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We must all work together to end youth homelessness in
We must all work together to end youth homelessness in America.

Black, white and brown people have to work together to find new answers. The only way we can stop the systemic problems that people of color have faced all our lives is through honesty and transparency.

We bequeath to you, the next generation, our knowledge but also our problems. While we still live, let us join hands, hearts and minds to work together for their solution so that your world will be better than ours and the world of your children even better.

Perhaps the biggest boost to the LePenization of French politics came from Nicolas Sarkozy. As president of France between 2007 and 2012, he actively courted FN voters and helped dismantle the ‘Republican pact,’ under which the two main parties had pledged to work together to defeat the FN at a national and local level.

The music is just real powerful when Mobb Deep and Nas work together.

If there is one positive takeaway from the collapse of Mt.Gox, it is the willingness of a new generation of Bitcoin companies to work together to ensure the future of Bitcoin and the security of customer funds.

Brian Armstrong
I just always have felt that people should be natural in their behavior, that they should be able to derive enjoyment from whatever they do. When they derive enjoyment, they tend to work together better; they tend to be more productive.

I got a little baby grand piano off Craigslist for, like, $500. It’s a beautiful instrument that you hear on a bunch of the songs. That’s that piano on ‘Keep Your Name‘ and ‘Work Together’ and ‘Little Bubble.’

You know that Vince Russo… when Russo and I agreed to work together, one of his big ideas was that he wanted Lance Storm to be my son.

And as we work together, we will build a better America! As we work together, we will bring the middle class to thrive again! As we work together, we will make sure that everybody has the ladder of opportunity to climb!

Through our long career we never got to work together until 2013 when we signed ‘Club 60.’ Until then I always liked him from afar. I knew Farooque Sahab was a decent person, a warm person, but it was only after I met him during this shoot that I realized what an enormously nice and genuine person he was.

Sharat Saxena
If you can make the family life and the music work together that’s wonderful. If you can make it work.

Edwin Starr
We must all work together if we’re going to solve the nation‘s maternal health crisis, and Democrats and Republicans agree that helping ensure mothers and babies are healthy and whole keeps our families strong and helps our communities thrive.

We will continue to work together in our common fight against terror.

You know, guys, it is possible for two women to work together and get along.

Your bikini should compliment your dress, and they should work together to frame your body. It’s just like layering a T-shirt under a blazer. Just keep your proportions in mind.

And most importantly perhaps, children can learn about their rights, share their knowledge with the children of other nations, identify problems with them and establish how they might work together to address them.

I think that Hezbollah, no doubt that they work together with the Syrians.

When people work together, they have no time for nonsense.

Apartheid is a lie, people can work together, people can create together.

Businesses and governments need to work together and make a joint commitment if we want to address climate change effectively and quickly.

When women work together, it’s a bond unlike any other.

A prerequisite to the inclusive prosperity that will increase equality and reduce poverty is growth. This requires an innovative economy in which productive businesses, the state and citizens work together to create wealth and ensure that globalisation works for many more people.

When you look at how technology companies are funded, it’s not a zero-sum game. It could be 20 investors in one company, and everybody has to work together for the benefit of that company.

Putting together a sustainable budget requires that we all work together, that we focus our scarce resources on key priorities, and that we strengthen our capacity to deliver the best product we can for the American people. And that takes money.

I think our dad and our mom have always told us that in racing we’re a team, and we work together, and that’s how it’s always been, and I think that’s how it’s always going to be.

Amber Cope
Good website practice and optimizing for conversion usually makes for good search engine optimization. These work together to ensure you drive quality traffic and can persuade that traffic to help you meet your business goals.

All the main parties accept that the stated wish of the United Kingdom electorate to leave the E.U. must be respected. That must place on us collectively a responsibility to work together to find a solution.

Tony Visconti and I had been wanting to work together again for a few years now. Both of us had fairly large commitments and for a long time we couldn’t see a space in which we could get anything together.

Whether it’s developers or industry veterans on the business side, top talent likes to work together.

The U.S. and Iraq will work together next year to shift Iraqi resources from unproductive subsidies to productive uses that enable Iraqis to earn livelihoods.

Zalmay Khalilzad
You’re not best friends with someone just because you work with them, but you have to be able to at least work together, or there is no point.

We collectively, to get things done, work together as a team. Because the work really happens horizontally in our company, not vertically. Products are horizontal. It takes hardware plus software plus services to make a killer product.

