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You've had an extremely weak euro on the foreign exchan
You’ve had an extremely weak euro on the foreign exchange markets, you‘ve had a very dubious policy being followed.

At this time – we’re in a dramatic crisis – euro bonds are precisely the wrong answer. They lead us into a debt union, not a stability union. Each country has to take its own steps to reduce its debt.

Germany benefits the most from the European Union because Germany is, by far, the biggest exporter into the Euro Zone, and therefore, it benefits. And one who benefits the most must take the biggest responsibility.

I can understand countries don’t want to join the euro, but they cannot impede the consolidation and strengthening of the eurozone.

We link our future to the euro, to the euro zone, and to the European Union while being the nearest neighbor of the United Kingdom with, obviously, a common travel area and a very close working relationship with the U.K.

After Euro 2008, football in England was shattered for a bit, and people were losing interest in following England.

Our position in Europe is not negotiable. The Greek people will defend it by all means. But participation in the euro involves rules and obligations, which we must consistently meet. Greece belongs to Europe and Europe cannot be envisaged without Greece.

Integration is the most important asset Europe has, and the key component to European integration is the euro.

Anibal Cavaco Silva
The euro pleases dispirited people for whom European history is not Chartres and Shakespeare but the Holocaust and the Somme. The euro expresses cultural despair.

Those who claim that to leave the E.U. would damage the City are the very same as those who in the past confidently predicted, with a classic failure of understanding, that the City would be gravely damaged if the U.K. failed to adopt the euro as its currency.

Germany would be the biggest loser in a euro breakup.

Peter Bofinger
While everyone else is thinking about economics and politics, executive salaries and the future of the euro, do the opposite, even if it’s hard. Invest in the spirit.

I would like to concentrate fully on football during the Euro, and I would feel much better if my family is not sitting in the stadium.

I am personally convinced – and I think the Greek people share this belief in a fundamental way – that we can achieve fiscal consolidation more effectively and we can restore competitiveness in a more fundamental and permanent way within the euro area than outside.

Yes, England lost to Iceland at Euro 2016 but you need to look at what Iceland had, as well as what England didn’t. Maybe Iceland were not technically strong but they looked very strong together and England were not the only ones surprised by them.

For Euro 2016, we must remain humble, but we have the ambition to go as far as possible.

So Europe’s a big driver. And at one point, if the euro hadn’t devalued, they would have been making as much money as the US with half the stores. Returns were higher.

The Italians are very strong defensively. They showed in Euro 2000 how good defensively they are.

A Greek exit from the E.U. and the euro would mean the Greek economy would be difficult to sustain.

The differences between the top teams in Euro 2000 are so minimal that I think you have to be very clever in defence and stop your opponents getting opportunities.

A national currency, with the Euro as a common currency – that wouldn’t bother me.

The euro currency both presupposes and promotes a fiction – that ‘Europe’ has somehow become, against the wishes of most Europeans, a political rather than a merely geographic expression.

Our under-19s, under-20s, under-17s teams are all getting into Euro finals, World Cup finals, winning bronze medals. We’re winning bronze medals; it’s about that final step now. We’ve got to punish teams. In every game – youth games, senior games – just to push the game further.

Leaving the euro was never up for discussion. It is not up for discussion.

Giuseppe Conte
In 2006 I ended up at Chelsea on a free transfer, so Bayern did not see a euro for me.

I don’t think I am a great. I think I’ve done nothing. I’ve done nothing in soccer. I’ve won leagues, but I haven‘t won the Champions League, the World Cup, the Euro. Winning the Euro in France, that wouldn’t be bad.

Everyone who votes for us will know that a Northern League government would get rid of the euro and move back to a national currency.

The Czech Republic, severed from its old Slovak half, sits in apparent landlocked contentment, inside the European Union but outside the troubled Euro Zone, set into the new Continental mosaic like one of the small sturdy paving stones, just a few inches square, that form the sidewalks under the visitor‘s ambling feet.

The Germans argue – and I can fully understand them – that the euro countries must surrender their sovereignty, because that is the only way to implement budget discipline in a fiscal union.

Euro Disney is not my vibe. I can’t really deal with Disney, man. It’s not my thing.

