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I don't understand American football at all. It looks l
I don’t understand American football at all. It looks like all-in wrestling with crash helmets.

The number of fighters that are ISIS fighters wouldn’t fill up most American football stadiums. This is not a large group of individuals, but they’re tenacious, and they rule with absolute terror.

In the late-’80s, there was a big push to make American football big in Scotland. The Super Bowl was on TV, but it didn’t really catch on. When I was a kid, though, I became a big Miami Dolphins fan. I don’t really know why – I just liked the logo, I guess. I didn’t really know what was going on.

Kevin McKidd
What’s been missing from regions outside of Silicon Valley is a ‘playbook.’ In American football, a playbook contains a sports team’s strategies and plays. It struck me that every region needs its own industry playbook on how to compete globally.

Coming from a small South Dakota school, it was a different route to get to the NFL. I went from South Dakota State to the World League of American Football with the Amsterdam Admirals, and fortunately I did well enough there that the New England Patriots decided to sign me and give me a chance.

I’m a huge Rugby Union fan, which is a bit like American football – but tougher.

Alexander Hanson
European teams have always shied away from South American football. They struggle to get to grips with it. The South American game is more technical and about keeping possession, while European football is more dynamic, physical and direct.

When I first got to college, in my mind, I was going to end up playing professional football. When I tell people this story, they always end up laughing, and I chuckle about it at my own expense. I was a big fan of American football; I played in high school, and I ended up earning the opportunity to play in college.

Rugby is a different game. There is an interruption every two minutes also in American football. Our soccer is a moving game: play, play, play, move, move – you don’t interrupt.

I’m an ardent American Football fan.

I played American football, but I did my best work with baseball.

Honestly, like, American football is not that big over in the U.K., so we hadn’t really heard of Drew Brees before. I did know that he was, like, a massive football player. He’s a massive star, so I was still a little bit anxious and nervous to meet him.

The limits are set by the referees. Those are the ones who are in charge of making sure this is football and not American football.

American leagues – baseball, ice hockey, American football and basketball – you are the best. But in a global sport like soccer, you’re not.

It was weirdwriting is a stupid thing to do. I come up here in the morning to a pleasant room in the roof of my house and imagine I’m a black South American football superstar; then I have to imagine I’m a female pop celebrity who’s pregnant. It’s a completely mad way to spend your time.

American football seems to resemble soccer in that one scores by putting the ball through the opponent‘s goal; but football, truly is about land. The Settlers want to move the line of scrimmage Westward, the Native Americans want to move it East.

I play American football every Saturday, which I find calming.

I don’t think anything can prepare you for the ‘Strictlyexperience. It really is insane. I mean, I played football, rugby, American football. I go to the gym. I like to think I’d be quite fit, and I don’t have much fat on me to lose, and yet I still lost a stone and half and three inches off my waist.

Baseball and American football and hockey are all ahead because they have a history. The MLS is kind of new. So hopefully, in time, and with players coming and trying to develop the game, and the U.S. team also doing well – at the last World Cup, they finished above England and created some buzz.

I was a halfback on an American football team in Athens, Greece – the Kississia Colts – where I went to high school, and we took the Cup my senior year. The downside, and somewhat unfortunate piece of information I have to pass on, is there were only two teams in the league because of the limited amount of Americans.

While American football is very structured and linear and static – where everyone lines up, and there’s a burst, and it happens – soccer is like the cosmos. It’s like constellations. It’s bodies moving in space. It’s a very spherical game.

Gabriel Luna
When I was really young, the women‘s national team wasn’t on a grand media stage, so my role models were male basketball and male American football players.

And of course in America you’ve got American football and baseball and all those other ball games, soccer has become a little niche that the women have kind of filled.

We grew up with my family being very passionate about two sports, American football and British football.

I’ve been playing American football since I was six years old. I was a captain of my high school team, playing strong safety.

Gabriel Luna