There was a time in my career when my hackles would really get raised if someone came in and said, ‘We need you to do this or that.’ But the fact of the matter is, you’re working in a shared universe, and all elements of the universe are, ideally, going to mesh and work together. That’s my goal. I want to be on the team.

When we work together and stay focused on getting things dones, we can find common ground and make a real difference in people’s lives.

I would like to see evolution in my country, not revolution. It is much better for us to work together with the government to transform Saudi Arabia for the future.

I have always believed that technology should do the hard work – discovery, organization, communication – so users can do what makes them happiest: living and loving, not messing with annoying computers! That means making our products work together seamlessly.

The Underground Railroad was the first integrated civil rights movement. And it’s a great example of when we work together, what we can go against. Which is 600 miles of crazy terrain being chased by slave catchers to get people to be what they should be in the first case – which is free.

I think you have to show people it’s cool and fun to work together. It’s your obligation. If you can’t do it, who can you expect to do it?

Sometimes two artists wanna work together, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen, because you have to find the right idea.

At the beginning, there was this competitive vibe, like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to compete for this audience.’ But then, over the next few years afterwards, everyone on YouTube realized the more we work together, the more we collaborate, it just benefits everyone. It just became a really friendly community.

Anthony Padilla
We must all work together to bring the best to Puerto Rico.

We can change Haiti if we work together.

If, in schools, we keep teaching that history is divided into American history and Chinese history and Russian history and Australian history, we’re teaching kids that they are divided into tribes. And we’re failing to teach them that we also, as human beings, share problems that we need to work together with.

What’s natural and right is to go with the energy of how it all has to work together. What’s natural and right is interconnectedness, not individualism. What is natural and right is respect for the system, not killing the system. What’s natural and right is love.

Susan Powter
The women Democrats and Republicans work together incredibly well.

My favorite TV show of all time is ‘The Wire,’ which has the feeling of a project-based show. You draw in people from disparate parts of the world, and they have to work together to achieve a goal.

Michael Schur
It is hard for 2 creative people to work together for that length of time and not fall out.

Jim Sullivan
As for design, I gravitate to traditional styles but mix it with an element of surprise. Whether it’s a big sash bow in the back or an unexpected fabric, it all needs to work together.

Liquid architecture. It’s like jazz – you improvise, you work together, you play off each other, you make something, they make something. And I think it’s a way of – for me, it’s a way of trying to understand the city, and what might happen in the city.

For every manager, it is important to explain your ideas. It’s very important the club understand those ideas and are ready to work together.

Without social cohesion, the human race wouldn’t be here: We’re not formidable enough to survive without the tactics, rules and strategies that allow people to work together.

Yes, we have got to quit worrying about fighting each other and trying to figure out a way to work together.

John Breaux
Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone.

William Albert Allard
Nobody is opposed to paying taxes; governments need to coordinate, work together and simplify the law.

Professional people build relationships by doing the work together.

It’s not easy working with your husband, I’ll be straight up about that. But when we work together, we always get great product. It’s not easy in the process and as we go along it gets easier, but yeah, it gets a little sticky.

People who work together for years on end, they fall out, and they patch it up at the end. Its normal.

Glyn Johns
Blogging and traditional media work together. Twitter complements traditional media.

In Raleigh, partisan battles, power struggles and lawsuits might grab the headlines, but we have to work together where we can. To look beyond ourselves to see what’s right for the state, regardless of who’s in power. That’s what the people of North Carolina want us to do, and what common sense demands us to do.

I don’t know other couples that work together a fraction as much as Nick and I do. We met in a play, and we’ve done TV and movies, and we just did ‘Annapurna,’ our off-Broadway show, and we’ve done theater together several times, so it’s just a little bit of everything.

If we all work together, then we can save the American Dream from the nightmare that is Donald Trump.

The coach is the focal point of the team, but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone needs to work together to achieve a common goal.

Legislators have a formal set of responsibilities to work together, but there’s no hierarchy.

I wanted to write with emotional honesty and tell a story people could connect with. And I wanted people to know how the foster system in America fails children; and how, at 18, they fall through the cracks. Then we can all work together and give support.

The same technologies enabling us to work together at a distance are creating the expectation to do better at governing ourselves.

Beth Simone Noveck
We need a new order of ministers to stand in pulpits. It’s not enough to sing and praise God in worship services. Any religion that doesn’t encourage us to work together to end the needless suffering all around us is godless.

The whole world is global. With the Internet, it’s like we’re all living in a small village. We’re starting more and more to realize there is no difference, we can work together, we can put aside our differences and work on our similarities and be successful in that way.

