Top 20 Counterpart Quotes

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The counterpart of the suicide is the seeker; but the d
The counterpart of the suicide is the seeker; but the difference between them is slight.

Paul Watzlawick
The Black Sea is Eastern Europe‘s counterpart to the Mediterranean.

British and Canadian sci-fi strikes me as more forward-looking than its American counterpart, as evidenced by the success of Iain M. Banks, Charlie Stross, Robert Charles Wilson, and Cory Doctorow.

I spend a lot of time working by myself developing songs, but I really need some other counterpart to help me pull it all together, because you go nuts working if I had to finish an entire project all within my own head.

I played a doctor on ‘Counterpart’, so that was about studying and watching documentaries and reading and trying to learn.

Sarah Bolger
The ‘that’s rightbreakthrough usually doesn’t come at the beginning of a negotiation. It’s invisible to the counterpart when it occurs, and they embrace what you’ve said. To them, it’s a subtle epiphany.

We’ve got a lot of pressure going. This is for my Latin counterpart.

Bobby Bonilla
I am not anyone‘s brother, and I only have one younger sister. I don’t consider my counterpart rappers as my brothers.

It seems inevitable, if unfair, that when a woman is vying for a prominent position in office, her outfit choices will be analyzed to a degree considerably higher than those of her male counterpart by simple existence of gender stereotypes.

Naturalism is a counterpart to theism. Theism says there’s the physical world and God. Naturalism says there’s only the natural world. There are no spirits, no deities, or anything else.

A South Korean teenager, 18-year-old male, is about five inches taller than his North Korean counterpart. And there are many soldiers who are only about 4’6″. The height requirement is supposed to be 4’9″. That’s the size of my 12-year-old son.

One reason some people are long-winded is because they’re trying to impress their conversational counterpart with how smart they are, often because they don’t actually feel that way underneath. If this is the case for you, realize that continuing to talk will only cause the other person to be less impressed.

The counterfeit and counterpart of Nature is reproduced in art.

When it comes to salary negotiation, don’t forget that salary is only one term of employment. What else is on the tablevacation time, benefits, bonuses, flex days? Before determining that these terms are ‘must-haves’ or ‘giveaways’ to get a bigger salary, find out what the counterpart has to offer.

I thinkeverything just in the political realmwomen are usually perceived to be more trustworthy and compassionate. And they usually fare well against their male counterpart.

This most dangerous enemy is the American counterpart of the British Fabian Socialist, who denies that he is a Socialist and operates behind a mask which he calls National Planning.

Mozart would play a counterpart with his left hand while using his right to mock it. It was blue, dark, shadowy – and it made me feel something. That’s when I realized music was inside me.

When you do a thing with your whole soul and everything that is noble within you, you always find your counterpart.

Camille Pissarro