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An action movie, a sci-fi action movie, would be my fav
An action movie, a sci-fi action movie, would be my favourite thing in the world to do.

I like westerns, fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels, thrillers, and I try to avoid the word ‘genre’ altogether. A good book is a good book.

I love sci-fi. Growing up, I was a big fan of the ‘Alien’ series, ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ etcetera. Plus, anything apocalyptic – ‘I Am Legend,’ ‘1984,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica.’

When I tried to getStargatemade, I took it to every studio in Hollywood and every studio said, ‘Sci-fi is dead. It’s a dead genre. No one wants to see science fiction anymore.’ And I had to go and raise the money independently to make that movie.

I keep waiting for someone to cast me as the angel or the witch or the immortal of some kind because so much of the reading I do for my own pleasure is fantasy, horror, or sci-fi.

Sci-fi always appealed to me, like, since I was a kid.

What I love about sci-fi is that every generation’s films are based on what we know at that point in time. We make movies about the future, but it’s always based on what we have. Then, as science grows and we discover new things, so do our ideas.

I’m actually a sci-fi nerd on the inside; I just happen to be symmetrically put together on the outside.

Dawn Olivieri
I’ve always read a lot of sci-fi. When my son was younger, I actually went to a ‘Star Trek’ convention.

Blair Brown
Sci-fi fans are so interested in your character and so attached to the world that you‘ve created.

Hannah John-Kamen
Epic science fiction game, that’s always been on my mind. Post-apocalyptic, ‘Fallout,’ was our first choice. Sci-fi was our second at the time, when we got the ‘Fallout’ license. We were going to do our own post-apocalyptic universe if we didn’t get ‘Fallout.’

As the financial experts all over the world use machines to unwind Gordian knots of financial arrangements so complex that only machines can make – ‘derive‘ – and trade them, we have to wonder: Are we living in a bad sci-fi movie? Is the Matrix made of credit default swaps?

I love the action stuff. Honestly, I like sci-fi and everything supernatural.

Meaghan Rath
If you were to ask my agent, they would confirm this: I’m drawn to locations. What really drew me to ‘The 4400,’ aside from the fact that it was sci-fi, was the fact that it was shot in the city of my dreams: Vancouver.

I was a total sci-fi geek. ‘Star Wars‘ was my ultimate favorite.

Comedy is one of my favorites, but I also want to get into drama and sci-fi.

I’m really into sci-fi. The reason I’m an actor is because of ‘Star Wars’ – I saw that and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. But most of the projects I’m offered as an actor are straightforward dramas, so I haven‘t really been given a chance to do that kind of role.

I’ve never been interested in action movies. Definitely not interested in sci-fi.

I’m not good with sci-fi stuff. I’ll be in it, as long as I can see what I’m dealing with and know it’s fake. As soon as I watch it on TV, though, my brain registers it as ‘Everything’s real!’

Chelan Simmons
I’m dying to do something sci-fi! I would love to be on a spaceship and firing a laser gun! Something like that would be really awesome. Or something with dinosaurs. Or preferably both at once.

I’ve been writing since I was about thirteen but didn’t start a book until 2007. I spent four years writing a sci-fi novel before I wrote ‘The Bone Season‘ at nineteen.

I feel like Shakespeare is so epic, in a way that sci-fi genre stuff is epic, it transcends the mundane, and it takes you to this place of real passion and real beauty.

In studio films, everything has to be boxed in, everybody needs to know beforehand – this is comedy, this is sci-fi, this is drama – and what’s the point of independent film if you don’t get to experiment?

I’m a sci-fi guy. But I like fantasy too.

I’m open to sci-fi, but I was never a diehard fan. I have no idea why it keeps following me. I’m extremely lucky, I guess; it’s a lucrative venue.

Yancy Butler
The best thing about Sci-Fi, which is my favorite genre, is that there are no rules for behavior. So you can do anything you want.

