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I don't deviate - once you get validated for being you,
I don’t deviate – once you get validated for being you, I don’t know why you would deviate. I stick to my gut and my taste.

If I deviate from my nature, it’s possible that my game will be affected.

Personally, I don’t see old economics and behavioural economics as opposed. It is useful to assume people are rational as a good approximation to their long term behaviour, but it would be unwise not to think how in practice their behaviour may deviate from that simplifying assumption.

You have to be careful to react when you start to deviate from your course.

Life is about making plans from which you deviate, almost always. If you are lucky, you do come up with a plan.

In all the background scores I do, I take care to see that the theme enriches the storyline and does not deviate from the mood of the scenes, context, characters and the entire movie.

In gambling, you usually start to go wrong when you deviate from your pregame strategy.

Whether it’s a song that might deviate from an artistsusual sound or even if it’s still very much in their world, I think the more people opening themselves up creatively to collaborate with others, the better.

I think people have come to know me, and I don’t deviate too much as an individual. What you see is what you get.

Rob Mariano
Most of the people you see me working for me are actually with me. And I’m proud to say that I’ve known them for 20 years almost. I’ve written songs with, produced songs with them a lot of times. I don’t deviate form my comfort zone. I feel like when God brings people to you, it’s good to keep ’em around.

It’s important to go into the grocery store with a plan and a list. But it’s a skeleton – you need to know how to deviate from it and adapt it to what ingredients are available and fresh.

I love fashion and am not scared to deviate from the norm.

Dascha Polanco
I think every album you have to stretch further and further, give people another piece of you. But then I always try to deviate from the norm.

Remember that in every single case in history the process of adaptation has been one of exceeding slowness. Do not look for the impossible, but do not let your path deviate from the quiet and steadfast insistence on full opportunities for your powers.

Franz Boas
Simply being secretary of state didn’t allow Clinton to authorize herself to deviate from the requirements of retaining and transmitting classified documents, materials and information.

I believe that experimenting is what production is. But it doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a solid foundation in what you’re experimenting with. You can’t really deviate from music unless you know music; it’s not gonna work.

I have this ridiculous exercise regime in the summer that I do not deviate from.

The most important thing is that we are on the right path, and we will not deviate from it, even in the face of strong temptation to choose temporary gains over long-term benefits.

I never, ever deviate from my plans.

You know, I did records by myself and I always will say the Isley Brothers, and featuring Ronald. I won‘t, you know, just, I won’t try to deviate from the Isley Brothers, because that’s what the family dream was all about.

Ronald Isley