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Everyone has the right to walk from one end of the city
Everyone has the right to walk from one end of the city to the other in secure and beautiful spaces. Everybody has the right to go by public transport. Everybody has the right to an unhampered view down their street, not full of railings, signs and rubbish.

For so long, Arab culture has been misconceived by the western mindset as exotic, or more recently, as dangerous, so spaces like Mathaf are vital for asserting a sense of connectedness.

I think it’s about being really smart about hitting the right consumer product spaces at the right time.

I’m working to bring celestial objects like the sun and moon into the spaces that we inhabit.

Women all over this great land are creating spaces just for themselves, most often out of sheds in their backyards. They’re fantasy cottages, bespoke bungalows, ‘mama maisons,’ if you will, for mothers and wives who need a sanctuary – a haven where they can do anything, or nothing.

I’m a London lad, but I’m fascinated by America. I want to take a motorcycling trip across the country and see those wide open spaces.

Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.

Girls must understand not only their moral obligation but their power to be allies to each other at parties and other potentially unsafe spaces for girls.

I actually do bits of my writing in sort of incidental spaces – when I’m traveling on the Tube or on a bus. More often than not, it’s a reaction to how you feel about something, and if you’re sitting down and concentrating on, ‘I must write something,’ then you can’t have a truthful reaction.

I can go to festivals and open spaces, but if I’m in a crammed room with a bunch of peopleoh my God.

I think co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators outside of the Bay Area do a lot to foster a local startup scenewhich is really important for early founders, but I also think that exposure to the Bay Area is extremely valuable for startups.

Borders are liminal spaces. Anyone worthy of the title of ‘writer‘ is a border writer. We all are border people.

It is not just willy-nilly running around. I need to fill certain spaces and make sure we are covered on both sides of the ruck and the numbers are right.

Sadly, piped music in so many public spaces is often just more noise. Rarely is it carefully designed to enhance our experience; much more likely it is there because retailers have subscribed to an incorrect view that music makes people spend more.

The great seats of power tend to be wide and open, not vertical and soaring. Red Square, Tiananmen Square, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – all massive but with large open spaces that project an image of might.

I want to look into the dark spaces in people’s souls. At what happens to us when we go to the mountains.

Facebook‘s campus has a lot of creative spaces: an analogue print shop, a candy store. It’s a dynamic place and one of the best environments I’ve been in, period.

New York is perfect for Tanizaki because it’s filled with so many dark spaces.

Silence marks time, saturates and shapes African-American art. Silences structure our music, fill the spaces – point, counterpoint – of rhythm, cadence, phrasing.

I think there frankly needs to be diverse spaces and voices as communicators. Women, certainly, but beyond that.

I’m not really good in public spaces, I’m not really good with people, I’m not really good at a lot of things.

When you hear anyone policing the bodies of trans women, misgendering and othering us, and violently exiling us from spaces, you should not dismiss it as a trans issue that trans women should speak out against. You should be engaged in the dialogue, discourse, and activism that challenges the very fibers of your movement.

Our job is to get people in, create the spaces, and then get out of the way.

Terrorists, in ungoverned spaces, disseminate poisonous propaganda and training materials to attract troubled souls around the world to their cause.

We love renovating spaces to maximize a home‘s equity.

We are not without empathetic terror when we open Pascal’s ‘Pensees’ and read, ‘I am the great silent spaces between worlds.’

Processionalism is primary – how you get from one place to another, the relationships and effects of spaces as you move about in them. That’s worked out awfully well in the State Theater. I’m a ‘straight-in’ man myself; I’m too nervous, I like to know where I am. I also like to know where I’m going.

Ultimately we need to recognize that while humans continue to build urban landscapes, we share these spaces with others species.

It’s not about doing over the living room of someone who has bad taste in color. This is about restoring historic buildings and instilling pride in a community, which can be done through designing new public spaces and social gathering spots.

It was so quick for me on ‘SNL.’ It’s not something I consider to be, like, one of the big spaces in my career.

What is astonishing is that globalised technology, like Whatsapp and Viber, really gives a lot of leeway to negotiating spaces and to keeping one’s identity. So people are able to be more receptive as a gay community to be part of an environment that is going to challenge the law.

To see a trans body in this ideal space – on a cover, in an ad – these are spaces that have immense cultural power to dictate what is beautiful, what is glamorous, what is aspirational, what is sexy, what is clean. That can be very powerful and helpful in the de-stigmatization of trans bodies.