Brion James
I’ve always wanted to do a project with space imagery because I’ve always loved these amazing sci-fi electro book covers. I’ve always loved science fiction. I feel like space imagery has no boundaries.

Star Trek and sci-fi in general has always been a mirror to our society, obviously, and I think it is reminiscent of a lot of ideas.

Well, you know, ‘Spaceballs’ is a weird combination, because it’s a simple, sweet little fairytale, and it’s crazy and out-there and making fun of and taking apart sci-fi, ‘Star Wars’, and ‘Star Trek’.

Sci-fi and horror, particularly, allow a storyteller to depart from, let’s say, the demands of cinema verite or kitchen-sink realism or, even, just relatable dramas and can go into areas that are either – in the case of horror – more primally effective or, in the case of sci-fi, more speculative or imaginative.

I am a big, big geek at heart and a Sci-fi fan. And I love the Comic-Cons.

Paula Garces
Sci-fi and fantasy used to be a TV staple throughout my childhood. Then it just stopped dead. It was seen as culty, a minority interest.

That’s the thing with sci-fi and action roles. You have to play the danger as real. If you don’t, you end up with egg on your face. You have to commit. You can’t think about how stupid it might look without the special effects.

It seems to realize itself to be some of the most exciting TV and films that are made. Sci-fi just has that ability.

Mark Sheppard
I think, typically, sci-fi can be a little bit grey and thought provoking. Sometimes it leaves you pondering certain questions and things.

I never – when I go into a project, I don’t think too much about if there’s a lot of other sci-fi books out there or horror books or whatever. I just tell the stories I want to tell, and I think that is evident on the page.

I am a vampire/werewolf and sci-fi fanatic. God is so good! I get to play in a series that has all that!

I like the sci-fi channel. Just science in general. I came across a segment on time travel and how time travel is possible. We create a spaceship that’s moving at almost the speed of light, we go in that spaceship in outer space, and we fly around for a year, when we get back to Earth, Earth would’ve aged 10 years.

Von Miller
I’m not sure that ‘Iron Man’ is a superhero movie. I think towards the end of the movie, Iron Man pretends to be a superhero – he’s entertained by that notion. I think ‘X-Men’ is a sci-fi movie.

I’m not really into sci-fi movies, but I’m into the science of space a lot. I love astronomy and thinking about the nothingness of the everythingness of space.

I love horror, fantasy and sci-fi. Those are my genres of love and devotion.

When you convince sci-fi fans you’ve done something cool, you get them in huge numbers.

I always thought it’d be fun to go to a sci-fi convention, watch a bunch of Klingons walking around, all of that kind of stuff.

Michael Welch
I was a big sci-fi fantasy geek when I was younger… secretly, in my room.

As long as people want to see me do this action and sci-fi stuff, it would be wrong of me to deny the fans what they want to see.

I was a big fan of sci-fi.

Percelle Ascott
What I’ve found I really like about sci-fi is it can look at philosophical questions about humanity but in a different context. It can really make you think. That’s what ‘Doctor Whodoes, even if it’s a bit silly some other times.

I want more sci-fi movies that aren’t $200 million movies that I have to wait for and generally be disappointed with.

I’m not going to work outside of genre. It’s going to be horror, action, or sci-fi. I don’t ever really see myself being interested in movies outside of that.

Every Sunday on Channel 6 in Guadalajara, where I lived, they dedicated most every Sunday to black-and-white horror films and sci-fi. So I watched them. I watched ‘Tarantula.’ I watched ‘The Monolith Monsters.’ I watched all the Universal library.

Britain has had a very honourable tradition of literary sci-fi – H. G. Wells, John Wyndham, J. G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, Michael Moorcock – but for whatever reason, they have never really been given the time of day on screen.

Richard Stanley
I’m a big believer that sci-fi lives in literature, that the true sci-fi population is out there reading a gazillion authors.

What tends to happen when people talk about Chinese sci-fi in the West is that there’s a lot of projection. We prefer to think of China as a dystopian world that is challenging American hegemony, so we would like to think that Chinese sci-fi is all either militaristic or dystopian. But that’s just not the reality of it.

