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I tend to like the heavier things, especially live on s
I tend to like the heavier things, especially live on stage. I need that energy and interaction and feeling the audience.

Watergate provides a model case study of the interaction and powers of each of the branches of government. It also is a morality play with a sad and dramatic ending.

I think we’ve built a bit of a culture and a market around people who are open and seek out that social interaction.

I don’t miss being a reporter as a job, but I do miss the everyday interaction with the front line of law enforcement. I still have a cadre of cops who keep me up to date, but I don’t have the access I used to.

How much do you as a consumer value a positive experience with a brand or its customer service department? How willing are you to share that with your friends? How inclined are you to let that person know that you’re interaction with them was positive?

When I was young, you went to school, dealt with your friends and drama, went home, did your homework, went to bed, and started over the next day. But that social interaction that happens at school doesn’t end now – it goes until the minute you go to bed and starts again when you wake up.

The PGA Tour has a lot of interaction with our military, and I’ve grown to have an incredible respect for our troops who are coming home with these horrific injuries, as well as any organization that can not only help them get healed up, but help them get integrated back into society.

Fred Funk
The last time I met Sir Richard Attenborough was while dubbing for Gandhi in Mumbai. My interaction with him was short and sweet but definitely a memorable experience.

Anonymous blog comments, vapid video pranks and lightweight mash-ups may seem trivial and harmless, but as a whole, this widespread practice of fragmentary, impersonal communication has demeaned personal interaction.

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.

Interactive computers and software will, I think, provide a less costly method of doing some kinds of inquiry, in knowledge acquisition and even reasoning and interaction.

Roy Romer
Actors are a lot like professors on dissertation committees – it’s a lot of ego, a lot of rallying for position, there is a lot at stake in every single interaction.

Tina Fey, a performer and head writer for ‘Saturday Night Live,’ has deftly adapted Rosalind Wiseman’s nonfiction dissection of teenage girl societal interaction, ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence.’

For someone who has been so important to my career, I have had absolutely no interaction with O.J. Simpson one-on-one in my whole life. I’ve tried many times. I have written him in prison, I’ve had other contact … but he never responded, so I have never had a conversation with O.J. Simpson, never met the guy.

A lot of times, as an actor, especially a TV or film actor, you don’t get a lot of interaction, or you don’t get the feeling you are actually touching someone, or someone actually cares about what you do.

Christopher Judge
Life is hard enough without being worried about the smallest interaction with a public servant.

Every interaction with another person involves a dance of expectation, even when you’re just passing someone in the street. Inside those momentshowever brief they may be – there is a kind of anticipatory silence.

I love performing in New York. Just something about the energy that the crowd gives you, you give it back, a lot of interaction.

Those thoughts are truth which guide us to beneficial interaction with sensible particulars as they occur, whether they copy these in advance or not.

I think the most surprising thing about the Olympics would be the amount of interaction and partying that goes on behind the scenes. They have nightclubs at the Olympic Village. It’s like college all over again.

The strongest interactions are the nuclear interactions, which include the forces that bind nuclei together and the interaction between the nuclei and the z mesons. It also includes the interactions that give rise to the observed strange-particle production.

My Ph.D. thesis, with Sam Treiman as adviser, was on the application of renormalization theory to the effects of strong interactions in weak interaction processes.

Regardless of what the naysayers believe about human interaction and social media, the data show us that the abundance of technology is actually increasing the abundance of happiness all over the world.

At Adaptive Path, we’ve been doing our own work with Ajax over the last several months, and we’re realizing we’ve only scratched the surface of the rich interaction and responsiveness that Ajax applications can provide.

Economics has revealed a great truth about the natural law of human interaction: that not only is production essential to man‘s prosperity and survival, but so also is exchange.

Publishers are born connectors; they bring like-minded people together. They are also conversationalists of the first order. They foster the interaction between the three key parties in commercial media: the audience, the author/creator and the marketer.

A lot of people think stand-up comedy is one person performing to an audience, but I love it more when it’s a dialogue, an interaction.