If you want to play dominant football, you need to get the ball, think fast, and play quick combinations in small spaces.

I always try to craft spaces around the moments that I imagine people or families having in them.

I believe in empty spaces; they’re the most wonderful thing.

Anselm Kiefer
Whatever your race, colour or creed in London, you still want your children to get on the housing ladder. You still want spaces in hospitals or GP surgeries, you want school places and you want space on the trains in the mornings.

The inner spaces that a good story lets us enter are the old apartments of religion.

The spaces we live in should tell our story.

When you have a concussion, one of the symptoms that is common is anxiety. Imagine having the normal amount of anxieties that everybody shares – about life and meeting people in social spaces, whatever. Imagine that being multiplied by 10, 20. And so your worry over people’s perceptions of you multiplies.

Architects create spaces that accommodate human activity. As opposed to many of its contemporary counterparts, Dune‘is not so much focused on the styling of that activity, as on the supporting of it.

Magnus Larsson
Around the world, our cities are not the idealised open, accessible, and cosmopolitan spaces of our dreams. More often than not, they are sectioned and controlled purviews of the radically wealthy, surrounded by clusters of have-nots.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is setting an example to the world of how to recover quality urban spaces through drastic intervention and the creation of cultural facilities such as the Museum of Tomorrow.

Why should we build very large spaces when they are not necessary? We can design halls spanning several kilometres and covering a whole city, but we have to ask, what does it really make? What does society really need?

Frei Otto
While we were promoting ‘Wide Open Spaces,’ we set aside time to write. We went on several writing retreats where nobody could get hold of us. It was the only way we could take a step back and reflect and write and be living a semi-normal life for a while.

Many Muslim parents are authoritarian, which leaves young men and women with limited spaces to express themselves. Self-expression and autonomy are regarded as symptoms of ‘Westernisation.’

Headline writing is tough because often times you are given a predetermined number of spaces and words depending on the layout and the type of the story.

Allowing for suburbanization of California‘s ranches and farmlands would still allow for strong protections of California’s truly natural areas like Yosemite, the redwoods, and oak woodlands and green spaces near cities.

Whether it’s freedom to express, freedom to live, freedom to earn, freedom to thrive, freedom to learn, whatever it is, I want to make sure that I’m a part of these spaces and opening doors.

Angela Rye
Two-thirds of all growth takes place in cities because, by simple fact of population density, our urban spaces are perfect innovation labs. The modern metropolis is jam-packed. People are living atop one another; their ideas are as well.

Air travel is the safest form of travel aside from walking; even then, the chances of being hit by a public bus at 30,000 feet are remarkably slim. I also have no problem with confined spaces. Or heights. What I am afraid of is speed.

Because I grew up in such tight spaces, I don’t get manicures, pedicures. I’m not into cars, but I am into a fabulous house. I wanted the spiral staircase, clean sheets on the bed, to be able to take a shower.

I think that football has changed, it has become more complex. For example, it’s faster, you have less free space, and you have to play from such small spaces.

Being incarcerated does not mean being devoid of the capacity to learn, grow, and think, and it’s critical that prisons provide spaces where learning can be both cultivated and encouraged.

I just like artist-driven projects, but for artists themselves: artist spaces, artist mentor programs, and artists buying buildings and making lofts. Doing whatever we can do. Because at the end of the day, I really think that we as a community only have each other.

History has shown that there needs to be some agora, or public spaces, and I think that we already live a lot of our life on a laptop, or even smaller devices that we hold in our hands.

Nevertheless there are certain peaks, canons, and clear meadow spaces which are above all compassing of words, and have a certain fame as of the nobly great to whom we give no familiar names.

Mary Hunter Austin
Web publishing can create common spaces; it all depends on how we, the readers and sometimes the producers, react to technological change. If we sort ourselves into narrow groups, common spaces will be in big trouble. But there’s no reason not to have common spaces on the Internet. There are lots of them out there.

My writing is called exotic or avant-garde because I write about rural places. Has it really come to this, that if you write about the country you are avant-garde? How did this happen? Modern agriculture and spaces are still so relevant.

One thing that is great about India is the freedom to speak and the spaces available in our democracy to protest which doesn’t exist in many places in the world.

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

I routinely interview college students, mostly from top schools, and I notice that their brains are like old maps, with lots of blank spaces for the uncharted terrain. It’s not that they lack for motivation or IQ. It’s that they can’t connect the dots when they don’t know where the dots are in the first place.

