Top 22 Stroll Quotes

Here we have the best Stroll Quotes from famous authors such as Jens Martin Skibsted, Lara Pulver, Thomas Chatterton Williams, W. Bruce Cameron, Wesley Morris. Find the perfect quotation from our collection.

I’m a walker, whether that’s a stroll on the beach at sunset or getting up at eight o’clock on a Sunday morning and doing an eight-hour hike through a canyon. It’s Zen time for me.

It is fun, I learned, to stroll around with Spike Lee and to gauge other people‘s reactions. Everyone recognizes him.

My dog Tucker likes to walk late at night because it is a good way to keep me awake. Apparently, the one time I took him for a stroll around midnight represented, to him, a commitment similar to marriage.

‘In Bruges’ featured two hit men on a chatty stroll in Belgium, and certain people’s passion for it is fit for Valentine’s Day. But it was Tupperware Tarantino to me.

When stuck years ago in a job I hated, my only friend was the public bench. As the tedious mornings dragged on, how I would long for the lunch hour, when I would be able to escape the torture of the office and stroll over to the churchyard and into the comforting wooden embrace of one of its benches.

If Mayweather wants to come over and fight in the UFC, then do it. It’s hardcore here, though. I don’t think it’ll be a stroll in the park. Granted, he’s the best boxer ever seen, just about.

What I love about L.A. is that people say they’re going for a hike, which just means a walk. It’s a stroll, but if you walk in L.A., it’s a hike.

Couples without kids have each other, their friends, families, and Siri to talk to. It’s not like they’re quarantining themselves in an underground bunker, never to take a romantic stroll on the beach or attend a Morrissey concert ever again. They’re just using birth control.

Cannock is a friendly place. You can stroll down the road to a decent pub and have a good curry, and it is not too faceless.

Every one of us is an artist, and as an artist, you really can stroll into any venue that you want, as long as you take your time to learn the etiquette of that venue.

I have dreams and aspirations of taking a stroll down the ramp at a pay-per-view setting. Everybody has those dreams as a kid, and that’d be really cool.

I’m really big on day dates. If you go for a stroll, have a picnic or lunch with a glass of wine – it doesn’t get better than that.

A great day in New York would be to wake up, get a cup of coffee and head up to Central Park for a nice walk. Then I’d go down to the East Village and stroll around. After that, maybe I’d go check out a museum or catch an indie film at the Angelika.

It used to be, when somebody asked me to go for a walk, I bristled. Now I can’t tell you how much I love to go on a stroll up the street.

Move to Italy. I mean it: they know about living in debt; they don’t care. I stayed out there for five months while I was making a film called ‘Order Of Death,’ and they’ve really got it sussed. Nice cars. Sharp suits. Great food. Stroll into work at 10. Lunch from 12 till three. Leave work at five. That’s living!

Game 7 of a Championship Series sucks the emotion out of a player, particularly if you have to stroll home a loser when it’s over.

On my real vacations, I meet up with friends and we go for walks on the beach. We stroll through old cities, swim in the sea, and take afternoon naps. We shop, lunch, and, yeah, drink.

Washington in the summer is a never-ending stream of tour groups and packs of students, here to swarm the monuments, stroll the National Mall, and learn about our nation‘s history and government.

The advantage of trains over planes is that there is much less hassle. You can get up from your seat and stroll about; you’re more likely to meet people, and, particularly if you’re making a long journey, you can actually see the terrain.

When I get back from a mid-morning stroll, I’ll do some writing then I’ll typically spend the day testing new recipes.