I’m not a sci-fi kind of guy, to be honest.

I’m a sci-fi fan, but a lot of the sci-fi you’re getting is the same. It’s very stereotypical.

I’m a history dork and a sci-fi dork.

Sprague Grayden
Well, I grew up in the ’80s, which was a really massive time for sci-fi.

Jemaine Clement
I would like – either as an actor, or producer or even director – to do something sci-fi or action-related. I like sci-fi, always have, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ and all that stuff.

Adapted from the novel by L. Ron Hubbard, who cranked out sci-fi pulp by the cubic ton, ‘Battlefield Earth’ has the musty feel of the days when the genre’s highlight was Flash Gordon.

The sad thing is that I only ever read novels in bed and now only on the iPad, and thanks to Netflix and iTunes my reading time is getting eaten up more and more by movies and brilliant sci-fi television, like the U.K. series ‘Misfits!’

To me, sci-fi has the most amazing style.

When you do action stuff and sci-fi stuff, you have a lot to hide behind – the hair and the makeup and the special effects. But when you play a normal girl, it’s challenging because you have to trust yourself.

I love the sci-fi movies where it’s from the point of view of humans in that situation… When it becomes too clever in its ideas, the cyber-punk, high-tech thing, it becomes more about something else.

I read a lot of sci-fi when I was younger. Loved it from the literary point of view.

I’ve always loved ‘lived-in’ sci-fi. We take it for granted now, but it was a revelation in the late ’70s – ’80s, when movies like ‘Alien’, ‘Escape From New York‘, and even ‘Star Wars’ introduced us to the idea that the future could, in fact, look old.

Moving cities are a fairly hoary old sci-fi trope – I seem to recall they were always cropping up on ‘Doctor Who’ when I was young, though I may be misremembering.

Philip Reeve
I had this idea of writing a sci-fi musical about a woman who falls in love with a robot and realizes it’s a love that can’t be, and enlists in the Mars One project.

I’m a huge ‘Futurama’ fan, so that’s my closest sci-fi tendency.

I’m not shy about trying to find what truth there is in any genre, whether that be an action piece, a sci-fi piece, a small indie film, or a play. I’m open to it all.

I never realized that growing up in Brooklyn, flying jets, working on Wall Street and starring in a sci-fi series was the prerequisite for the fast-paced demands of talk radio. But, if that’s what it takes to succeed, I’m glad I did it all.

Jerry Doyle
The way sci-fi works, you can never die.

Freema Agyeman
I love the ‘what ifnature of sci-fi.

I grew up in the golden age of Flash Gordon and sci-fi.

I just watch movies I like over and over. It seems to be a lot of sci-fi stuff. My favorites are probably – besides the first two ‘Alien’ films, I watch ‘2001’, I watch ‘Star Wars’, the first ones, because those actually had a huge effect on me as well, ‘Empire Strikes Back’ especially.

I have done a lot of sci-fi, not out of choice, necessarily. It’s just that I’m Canadian, and it’s more cost-efficient to film sci-fi up here.

Christina Cox
Whether you’re a believer or not, a flawed biblical epic is going to be more entertaining than a remake of a Paul Verhoeven movie or some third-rate sci-fi flick.

The thing with ‘Alphas’ is that, even though it’s sci-fi, I run into lots of people that have watched the show for various reasons. They’re like, ‘I had no expectation, and I’m totally blown away and fascinated.’

Azita Ghanizada
I’m really up for the challenge physically to go into sci-fi action, thinking-man’s action.

I just love variety. I love being able to do different things. Do period pieces and sci-fi. I love being able to move between genres and be flexible.

I’m so excited to see ‘Horns‘ because it’s so many different genres in one film. It’s a sci-fi, it’s a love story, it’s a horror movie, it’s a fairy tale.

The sources and research I use for my inspiration aren’t your typical sci-fi subjects, but it’s really driven by obsession and personal anxiety more than trying to take up the sword and do what’s right.