When it comes to female fan attention, I’m married, so obviously I avoid the places where you might get unwanted female attention – clubs and social environments, bars and public spaces.

Simon Bird
Noise is the number one problem in modern offices. A big part of addressing this issue is making sure unwanted sound from adjacent spaces doesn’t intrude or interfere.

At the end of the 1960s, I was part of the downtown theatrical movement in New York that was making work in alleyways, garages, gyms, churches, non-traditional spaces. The idea was to get away from the illusion of the conventional theatre. But then I thought, what’s wrong with illusion?

Always be an entertainer. I have rules in offence but it’s all about players finding the right spaces and solutions in the right moments.

The gay community has had a sometimes tumultuous relationship with non-queer people coming to their shows because it was tourism, like using the queer spaces as a form of comic relief or entertainment.

In wider spaces, people bearing historical grudges with each other were separated by the muting qualities of distance.

Ungoverned spaces in the Islamic world will be exploited by people who wish us ill. They will not be contained.

Got freedom? Thank a man, or rather, thank all the men willing to die so the rest of us can go fetal in our safe spaces if somebody hurts our feelings.

Sometimes people of color walk into these spaces that are dominated by the dominant culture, and we have to be better, not make as much trouble.

I love church buildings, particularly cathedrals, and I like living in spaces that remind me of music or evoke that creative energy.

Webs are made mostly of spaces. They break easily. They barely exist. They belong to the category of half-things: mist, smoke, shrouds, ghosts, membranes, retinas or rags; and they quickly fill up with un-things: old legs and wings and heads and hollow abdomens and body bags of wasps.

I realized I was a country person – I’m just not used to small spaces.

We’re producing spaces that accommodate human activity. And what I’m interested in is not the styling of that, but the relationship of that as it enhances that activity. And that directly connects to ideas of city-making.

A colour is a physical object as soon as we consider its dependence, for instance, upon its luminous source, upon other colours, upon temperatures, upon spaces, and so forth.

Ernst Mach
Without a shadow of doubt, Trafalgar Square has to be one of the most crap urban public spaces in the world.

People are understanding what it means to really create a space that feels like a direct reflection of you and I think with brands like Living Spaces, you can really start to take those chances for the first time.

Unless you’re trying to make a movie on the sly, there’s no way to get around this. If you want to use public spaces, film on the streets, have the cooperation of the police, you have to have a permit.

In the mid-’60s in Berkeley, the theory of measure spaces of economic agents became one of my main interests.

Gerard Debreu
Being Premier is a 24/7 job, so it doesn’t create many spaces in order to be able to build relationships.

Lara Giddings
Indian films have this obsession with hygienic clean spaces, even though the country’s not so clean. They’re either shot in the studios or shot in London, in America, in Switzerland – clean places. Everywhere except India.

And the beautiful open spaces, the forests of Pennsylvania, the recreational uses that come from having these green open spaces and forests, they contribute dramatically to the level of our tourism, dramatically.

Like a blazing comet, I’ve traversed infinite nights, interstellar spaces of the imagination, voluptuousness and fear.

Coming from a Haitian-American home, I thought it was necessary to give back to the country in which my parents were raised. That is why I believe in Project PlayWorld’s efforts to to provide secure playing spaces for the children of Haiti with the Live Civil Playground.

Of course, museums and galleries and art spaces will continue to ground the art world. But certainly the public – as well as artists – also benefit when art is encountered in other everyday situations.

I’m a bad interview because I want to always feel like I’m being totally honest, but at the same time, I’m absolutely paranoid. That combination results in a lot of spaces.

Gale Harold
I think we will find more and more ways in which technology invades our artistic spaces, so music is something you will need more than ever because it is there in time and in space and for that moment only.

When I came into stand-up, I found a certain safe space of intellectualism, of camaraderie, of excellence that really has always been natural to me but always felt foreign in the other spaces I’ve been in.

In practice, I’ve had a presence in China since 1998 with my commercial spaces and shops.

What you hear is southern Michigan, not a drawl, but a halting kind of speech where you leave spaces when there shouldn’t be any. We take a breath anywhere.

You’re torn between wanting to fill in all the spaces and knowing that’s really going to screw up the screenplay. And yet, how are you going to communicate it to people who really don’t understand the process?

Robert Towne
When I feel that burden of representation in public spaces, it helps to recognize that it’s a duty – a job, really. As with any job that you want to do well, you have to ensure that first and foremost you are energized and in the right head space to take on that task.