Shohreh Aghdashloo
The big deal about the Internet design was you could have an arbitrary large number of networks so that they would all work together.

In Bengal, at the state level, the Congress and Left are working with the BJP. At the national level, for the greater good, we feel we must work together in Parliament.

If the chemistry is right between star and photographer and the geometry of the pictures pleases the star, often the two people end up with a long-term professional friendship during which they continue to work together and to produce highly personal images.

In Georgia, agriculture is one area where Democrats and Republicans consistently reached across the aisle and work together.

When Kansas and Missouri work together, we can accomplish a lot – and also set an example at a time of extreme partisanship.

Laura Kelly
Star Trek‘ is about a bunch of disparate people and what they’re capable of when they work together.

I hate when people talk about certain guys and say they can’t work together.

Married couples who work together to build and maintain a business assume broad responsibilities. Not only is their work important to our local and national economies, but their success is central to the well-being of their families.

We must work together as Americans in a bipartisan fashion.

Cities can be the engine of social equity and economic opportunity. They can help us reduce our carbon footprint and protect the global environment. That is why it is so important that we work together to build the capacity of mayors and all those concerned in planning and running sustainable cities.

The Deep South has a completely different history, both good and bad, that is fascinating for everybody. It makes people work together who usually don’t, and that sounds like a cliche in so many ways, but it actually happened… and it happened because of a beautiful idea.

Let us learn from the lessons of September 11 and not wait for a major strike before we act. We must work together – Democrats and Republicans, Congress and the White House, government and the private sector – to make our country a safer and more prosperous place.

Dan Coats
Immigrants and Native Americans have made our country what it is today, and if we’ve learned anything through these hundreds of years – it should be that we can accomplish more when we work together.

We cannot just rely on the public sector or the private sector. We all need to work together.

I think almost every woman artist I’ve ever met has this ideal of being in a partnership working situation with a man, that men don’t seem to share. They seem to want this ideal thing, that we’ll always be together and work together.

Tom Verlaine
When you know someone has belief in you and likes the way you play, it is great to work together.

Music teaches us how to work together, how to harmonize.

Music teaches people to work together, which is maybe one of the most important skills.

A film set is all about hierarchy, but I always like to think about the circus. In the circus, there’s this real sense of tribalism, and they’re all on the road together. I don’t think the ring leader is more important than the clown. They all work together, and I think that I felt that on ‘The East.’

We need to have law enforcement and the African-American community work together for the safety of everybody.

Deborah K Ross
I mean, I knew that one day I’d do something writing-oriented as soon as I started writing. But when I started singing, I was determined to make those two work together, so I just worked at it until I started making stuff that sounded like music.

Sound should bring you in. We have people in all these specialized departments to make it one whole. They are supposed to work together to bring us into their world, not push us away. For example, rock music has to be loud, but it doesn’t have to be too loud.

Donna McKechnie
Remember, there is nothing we cannot achieve when we work together.

The plan was just to make great art, and working with Donald Glover, who is such a renaissance man, we’ve been working together for ten years, and he is always pushing the envelope in a way – like, whenever we work together, I have no idea what it is going to turn out to be.

We work together as a team. And between us and between the crew and our teams on the ground, we don’t look at gender, and we don’t see it as a barrier.

Christina Koch
I’d put it this way: Canadians want politicians to work together on their behalf. So that’s what I’m committed to doing. I think it’s been the goal of every NDP leader. Because we had a profound belief that we could do a good job on behalf of Canadians… if we were given that opportunity.

Jack Layton
I know we can fix our problems. When there are people in the room who care more about doing the job they were elected to do than they worry about winning reelection, it is possible to work together, achieve principal compromise, and get results for the people who give us these jobs in the first place.

Making a television show is a difficult, collaborative, creative endeavor, and it really requires everybody to band together and all work together every day.

To those who do not love God, all things must work together immediately for pain and torment, until, by means of the tribulation, they are led to salvation at last.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte
You know, cancer is bipartisan. I mean, there are so many people whose lives are touched and changed by cancer that people are willing to work together to find cures, find solutions, make lives better for cancer patients. So I think people put politics aside. This isn’t a political thing. This is a life issue.

It’s been fun doing interviews with the other astronauts, getting to hear: ‘Oh, that’s how he explains it’ or ‘That’s how she thinks about it.’ We work together, but we don’t necessarily share all those thoughts or ideas.

The people we send to Washington have to roll up their sleeves, stop the fighting, and work together on issues that are not political, not partisan, but personal to families across our state and our nation.