Most people assume wrongly that science fiction is a male-based genre, when, in fact, there are far more women who tune into sci-fi than anyone expects.

I think it’s too fast to say that all sci-fi ultimately winds up having some place in science. On the other hand, imaginative minds working outside of science as storytellers certainly have come upon ideas that, with the passing decades, have either materialized of come close to materializing.

I was never a fan of sci-fi or space stuff.

Ignacio Serricchio
I haven’t really had that many opportunities to play ‘lead‘ so I guess I jumped at the chance. I have also never done any ‘sci-fi’ projects and thought it might be fun.

The possibilities in sci-fi are wonderful. The subject is bigger than everything we know.

Joel Gretsch
Though many of Obsidian’s games have featured wry, sardonic humor, the developer has stuck to more serious fantasy and sci-fi themes.

Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games. I love this kind of world, so to be able to work in it is a dream. I enjoy it.

Aaron Ashmore
I think the level of devotion some sci-fi fans display turns other people off.

James Callis
Sci-fi and horror feel so relevant to me as a woman.

Some of the most amazing human beings on the face of the planet go to sci-fi conventions, although I’m sure a few of them wouldn’t admit it.

Richard Hatch
We’re definitely hopingTravelersattracts more than just solely the sci-fi audience, too. There are so many elements here. I think this will be a show that women like, because there’s a lot of unlikely romance in it between people who were in love 300 years from now, but they’re in different bodies.

I like tragedies, whether they’re sci-fi or something else, but I can’t say I know much about any genre in particular.

Leos Carax
The fun of that sci-fi and adventure stuff is that it’s always somebody who’s not believed and is not being trusted. If you saw an alien walk across the street, who are you gonna tell? Who would believe you?

Sci-fi always runs out a little bit ahead of reality, right? Automatic doors in ‘Star Trek,’ stuff like that. It all happened, didn’t it, finally?

I’m such a fan girl when it comes to movies, TV and sci-fi, sometimes I can’t believe I actually get to be in them.

Rebecca Mader
Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games. I love this kind of world, so to be able to work in it is a dream. I enjoy it. It’s all good.

Aaron Ashmore
I think sci-fi can easily be PG.

I would agree ‘Paul’ is a sci-fi genre movie. And a road movie.

I don’t know exactly how I end up with some of these roles. It mystifies me sometimes, but I am a fan of sci-fi. I love being taken into a strange world, and when it’s told with imagination and credibility, I love being taken on that trip. I always have.

I truly believe that everything Sci-fi taught me as a child about an efficient and wondrous world will be happening in my lifetime.

In sci-fi, the Black guys always die. So, it’s extremely important to bring African-American characters to the genre and not have them killed.

I’ve always read broadly: literary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, chick lit, historical, dystopian, nonfiction, memoir. I’ve even read Westerns. I prefer female protagonists.

I was a sci-fi addict when I was a kid and a teenager. Novels, graphic novels, movies, it was my way to deal with reality.

The thing that makes a great genre movie is one that’s not just entertainment, not just horror or sci-fi or whatever. The ones I love are the genre pictures with some subversive message underlying it all.

A lot of people want what I would call sci-fi; people want television to be what they think the world should look like. That is different than what I do.

I love horror and sci-fi.

A lot of sci-fi shows are very cold, too concerned with hardware.

‘Futurama’ is this awesome, animated sci-fi show.

Justin Roiland
I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy.

The fundamental premise of sci-fi is not spaceships and lasers – it’s that children can learn from the mistakes of their parents.

Sci-fi works for me as a way of getting across a social conceit couched as entertainment. Social realist movies lost their way because they are just not that entertaining.

I’ve never really been a big sci-fi guy or a big comic book guy.

Sendhil Ramamurthy
I’ve been doing sci-fi for two years, and there is always something big going on. The stakes are always huge. You’re fighting for your life, or you’re dealing with personal stuff. It has really high stakes attached to it, and there are green screen and explosions. You’re going out on these really cool locations.

