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That's standard for being a Green: standing up for a lo
That’s standard for being a Green: standing up for a long-term future, which is a much more clear view of where the world is going to and where this country should be going there than either of the old parties have.

I think standing up for facts and decency is important, and we should’ve done more of it back in 2015 and 2016.

I think it’s really important for young audiences to see that you don’t have to apologize for being angry when you’re angry, and you don’t have to apologize for standing up for yourself when people are pushing you around.

I get up in the morning. I usually do a radio interview early in the morning. I usually do a book signing, because I’m also a cookbook author, so I’m at some store, at a Walmart or a Williams Sonoma, for three hours, standing up, signing autographs, and taking pictures for three hours.

Most of the day I work standing up, as I once read somewhere that it’s the best position for the back.

Frederick Douglass had to teach himself how to read before standing up to defeat slavery.

Millions of Americans are standing up and saying, ‘We want our country back!’ Republicans, Democrats, Independents, will not go down the path of Greece, we will not go quietly into the night.

Everything Republicans once claimed to advocateentitlement reform, free trade, standing up to dictators, encouraging the march of freedom around the world – turns out to be negotiable and reversible, depending on Donald Trump’s whims and the furies of his base.

I’ve never seen somebody get more flak than Colin Kaepernick for silently and nonviolently protesting and standing up for something he believes, and something that obviously is an actual problem.

The people standing up most strongly for our democracies should be celebrated, not prosecuted – be it those countless human rights defenders who defend all our rights or the brave whistle-blowers who expose tax dodging.

People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up.

What snowboarding has always had and the Olympics has not touched is that spirit, that original spirit of creativity and athletes standing up and having a voice and being innovative. But I guess what the Olympics has done is provided a platform for that spirit, and that’s what I see as being a really positive thing.

That image of a lawyer standing up in a criminal case and doing the right thing always stuck with me. I love the idea of building cases and really going after bad guys.

I like finding stuff that I suck at and trying to get better. So I’m taking classes, getting myself comfortable in an acting scene. You’ve got to work out those ticks. For instance, standing up used to be really hard for me. I act much better if I’m sitting down.

I had the opportunity to go and read to cancer patients in hospitals and saw how something as little as that could make someone‘s day. I also think it’s important to support people who are standing up for a good cause, so that’s why I get involved with different campaigns and charities.

In a world of competing conflicts and challenges, the U.K.’s investment in global security, and a willingness to trial new approaches and respond to emerging threats, is an important part of standing up for our values.

Regarding the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, they will find us standing up or dead, but never on our knees; NEVER!

Omar Torrijos Herrera
We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.

President Obama is also standing up for women in North Carolina and across our country. He has helped women fight for equal pay for equal work; he has fought to guarantee that women have access to quality, affordable health care, including making sure that insurance plans cover birth control with no out-of-pocket cost.

Bev Perdue
I want to safeguard the value of lunch. For me, it is sacred. My family and I always have lunch and dinner together. And we always sit down. Food does not taste the same if you are standing up!

I auditioned for a solo in church and got it. I was about seven and I sang a song called, ‘Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House‘ and I remember people standing up at the end and me thinking, ‘Oh, I think I’m going to like this.’ That’s how it all began. Sounds funny to say you got your start in church, but I did.

I have a track record of going out and talking to my constituents and then standing up and representing them. That’s what people want.

The United States must not allow North Korea to exacerbate tensions between our key strategic allies in Asia. As the leader of the free world, the United States needs to support our regional allies who are standing up to a Stalinist regime that is intent on developing nuclear weapons.

I’ve yet to see an example of somebody standing up to Donald Trump and suggesting policy initiatives and him embracing them yet. It’s not happening at scale.

Women are standing up and leaning forward and asserting their power.

I think of my films as not necessarily political but more moral. Between my father, my stepfather, and my mother – they all felt pretty passionately about the importance of standing up and doing the right thing, and none of them were suck-ups. What motivates me is usually abuse of power.

Local councils are hostile to large developers and think that, by doing this, they are standing up for the community. But they’re wrong.

I’m standing up thinking. Anybody who wants to listen is welcome. If not, I’m happy to see them go.

Performing the American Music Awards and having Harrison Ford introduce you behind the John Williams orchestra for Star Wars, and then Meghan Trainor is in the front just standing up and like, ‘I love you guys!’ That was a huge moment.

I think we have to show respect for the nation and standing up for the anthem should not cause discomfort to citizens.

For every negative comment you see on social media based upon standing up for something, there’s somebody from back home that’s telling me, ‘Hey, I’m proud of you, man. Continue to do what you’re doing.’ Of course, you don’t do it for that, but sometimes it’s tough, man.