I think business, government and unions have to work together, and the common enemies to the global economy. We’re being beaten by the global economy, and we’ve got to unite together to win.

Brenda did some little vocal arrangements for us and she got to sing as well. So, we’re happy to be able to work together and that’s another reason why we look forward to doing more of these.

Rick Derringer
There’s a great group of people around me, and I think it’s the way they all work together with me which makes me a very lucky girl.

My father thought of America as the last best hope for humanity. He believed we had a historical mission to be a paragon to the rest of the world, to be about what human beings can accomplish if they work together and maintain their focus.

It is up to all of us – the state, Florida‘s local communities, and the federal government – to work together on long-term solutions to improve the quality of our water.

We want to develop innovative ways to promote savings so more Americans can save for their future, but first we need to reject privatization schemes and work together to strengthen Social Security.

The more that I looked at DNA, the more I realized it was nature and nurture. It’s how genes and your environment work together to produce the person you are.

Dil Raju’s first film ‘Dil’ was with me and we were supposed to work together after that, but it didn’t happen. Now, after 15 years we are working together and Dil Raju’s passion for cinema is still intact.

Artie is a singer, and I’m a writer and player and a singer. We didn’t work together on a creative level and prepare the songs. I did that.

Two actors who have different motivations and skill sets can work together and be magic. Charles Grodin and Robert DeNiro technically couldn’t work more differently, and yet they made ‘Midnight Run,’ which is a genius comedy.

We should work together to be of peace and happiness for all people in all nations.

Leaders need to model the values of their organizations in ways that encourage inclusive behavior. This means inspiring others to collaborate and work together; ensuring everyone is heard and ideas are shared.

Let’s set aside political gamesmanship and work together for the sake of our children.

My administration and officials across the state will continue to work together to help every citizen in need.

I truly believe that philanthropy and commerce can work together.

Anything where people have to work together makes me cry.

Brenda Blethyn
Time and time again, organizers have proved that when we work together, when we organize together, that we can win.

The EU and the U.S. often work together to develop international standards. This is the case in fighting terrorism and transnational crime, advancing trade liberalization, and combating piracy and intellectual property violations.

It is very much the theme of our President, President Thabo Mbeki, whose passion is for Africa to work together, and for Africans to get up and do things for us. We are trying as women to do things for ourselves.

Miriam Makeba
We must work together, across nations and sectors. Only then will we consign the hideous crime of slavery to the history books.

I believe that if today’s youth work together raising our collective voice, we can affect the positive environmental change that Planet Earth needs so desperately.

You’re not going to be great at everything. Surround yourself with people that can compliment you so you can work together and then everybody can be successful.

Jonathan Tisch
In a deeply divided country we must either work together to get the best deal we can – and this needs compromise – or accept that Brexit cannot be implemented and think again about what we are doing.

There are times everyone needs to be together for me and we all just work together; making sure that my energy is good and right when I go do what I’m going to do. That means the family needs to spend time together.

I remember writing lyrics for ‘Take Me to Church‘ for a long time before I even had a song in mind for. It’s not that I was trying to write that song for a year, but sometimes you just kind of collect lyrical and musical ideas and don’t actually complete the song until you feel like they work together and have a home.

2009 was a tough year, but Australia rose to the challenge of the global financial crisis. It shows what can be done when we all join together and work together, governments of all persuasions state, territory and local; businesses large and small; unions and local communities right across the nation.

With any sort of major change we need to make in our lives, it’s much easier to do it with other people. We succeed and thrive best when we work together and support each other. When we struggle alone, that’s when the struggle can seem impossible.

Governments, the investor and business community, and civil society organizations and public representatives need to work together to ensure the necessary foundations are in place to align private finance to guarantee sustainable and equitable development and poverty reduction.

Shame on Congressman Brooks for his lack of faith in President Trump‘s and Attorney General Sessions’ commitment to work together to make America great again.

Good managers ensure good outcomes, but great leaders can deliver a vision by getting people to work together.

The eventual goal is to marry all of my work together to make a high-speed, high-resolution, low-impact tool that can look deep inside biological systems.

Any genuine progressive should work together to stop Brexit – this is a national emergency, requiring national cooperation.

People don’t understand the logistics of advertising. To have the ads purchased and run, you need to have a series of products that work together.

The best way to begin genuine bipartisanship to make America stronger is to work together on the real crises facing our country, not to manufacture an artificial crisis to serve a special interest agenda out of touch with the needs of Americans.