There’s nothing better than a sci-fi fan, let me tell you. Once you’re in with them, you’re in for life.

Jewel Staite
To be honest, I never really had watched much sci-fi.

Jacqueline McKenzie
I always felt that sci-fi and fantasy were my thing. Bit of a geek, I’m afraid. But I like creating worlds, and I felt it was a genre that gave me more freedom. It just seemed like I belonged there.

I love near-term sci-fi. I especially love right-now sci-fi: stuff that happens in current time but incorporates a scientific breakthrough that is currently being explored.

I’m a huge fan of classic sci-fi.

Grant Bowler
I’d love to do a sci-fi movie, a western, or an espionage thriller. But I’m not going to limit myself. If a good script comes along, I’m not going to discount it because it doesn’t fit into one of these genres.

Great sci-fi has never shied from tackling the Big Questions, though really great sci-fi never forgets to entertain us along the way. Shock and awe applies to art, as well.

Actually, I’m addicted to science fiction. Let me make my diction clear – I love sci-fi.

I wanna do mystery, I wanna do sci-fi, I wanna do horror, and I wanna do all of those things.

Intelligent Life‘ is kind of a companion piece to ‘Safety Not Guaranteed.’ Internally, it’s a sci-fi romantic thriller.

Now that we all live in a bad ’70s sci-fi movie, I am made to understand the tyranny of the machines every minute of every day.

Sci-fi fans are the most loyal fans on the planet – there’s no doubt about it. I’ve done a few of those conventions, and these people will know the lines!

Greg Evigan
Thank God sci-fi has moved away from spaceships fighting aliens! Now it’s a place where you can explore contemporary issues or emotional feelings. You can put it all in a different setting.

I’ve always found that sci-fi fans are unbelievably generous.

Amanda Tapping
China lacks good science fiction, but not mediocre science fiction. Even so, the gap between Chinese and American sci-fi is still very large and it is most apparent in quality of the works.

My favorite sci-fi always uses its hook to amplify some bigger theme or idea – some emotional thrust.

I do like sci-fi, and I do like horror – those are my favorite genres. Good horror, though, not like slasher horror… psychological horror like ‘The Shining‘ – really good stuff!

I’m a sci-fi girl. If I can have anything in life, I’d want tons of great science-fiction movies and stories. It’s so progressive, beautiful, and imaginative.

As an actor, if I just did sci-fi, I think it would get limiting, like if you just play lawyers or doctors, over and over. It’s a lot more fun, if you get to play lots of different types of characters.

Tricia Helfer
What I love about sci-fi is that every generation’s films are based on what we know at that point in time. We make movies about the future but it’s always based on what we have. Then as science grows and we discover new things, so do our ideas. You know?

I love sci-fi, especially when it thrives on a thought-provoking story, rather than explosions.

William Mapother
‘Star Trek’ put sci-fi on the map and changed television, and ‘Battlestar’ has changed it in another direction by making it a little more mainstream and acceptable to people who wouldn’t normally watch sci-fi.

Aaron Douglas
The other day, a doughnut shop in Portland called Pip’s Originals tweeted me telling me that they named a doughnut after me called the ‘Dirty Wu.’ It is a cinnamon sugar doughnut drizzled with honey and Nutella. It was so good. I just won the Oscar in the sci-fi world.

I was not into sci-fi, science fiction, at all. I was into some of the old pirate films with Burt Lancaster and stuff. I liked them.

I’ve worked on all sorts of things, like the sci-fi stuff for Vin Diesel, where the script is numbered and is in unphotocopy-able colours and your name is stamped into every page. And it doesn’t really help because it creates a false sense of specialness about the thing.

Colm Feore
I keep waiting for a paradigm shift to happen that will let network and studio execs see that sci-fi is the same as any other genre in terms of how you approach it – logically, character-based, with challenging ideas and forward thinking – but I worry that it might never happen in my lifetime.

