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I kind of like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My m
I kind of like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My massive obsession – I’m really targeting a niche market here – a hair lip.

Horror does better when it’s bubbling under. It’s a niche. It doesn’t like the limelight.

The walls of the Franciscan Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary were ruined stucco chipping away from the brick underneath, with ghostly frescoes, concrete-filled niches, and one complete, vivid crucifix painted over the altar.

Small hotels are going to be in vogue. In my view, small is going to be the new big, wherein people will rethink a lot about going back to that 1,000-room hotel versus going to a 40-room niche hotel.

Sometimes your limitations become your strengths. It forces you to create your own niche.

I came back to New York after college like any number of struggling performers, and you just find that niche where you can have some sort of impact. And for me that turned out to be comedy.

In music you can find your own niche. You can do what you want to do. There is really no job description. You have to find your own way, and that’s fun.

Our label was always known as a mass brand. To bridge that gap and to take it to the classes by bringing it a respectability with niche brand associations was what I took up as a challenge.

I think that I’ve just kind of found my niche, if that makes sense. I still write the same, but I feel like I’ve found what separates me, and I always try to stay in that when I write. It took me a long time to discover that, so I try to be protective.

If everybody is doing it one way, there’s a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction.

Each country is different. Keep an open mind, and you will able to find where the niche entry level lies – the areas where there are gaps. You have to keep an ear to the ground, and you can find a business opportunity.

Binod Chaudhary
One thing debating did was bring me in contact with a whole social world that I had never experienced before. It’s sort of a very international, very niche hobby.

Once a company develops out of its consumer base, you will often see a well-funded multinational company come in and take over that space. The black-owned company either stays a niche company or just disappears. This is something we don’t want to happen.

I’ve always had a niche for entertaining since I was a little girl.

While a truly national third party wouldn’t necessarily be bad, smaller niche parties are ill-suited to our federalist system.

Rock music is niche.

I feel the same way about makeup that I do about food – I don’t want the big companies to give me my food. I want the niche mom and pops who care about their food making it. I don’t want the Kraft cheese, I want the niche cheese.

Ann Coulter is very popular. She has got a niche. She is a best selling author, but she does not represent Republican women.

Everyone has a niche of dunks that they are experts at.

Growing up in the eighties, you could go from one style in a movie to another style, and that was okay. In the nineties, you had to obey your niche. You had to follow the code and never step outside of exactly what you’re doing.

Alexandre Aja
There have been low moments before, but Christianity is an incredibly adaptable organism, using different parts of its repertoire to mutate into new ecological niches, yet preserving intact its story of grace, of love improbably triumphant.

We’ve found that the more niche you are, the better off you are.

When I go out and talk to people about how unique they are as a human being and that there’s a niche for them that they need to follow through on for their lives, it’s what I truly believe in.

Liberal talk on the radio doesn’t perform well because it is not a sequestered to a niche – it’s everywhere in the media universe. Conservative talk radio, on the other hand, performs well because the radio is the only place, besides Fox News, that people can go for right-sphere opinions.

Everybody’s looking for the niche to make the difference. Some people think they see the mother lode in the beautiful people, especially the vote of the beautiful women.

I always felt like, one of the niches is if you can recruit the SEC, you can be a head coach in the SEC.

You know how certain actors find their niches? Eventually, I’ll be there as well. I just haven‘t found that yet. I’m just enjoying the ride.

Daniel Lissing
‘Looking’ was always a niche show for a niche within a niche. It’s a gay-themed show, so you’re not going to get millions of straight people watching it – that’s the inevitability of it.

My role in ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ was a cameo, but it did expose me to cinema and took me to Cannes. I then did ‘Prague,’ which was a very niche film.

For the Amex, which has been casting around for a role for itself, microcaps fill a crucial void – a ‘niche’ that Amex officials feel has been neglected.

I think the greatest of people in society carved niches that represented the unique expression of their combinations of talents, and if everyone had the luxury of expressing the unique combinations of talents in this world, our society would be transformed overnight.

We were never the cool band to like. They tried to put us into a hair-metal thing, but we weren’t really Warrant or Poison. We were always outside the box. I think we had a little niche that nobody had – maybe the funkiness had something to do with it.

It’s so important to create roles and characters and projects that feature black people in a way that’s not specifically targeted towards the niche market, which is, like, a black movie is created, and it’s produced and pitched so that only black people will watch it.