Work together. Do not purge your allies because of purity.

It’s not that we try and work together, people want to see us together. When Gauri gets some serial, it’s not that I have to do it.

People in Chandigarh should not hesitate and get vaccinated. We all should work together in the fight against coronavirus.

At my first job in the mid-to-late ’90s, almost every product was from Microsoft. Everything was designed to work together – Windows for workgroups, shared M drives, etc., etc.

Ideology and communication more often than not run into each other rather than complement each other. Principle and communication work together. Ideology and communication often work apart.

We stand ready to work together, where possible, in helping rebuild not only homes and businesses, but most importantly, lives of those who so desperately need our help.

Marc Morial
When I tried to send him beats in 2010, he told me I was too expensive for him. I told Future we had to work together, that it would be beneficial for both of us, that we didn’t have to worry about the money.

When I joined Bloomberg, I was especially eager to take advantage of the organization’s size. Because I work on a wide variety of stories, bouncing between industries and countries, it’s immensely useful to work together with so many journalists with such a wide range of expertise.

We need to build on the success of Social Security by developing bold and innovative ways for Americans to build wealth and save for retirement. I believe we can work together in a bipartisan manner to accomplish these goals.

I am available to work together with the commission to create clear laws that give the athletes the proper respect. The athletes deserve more respect.

In preseason camp, there are no friends. when newcomers arrive trying to take not only your job, but maybe your best friend‘s job, you work together to try to help each other. Everyone is an outsider until you’re given a uniform.

The only formula we have when we work together is that we both have to have a product we can endorse when we finish. Something we both like. It’s a matter of compromise. In the end what you get is what both of us can agree on. In that comes Tears for Fears. I don’t know what the mix or magic is, that’s just what it is.

I love being on ‘Smackdown.’ I feel like there is so much more opportunity, and we get to tell such fun, interesting stories. Everyone wants to work together to create gold – it’s the best locker room I have ever been in throughout my whole career.

Growth and profit are a product of how people work together.

Ricardo Semler
I pray that all polar opposites learn to agape love, live, and work together as brothers and sisters – or perish as fools.

The surest way to return to the people’s business is to listen to the people themselves: We need to drop this whole scheme of federally controlled health care, start over, and work together on real reforms at the state level that will contain costs and won’t leave America trillions of dollars deeper in debt.

Scott Brown
However, it does seem now that the international community, more importantly the powers that have influence, and, even more importantly, Afghanistan‘s neighbors realize that it is high time that they work together, and not against one another.

A healthy society rests on three pillars: business, government and civil society, or non-profits. Each has a distinct and important role to play, and all three need to work together synergistically to create the most value for society.

I like being on a set where you can make decisions and everything is involved and are happy to work together to make the best work. For me, it’s all about making the best work and creative people working together and all being respected and all having their opinions of what gives it the best quality is important.

To prevent a crippling attack on our nation’s critical networks, U.S. companies and the federal government must work together to combat those who wish to do us harm.

Maybe the Tory party might, instead of telling the Brexit Party what to do, make an approach to the Brexit Party and say I’ll tell you what, we’ll stand aside in certain areas. That would be a very positive thing for me, let’s work together for a new kind of politics.

I would love to tell you this country is on the cusp of coming together, but it isn’t. But I can tell you that we need to work together in this country. We need to hold people accountable for their actions, and that will be done. And we need to move forward in a way that we have the strongest middle class ever.

I just believe that when we work together, wonderful things are going to happen.

We have a vision of South Africa in which black and white shall live and work together as equals in conditions of peace and prosperity.

I’m honored to be a member of the Senate‘s Veterans’ Affairs Committee, where we can hear about the problems facing our veterans firsthand, and work together on commonsense solutions.

I think people want to feel that it is possible to overcome differences to work together in times of stress. Maybe that’s why so many people are looking for an alternative to the standard superhero movie or TV show. They are looking for characters with more dimension.

I had no idea at all how to model, but people would start to follow me. So, I would go to these start-up companies and say, ‘I have all these followers… how can we work together?’

But what I want to assure and reassure the public is we are concerned about your safety, your security, and your privacy. Let’s work together in partnership to ensure that we can have the best way forward.

John Pistole
When you work together in a creative way, you have to be less selfish about your ideas and learn to let both parties feel valued. Of course, that’s also a really great quality to have in a relationship, too.

Lance Barrow’s a great producer and we work together exceptionally well.

Comedy is math, music is math, and editing is, so I think those all work together.

