Top 18 Rooster Quotes

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We wanted to make movies back in college before Rooster
We wanted to make movies back in college before Rooster Teeth. Our roots have always been in feature filmmaking, and we’ve always wanted to go back to it.

Writing for ‘Rooster’ was a strange experience. It’s funny, once you tap into a voice, words just start to flow. You know when you’ve hit a spirit or captured something.

Jez Butterworth
Marcus Samuelsson is a chef who inspires me everyday. He has such a deep understanding of flavors and techniques. His food is representative of the diverse world that we live in. What he has done in Harlem with Red Rooster is very special. Marcus is not just a chef, he’s a food activist.

Aaron Sanchez
I’m always like this with a new movie role. I always get super-defensive and make noises like a rooster, Maybe that’s because I spent so much time as a chorus girl.

I remember, as a kid, I’d follow the rooster and the chickens and watch what type of grass they’d eat. And me and my friends would eat that grass, like that was our lunch.

While farmers generally allow one rooster for ten hens, ten men are scarcely sufficient to service one woman.

Giovanni Boccaccio
A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.

I was born in the Chinese year of the rooster, so maybe that explains my affinity with chickens.

I give my roosters the best of food. I give them the best of care. I give them everything they want before I ask them to sacrifice. Get a rooster comfortable, and he’ll fight his ass off. That’s all I ask of HBO. They just can’t see that.

I played an artist in a comedy called ‘Rooster.’ It was a zany film by Glen Larson, a friend who produced several successful television series including ‘Magnum PI.’

George Bush taking credit for the wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sun rising.

I have a cat that I’m obsessed with. His name is Rooster and he’s an orange Bengal. He is one of America‘s great cats. We found Rooster at a rescue organization, and within minutes it was obvious – that’s our cat.

Rooster Teeth has always had a big following in the gamer community, and we are lifelong gamers ourselves.

Trying to sneak a fastball past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.

Joe Adcock
Added to the rooster of courses, ‘Tiger Woods 10′ adds in seven new courses from the pristine Bethpage Black, home of this year’s U.S. Open, to the legendary Pinehurst. The Wii Weather Channel will even adjust the forecast to match the fairway because sometimes even the pros have to play in the rain.

One-eyed Reuben ‘Rooster’ Cogburn is the role that finally delivered John Wayne his Oscar.

I think, ultimately, the story of Rooster Teeth is going to be one of longevity.

Dogs and other animalsgoats, donkeys, cows, a grumpy rooster – continue to change my writing life.