Giving Northern Europe a veto over Southern Europe’s budgets will not hold a monetary union together. The euro zone will continue to need the weaker countries to stomach decades of high unemployment to grind down wages.

After the accession to the euro zone, interest rates declined substantially in Portugal.

Anibal Cavaco Silva
In that match for Holland I asked for a big responsibility, I got it and I dealt with it. I played well, I scored goals and the team qualified for the Euro 2004 finals. It was a big night and an important moment for Holland.

A single currency entails a fixed interest rate, which means countries can’t manage their own currency to suit their own needs. You need a variety of institutions to help nations for which the policies aren’t well suited. Europe introduced the euro without providing those structures.

Euro 2012 was my first title, yet most of the other guys have already won plenty of silverware.

The euro must be defended, or uncertainty about the European Union will be widespread.

While the Washington swamp, which loves shipping American jobs offshore to make a buck or Euro, is already rising up against the proposed legislation, the USRTA is just plain common sense.

It’s in our interests that the euro is a successful, strong currency.

It has never been about me. That’s not the way I am. With Scotland, it has always been about the squad, the lads who were trying to get some big results to start the Euro 2020 campaign, rather than lads who were away from it, who people didn’t know the truth about.

I think there are going to be more countries joining the euro.

Stabilizing the euro is one thing, healing the culture that surrounds it is another. A world in which material values are everything and spiritual values nothing is neither a stable state nor a good society. The time has come for us to recover the Judeo-Christian ethic of human dignity in the image of God.

The French are overwhelmingly convinced that the euro is a burden. Returning to an adapted national currency will create millions of jobs and give us back our freedom.

There was a phase in my career in my late 20s and 30s when I was doing strange, arty-farty Euro films that were, you could tell, never had much chance of any release anywhere in the world.

You need basically some accountability rules, which means democratic checks and balances at the euro zone level, and definitely, you have to increase convergence in terms of taxes, in terms of social affairs and so on.

We must do everything to ensure that the Euro 2016 is a success.

The euro is going to continue to be the largest single trading block.

I want the Eurobond, a 20 per cent devalued euro for southern European countries, protecting our products against those arriving from abroad, and a revision of the 3 per cent deficit budgetary rule.

I described the euro as a burning building with no exits and so it has proved for some of the countries in it.

The Greek people do not want to exit the euro. And I believe the Greek people already have shown that they have made major sacrifices to stay in the euro zone.

I would say that fears of the euro area breaking up are unfounded.

Athanasios Orphanides
At Euro 2004 – my first as a player – Greece won the title. A team nobody thought could win it.

The euro is a potent tool used by Germany to engage in permanent monetary dumping.

Not all Greeks are ready to do whatever is necessary to stay in the euro.

If people do not believe in Europe and in the euro area, it must be dismantled.

The euro zone must strike for a better governance structure, and there is no alternative to that. Euro zone countries must either develop an exit mechanism for troubled members, or it should embrace a closer political union: an effective governance structure that is capable of enforcing rules.

Lou Jiwei
Let’s start with the euro. What on earth were we thinking? How could anyone with the faintest grasp of economics have believed it was anything other than sheer insanity to yoke together diverse national economies such as Greece, Ireland, Germany and Finland under a single exchange rate and a single interest rate?

Our membership of the euro is a guarantee of monetary stability and creates the right conditions for sustainable growth. Our membership of the euro is the only choice.

I see us very much at the heart of Europe. We are founding members of the single market; we are founding members of the euro.

At Euro ’92 itself, we bowed out to the eventual winners, Denmark, in our final group match.

Michel Patini
If a Chancellor is trying to push something through, he must be a man of power. And if he’s smart, he knows when the time is ripe. In one case – the euro – I was like a dictator… The euro is a synonym for Europe.

I’m kind of stunned by hip-hop and R&B’s embrace of what is essentially early-to-mid-Nineties Euro pop.

If we were the problem, it would be very convenientkick Greece out, everything’s fine. What would happen to Spain, what about Portugal, what about Italy, what about the whole of the euro zone? We need more cooperation and less simplification and prejudice.

Germany has always stood for an E.U. of the 27 countries. But in light of Britain‘s continued resistance to further integration steps, as we saw with the fiscal pact, there are limits to my optimism in this regard. It’s quite possible that we will have to create the new institutions for the euro zone first.