Read enough books on the body, and you’ll find that reality is much stranger than any sci-fi series.

I like sci-fi that is not entirely impossible.

Blair Brown
It was very, very important to me to represent a broader swath of humanity that often isn’t seen in futuristic sci-fi.

I’ve been thinking of doing a sci-fi thriller or a sci-fi noir, if that’s possible.

Horror is a part of science fiction. It belongs in the definition of sci-fi.

I love incredibly imaginative, speculative sci-fi.

I was a huge fan of ‘Blade Runner.’ That was a pretty formative film for me growing up. It really got my sci-fi juices flowing, as it were.

The sci-fi movies I grew up with, the metaphor was very rich, and they used to really mean something: David Cronenberg’s films, or John Carpenter‘s films, or the Phil Kaufman and Don Segel versions of ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers,’ or George Romero’s early zombie films.

The sci-fi fans in America… they are die-hard. They will follow you to the ends of the Earth. Once they attach themselves to a show and believe in the show and love the characters, they’re there forever, and they’re unshakeable.

I love horror movies in space. I love it when the genre switches over and what was sci-fi becomes horror.

Sci-fi fans are awesome. They’re very smart, they like to be involved, they like to ask questions. I’ve been asked questions I don’t even know the answer to. I’ve never had any aggressive interactions. I’ve had lovely interactions.

I hope that there are many more women out there writing bits of feminist sci-fi. And men, also – men are allowed to write feminist things.

‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ Big, big, big smash for me. My birth of the love of cinema was born with ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘2001.’ Those sci-fi movies I saw when I was a little kid.

I once had a friend who did the hair for sci-fi movies, and after a particularly bad break-up I stupidly went to her salon and told her she could do anything she liked. She dyed the bottom cherry red and the top peroxide blonde.

Studios, because they are investing a great deal of money in movies, they want a guarantee that when they hire somebody that person can deliver for them. Everything is fear based, so they pigeonhole people. But I’ve written everything, from Westerns to sci-fi to dramedy, I’ve done it all.

Reading, like writing, was a survival strategy when I was young because these were ways of feeling that my world could be much larger than it actually was. It was inevitable that I would end up writing sci-fi or fantasy.

I think sci-fi films have become rather bleak, and understandably so – I think we’ve made some big mistakes globally with how we’re developing, and we deal with that guilt by creating these very dystopian futures in films.

Maggie Grace
‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ is a movie that really impressed me as a teenager. And also ‘Blade Runner.’ And ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is also one of my favorites. I’m always looking for sci-fi material, and it’s difficult to find original and strong material that’s not just about weaponry.

I’ve done other things, but it always seems like my sci-fi projects have been what people respond to the most, because those fans are extraordinary, so passionate.

It could be sci-fi, love story, historical drama what counts for me is the fact that they’re made by great directors with a great point of view who bring the audience to be elevated and at the same time entertained. That’s what cinema is.

Trying to project our expectations and our desires onto the sci-fi being written in China now isn’t terribly helpful.

Speculative fiction encompasses that which we could actually do. Sci-fi is that which we’re probably not going to see.

The last thing I wanted to do was ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ I thought, ‘I’ve done sci-fi. I did ‘Blade Runner.’ I don’t have to do anything more.’

I love that vein which uses sci-fi to address society’s problems. It is the same when you have useful nightmares – things morph, and you get to confront issues in your dreams.

I do like sci-fi, absolutely. I’ve watched everything from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Terminator’ – the list goes on and on.

Some directors want to make superhero films. That’s what gets them off, and they love it, and they love sci-fi. I prefer putting my hands into non-fiction.

I’m a big fan of superheroes and fantasy and sci-fi. I have been since I was a child.

American sci-fi has fallen into the doldrums in part because of the anti-science sentiment that’s so prevalent in our culture lately.

I believe sci-fi fans are incredibly intelligent.