Coronavirus is constantly attacking society’s vulnerable classes and spaces. We must shake off the fantasy that we can go back to the past we were accustomed to.

Mesut is one of those unique players you see every once in a while. He has the gift of a perfect touch in tight spaces that makes him special.

With my job, I am designing spaces for families on a weekly basis, and that is where I get my creative outlet.

I think you just assume that your memory is just sort of a video playback of your experience, but it’s nothing like that at all. It’s a complete refabrication of an event and a lot of it is made up, because you’re filling in spaces.

When I started writing poetry, it was always in very hip-hop influenced spaces: Someone would teach a Nas song side-by-side with a Gwendolyn Brooks poem, and we’d talk about the connections between those things.

We need to afford people from minority groups and marginalized communities the chance to inhabit spaces they’re often held out of because of stereotyping.

We turned Cambridge theatre upside down, using odd spaces and devising everything collaboratively. It eventually blew apart, but I’m still proud of some of what we achieved. The style was very disciplined, and we had the sense to keep things short.

People said when I was a young lad ‘Oh he’s got good feet.’ He’s good in small spaces and that’s something I have always had since a young age.

My place in Chicago is a 105 year old house, but I really like contemporary spaces too, so it’s refreshing and fun to be in a space where you can do contemporary things.

Anywhere in the world, there is royal food, and there is commoner food. Essentially, eat at the restaurant or eat on the street. But Indian food evolved in three spaces. Home kitchens were a big space for food evolution, and we have never given them enough credit.

I like to attack the spaces, move around a lot and make cuts.

Absolute space, in its own nature, without regard to anything external, remains always similar and immovable. Relative space is some movable dimension or measure of the absolute spaces, which our senses determine by its position to bodies, and which is vulgarly taken for immovable space.

I’m sober now, but I was partying a lot. Part of it was because gay bars felt like safe spaces… a place where you feel safe and comfortable in your own skin.

The game has gotten a lot faster. I was anticipating changes as far back as when I first came into the league, when the spacing was changing, and big guys were playing in different spaces on the floor. But when that change actually happens, and it happens so quickly, it’s just amazing.

I did a few documentaries as co-director and cameraman. I started off shooting a film about the war in Rhodesia. Then I did a film about an ‘around the world’ yacht race with a friend, and we spent nine months on a yacht. The film was about how people get on in confined spaces under extreme stress.

In modern football the position, the placement of the team and occupying spaces is important.

Microsoft runs the world’s biggest blogging platform, MSN Spaces.

I like to be in big open spaces with high skies.

You can get claustrophobia and agoraphobia – a fear of wide, open spaces – simultaneously on a spacewalk.

Preserving parks and open spaces is a winner because it doesn’t need to be explained to everyday Americans.

Negative liberty‘ is a political science term meaning a liberty from government action. It is not a liberty to anything – like the liberty to meaningfully contribute to public debate or to have ample spaces for speech.

I’ve seen what power women have in unification, and I would love to create co-working spaces and networks for female entrepreneurs.

Cities could open up their property and assets to sharing economy apps that make it easier to find parking spaces or homes for rent. By aligning private-sector incentives with the public good, cities will create confidence among taxpayers.

When we are in possession, tactically, he is the best coach in the world for me. He works hard, watches a lot of games, and prepares us really well. Guardiola has the feeling for gaping spaces, and he already had that as a player.

A few years ago, I realized I was decorating and designing my house around what was beautiful rather than practical for my family. When I made that realization, everything kind of clicked for me. I started being intentional about designing spaces with my kids in mind rather than picture-perfect rooms.

Technology companies tend to operate in winner-take-all spaces and thus adopt a very high-commitment culture.

I’ll tell you this: You have to remember to chase and catch your dreams, because if you don’t, your imagination will live in empty spaces, and that’s nowhere land.

Gary Busey
All of these really strong females making names for themselves in what were traditionally male-dominated spaces. And I’m not usually one to get too hung up on the male-vs.-female side of things, but it is interesting to see the dynamic shifting and it’s happening across the board. It’s cool to be a part of that.

With small spaces in particular you have to really follow the rule that if it’s not absolutely beautiful or absolutely functional, then get rid of it.

I think in the media we tend to deify people in these public spaces.

Politics can be relatively fair in the breathing spaces of history; at its critical turning points there is no other rule possible than the old one, that the end justifies the means.

Arthur Koestler
I go to Australia probably once every two years. It’s wide-open spaces there, so I just rent a motorcycle and ride out to the middle of the continent. For hours, you don’t see anybody.