I think that there are empty ecological niches in the literary landscape crying to be filled and when a book more or less fills a niche it’s seized on, even when it’s a far from perfect fit.

I have a feeling that there is a gap in the food retail market – a niche below some of the current budget operators such as Aldi and Lidl.

There’s a great niche in the market for what I do, which is effortless style.

I feel like I filled a niche for myself as a candy freak, trying to find candies all around the world that I couldn’t find.

Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life, that’s true. But also always try to fill a niche. What can you try to do that is different?

Lisa Vanderpump
I’m not of the opinion that all software will be open source software. There is certain software that fits a niche that is only useful to a particular company or person: for example, the software immediately behind a web site’s user interface. But the vast majority of software is actually pretty generic.

Brian Behlendorf
I’m an interior designer, first and foremost. I can do one thing really well, and I’m going to stay in my little niche.

We have to compete in a universe of 200 networks, so we have to carve out our own niche, and to me, that niche is just basic shoe-leather journalism with some good journalists at the helm you can trust as presenters.

I think when you come from a house full of artists, everyone’s got their niche.

I don’t believe in the concept of a niche or a space. I’m doing good films and I just want to keep getting better.

I could have easily carved out a niche, but I realised that Saira Banu the actress can be replaced, but nobody can substitute my duty towards my family.

Deep Purple is a damn good band and we’ve made a niche in rock ‘n’ roll history. Maybe not a huge one but enough to be very proud of.

Jon Lord
Between parts I was too old for and roles that were too overwhelming, out of reach then for my voice. I carved out a niche with the Wagnerian repertoire since I am attracted by its theatrical intensity.

In 2010, aside from that niche of music that I have no interest in – Black Eyed Peas territory, disposable pop stuff – there’s almost an incentive to go back to making music as adventurous and groundbreaking as you can, because nobody gets a big hit anymore.

I’ve done a lot of Bengali films with heavyweights like Rituparna Ghosh, Buddhadeb Das Gupta and carved my niche with both commercial as well as art films.

The fact I’ve carved out a niche in the business and had an almost 30-year career and done well without competing at a WrestleMania is something I’m proud of. To be in a business that’s dominated by one guy and be able to do well without having to walk on that stage is great.

In a democracy, you have to find a market niche, make sure a novel is ‘interesting‘ and ‘spectacular.’ That may be the toughest censorship of all.

A small company like Nichia should do niche products.

Shuji Nakamura
While it may be difficult to get on the front cover of a major magazine, you can create marketing strategies and opportunities by being featured in a popular niche blog.

I never wanted to do anything else, really. I left home at an early age trying to find my voice, my niche in music.

I enjoy singing but I lack the proper training to make it as a solo artist. Instead, I feel I’ve found my niche with acting.

I was born in the studio. I knew I loved music. I found my niche at, like, seven or eight. That’s when I knew I wanted to rap.

Joyner Lucas
I was part of the Bollywood film ‘Strikers,’ which I would call a niche film.

I tried to find a social niche at Harvard – a group, my group – but I was unsuccessful.

I’ve never been one to try to find a niche for myself. I’ve always tried to wait and see what comes.

Pinkathon has carved a niche of being more than a marathon. Pinkathon forever training has created a culture of regular exercise and fitness which is taking root in India.

I didn’t go to film school. I got my education on the set as a niche publicist in the film industry.

When I started working in Mumbai, I was interested in working in the indie and niche spaces, as they do make really good cinema, driven by good stories. But then, I decided to explore everything possible.

I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to carve out any niche at all in this business. It’s so hard to get into.

I don’t really need to stand out, there’s room for everyone. Although I haven’t built a niche yet, I’m just writing love songs.

In a world of niches, we are enchained by our own consumer preferences.

Traditional horizontal search engines cannot always identify the target audience, niche or vertical industry of a page or site. Vertical search engines address this issue by the nature of their design. They identify sites according to more specific criteria and sometimes even by human input.

There’s certain people that do pop well. Beyonce‘s one of them, Rihanna, Rita Ora, I could go on and on. You’ve got to recognise what your talent and niche is.

I feel like I’ve got a nice little niche where I stay just below the radar, which is perfect. I just don’t want to be known for anything other than music.

I found my niche as a character actor, and I’ve never felt like a movie star or teen idol and never wanted to.

The way to understand how different species evolved is to think about the niches that they fill in an ecosystembasically, how they make a living.

When you are starting to run an online business, you need to narrow down a niche market and be able to stick with it until you have a good profit coming in. This can take a while, so you need to have a great deal of patience to make sure that your business is moving in the right direction.