I think it’s important to educate kids about food and let them help a little with the cooking and cleaning. That interaction is really important.

I like interaction. I like engagement. My favorite part of Twitter is really the mentions and interacting with people. It’s rarely just the broadcasting of my opinions. I have plenty of other mediums to do that.

I’m always interested in audience interaction. Not so much aggressive audience interaction – I’m genuinely interested in how people see things.

There’s so much rich interaction with drivers that we take for granted. It seems like a mundane thing, but it turns out to be a really big deal.

From the late 1940s, into and through the ’50s, there developed a complex interaction between federal government, state and local government, real-estate interests, commercial interests and court decisions, which had the effect of undermining the mass transit system across the country.

I’ve been able to find just as much interesting, exciting music through the Internet and iTunes… The personal interaction is not the same, and I’m not walking out of a store with a physical thing, so there’s definitely an element that is lost, for sure.

My grandfather was terminally ill, and any interaction with him felt so incomplete. It seemed impossible to say or do anything that was enough. And, of course, that was true. Nothing could have been enough.

When I used to perform weddings, the image I always had was the image of a triangle, in which there are two partners and then there is this third force, this third being, that emerges out of the interaction of these two. The third one is the one that is the shared awareness that lies behind the two of them.

I think games are a good medium for approaching any subject, particularly difficult ones, because by their very nature, they are abstract, invite interaction and allow us to confront and question things… particularly rules that we may blindly follow.

Brenda Brathwaite
I have argued that the Soviet story is one of the interaction of speculative excess or utopian aspirations with refractory reality.

The comedy and character interaction on ‘Atlantis’ is what makes it so different from most science fiction shows.

Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.

I take pride in how I interview people. One of the things people come to our show for most is the interaction I have with the artists; it feels very peer-to-peer.

I think every interaction I have, there’s something I walk away going, Oh my God, I sound like a jerk. It’s constantly happening.

Tim Robinson
Close interaction with farmers and scientists can expose the chef to new flavours that can be used to delight diners.

For a very long time, we’ve been extraordinarily interested in the interaction between low temperature and low oxygen. We see that they’re connected because we know people who are extremely cold are not getting oxygen to their cells. And yet, they’re sometimes alive.

Mark Roth
I was aware of it, but I grew up in a very a-religious family. My mother never went to church, she never had any religious training or background. It was never a part of our social interaction.

The interaction of the variation in our genes is what’s responsible for lots of our attributes and vigor.

Walter Gilbert
I have definitely learned – and this is definitely a human nature thing – that people are willing to, in an interaction with a comedian, admit things and talk about things with candor that they would never admit to a group of friends or an individual.

One of the very rewarding aspects of my work has been the interaction with a superb group of colleagues and friends in the atmospheric sciences community.

Mario J Molina
I like working on stage because there’s something very immediate about it, that interaction with an audience where you immediately hear their reaction, or feel them, whether they’re with you.

As humans our hangups seem to shape our interaction with the world around us. They are often the source of our intolerance and friction with people who think differently than us, and even the reason we build walls between us and the people close to us.

Basing my conclusions on experience I am absolutely convinced not only of survival but of demonstrated survival, demonstrated by occasional interaction with matter in such a way as to produce physical results.

Oliver Joseph Lodge
People think that the arts are optional and they aren’t. They teach a level of emotional depth that’s equally important to mathematic skill. You can replace some math skills with a calculator if you know how to operate the thing, but there’s no calculator for human interaction.

Human interaction is something that I believe, as humans, we crave for. And that is where bars and social environments come into play.

I wanted to improve the suburban office building; to create a great urban space in a suburban environment with all that implies about interaction, collaboration and creativity.

In my regular life, I am very involved in commissions for cities and sometimes countries. And I think of public art as a team sport. The outcome is only possible with the interaction of all the players.

Janet Echelman
Culture exists and evolves to relegate to habit categories of interactions the constant conscious reference to which would make human interaction impossible.

When I was at Berkeley, the framework of quantum field theory could calculate the dynamics of electromagnetism. It could roughly describe the motion of the weak nuclear force, radiation. But it hit a brick wall with the strong interaction, the binding force.