Anyone who thinks they stand apart from society and defies all which govern its existence has less in common with the lone wolf patriot standing up to dystopic forces of oppression – a myth – and more in common with the disease known as cancer – a harsh reality.

It’s great to see women standing up in their own line of work and fighting for fair value.

I’m a professional fighter. My game plan is to fight standing up and to fight on the ground.

Standing up to Ahmadinejad is not a partisan issue and should never be one.

It is my preference that the Democratic Party leads us forward in a way that is about standing up to special interests, in a way that advances campaign finance reform, in a way that fights for meaningful prescription drug reform.

Katie Porter
These guys that were standing up to fight, for the most part, had pride in their country, and they wanted to do the best, and they wanted to go out and fight, and I was as close to these Afghans as I was to the Marines.

Women standing up for each other is critically important.

We need to start standing up for freedom and liberty.

I think my worst nightmare is standing up in front of a group of people.

Emma Caulfield
I do this ‘Walker shake.’ You got to get knocked down many times, shake it off. Life is about ups and downs, and you got to keep standing up.

The Clintons engage routinely in corrupt practices, mixing their political power with their nonprofit work to make themselves rich, while not standing up for the little guy.

I’ve learnt that over the years, sometimes I was caring so much about how other people felt, I wasn’t standing up for myself and I wasn’t caring about how I felt even when people were straight up bullying me online.

You will find me standing up to my rack, as the people’s faithful representative, and the public’s most obedient, very humble servant.

I am for feminism. I stand up for women standing up for themselves in the same way I stand up for being black.

You go to a show, and there’s no food at all, so if you’re doing shows back to back, you can forget eating. I remember standing up in the bath one day, and there was a mirror in front of me, and I was so thin! I hated it. I never liked being that skinny.

You could say that by standing up to Russia, the U.S. is finally getting some balls.

Unfortunately, instead of standing up to Iran, the Obama administration is giving in to the Iraniansbizarre tantrums and illogical arguments.

Captain Britain is not about representing an empire, he’s about standing up for everyone and fighting for the betterment of all.

I’m sick to death of famous people standing up and using their celebrity to promote a cause. If I see a particular need, I do try to help. But there’s a lot that can be achieved by putting a check in the right place and shutting up about it.

Ronald Reagan succeeded in bringing down the Iron Curtain by showing strength and resolutely standing up to the Soviet Union. President Trump needs to be similarly resolute towards Putin.

Social media forced us to look at the bigger picture. More people are standing up saying, ‘Hey, wait, this is beautiful, too,’ and the fashion industry is listening.

I’ve been standing up against what I call the ‘virtue signalling’ from Justin Trudeau which actually ignores the real challenges of the day and offers symbolic gestures as a substitute.

Passion and standing up for things can help create a sense of unity. But you still have to act a certain way.

Arthur Blank
One individual can begin a movement that turns the tide of history. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, Mohandas Ganhi in India, Nelson Mandela in South Africa are examples of people standing up with courage and non-violence to bring about needed changes.

I’d much rather be liked because people realize that I’m standing up for myself.

It’s not whether you fall or make a mistake, it’s what you do when you fall. And I say you stand up. You keep standing up. It’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you stand up.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
People love that you’re human and that we’re frail and we face the same situations. Honesty tends to communicate with people better than standing up there like you have an ‘S’ on your chest.

There’s a difference between standing up and telling people what you’re planning to do and standing up and going and accomplishing something.

Berta Caceres, a Lenca woman, grew up during the violence that swept through Central America in the 1980s. Her mother, a midwife and social activist, took in and cared for refugees from El Salvador, teaching her young children the value of standing up for disenfranchised people.

Swimming is great because there are levels of goals. First, when I was four, it was making it to the other end and overcoming the fear of standing up in front of everybody at a swim meet because I was such a shy kid.

I’m pretty shy. I’m so bad at public speaking. I can answer questions in front of a crowd, that seems to be fine, but standing up there by myself and delivering some kind of speech, I’m the worst. I hate it.

The imperialists see extremists everywhere. It’s not that we are extremists. It’s that the world is waking up. It’s waking up all over, and people are standing up.

I am committed to standing up for the LGBTQ community and being a strong voice.

I hope the feeling of standing up on the podium winning gold will never get old.

Congress is a co-equal branch of government, with a long and rich history of standing up to the executive branch.

With Brexit, and I think the extraordinary strain it’s put on our constitution and our representative democracy, I do sometimes feel like I’m in the middle of the 17th Century, when you are standing up for the rights of Parliament.