I am not a soap star. I want to create a niche for myself through other mediums.

I was never considered ‘a marketable hero‘, and never got promoted to that category. I am not complaining – I found another niche – comedy – which is equally enjoyable and brought me as much comfort as I need.

Living in an entirely different physical as well as biotic environment, such a population would have unique opportunities to enter new niches and to select novel adaptive pathways.

Ernst Mayr
I just want to act – commercial, mainstream, niche or art – my choices are not defined by labels.

Radio has always been a niche business. Cable television has always been a niche business. Magazines have always been a niche business.

Very much like that, and very much a loner, do you know and I didn’t fit really into sport or all kind of group activities as a kid, I couldn’t find a niche. And music was not really part of the kind of village curriculum it would, you know.

We are all experts in our own little niches.

In the ’90s, you couldn’t say the word ‘nerd‘ to someone when pitching a show. They would have considered that too niche and wouldn’t have listened.

What’s the shelf life of a 1931 movie? If it still exists, there will always be film buffs and a niche audience who will want to see it. But in terms of people even understanding in common usage, some of the words we use to describe these movies, I don’t know how long that’s going to last.

I would like to be part of sensible cinema, irrespective of whether it is a commercial or niche film, but it doesn’t always pan out like that.

We’re creating a brand image which didn’t exist in the beginning, and I want to grow that. And in the way that the clothes and services we offer are a luxurious niche, I want to be doing that with accessories.

I knew I had a lot to offer, and it was just about finding my niche and figuring it out.

Cancer cells come pre-programmed to execute a well-defined cascade of changes, seemingly designed to facilitate both their enhanced survival and their dissemination through the bloodstream. There is even an air of conspiracy in the way that tumours use chemical signals to create cancer-friendly niches in remote organs.

I’m kind of a builder of institutions. I think I’ve got some ability to look at what’s out here, look at a playing field, and identify gaps and niches.

I actually find it’s more interesting to play in the niches and find ways to apply technology to relatively straightforward problems.

I had a niche. And my niche was that I was brown. So it’s like, ‘Great, I get to go up for all these ‘brown parts.” I call them ‘brown parts’ because that’s what they are. That’s not to be resentful, because I loved playing those parts – I got to meet so many cool actors.

Yes, it’s called ‘Queer Eye’ and there are five gay men on it, but we’re also tackling real issues. The conversations we have on our show would be just as valid if they swapped us out with straight guys. What we do is important, not just because we’re a niche gay show.

I still remember most people in the industry warning me that I was not playing the stardom game and that I was becoming niche because these content films don’t do big numbers.

I was at that time like a fledgling swallow living high up in a niche in the eaves, who from time to time peeps out over the top of its nest with its little bright eyes.

I couldn’t go now to a brand that had a niche attitude like… gothic. I couldn’t do that. Well, I could do it, but I wouldn’t find it interesting, challenging.

Mahindra’s brand strategy is about niches across areas of mobility.

People go to YouTube to laugh, and as a YouTuber, your job is to figure out a niche and feed people what they want to see. Now that I know what kind of stuff people want to see, then I will keep going down that road and creating videos that are going to make people laugh.

Any time you’re stepping out on a limb as an artist, it’s scary, especially when you have a lot of success. When you’re reaching a lot of people, the masses, it’s easy to stay in that niche, you know? Especially when you’re making a lot of money and you know there’s a formula, it’s easy to stay in that rut.

Through the Internet and technology, anyone can now seek out any artist, composer or undefined niche of music they find interesting. All on their own, without even having to stand up or go anywhere.

I’ve always wanted to sing, just as I’ve always known that one day I would have my own niche in the annals of song. It was a feeling I had.

Edith Piaf
The key to competing and surviving against Wal-Mart is to focus your business into a niche or pocket where you can leverage your strengths in the local marketplace.

Michael Bergdahl
Older consumers don’t want to be treated like teenagers; what’s more, they don’t want to believe they fall into any niche at all.

We just happened to come along at time where there hadn’t been a new young adult drama that also could appeal to adults as well in quite some time. We sort of found a little bit of a niche.

That boy-next-door, love interest crush has been my niche since ‘Austin & Ally.’

The beauty of the Internet is there’s a niche market for everything, and if you can focus on it, you can build a sustainable and viable business of it.