Racism is a perceptive error, and what you actually have to do is you have to get into spaces where you’re meeting people and perceiving them as human beings and not as racial stereotypes and myths.

I don’t believe in having spaces in the home that don’t get used. We pay so much for square footage that to waste it is criminal.

The Tunisian blogger and activist Sami Ben Gharbia has written passionately about how U.S. government involvement in grassroots digital spaces can endanger those who are already vulnerable to accusations by nasty regimes of acting as foreign agents.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me.

Leaving Las Vegas‘ is a relationship; ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a relationship, and they’re very contained movies. They’re compressed and not in wide open spaces all over the place.

I’ve been able to carve out spaces for myself. At Sundance, I’m in the mountains – my property is private. I get on a horse and ride for three, four hours. Sometimes five. I get lost. But when I’m in, I’m in.

Matches are decided by details and you have to be ready to create spaces and help open up defences. It is what I have to do.

There were a series of moments when I decided that art was important, and it was an important vehicle for me to express my interest in spaces.

Theaster Gates
So much of comics are dictated by characters talking to one another – or in focused spaces where ‘the camera’ has to stay in pretty close on what’s going on.

Each generation is trusted with protecting our open spaces and natural resources to pass them on to future Americans to enjoy.

I have a platform, and I can help. I can be in spaces that reporters will never be in because I’m a protester.

‘Superbetter’ looks more like a social media platform or a social network than a typical video game. You know, there aren’t any 3-d spaces to explore. You don’t have this avatar that you’re building up. It’s more about thinking like a gamer.

It’s the Met Gala – everyone is huge. It feels very hierarchical, and I get really nervous in hierarchical spaces because I feel like everyone deserves to feel just as special as everyone else, but that’s just not the way it is in this business.

The thing with me is, I’m both untidy and I hate mess. But I’m not untidy in communal spaces, like living rooms. My bedroom is havoc.

People need a space that they can go to make a conference or Skype call. It’s important to create those spaces and create a company culture that supports those spaces.

I simply adore getting dressed up for a special occasion. I feel incredible stepping out in luxurious fabrics and a bit of bling. That’s also how I feel about special-occasion dining rooms. Because these aren’t everyday spaces, they contain all sorts of drama for that once-in-a-while ‘wow‘ event.

As a visible and outspoken trans woman myself, I know that it’s rare not to have your trans-ness lead the way for you in public spaces.

I’ve come to a view that humans will continue to do what we do well, and that computers will continue to do what they do very well, and the two will coexist, but in different spaces.

If U.S. mistakes in the Middle East helped Putin raise Russia‘s global profile, China’s missteps and hubris in East and Southeast Asia, once called Indo-China, have opened up new spaces for India’s profile to be raised.

A lot of young drummers have a tendency to really overplay. Sometimes simple is better, and the notes that aren’t played between the spaces are bigger than the notes that are.

You really have to take your time; you have to know your character and your scene. The line you are about to say comes from the moment right before. It’s not what’s said, it’s what is in between the spaces, it’s what’s in between the lines; that is the most important to play.

The wealth-income ratio in the United States has always been lower than in Europe. The main reason in the early years was that land values bulked less in the wide open spaces of North America. There was, of course, much more land, but it was very cheap.

Robert Solow
Loft living is the antithesis of suburban domesticity, if only because the open spaces don’t easily accommodate family life. Lofts also offer residents the opportunity – and responsibility – to structure their own space to reflect what’s important to them.

Art is more than a series of images that are disembodied. Art is objects that live in real places, economies, spaces, architecture.

Canadian tours are big and difficult, because of the large spaces between cities.

Drake went through my exhibition. I did meet him in Los Angeles, and he was in the spaces that I did do there, and has some images from that.

It’s great that New York has large spaces for art. But the enormous immaculate box has become a dated, even oppressive place. Many of these spaces were designed for sprawling installations, large paintings, and the Relational Aesthetics work of the past fifteen years.

Agencies and the executive branch need to enforce the law. They don’t need to fill in the spaces if Congress doesn’t act.

Everyone who has felt alienated by the games industry, both would-be players and creators, needs to rally together and support one another as we create a space for those of us who don’t fit in traditional spaces.

In many professional spaces, women are fighting twice as hard as men to get to the same place and get the same opportunities. If you then speak out about your experience of sexual harassment, there is every chance you will not be sent on certain assignments.

As a trans person, I don’t feel welcome in most public spaces. Especially now with Trump, I don’t feel faith or recognize that we’re protected by the government or administration.