When it comes to trade, when it comes to standing up to countries like North Korea, when it comes to standing up to guys like Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump is not a conservative.

You know the actor‘s nightmare is getting up onstage and not being prepared? I think the writer‘s nightmare is giving a reading and somebody standing up and saying, ‘That’s not your story.’

Chris Weidman is a tough guy; he’s well rounded. He’s known for being a wrestler. He’s very good on the ground. He can knock people out standing up.

There are a lot of westerns that deal with people standing up for their principles, and that is the predominant theme that has been in my films.

Standing up for what you believe in and being honest, telling the truth are all very liberating things.

You hear about our conservative background and know that we’re Christian guys, but we’re not timid at all. I will take anyone on when it comes to outworking them or putting on a better show or standing up for people who are being put down.

For a long time, I had this constant feeling that I just wanted to look behind me. The hairs on my neck were standing up all the time, I didn’t know where was safe.

Shanti was a strong woman who stood for many things. I would find myself standing up for the rest of the unit when the food served was bad.

I think maybe even one of the reasons I became an actor was actually to hide. I mean, it sounds paradoxical because, of course, people are standing up in a public place and encouraging other people to look at them. So that’s not the conventional definition of hiding.

Being liked by the boys and girls on the bus doesn’t necessarily earn you the respect of the people back home. Standing up to them, giving as good as you get, all that helps.

To me, punk is about being an individual and going against the grain and standing up and saying ‘This is who I am’.

Joey Ramone
But most of my songs were about believing in yourself, standing up for yourself and fighting for what you believe in.

Dee Snider
I actually participated in a Little Miss Orange Blossom Contest when was I was seven or eight years old. I remember standing up on the stage and thinking, ‘Oh boy, I should not be here.’ Obviously, I didn’t win.

When you sit there, and you sing the chorus – and then you look at each other, and everybody has the hair standing up on their arms – then everybody knows you’ve stumbled onto something.

My problem isn’t death but old age. I fret about my lack of balance, my buckling knee, my difficulty standing up and sitting down.

I can sleep anywhere. I can fall asleep standing up, literally anywhere.

The president has been more than willing to challenge the National Rifle Association, but that is like a Republican president standing up to labor unions – not a move that risks anything with his core supporters. Mr. Obama could show some real bravery by taking on Hollywood.

In the time when my mother began standing up against prejudice and racism, the vast majority of white Americans rarely thought about civil rights.

Hong Kong might be a small place, but its people make it unique. The iconic images of skyscrapers in this bustling metropolis are famous around the world, but it is the people of Hong Kong, standing up for their city on the streets, who make it truly great.

Everything in life is about standing up and making the most of your opportunities.

If it wasn’t for so many brave people standing up, speaking out, and fighting for equal rights, we might not have all of the luxuries of freedom that we have today. So many unsung people fought for us to be able to live together in harmony no matter how different we are from one another.

I’ve seen a big shift, especially in my classroom, with women standing up and demanding respect. That’s in every woman, whether 16, 26, 56.

P C Cast
So if you ask those people who say they’re standing up to boo Roman Reigns because, ‘We don’t like him,’ ‘Okay, would you pay to see Roman Reigns get beat?’ ‘Oh, absolutely! I’d love to see him get beat.’ He’s doing his job because people pay to see him.

To present me as the main face of the opposition movement is completely incorrect. I’m not a person who is ‘against Putin.’ I’m just a person who is standing up for a fair society, for free elections.

I can’t tell you if one day I’ll be standing up there with an Oscar or directing, but I am going to be the best human being I possibly can.

But the problem is that when I go around and speak on campuses, I still don’t get young men standing up and saying, ‘How can I combine career and family?’

If you look back at old Captain America comic strips, he used to fight Nazis, you know? The American ideal is standing up and saying, ‘No, that is not the status quo, and we will not accept that.’

It’s like the code of living by yourself. People who are single know what I’m talking about. You eat standing up, reading the paper. Or you say to yourself, this isn’t even cutting it, I’m taking a TV dinner and I’m getting in bed here.

Standing up for yourself. That’s the thing martial artists aren’t used to. You’ve got to really stick up for yourself and be a tough businessman when it’s time for negotiations.

#BlackLivesMatter is about black pride and black power and standing up against a world that tries to annihilate us.

Republicans rarely criticize Obama for lack of empathy – in part because liberals have traditionally been seen as standing up for the weak and the vulnerable. Conservatives can be just as empathetic. But they believe that, in most cases, it’s not government’s role to be the primary dispenser of empathy.

So now is the time, more than ever, for those who truly value all the principles of democracy, especially including dissent, to be the most forceful in speaking up, standing up and speaking out.