We have to work together in order to prove that genocidal campaigns will fail and lead to accountability of the perpetrators and bring justice for survivors.

Sudan cannot afford to be on the wrong side of history. The north and south will have to work together, but will they?

We need to work together to fairly assess and improve the long-term economic and health value – and affordability – of all components of the healthcare system, including hospitalizations, drugs, devices, and other interventions, to optimize our health investment decisions.

I don’t like the actors to work together beforehand. I trust my intuition, and I like when the actors are the same.

Olivier Dahan
‘Ragtime’ is about how we get through ugliness, how we talk together, work together, get through it together.

Sometimes there are two very opposite directions, and we go with the stronger one at the end. It’s an impulse thing, like, ‘Oh, I love both so much, but it’s got to be one or the other because the two don’t work together.’

In the NFL, you’re part of a team. You work together to win. Being a WWE Superstar is all about me. No team. I’m special.

One of the first things I did as a new Member of Congress was help form a bipartisan Mississippi River Caucus so we could work together from both the North and the South in order to draw attention to the resources that are needed along the Mississippi River.

I’m all in favour of talking to other parties, always have been, always will be. I’m a pluralist, talk to them, see what we’ve got in common, work together, fine.

To make a significant and lasting impact, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations around the world need to work together. We know that if we bring people together, they find innovative solutions.

In a soundtrack, you are in a way always relating with… a combination of different languages. It has to have the same path and same rhythm. Sometimes it’s a polyphony of languages that have to work together in some way. With musical projects alone, you can be more free.

We are also in the process of defining how best to work together with food and other companies to address diet and physical activity factors in order to prevent chronic diseases.

The only thing the Pop Artists had in common is that we all had been commercial artists in some manner. Lichtenstein was a draftsman; I was a billboard painter, but we didn’t work together. I didn’t meet Andy Warhol until 1964.

We need to rediscover the idea of the common good and work together to build a home.

Our goal in Washington must not be to impose but to expect and assist: Expect the most of educators and students and assist them as they work together to meet those expectations. Rather than tightening our grip, we should set clear, ambitious goals and support innovative local efforts to achieve them.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

We need to work together, on a bipartisan basis, to create new jobs, increase job training, enact real and substantive middle class tax relief, and reward companies that create jobs at home.

We’ve got to be delivering young people, and people that are getting reeducated, people who are getting reemployed, into the marketplace with skills to work together, to understand computers, and to be able to be a part of that 21st century economy.

People have got to form some kind of unified fronts where you know who your allies are, you know who your friends are, and really begin to work together to create different kinds of infrastructures to protect one another and to help one another thrive.

There’s a lot we can achieve if we work together.

We want to strike the right balance between the governments and our users. If there are concerns, we can work together.

I tend to have a lot of songs ready for each record I do anyway. I always have. I was thinking, the more you write, the better chance you’re going to come up with a collection of stuff that is going to work together.

I would like to be coaching in the right situation if it’s a team effort and doesn’t have a bunch of mini-agendas. I want something where the school wants to win and values graduation and everybody wants to work together.

The question is whether a confident Europe will be a rival for North America – or whether they will work together and become a more unified bloc.

I have always been far more interested in sound than technique, and how sounds work together, how they can be layered. I think electronic music, in its infancy anyway, allowed us to create music in a way that hadn’t really been possible before. It created a new kind of musician.

The public and private sectors in Afghanistan must work together to create an ICT-educated workforce.

We can work together to produce better footballers for both FK Sarajevo and maybe Cardiff City and maybe even to play for other clubs. We hope this will be well received by everybody and enhance good relations between Malaysia and Bosnia.

Vincent Tan
My parents have a wonderful marriage, but they have been together since my mother was 12, married when they were just teenagers and are barely ever separated. They even work together. As a result, I have always thought of marriage as involving the loss of a certain amount of autonomy.

We are demanding police transparency and accountability so we can build trust and work together to make our communities safer.

There are new children arriving and trying to reach our lucky country every day, and I hope that we can all work together to help them find their dream, too.

I have many close friends who are religious Zionists and I think if we can be good friends, work together and serve in the army together, then there is no reason we should not be part of the same party.

The success of the Rat Pack or the Clan was due to the camaraderie, the three guys who work together and kid each other and love each other.

Number one consideration is always availability. Then it’s about – for me and, I guess, for every player – the connection with the coach, like with any relationship: how you work together, the chemistry on court.

The real power of any movement is how we work together with other social justice movements.

We were elected to work together and help keep this country the greatest nation in the world.