I think it’s often discussed that leaving the Euro is an option for Greece. I think this is really not an option.

I think the funds that have been pledged at Euro Summit, combined with the outcome of the private sector involvement process should be sufficient in order to support financially the Greek Economy.

There are a few things that people all around the world need to admit to themselves. Trade restraints slow economic growth, the euro is not a reserve currency, and scoreless sports ties are boring.

I don’t say every country has to leave the euro… But we have to leave the possibility if a country wants to leave.

I was sure we would never see the adoption of the Euro. Countries giving up their currencies for a common tender was, it seemed to me, completely out of tune with currency being a carrier of people’s cultural identity, celebrating national heroes and events, as it had been for hundreds of years.

John Naisbitt
I knew that I could never win a referendum in Germany. We would have lost a referendum on the introduction of the euro. That’s quite clear. I would have lost, and by seven to three.

Governments must commit to sound economic and financial policies. This is how we ensure reform in the euro area – and our independence.

Mario Draghi
The euro is a vital issue for Germany. There is no other country that derives as much benefit from the common domestic market and the monetary union as Germany.

Europe unified its monetary policy through the euro before it unified politically, therefore sustaining member countries’ abilities to pursue the kind of independent fiscal policies that can strain a joint currency.

Greece has to stay in the euro.

The presidency of the Euro group is an interesting and important task.

Cyprus joined the E.U. in 2004 and immediately wanted to get into the euro area for the express purpose of completing, as quickly as possible, the union with the core of Europe. It was done because the public thought that would be beneficial for political reasons, not economic reasons.

Athanasios Orphanides
There is no better protection against the euro crisis than successful structural reforms in southern Europe.

Mario Draghi
As we leave the E.U., the U.K. can turn its back on the austerity policies that have been the hallmark of the euro area.

The euro is our common fate, and Europe is our common future.

One of the arguments I make for the failure of the euro is that, at the time it was being constructed, there was a ‘neo-liberal’ ideology which said that all we need to do to make this thing work is to get deficits low, keep inflation low, and take down barriers, and then everything would be fine.

A country outside the euro zone cannot have a veto over countries in the euro zone.

The dollar is a winner. The euro is a tie. Get off the dime, Europe, and play to win.

Chances are the movements of the euro as against the dollar will be relatively moderate.

Robert C Solomon
The exchange rate of the Rand against the dollar, pound or euro makes South Africa an attractive location. The positive side of this is it gives our artists and technicians an opportunity to work.

As for the single market, the E.U.’s landmark achievement, there is no question that a euro zone breakup would severely disrupt its operation in the short run.

Barry Eichengreen
We will do everything to change what needs to be changed, fight against recession so that the country meets its targets, while reinforcing our country in the heart of the euro and the European Union.

Yiannis Stournaras
Is Europe going to be breaking? I don’t think so. I think the euro will stay. I think at the end of the day Europeans will find the solutions in order to hold Europe together.

I have never said I would adopt the euro. Not today, not tomorrow, not in five years. We will introduce the euro when it will benefit Poles and Poland.

Ewa Kopacz
I don’t want euro bonds that serve to mutualize the entire debt of the countries in the euro zone. That can only work in the longer-term. I want euro bonds to be used to finance targeted investments in future-oriented growth projects. It isn’t the same thing. Let’s call them ‘project bonds’ instead of euro bonds.

Germany has to put the broader European interest on the same level as its own national interest, or the euro is toast.

As the political leaders of Europe meet to save the euro and European Union, so should religious leaders.

I’d like to have a 15 million euro villa, but if I can’t afford it, I have to look for an apartment that I like.

The ‘in’ campaign will attempt to scare people into believing that if the U.K. were to leave, investment and jobs would move abroad. They are as wrong about that now as they were when they warned that this would happen if we did not sign up to the Euro.

The Franco-German tandem at the core of post-war European integration has become lopsided. Relations between Berlin and Paris are unusually poor, with some French politicians decrying the ‘selfish intransigence’ in the euro crisis of Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.

I think as a business it would be amazing if the euro was to collapse, but financially and economically I think that would be a bit of a tsunami for everybody to cope with.