The whole point about historians is that we are really communing with the dead. It’s very restful – because you read. There’s some sociopathic problem that makes me prefer it to human interaction.

I was always drawn to teachers who made class interesting. In high school, I enjoyed my American and English literature classes because my teachers, Jeanne Dorsey and Dani Barton, created an environment where interaction was important.

Successful cult memes induce intense social interaction behaviour between cult members. This trips the attention detectors.

I have this extraordinary curiosity about all subjects of the natural and human world and the interaction between the physical sciences and the social sciences.

We always talk about how, obviously, there is still very in-your-face aggressive racism. But there’s a lot of passive racism that, in the moment, you don’t even realize is racist. You chalk it up as a strange interaction you had, and then you look at the context of it later on and realize the root of it was racism.

To maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, we have to create a culture in which everyone remembers that every order, big or small – and every interaction, every moment – will define what our company is today and what it will become tomorrow.

Educated parents find more time to spend with their children by reducing time dedicated to home-based activities that involve little interaction with children.

Are black people conscious of how excruciatingly self-conscious white people have become in their every interaction with black people? Is this self-consciousness an improvement? Maybe not, because I’m thinking of people in categories rather than as people, which is a famously dangerous thing to do.

I’m on JetBlue and United. So I spend a lot of time on airplanes with other people and in terminals or just traveling around and going to restaurants or whatever. The interaction I get on a daily basis is always positive. I’ve never had a negative interaction.

We’ve all seen the mom who devotes all her time and attention to her child and is so hungry for adult interaction that as soon as she’s around another adult, she’s not paying attention anymore.

I like to call myself a voluntaryist. That means that I think that all human interaction should be on a voluntary basis. And that nobody should be able to use force or fraud in any human interaction whatsoever.

I meet hundreds of people, and I’m not going to remember them. But every single one of them will remember their interaction with me.

Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Machine learning technologies are helping practitioners deliver better diagnosis and actually freeing up time for patient interaction.

Working for several years as a waitress, you learn really quickly a couple of default scripts, so you know exactly what the interaction is going to be when the person sits down at the table.

When you go to a voice-based interaction, you can’t tell people, ‘Ask me this question and structure it in this way.’ And if they ask a question, and you have a bad answer, first time, maybe they’ll be okay with it. Third time, they’re going to say, ‘This is a complete waste of time. I’m going away.’

I love the interaction with people online, I love engaging with the fans.

With ‘Rage,’ it was a little bit different because this was going to be the public’s first interaction with the ‘Rage’ IP. Early on, right after the tech demo, there was some marked concern internally how much of a bad thing it would be if the game went out and it wasn’t well released and people got a bad taste off it.

The research side of academic life is often viewed from the outside as a solo and, at times, lonely activity. In fact, it is quite the opposite: a communal activity in significant part where interaction and interchange generate ideas and critiques of them.

In just my interaction, I go to factories, and I talk to our employees. And in Canada, they have had a least a year or two more education. It’s like, almost, I never run into anybody who hasn’t finished high school. And in the United States, you have a lot who dropped out of 11th grade or whatever.

If you focus on the very narrow, myopic interaction between students, their teachers, and the curriculum, you are ignoring 90 percent of what’s affecting that student‘s ability to learn and be ready to absorb that curriculum and perform well in school and reach their potential.

I think it’s my interaction with journalists that has pegged me more as political than my actual records, although they have obviously political aspects to them as well.

When playing a role, I would feel more comfortable, as you’re given a prescribed way of behaving. So, both Facebook and theatre provide contrived settings that provide the illusion of social interaction.

In an undergraduate business environment, the best learning experience is the interaction students have with each other. They need to learn from each other as much as from professors and lectures and other teaching tools.

Gerry Schwartz
I give everyone upmost respect, and when people feel that, you end up getting the most out of your interaction with them. That connectivity is really important in my life.