Victor Webster
Actually ninety-nine percent of my acting has nothing to do sci-fi or fantasy, I consider it a good part of my acting, and enjoy the roles I play.

Claudia Christian
I’ve been accused countless times of writing gloomy futures. But to me, the texture of my sci-fi just feels like an extrapolation of current trends.

I was dirt-poor. I could barely hold down a job. Eventually, though, I started getting small parts on shows like ‘Smallville,’ ‘Supernatural’… and lots of really bad sci-fi movies. I was running around the woods in wolf contacts, covered in fake blood made out of pancake syrup, roaring.

If you’ve gone to a sci-fi convention, you’ve only seen half of it. ‘Con Man’ delivers what convention ‘all-access’ passes have only promised in the past.

I’m not that into reading. If I’m gonna read, I’m gonna read some cool sci-fi book or something, not some stupid self-help book.

Jon Heder
I do miss ‘Battlestar’, the cast and crew. That was a pretty well-oiled machine. It’s sort of like you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. But I go to a lot of sci-fi conventions, and I love going and talking about the show.

Aaron Douglas
I’ve approached a couple of publishing houses about getting my work in print one day. I’d like to concentrate on sci-fi or action adventure.

As a child I read all kinds of stuff, whether it was ‘Asterix and Obelix’ and ‘Tin Tin’ comic books, or ‘Lord of the Rings,’ or Frank Herbert’s sci-fi. Or ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ Or ‘Charlotte‘s Web.’

Being born at the tag-end of the baby boom, I was destined (or doomed, depending on how you look at it) to fall in love with sci-fi. It was one of my first literary loves, as a matter of fact.

The more kind of head trippy sci-fi. I always like that. I was a big ‘Twilight Zonefreak.

I want to do more sci-fi films. I want to play half-alien, half-illegal alien.

Sci-fi fans are the best fans you can have. You could be doing the worst piece of tat which might have a robot or vampire in, and some people will become obsessed by it and know every little detail. ‘Being Human‘ has crossed over from sci-fi fans to being a drama that everyone can enjoy.

I especially love right-now sci-fi: stuff that happens in current time but incorporates a scientific breakthrough that is currently being explored.

Sci-fi nerds are respectful, honorable. You can trust them.

Claudia Christian
Growing up, I mostly read comic books and sci-fi. Then I discovered the book ‘Jane Eyre’ by Jane Austen. It introduced me to the world of romance, which I have since never left. Also, the world of the first-person narrative.

After ‘Quantum Leap,’ a lot of sci-fi things came my way, and I had to say, ‘I can’t do that right now.’

I think there will always be a part of me that kind of fanboys out about action sci-fi.

You can’t trademark the word ‘sci-fi.’

I like ‘Futurama.’ That’s kind of the only thing that’s my sci-fi thing, although I was big into zombies for a time.

I feel like touchscreen technology blows my mind still. It just makes me think of all of the sci-fi films I enjoyed as a kid.

Joe Trohman
I want to make Grimes a high-fashion sci-fi act.

I got interested in astronomy at the age of 8 because I was looking at an atlas of the planets in my parents’ apartment in Arlington, where I grew up. I got a telescope at age 10, which is pretty normal, and by the time I was in eighth grade, I had already seen a lot of cheesy sci-fi films.

Fringe‘ is a sci-fi show. But once you go beyond the genre, you’re immersed in a profound reality.

Anna Torv
Cyberpunk was really a reaction against old boy sci-fi which was about white guys in space who would come up with some kind of technological thing.

Pat Cadigan
All great sci-fi is: Be careful what you wish for.

In my youth, when I tried to plan for the future, I had wished to be an engineer so I could get work with technology while writing sci-fi after hours. I figured that if I got lucky, I could then turn into a full-time writer.

I did not realise just how passionate sci-fi fans are about their material.

I’m particularly fond of sci-fi and fantasy genres.

I think people do sci-fi a huge disservice by lumping it as some sort of bizarre subculture genre when I think everybody’s lives are impacted by sci-fi at some point.