Two decisions have damaged the stability both of the euro and of Europe: the premature admission of Greece to the euro area and the breach and subsequent weakening of the stability and growth pact.

The 1992 crisis proved that the existing system was unstable. Not moving forward to the euro would have set up Europe for even more disruptive crises.

Barry Eichengreen
We must stress that the euro has been beneficial to the European Union because, otherwise, in this context of international turmoil, every country would have to devalue their currencies.

You could see how money is different all of a sudden in Italy when they had the lire and now they have the euro. So they, in a revolutionary way, have gone from bad money to good money comparatively. But what about the rest of the world?

If we do not resolve the euro crisis, we will all pay the price. And if we do resolve it, we will all benefit, particularly German taxpayers and savers.

Mario Draghi
We have no intention of leaving the euro. In no way will we experiment with the future of our country.

Nicos Anastasiades
The euro is not a currency. It is a political weapon to force countries to implement the policies decided by the E.U. and keep them on a leash.

Interest rates do not have to be identical across the whole euro area, but it is unacceptable if major differences arise from broken capital markets or concern about a euro area break-up.

Mario Draghi
I am already a veteran because I’ve been in the league for three years and I’ve played big games in the Euro League.

Europe and the euro zone have no reason, rationally, to push Greece out of the euro. But this is a system in which many parties, many countries, many governments, many electorates participate and we could have events which, rationally, are not controllable.

Evangelos Venizelos
The strongest institution in the hands of the European Union is the euro.

There have been times when I’ve reflected on my international career and just thought: ‘Well that was a massive waste of time.’ Sorry for sounding sour, but my best mate, David Beckham, got butchered after the World Cup in 1998, then my brother, Phil, after Euro 2000.

I think that France has not made it clear enough recently to our German friends how important it is to introduce euro bonds as a tool against speculation. And how the necessary budget discipline needs to be accompanied by growth.

A country like France now does two-thirds of its trade within the euro zone.

It is true that no member state can be required to make payments to others. But if countries want to offer voluntary assistance, as in the Greek case, this isn’t only allowed, but it’s also in Germany’s interest. We all benefit by ensuring the stability of the euro zone.

To be honest, I was never expecting to be in a World Cup final, a Euro final, a Champions League final, a Europa League final. I’ve done much more than I dreamt, and that’s incredible.

There is an interior style we intellectuals and design policy wonks know as Haut Euro Pooftastic, which really takes the biscuit.

I think that the tying of the Montenegrin economy with the euro is a much better option than the adventure of printing our own currency.

Igor Luksic
The Italians, who used to be a great motor-manufacturing power, have been absolutely destroyed by the euro – as was intended by the Germans.

The bottom line is that the euro is a failed experiment.

I hope Greece is going to remain in the Euro zone.

Public confidence in, and support for, the euro – and, indeed, the European Union – will ultimately be determined by how well we deliver on growth and jobs rather than on institutional wrangling and complex legal or technical negotiations.

The designs of the paper euros, introduced in 2002, proclaim a utopian aspiration. Gone are the colorful bills of particular nations, featuring pictures of national heroes of statecraft, culture and the arts, pictures celebrating unique national narratives. With the euro, 16 nations have said goodbye to all that.

A very difficult year is ahead of us. We must continue our efforts with decisiveness, to stay in the euro, to make sure we do not waste the sacrifices and do not turn the crisis into an uncontrolled and disastrous bankruptcy.

Leave the euro? Surely yes.

While it was an experiment to bring them together, nothing has divided Europe as much as the euro.

The fact that we’re going through a crisis is an opportunity for Europe to be more coordinated and more integrated. We’re actually talking about a European Monetary Fund or euro bonds, about guarantees for countries, about economic governance in the European Union. That shows the strength of Europe.

As a wheelchair user, you can’t move about freely. That’s the only thing that bothers me a little. When I’m in the Euro Group in Brussels, colleagues who want to talk to me have to come to me. But I hope they know that this has nothing to do with arrogance.

We will do whatever we could do to keep Greece inside the euro and inside Europe.

Alexis Tsipras
The euro ceases to exist the moment that France leaves.

My goal is to play at Euro 2016 with France.