Adam Rodriguez
I love children and I love family and I love that interaction. Because I had a really close relationship with my mother, I understand that deep powerful love, and it’s so beautiful. To be a mother to a child is the most brilliant gift; it’s gorgeous.

There has to be an interaction of musicians on stage. Otherwise I feel too alone up there. When performing is really good, when it really works, maybe once every 15 shows, it’s very special, and you realize that’s why you do it.

It seems obvious that moral stages must primarily be the products of the child’s interaction with others rather than the direct unfolding of biological or neurological structures.

The Internet is the greatest tool for any artist to have interaction with any audience.

Nick Rhodes
Real answers need to be found in dialogue and interaction and, yes, our shared human condition. This means being open to one another instead of simply fighting to maintain a prescribed position.

Malcolm Boyd
We’re living in miraculous times where connections are made at the blink of an eye, the tap of a thumb, and the click of a mouse. We can never replace human interaction, but these simple actions can be powerful and meaningful to those we connect with.

When you dance together, there’s a fabulous interaction. It’s quite intimate. You’re touching your partner, leading them. Learning how to behave in that person’s proximity is a skill. I love it. I can’t imagine tiring of it.

The entertainment world, television, movies, social media, YouTube stuff, we’re so bombarded with so much imagery and such a great sense of inhumanity, and there is a coarseness, a coarsening of interaction.

Steven Bochco
There was a lot of dialogue between the people who were developing Flickr and their users to get feedback on how they wanted Flickr to develop. That interaction made the initial community very strong, and then that seed was there for new people who joined to make the community experience strong for them, too.

What I’m looking for in my interaction is critical thinking on the part of the person pitching to me.

We don’t see a lot of models for male social interaction. There’s sports and barn raisings.

There’s a whole element of human interaction and character interaction that I really enjoy doing.

Once in a while I do put up a video or a thank you tweet for my fans. I think our interaction cements our bond. Getting so much love from them makes me feel blessed.

You have so much responsibility because when you’re in the kitchen, it’s not just food, it’s where the food comes from, what you did with production, what you did it with human interaction, and how you did it with different cultures. Food becomes a mark of activism.

The interaction between the goalkeeper and the back four has to be top to compete in the Premier League.

Although I’m perceived as very optimistic and upbeat, it comes out of being the opposite of that – feeling isolated or lonely, looking for meaning and the kinds of things that ease that suffering in life, and finding them in large-scale social interaction, like theater and games.

Language commonly stresses only one side of any interaction.

This is not what anyone wants to hear, just like somebody who wants to lose weight doesn’t want to hear ‘diet and exercise,’ but I think giving yourself time and abstaining from interaction is the only way to get over somebody.

I’ve had a ton of fast-food jobs – it changes your approach to human interaction forever.

I love the game of football, I love everything about it, I love the studying aspect, I love the team aspect… I’m gonna miss the interaction, the guys, you know, every day.

We have an enormous vision for a new category for human interaction and, ultimately, immersive entertainment.

Human interaction is awkward and weird, even if it happens without a microphone or camera.

People drive everywhere in L.A., so you get very little human interaction… but N.Y. and Chicago are like London… L.A. lacks the social interaction.

All the changes you go through personally really affect the music you make, and my music on the one hand is personal and the other it comes from my lived experience and the interaction with the world around me.

Things were so unpredictable in Comey’s first meeting with President-elect Trump, the former FBI director immediately took notes in his car after the interaction.

At the same time, I think books create a sort of network in the reader‘s mind, with one book reinforcing another. Some books form relationships. Other books stand in opposition. No two writers or readers have the same pattern of interaction.

A lot of gaming and a lot of interaction is no longer physical; it’s all digital and at a distance. There’s this innate, tribal need of the people to have face time with other people and play together in person. I think there’s been this rediscovery of the joy of playing with people around the table.

On the ‘Today’ show, I feel comfortable because I get to interact with people. I love that interaction. I love hearing other people’s stories. I would much rather have that human interaction so it feels like a real conversion than just standing there and demonstrating things to the camera.

Promoting the interaction of orders remains one of the most difficult, but crucially important, challenges we face concerning our national market system.