Just like multiplex theatres, the industry had become divided, making films that alienated one kind of audience or another. It was really time to come out of the niche and make something that, at a certain level, clicked with everyone. ‘Wanted’ did just that. It opened the gates once more.

Competitive bodybuilding is a niche sport, but bodybuilding is for everybody.

In TV, you can carve out a beautiful little niche like ‘Breaking Bad‘ did. Like ‘The Wire‘ did. Like ‘Homeland‘ did.

If you’re trying to get into the sports business, you really have to find a niche.

Look, I think if you’ve got a niche portfolio or just operating in one country, like the United States, your ability to absorb the volatility is much less.

As a designer, I’m not a guy that can be put in a niche.

I’m always aware of who my core audiences are and I serve that niche.

I think I’ve definitely found a niche working in comedy, but dramatic films are what brought me here. After I sawTitanic‘ in the theater, I got the bug.

Carly Craig
I took a job in the U.S. because I wanted to work on products that would get into end usershands. In Norway, most of the jobs are in server software, niche stuff.

Jon Johansen
I had looked at dating sites and niche communities like BlackPlanet, AsianAvenue, and MiGente, as well as Friendster, and I thought, ‘They’re thinking way too small.’

The ‘niche’ effect of charter schools guarantees a swift and vicious deepening of class and racial separation.

Whenever one or more components of a company’s business model changes, new business models are created for supporting companies. The changes might involve niches served, new marketing angles or improved value propositions.

More and more department stores are acting as the shop window for a range of retailers now, using space more efficiently to recreate the feel of the local market, creating new market opportunities for the small and the niche.

To be taught to coach by Marty Schottenheimer, to be able to go to an organization like the Steelers. I came there at 34, probably brash, ready to set my niche.

Hollywood… that’s not going to be my niche at all. If anyone is going wants to work with me, I would think it’s going to be independent films. I’m not 22!

There are a lot of authors in the world, so it’s difficult to find a unique niche to present your take on things. That is always a challenge for any author.

I saw a niche in the market where made-to-measure wasn’t being done in a modern, fresh way or in a short period of time. Traditionally, bespoke orders take a very long time, but I thought, ‘Here we are with all these fashion-forward ideaswhy not?’

There’s no path to success. Everyone constructs their own path. The important thing is to follow your heart. Find your niche, is my best advice.

Don’t overstate Fox News. It’s still much smaller than the least of the network niches.

Look, all you can do when you find your niche is go with it.

If people see me in some sort of niche, then that’s fine. As long as it’s not The Naked Guy, I don’t care.

Rob Corddry
It’s very natural for me to sing in English and have a tabla in an arrangement, to have hip-hop beats but sing in Tamil. It’s very niche but I love doing it.

Non-studio entities can experiment with storytelling that might be too niche… for a studio.

The same sort of thing was supposed to happen when performance animation was invented: Everybody thought it would save so much time. But it became its own niche altogether.

Lev Yilmaz
Films about women and their concerns are seen as frivolous, limited and, most damaging of all, niche.

It’s about just staying healthy, being on the floor, doing what you do. That’s my niche, really. That’s what I bring to the table. And every night I step on the floor, I just try to go out there and be aggressive, attack the boards, rebound the basketball, and give my team a chance to score.

Women’s health is not a niche issue – it impacts everyone in some way. That is why a collective effort to improve awareness and understanding of menstrual hygiene is key to closing the gender health gap.

I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, who have carved a niche for themselves. I think doing different kind of films gives you longevity and the ability to set yourself apart.

Cricket pays well, so a lot of people are naturally drawn towards the game. But to carve a niche in non-cricket sports is not easy. So state governments need to be proactive. Indians need to be made aware of the power of an Olympic medal. It should be treated at par with an Oscars or a Nobel Prize.

Gagan Narang
You gotta keep trying to find your niche and trying to fit into whatever slot that’s left for you or to make one of your own.

We are in niche consumption mode, but ‘niche’ doesn’t mean ‘small’ anymore. Niche can mean focused, and particularly with the Web, which is a global audience… you can have something niche and still get 10 to 15 million views.

Hello‘ was a niche film with no high levels of energy. It had no much happiness, no much dance in its screenplay. But it did a lot of good for me. I was in a negative space before it happened.

When you compete with Wal-Mart, even if you think you’ve found a niche don’t ever become complacent.

Michael Bergdahl
One has to create music with mass appeal and not something which is niche. With niche music, you will only go a small distance.

Even with a big budget, you can make a niche film.