I dont have anything against walls. You know what it is? I like open spaces.

Dion Dublin
Space is something that you have to define. Otherwise, it is like anxiety, which is too vague. A fear is something specific. I like claustrophobic spaces, because at least then you know your limits.

Louise Bourgeois
A song of mine called ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ was on that ‘Wide Open Spaces’ Dixie Chicks album.

While I was in Astana, a ballet master from St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre staged a performance of ‘Giselle’ in the opera hall. It was one of only a few performances to grace Astana’s concert spaces in many weeks, and tickets were impossible to come by.

What you possess is not what you jingle in the pockets of your memory, but the imaginings with which you fill the spaces of the future.

I’d never really experienced the West before moving to Colorado. The East Coast, where I grew up, has a lot of big cities, like Boston and New York, and is more densely populated, and I instantly fell in love with the big open spaces of the West, where you can see not just for a few miles but for a few hundred miles.

Tyler Hamilton
Going to college made me realize you have to have real spaces of privacy, and you have to establish those early.

Tim Duncan was a marvelous player. He played the game from the four, the five position. He was one of the unique players, like a Michael Jordan, who could get to spaces on the floor you that you couldn’t do anything about.

I grew up in a pretty small town in Texas, population 8,000, and we had a lot of open spaces.

I perform in spaces that are very inclusive and protective.

Movies have always been spaces of refuge for me. For a few harmonious hours, I could escape my reality of being a girl living on the margins.

I’m concerned that if we don’t do more to protect our open spaces and reduce climate change, there will be devastating and lasting impacts on us and future generations.

We want to convert broken, unbranded assets around the globe into better-quality living spaces.

In an ever-changing technological landscape, where today‘s platforms are not tomorrow‘s platforms, the key seems to be that any one of these spaces can use a dose of humanity and art and culture.

I’m a tooth person… I like quirky teeth. My husband has little teeth with spaces in between them. He hates them and I love them. I like people with buckteeth, and I like it when they crinkle a bit. It’s very charming.

Our libraries are pillars in the neighborhoodproviding vital services, safe spaces to gather, and connections to essential resources.

When you think of technological revolution, you probably think of geeks in cool coastal spaces like the Google campus, or perhaps of math wizards on Wall Street. But one source of rural prosperity is the adoption of radical new technologies – and a consequent surge in productivity.

We were the ones that from the beginning said that ‘Wide Open Spaces’ was a hit. ‘This is a hit, people are going to relate to it.’

If the spaces open up in the attack, then of course I’m willing to take it because I love to get involved; I love to get crosses in. I love to do combinations and just bring a different aspect to our game.

We all – if we are honest with ourselves, we all have these dark spaces within our souls that we don’t always want to talk about or acknowledge.

Nowadays, it’s so silly to not express your feelings, as long as you respect peoples’ spaces and respect their limits. You have to live your life in peace, and no one has anything to do with that.

A vacant white room with lights is still a submission to the neutral. Works of art seen in such spaces seem to be going through a kind of esthetic convalescence.

In London everyone lives in small spaces so I found living in flatshares easy. I’ve never been bothered about privacy. If I’m home alone I feel a bit weird, I want people to come round.

I don’t know if it’s irrational, and I would never say this before, but I think I’m a little bit agoraphobic when I’m in huge crowds of people. I mean, it’s claustrophobic, probably – small spaces and large groups of people, anxiety rises for me.

Taylor Hanson
I’ve always been a homemaker, like, I like creating spaces. Even if I stay in a hotel, I’ll unpack, I’ll put my books out, I’ll put my camera out, I’ll throw a sweater over the lamp to get better light. I am a homemaker.

Great American art needs the idea of uninterrupted spaces, like a loft, which itself is something very American.

I guess because there aren’t many women working in the kind of variety of spaces that I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to kind of work in, that there is this extreme scrutiny about my career.

Be intentional about the spaces you create but not at the cost of compromising other elements.

I’m interested in creating a little sound world for songs, really crafting it, building it, and making it like a little doll‘s house with little things inside it, staircases and rooms and everything kind of relates to everything else. I’ve never seen it as drums, bass, guitar and vocals in very separate spaces.

I myself was born beside a river – the Avon in Sarum. So when I first encountered New York’s great harbor and the Hudson River as a teenager, and came to understand their historic canal and railroad links to the vast spaces of the Midwest, I felt both the thrill of a new adventure and a deep sense of homecoming.

Edward Rutherfurd