Arthur Levitt
Mad Men‘ doesn’t capture one single thing about the decor, costumes, or sexual interaction. It is a total projection of contemporary snarky attitudes into the past.

I work very hard on motivating everything I do as an actor. Explosive moments have to be completely motivated; whether they’re explosive comedy or explosive horror, they have to come organically out of a scene and an interaction with another actor.

It doesn’t matter as long as there’s interaction between me and the audience. That’s why they come.

One of the market’s virtues, and the reason it enables so much peaceful interaction and cooperation among such a great variety of peoples, is that it demands of its participants only that they observe a relatively few basic principles, among them honesty, the sanctity of contracts, and respect for private property.

Thomas Woods
Every little interaction I had with Scorsese is forever tattooed on my brain.

Live interaction with a crowd is a cathartic, spiritual kind of exchange, and it’s intensified at a festival.

As we move over to more of a mobile device-centric world… I think the interaction model with devices is going to be much more voice-based.

I talk about millennials with a healthy dose of humility, as I’m a card-carrying member of Generation X. But I have daily interaction with young people at Dana Perino & Co., through my Minute Mentoring organization, with digital friends on social media, and especially at Fox News.

I enjoy the company and interaction of people at work.

There were about two years when I literally paid no rent anywhere in the world. Everyone’s a contact, but there’s no real human interaction. That’s a very wearying thing.

The interaction with Marco Reus is also very good. We understand each other very well, both on and off the pitch. If we get along privately, then that affects things on the pitch. We’re almost like brothers.

My mom is an excellent mom. She knows I am irascible, prickly, and antisocial. She knows that most human interaction makes me tired and that I either scare people away with precise invectives or trot out the fakest, nicest skinjob of myself because it requires zero effort.

Full live performances are always my favorites, and I think a lot of people’s favorites too, just because you can feel the energy off the crowd and there’s so much more interaction, and just everything overall is just like very hype.

You don’t know what the Chinese expect in the way of beauty. The presentation is just a farce. You come into a room filled with 50 people and they don’t talk to you. There’s very little interaction.

Skunk works differed from advanced research groups in that they were more than just product development groups. They had direct interaction with customers and controlled a sales channel which allowed them to negotiate their own deals with customers.

When I was growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, by the time you were 16, you were kind of expected to be an adult. By the time we were 16 and able to drive, certainly by 17 or 18 and into college, you just had very little interaction with your parents.

Joe Meno
I always preferred to hang out with the outcasts, ’cause they were cooler; they had better taste in music, for one thing, I guess because they had more time to develop one with the lack of social interaction they had!

The heart of a human being is no different from the soul of heaven and earth. In your practice always keep in your thoughts the interaction of heaven and earth, water and fire, yin and yang.

I had this epiphany that I like the interaction with people. I wanted to make things happen at a grassroots level.

Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting. In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone.

I don’t believe that economic and cultural interaction automatically brings greater peace and understanding, although it may help in that regard.

William C Kirby
The basic ability to not wipe oneself out, to endure, to use your technological interaction with the world in such a way that has the possibility of the likelihood of lasting and not being temporary – that seems like a pretty good definition of intelligence.

I think there’s a balance of fan interaction. I think sometimes there can be a little too much interaction. I know when I was a kid, the mystique of wrestlers and stuff was something that was kind of big, and if I got to hang out with them all the time i think that mystique can be lost.

Indeed, it is a common goal to create a stronger United Nations able to meet the multitude of expectations placed upon it. To that end, I will facilitate a constructive, informed, and open interaction among Member States and with the SecretaryGeneral.

Social media allows me to pick my times for social interaction.

This is the Bond of the new millennium. Everything is updated, from the action sequences to the interaction between the characters. All the elements reflect changes that have occurred in the world in recent years.

Rick Yune
Orkney has the kind of landscape that sort of lends itself to a relationship with the people. I think that relationship is intensified because of its remoteness and the long periods of time when there was no interaction with other cultures.