I think people have called Twitch a niche for a long time but it’s not, gaming is bigger than Hollywood.

I didn’t think, ‘I’d really like to work in TV; maybe I could carve out a niche where I talk to people who are somehow involved in marginal or difficult lifestyles… ‘ It was something I gravitated to very naturally as a subject area, almost instinctively, and somehow turned into a TV career without meaning to.

Hip-hop started as this niche moment, and the values of it, the cultures that it carried on its back; language, clothes, the way you wear your clothes, the items that you consume, all came with the music as an art form. And those things helped transform how people buy, shop, speak, engage.

The speed with which WikiLeaks went from niche interest to global prominence was a real-time example of the revolutionizing power of the digital age in which information can spread instantly across the globe through networked individuals.

When I write a song, it is to fill a niche in people’s lives. To have a song for every experience if one hadn’t been written yet.

I’ve played a Nintendo Wii. I don’t see it as a competitor. It’s more of an expensive niche game device. We’re selling a lot of PlayStation 3s now and it’s still the best way to buy a Blu-ray player.

When ‘Supernatural‘ came out, there were a lot of procedurals and you were either a doctor or a cop or lawyer, otherwise the show didn’t stay on TV. And then we came around, and I don’t want to say we were trailblazers, but we found our niche.

Jared Padalecki
Be smart about selecting your micro niches for communicating in the blogosphere.

I know from an editor‘s point of view or a publisher‘s point of view it’s easier to slot me into a particular niche. But I know that I’d be bored unless I wrote a book that in some senses was a challenge.

And of course in America you’ve got American football and baseball and all those other ball games, soccer has become a little niche that the women have kind of filled.

When I first created the world of ‘Mr. Robot,’ I thought it would be a niche television series with a small, cult following.

If you’re a priority artist, then you get an amazing amount of exposure and money thrown. If you are more niche, then it’s not necessarily the way forward. If you want Instagram followers and fame, then the major labels are still really great for that.

I went looking for dresses and realized there was a niche I could fill in the wedding dress market.

Monique Lhuillier
Renewable energy is no longer a niche fuel.

Instead of books, art, theatre, and music being consigned to specialized niches, we might have a criticism that better reflects the eclecticism of our time, a criticism that takes in various arts all at once.

Lee Siegel
Like in any other field, nepotism does exist in Bollywood. In certain families, one can see several generations of doctors or engineers, but all of this doesn’t matter much; if you are passionate enough, you will be able to create a niche for yourself in whichever field you are working for.

I think that’s one of the things that has always put me in kind of an odd niche. It’s that all of my understanding of orchestral music is via film, not via classical music like it’s supposed to be. To me it’s the same, it doesn’t make any difference.

Sometimes you fall into the niche of being the confidant guy, or the good-looking guy, or being too charactery, or not charactery enough.

Some writing programs are very much like, you come in, and you have a niche that becomes yours, and, you know, you’re the dude from the streets. Or you’re the woman who was in prison.

I think there is a lot of space for people to love who they love, and a lot of space for actors to carve a niche for themselves.

If you look at the statistics, I genuinely understand why when we go to a production company or a broadcaster, and they say our show is niche and it’s not going to reach a wide enough audience. The bottom line is the majority TV audience is aged 40 to 65.

Joivan Wade
Then I realized my early work did have something special that audiences adored apart from what I humbly thought about them. They occupy a distinguished niche in Italian film history and probably always will.

Why was the amendment, expressly declaring the right of the people to exclude slavery, voted down? Plainly enough now, the adoption of it would have spoiled the niche for the Dred Scott decision.

Everyone has a little niche in rap, and I just wanted to carve a piece out of it for myself.

Ultimately, taste is so niche and so personal.

Dana Goodyear
We always had a sense that we were the underdog. There’s lots of competition and niche players. But we have every type of event on Eventbrite, whether you’re a consumer or you’re organizing a bacon festival. Our identity is our users.

In China, the dead are not forgotten – my relatives cheerfully pointed out all the niches of deceased friends and family, as if gesturing at the homes of the living.

What’s exciting about Sundance is that they’re making a name for themselves in this boutique television niche world, and there’s energy behind that.

I joke that my niche in Hollywood has been naked foreigners.

It’s quite difficult to write about female friendship without it seeming to be a very niche subject. It’s a difficult balance.

I think it’s important for kids to find their own niche, their own hobbies or profession.

I’ve felt strongly that the advantage of Linux is that it doesn’t have a niche or any special market, but that different individuals and companies end up pushing it in the direction they want, and as such you end up with something that is pretty balanced across the board.