He drank standing up because he said, ‘If you drink sitting down, you don’t know if you will be… able to stand up.’

I remember I always felt much more safe standing up on a chair and singing in front of my mother than I was in front of my father!

When the Pledge of Allegiance, the songs of this country, anything is played – we should be standing up. Hand over our hearts. Saluting, if you’re in the military… That’s the way I feel about it. And, that’s what I think everybody should do including all the NFL players.

There’s a lot of pretense out there. It can be exhausting. When people see something genuine, even if it’s something as simple as two people actually being friends, actually enjoying what they’re doing, or actually standing up for each other, that translates in a big way.

I’ve worked for everything I’ve had, and I can’t think of a better way of using it than standing up for what’s right, and what’s required to build a better society.

Iraq and Afghanistan will, over time, become stable. But the War on Terror will continue long after Iraq and Afghanistan have had success in standing up their own governments.

Peter Pace
I knew I had more in me than just standing up and having my picture taken… Being in the studio, I have to have an opinion.

My older sister was into grime, so she got me into it. When I was ten, I begged her to take me to my first house party, where there were decks and a mic. I ended up falling asleep standing up in the corner.

You can be non-judgmental, but you don’t want to be non-discerning because, remember, the force of evolution is the conversation, you know: two truths standing up to each other in conversation, and the best truth emerges, and the best truth prevails.

This big part flies off on the floor. The other part goes like this and lands in my foot! Standing up! It’s standing in my foot! Right in the side of my foot. The flute glass. I think I’m like in one of my own pictures.

If you believe in equality, if you believe in standing up for the rights of all, especially for people most affected by bigotry and discrimination, then you have no choice but to be present and accounted for when it comes to standing up for gays and lesbians in our society.

People always expect Hulk Hogan to be standing up straight, or to have the bandanna on, or to not have my arms covered up. If I have an extra large shirt on people go ‘oh yeah you look small.’ It kind of ruins the mystique.

I see guys like Colin Kaepernick in the NFL. Guys like Marshawn Lynch, they’re sitting down; they’re making statements. They’re standing up for what they believe in, and I think it’s terrific.

It’s so daunting to walk into a classroom or a school auditorium. It’s like the world’s weirdest blind date. I know all the students are thinking, ‘Who is this tool standing up in front of us?’

Libba Bray
There’s this joy that comes from sitting down to solve a problem and standing up when it’s done and good. Building a company or managing people is never just done.

In every school, community center, city hall, and state capitol, there are women who are making their voices heard and standing up for the people they serve – women who aren’t just demanding change but finding ways to create it. They are making an impact, and along the way, they’re inspiring others to do the same.

The unions do a really good job in standing up for workers‘ rights and business does a very good job advocating for opportunities in this state. I don’t believe the two have to operate independently.

What’s going on for half the country? Who’s lost out? The victims of elitist agenda; standing up for them, being a voice for them. That’s the idea behind positive populism, that’s what drives the content.

Sometimes you pay a price for standing up.

I’ve always admired President Chavez for standing up to imperialism and the meddling of the American government in South America.

If someone says something to me, I am not going to back down. Whether it’s defending myself or standing up for one of my teammates, that is the way I play the game.

You’ve got to be vulnerable when you’re talking to kids. There’s nothing worse than some adult standing up there just talking down to some kid. You can’t work that way.

Standing up Global Services will accelerate our capabilities across all Boeing services and support areas – from our traditional parts, modifications, and upgrades business to strengthening our data analytics and information-based offerings.

I don’t regret standing up to Gamergate at all.

I’m still standing up there tall and strong every night that I perform.

But instead of standing up for reason, our government is handing education over to the world of faith.

I love standing up behind the blocks, and I love that moment just before you dive in and it goes quiet, and you take a deep breath and you just dive, and then you try and win, but that moment just before I go, that’s why I race.

Bronte Campbell
As a woman standing up here, we have to fight for the rights of women.

You have to make the most of any time you are given, and any opportunity I’m given, whether it was as Charlotte Flair‘s protege, standing up against Ronda Rousey, being the statistician of Titus Worldwide, I want to show my range.

Dana Brooke
Whatever the raw material, the material itself is unimportant until it’s catalyzed by emotional fervor. So in the ideal exchange between me and my listeners, they wouldn’t ‘figure out’ my music. They would feel their pulse racing and the hair standing up on the backs of their necks.

Steven Stucky
I think any time people are recognised for standing up for what they believe in and the way that they do it is a step forward, because if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and we let people get away with not educating them for things that they have said they’re going to think that behaviour is acceptable.