The sole forms of social interaction I was aware of as a kid involved a jungle gym and a sticker book. It was only in high school that ICQ – a prehistoric form of instant messaging – was first incorporated into my cultural vocabulary.

Fans write to us via our publisher and more than ever via the Internet, blogs and fan sites, and good writers should be actively seeking out that interaction. Gone are the days when writers are dead or hidden away in dusty attics; nowadays, you’ve got to get out there.

No matter if we’re in a contentious situation or simply engaging in an everyday interaction, we should aspire to have the strength to be kind always. If each of us shared this aspiration, we’d all be better off.

I see it as this: I send my kids to school not only to learn how to read and write and do math, but also to develop socially. So if there’s a negative interaction between my child and another child, what I want to know is, how was it handled, what lessons came out of it, and, of course, is my child okay?

I am interested in the interaction of a group of people who have a common goal, or a common obsession, each contributing something unique to make something greater than the sum of its parts. I don’t know why, but from day one, that has interested me.

The deaf community and the hearing community, there’s not always a ton of interaction.

Everything I hated about L.A. I’m beginning to crave. L.A. is a place where you live behind a gate, you get in a car, your interaction with the public is minimal. I used to hate that.

I vividly remember my first interaction with Sir Richard Attenborough, I was in my final year at NSD (National School of Drama) in 1979, and casting director Dolly Thakore got in touch with me. We weren’t supposed to work outside NSD but special permission was granted to the students who were shortlisted for the audition.

Connecting with people is not hard. I love the interaction and the feedback after shows. It does take some time, but the fans appreciate it which makes it worth it.

I enjoy my solo career because I get to play smaller places like clubs and theaters, and the interaction with the audience is much higher quality. It also sounds better than a baseball stadium. Everybody has a good seat, and I don’t have to play a specific part like I do in the Eagles.

We want to continue to explore new possibilities regarding interface and interaction. We experiment different solutions to make interface an important component for immersion rather than just a remote control.

For, to be a stranger is naturally a very positive relation; it is a specific form of interaction.

I use my interaction with both my kids to know how the youth today relates to technology, their expectations in terms of mobility and social solutions by customer services-oriented businesses like banking.

The KKK members that I was dealing with never saw me because my interaction with them occurred over the phone. They were convinced that I was 1) white, and 2) a racial supremacist like them based strictly on my telephone conversation with them.

There’s a lot of crowd interaction at our shows. If they’re giving off good vibes, we’ll give good vibes.

I have had a great deal of interaction with Koreans and feel a fairly strong bond with Korea.

Cross-strait engagement must be consistent and guided by a stable policy with respect for past interaction and agreements signed by the two sides.

I decided a long time ago to be unfiltered and wholly myself in these areas of social media. I’ve been very happy with the results of this decision. I feel that I get lots of interaction and loyal support. So I’m grateful for my Twitter and Facebook followers every day.

Architects in the past have tended to concentrate their attention on the building as a static object. I believe dynamics are more important: the dynamics of people, their interaction with spaces and environmental condition.

John Portman
A residential school also takes cares of the problem of malnourishment and interaction with their peers, and their teachers help build the qualities of a leader.

That’s one of the great things about DVD: In addition to reaching people who didn’t catch the movie in theaters, you get to have this interaction of sorts.

Because the theory of quantum mechanics could explain all of chemistry and the various properties of substances, it was a tremendous success. But still there was the problem of the interaction of light and matter.

A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised trial of boys with autism found that two to three servings of cruciferous vegetables a day improves social interaction, abnormal behaviour and verbal communication – within a matter of weeks.

Girls enjoy complex social interaction. Their verbal skills – and their delight in using them – develop earlier than boys’.

Brenda Laurel
Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislature have created an environment in Arizona where performing is no longer a neutral act. They have created an environment where they can convert the normal commercial interaction between artists and their fans into the means to apply this racist law.

Zack de la Rocha
Even a brief interaction can change the way people think about themselves, their leaders, and the future. Each of those many connections you make has the potential to become a high point or a low point in someone’s day.

China on the world stage, in terms of interaction with the rest of the world, has been relatively very new due to the long isolation period until Deng Xiaoping’s times.

