Top 15 Participatory Quotes

Here we have the best Participatory Quotes from famous authors such as Jack Dangermond, Jane Alexander, Steven Van Zandt, Scott Rogowsky, Subramanian Swamy. Find the perfect quotation from our collection.

A location-aware tablet will let us use what's called g
A location-aware tablet will let us use what’s called geodesign to compose participatory, what-if scenarios onsite, using maps that several people can sharesomething we could always do with paper but that’s been a challenge with digital maps in the field.

All I want to do is make sure that art is available to all Americans in a participatory way, whether you engage in the art process yourself or you’re an audience member.

Jane Alexander
Rock n’ roll is a participatory sport.

I think what HQ Trivia’s done is taken the old-school idea of a trivia show – a quiz show – which has been around since the dawn of television, even radio, and made it a participatory event versus a spectator sport.

The Indian economy has declined because of the peculiar Indian ‘invention‘ of that perfidious financial derivative called Participatory Notes, or PNs, otherwise known as the crony/crooked facilitator for black-money-based portfolio investment. No other country would think of such a derivative.

This country has always been run by elite, and it’s an elitist democracy. And that’s not a radical concept. It’s elitist democracy. When people talk about democracy, they don’t talk – really talk about participatory democracy, until the point that we get us at Election Day.

Shark Tank’s participatory. There’s so many people on Twitter for this show, and they all feel like they’re in the tank, making calls on this stuff.

What should be targeted is a concept of organic, and not just mechanic, democracy that preserves the rule of law, separation of powers, and that is participatory and pluralistic.

I think, in the longer view of things, there is a very powerful pull in the direction of participatory government.

Intelligence augmentation decreases the need for specialization and increases participatory complexity.

The new era of bottom-up politics has had politically paradoxical consequences in China. While it has made the system of governance more participatory, it has made the central government less authoritarian and, therefore, more bureaucratic and cautious.

Democracy is not a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event. If we don’t participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy.

At the Big Bad Lab, we build participatory art and media platforms for causes, communities and organizations we care about.

Congress created a safe harbor for defamation in 1996 and for copyright in 1998. Both safe harbors were designed to ensure that the Internet would remain a participatory medium of speech.

A messy participatory process is representative democracy at its best.