Mark Sheppard
I would love to take another stab at really smart, speculative sci-fi – my first was a bit of a stumble. I look forward to getting another chance.

‘FlashForward’ is definitely not a sci-fi show. It doesn’t have the mythology of ‘Lost.’ We have one major event that happens that you are asked to buy into. After that, you’re dealing with very human ripple effects – how people deal with it and how they come to terms with it.

I’ve been dreaming to do sci-fi since I was 10 years old, and I said ‘no’ to a lot of sequels – I couldn’t say ‘no’ to ‘Blade Runner.’

I feel like we’ve found an interesting little corner of the sandbox here as far as the way we’re telling sci-fi stories. I don’t think it’s limited to sci-fi – I think anything fantastic can co-exist with people you and I know, and not these hyper-real movie people.

I’d always thought that, in all the great sci-fi constructs, there’s always the guy who seems like he’s the commander, but then you reveal that there’s an even bigger puppet master up above and beyond him.

Dan Fogelman
I love sci-fi, computer games. I love any escapes. Give me them all.

Alexander Siddig
I like making sci-fi movies because I like watching sci-fi movies. I like watching horror. I like being in a horror movie. I’m a fan. My perspective‘s a little different just because I get to participate as well as spectate.

New York City has changed enormously. My gut impression of it now is that it’s like being in a sci-fi novel: ‘Blade Runner’ syndrome. Nothing seems real anymore; everything is pre-packaged.

Gerard Malanga
I like contemporary American literature and I like biographies and I like jazz and I like baseball and I like writers who write about the human condition and sci-fi is just something that I happened into.

Jonathan Frakes
I have always loved octopuses. No sci-fi alien is so startlingly strange.

Sy Montgomery
Nothing scales quite the way a sci-fi feature does, I mean, you can always add more visual effects; you can spend a lot of money on the visual fidelity alone.

Once people realized that, ‘Hey, we’re going to be left on Earth here, and everything is going to hell quickly,’ sci-fi soon became about our own self-destruction.

I grew up watching sci-fi and Justice League and all those kinds of things.

Ciara Renee
I love crime, I love sci-fi and many other things.

A lot of jobs today are being automated; what happens when you extend that concept to very important areas of society like law enforcement? What happens if you start controlling the behavior of criminals or people in general with software-running machines? Those questions, they look like they’re sci-fi but they’re not.

I don’t understand and don’t enjoy sci-fi, and it’s just that if people aren’t real, and they don’t live in a real and recognizable society, I don’t understand what to do.

The way people love sci-fi is how I love cartoons.

I’m very proud of Space 1999. Its success paved the way for other sci-fi shows to follow. My hope is that the DVD release will help it reach a new generation of fans.

I think you should check out ‘Battle: Los Angeles‘ because it really is a sci-fi movie, but it’s not. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before. The best way to describe it is it’s a war movie that happens to have aliens as the enemy.

Noel Fisher
Yeah, I’m a geek. I read sci-fi and I watch sci-fi films. I love my computer and I love to fix it. I’m a total nerd. I literally am a 12-year-old geeky boy trapped in a 32-year-old woman’s body.

Amber Benson
Sci-fi is speculative fiction. ‘Field of Dreams’ is sci-fi.

I’m a huge horror film and sci-fi fan.

I believe in my heart that ‘Avatar‘ is going to be the revolutionary sci-fi movie for this generation, in this era.

Being a sci-fi geek, it was just lovely to be on a show where I pretend I’m in outer space. That’s always been my dream: to pretend to be out in space or actually be out in space.

British and Canadian sci-fi strikes me as more forward-looking than its American counterpart, as evidenced by the success of Iain M. Banks, Charlie Stross, Robert Charles Wilson, and Cory Doctorow.

I was always like, ‘No, I don’t like sci-fi,’ and then I started watching it and thought, I didn’t know that’s what it was. I think I’d somehow got it confused with action and space-travel action – that sci-fi could only be like ‘Star Wars.’