Through our evolution, we’re so specialized for social interaction. So, if you can really design robots that can interact with people, in this very natural, interpersonal way, I think that would be great. You wouldn’t have to have people read manuals, in order to operate them.

Cynthia Breazeal
You see this swirl of ideas and interaction of different players. Those interactions are helping to increase the pace of commercial space activity. We are bringing the pace of Silicon Valley to the space program.

With Dream Theater live, I may have been a bit of a focal point because I absolutely live for the energy on stage, and having interaction with the audience is absolutely crucial to me – regardless of how some others have described it!

A guy that’s really serious about you, he’s gotta be talking to you, he’s gotta want to have one-on-one, in-your-face interaction. That’s how we are.

I should say I am not much of a gamer – anymore. The reason for this is that I have to make a living, and my body requires vitamin D, and I’ve come to value the heady pleasures of human interaction over the temporary exhilaration of reaching the ‘next level.’

I’m an actor, and I like having attention, I guess. There’s a reason I like being on stage. There’s a reason I like being in front of a camera. It’s that interaction.

There’s so much we can’t express in our day-to-day interaction with people because it’s considered inappropriate. And acting is all about being inappropriate.

I just had a really good time when I did my voice work for ‘Call of Duty.’ I’ve had nothing but great interaction with Activision.

Ultimately, life is a chemical interaction.

The Bible is a study guide for social interaction.

I am a guest of the French language. My poems in French are born of my interaction with the French language, which is not the same as that of a French poet.

I love Coach K’s passion to coach his players and to coach the game. I examined and watched the interaction between him and his staff, along with the players, and was impressed how hard they played.

My first interaction with Vidya Balan was inside her vanity van and I was dressed up in my character. As I stepped into her van, she looked at me and screamed. That was like a compliment for me.

In 1970, Dean Robert Ebert offered me the Chair of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. I moved to Harvard because I missed the university environment and, more particularly, the stimulating interaction with the eager, enthusiastic, and unprejudiced young minds of the students and fellows.

Baruj Benacerraf
When we started Blizzard, we just wanted to make great games. What we realized is that the games we create are really just a framework for communities and human interaction.

If people enjoy watching me play, or if I can have a good interaction with somebody, that’s a win.

Today there are two points where a car manufacturer has interaction with you as an owner of a car. One, you buy the car. Two, you go to the car shop to repair the car.

Our job is to unleash the play. It’s not just about your character or interaction with the other characters. There’s an energy in all good plays which you have to find. And that is part and parcel of ensuring that an audience gets what it’s about.

The hour and a half I’m on stage is my favourite part of the day when I’m on tour because the only part I really love is the interaction with the audience.

I always have to get my U.K. fix, and ‘Downton Abbey‘ is definitely that. I absolutely love period dramas, but this one is particularly appealingfollowing the ins and outs of aristocracy as well as the interaction between the rich and the poor.

There are many interactions that an actor like me has in public when he gets recognized. The best are ‘You’re a great actor, good work,’ and move on. A very good interaction could be when they say ‘You were awesome on ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Loved ‘In Her Shoes,’ great movie,’ ‘What Women Want,’ good job dude.’

Mark Feuerstein
I’ve found my calling with Twitter. It’s all about the amount of interaction you do, and the traffic you move, and I’m really good at that. I keep going and going and going, and no one can believe that I can keep it up.

Tila Tequila
I love the interaction with different kinds of people. I like to shake things up, make a difference.

Alan Siegel
Perhaps all human interaction is about wanting and getting.

Bars are about experience and interaction; so often, the people make the bar.

Human beings are social creatures. We are social not just in the trivial sense that we like company, and not just in the obvious sense that we each depend on others. We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.

We’ve listened to our businesses, and we know they want more tools online so they can do business faster – with less interaction with government.

Many employer-employee relationships are built on a lie that starts from the first interaction: neither party automatically conceives of the relationship as something that will last a lifetime, but both interact as if it is. This lie of omission bases the relationship on distrust.