’ll love this car. And then oh, by the way, it happens to be electric and it’s twice the efficiency of a Prius.

I think Obama is handling his image very well, but I think he lacks boldness.

The course of the flight up and down was exceedingly erratic, partly due to the irregularity of the air, and partly to lack of experience in handling this machine. The control of the front rudder was difficult on account of its being balanced too near the center.

Orville Wright
I am basically analytical, not creative; my writing is simply a creative way of handling analysis.

A novel is often a longer process in handling self-doubt.

Robert Sheckley
We’re not handling things anymore before they arrive on our doorstep. I like to feel how thin porcelain can be, run my hand over a textile, see if I want to sit in a chair.

In football, I learned about trust, handling failure, embracing discomfort, and rejection, which has helped with the auditions.

I’ve always spent money on books. I’ve always enjoyed handling books – the size, the format. I feel very strongly about original ephemera.

I have feared for my life on fishing trips – I was once in a plane crash in the Amazon, for example, and I’ve been trapped in a sinking boat – but not when actually handling fish, although I have been injured by fish.

It is curious how instinctively one protects the image of oneself from idolatry or any other handling that could make it ridiculous, or too unlike the original to be believed any longer.

I’d just shoot until I got tired. I wanted to improve my outside shooting and my ball handling. I wanted to improve everything.

The name of the game is ‘kill the quarterback.’ Every football team tries to knock the guy out of the game that’s handling the ball.

As a military pilot and a test pilot, handling unusual situations and aircraft malfunctions was part of the business.

Fred Haise
When you first come in the NBA, you have a lot of conversations about saving your money, financially educating yourself, not just trusting whoever it is handling your money, not just having those meetings once a year, and not really putting the effort into learning the same way you learn your craft on the court.

I’ve always been good at handling stuff mentally.

I’ve been a loner all the time throughout my life… I haven‘t been the best father… Many times… my children have accused me of not giving them enough attention. And, frankly, I never have been good at handling that.

Liberal democracy has endured because its institutions are designed for handling morally hazardous forms of coercive power. It puts the question of how far government should go to the cross fire of adversarial review.

I went to the U.S. to start my modeling career at a very young age. So, venturing into films and handling the pressure isn’t a big task.

Here’s a message to all the employers out there reading this: if a comedian comes to you having given up comedy and wants a job; don’t employ them. They’re utterly feckless and incapable of handling any kind of responsibility. Fact.

In 1996 – when, for the fifth year in a row, we had the best record among major airlines for on-time performance and for baggage handling and the fewest complaints for the number of customers carried – we dedicated an airplane to all of our 25,000 people. We put all their names on the outside of the overhead bins.

My strengths, I think, are that I deal really well with people. I like people. I’m fascinated by how they work so I’m good at handling situations between departments on set or pre-production or post.

I feel good doing it. It’s not like guys are stripping me at half-court or I’m just losing the ball dribbling. I think I’m handling the ball pretty well, just trying to make good passes, man.

I try to teach my son about sanitation, especially when handling foods like chicken that could be dangerous. I remind him to wash his hands all the time. When my son cooks with me, he stands on a step stool so he can reach the stove. I teach him about safety and fire.

When you speak about teams who are experienced in the fight against relegation, the teams are used to handling this kind of situation. The teams who are not so experienced in this sort of thing have more difficulties to handle the pressure and the disappointments.

I can see myself doing production work and handling projects behind the scenes.

Moises Arias