Top 15 Southern Accent Quotes

Here we have the best Southern Accent Quotes from famous authors such as DJ Qualls, Jeff Foxworthy, Cate Blanchett, Jaime King, Cleo Moore. Find the perfect quotation from our collection.

You know, so many people say TV makes you stupid. But i
You know, so many people say TV makes you stupid. But it had the complete opposite effect on me. It kept me from having a really bad Southern accent.

DJ Qualls
I used to say that whenever people heard my Southern accent, they always wanted to deduct 100 IQ points.

The great thing about not being American is that you don’t assume you know what a Southern accent sounds like, so you have to be specific.

I think that’s what’s great about being an actress is you get to learn so many different things like that, like learning a little bit of Tibetan here, learning a Southern accent there.

Jaime King
They seem to be charmed by my Southern accent.

Cleo Moore
When you say, ‘Southern,’ or you speak about a southern accent, there’s always that drawl, and usually from white people. That’s what people associate with the South. But we’re all different. The black southern accent is different.

I think anything sounds good with a Southern accent.

I, on the other hand, have a bit of a southern accent.

I had a Southern accent but I had broken it so hard.

Tell me the truth – do you think I’ve lost my Southern accent? I feel it comes back to me only when I’m shouting at fights or at baseball games.

Cleo Moore
I started out in New York, and New York has a way of countering a Southern accent, naturally; when I moved to Los Angeles for a job, and I just stayed, the dialect out here doesn’t really counter, and my Southern started coming back.

Kim Dickens
I’m from the South, where if you walk down the street and there’s somebody behind you talking with a Southern accent, you can’t tell whether it’s a black or a white person.

Johnnie Cochran
I moved from Kentucky to Miramar, Florida, at about 8. I think I was in second grade. I still had my Southern accent, and down there, you got to experience a melting pot in full fury. All the kids I hung out with were, like, Sicilian kids from Jersey and New York.

The fact that I have a Southern accent and write about a lot of rural things leads people to put me in the country category.

In the South we experienced, you know, some black kids who gave us a hard time because – cause ‘you talk white.’ We didn’t talk white. We talked fairly proper. Plus, we had a Midwestern accent, so we didn’t have a Southern accent, either. So it wasn’t really talking white; it was talking different.