Cable is a niche business. If you can own a niche, that can be a very strong business.

David Zaslav
The question that will decide our destiny is not whether we shall expand into space. It is: shall we be one species or a million? A million species will not exhaust the ecological niches that are awaiting the arrival of intelligence.

If we don’t challenge each other to use our platforms for better than our niches or what our quote-unquote brand is, what are we doing as influencers? If we can’t activate our audiences at the times it’s important or needed, then what do we have these platforms for?

I consider myself very lucky, essentially – I was put into a pop group even though my musical taste was very niche before.

Being a female head of a successful tech company means that I’m in a pretty niche category.

Every month, every week, something new excites me. I’m finding my niche as to what suits me the best. I am a young girl, and if I am just running around in a jeans and a T-shirt, that’s a lot of life lost.

I’m always trying to do stuff I haven’t done before or challenge myself so I’m not resting on my laurels all of the time because if I just found my little niche and never left it, I’d be pretty boring, I think.

Rahman is very very director friendly. He is ever ready to go whichever the director wants, the story wants, depending on the kind of movie or the music you want, and within that he finds his niche. It is a constantly complementary process. At the end of the day he is not pleasing you, he has to please himself.

For a foreigner, L.A. is such a big, wonderful and weird place that, until you find your niche, you feel a little bit discombobulated.

David Lyons
I wanted to try and change the idea of what we call mainstream. So many times what we call mainstream is upper middle class white suburbia. And anything outside of that is considered niche.

Society is one vast conspiracy for carving one into the kind of statue likes, and then placing it in the most convenient niche it has.

Randolph Bourne
While I feel that I have a great reservoir to draw from as an actor for lots of different roles, it is difficult because it can be an industry where it’s people’s jobs to thin-slice you really quickly and try to fit you into a niche in the market.

Agents run a business, and their business is their talent; some are more general and broad and can rep a little bit of everything; some are more niche. You have to be specific with who you approach and how.

I’m in that comfortable niche where I’m not that famous and sometimes people do need to put a barrier between them and their followers. When you’re real famous you need to do that but I’m not that famous so I don’t need that kind of barrier.

Tony Levin
I don’t see myself as a conventional or an unconventional actress. I am just an individual trying to carve a niche for myself that nobody else can fill.

If we discover niche services that have been overlooked in our society, we can create many jobs for the unemployed, retired and young people.

Among the plausible niches for extraterrestrial life in our solar system, the clouds of Venus are among the most accessible and the least well explained.

I think you have to be a niche player. You’ve got to find smaller ideas that are going to benefit in the conditions as they are. You can change the conditions and always try to find ways to make money in the conditions as they exist.

Jim Oberweis
Figure out your niche and maximize it.

The move from television to movies and then working hard to create your own niche – is difficult. It took time.

I feel like the falsetto is my niche and my sound and something different.

There was a notion that I could do only niche films like ‘Yevade Subramanyam’ or ‘Krishna Gaadi’… I wanted to break that and draw in a larger audience so that next time I do a so-called niche film, more people might come out to watch it.

I sort of got lucky in that I was able to carve a niche for myself.

So I’m writing more highly personalized and intellectual music, and I think that’s good. It might take longer to find me, but I think that niche is perhaps underserved, so I’m going to serve that.

It’s very, very hard to create something that is big these days because you have niche markets – and, you don’t necessarily need to be big; the show is specifically created for a small group of people. You know, if it’s on the USA network, well, then a small group of people is fine.

Many people decide to jump from niche to niche, as they cannot find success immediately with the niche that they have chosen for their online business.

When I went out and started making solo records, I was determined not to, I guess, put my name on an album that sounded like Styx. I wanted to carve my own niche, so quite frankly I went in a different direction.

I’m very comfortable working with my brother. There are no ego hassles. Also, we all strive for perfection; so there is no compromise on creativity. I found my niche while working with Rakesh.

I am a very opinionated person and I have stuff that I believe in. But I’ve always struggled to find my niche amidst it all.

American Pie speaks to the loss that we feel. That’s why that song has found the niche that it has.

Women directors in India have mostly made niche films. Naturally, those films have a limited market.

I think there is a niche for every market.

An argument often given for why Earth couldn’t host another form of life is that once the life we know became established, it would have eliminated any competition through natural selection. But if another form of life were confined to its own niche, there would be little direct competition with regular life.