Top 25 Licence Quotes

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Our trademark asymmetrical hairstyle came about by acci
Our trademark asymmetrical hairstyle came about by accident. My sister was trying to get her beautician’s licence, and I was her guinea pig. She permed my hair and didn’t wash out one of the sides properly, so the whole right side of my hair was eaten out. After she washed it, I was half bald.

I failed my HGV licence three times.

Yes, it’s true, I have bought a helicopter. I really like it. I can’t fly it, but I plan to get a licence one day.

So many older people are on a very small budget and just wouldn’t be able to afford a TV licence.

Let’s just say I don’t have any points on my licence, and I drive quickly sometimes.

Shouting on TV feels like it almost gives viewers licence to do it in real life.

I have a Category 4 Pyrotechnics licence and I do firework displays.

I want the BBC to be a mass market public service broadcaster still funded by the licence fee… and the licence fee is more durable than many people in the commercial sector believe.

Gavyn Davies
Once I know people know who I am, it gives me a lot of licence and freedom to behave in ways I wouldn’t normally.

We must stand up for the principle of parliamentary democracy and not allow the government‘s failure in the Brexit process to be a licence for the U.K. to crash out of the E.U. without an agreement.

I don’t have a TV licence. I don’t watch except on catch-up.

It is a hugely embarrassing situation to find myself in, I’m a professional driver and to be caught speeding and to have my licence taken away for speeding, it would have an effect on my reputation.

Mark Haddon’s ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ was published while I was trying to work out how to writeElizabeth Is Missing,’ and reading the story of that impaired amateur detective gave me the licence I needed to attempt one of my own.

It was an interesting question as to whether the BBC had a future in the digital world, and what form of market failure could justify the licence fee system.

Gavyn Davies
I can’t live without Radio 4. It’s worth the entire licence fee. I’m an obsessive listener; I get up, and Radio 4 goes on, but it goes off when ‘Thought for the Day’ starts, as that’s a step too far.

Like having your own licence to print money.

Roy Thomson
I’ve been a road-rat since I got my driver’s licence at 16, so I’ve probably gone across America 20 times.

I don’t have my pilot‘s licence anymore, but I’m still very political.

Mathias Rust
I’ve done my coaching badges, I’ve got my Pro Licence, but I enjoy what I’m doing now. I’m also the elite performance director of the Welsh FA. The main thing for me was always Liverpool Football Club and my country, Wales – and I’m lucky enough to still be involved with both of them.

Ian Rush
In fantasy, you have licence to pick whatever you like out of history and fantasy, and you don’t have to be accurate.

Cecilia Dart-Thornton
The day after I had my licence to drive, I made Paris/Nice at 230 km/hour.

First I went to the Sorbonne to do my licence en lettres, but I also started to study law.

Claude Chabrol
Tackling the environment should not be a licence to lecture people, because they have no excuse not to exercise, or eat their fruit and vegetables. Nannying – at least among adults – is likely to be counterproductive. Providing information is empowering; lecturing people is not. So, no excuses, no nannying.

I would describe my driving style as calm authority, but my wife would call it demented. In my defence I’ve got a clean licence so probably the best way to describe it is crafty.

I didn’t get my licence because I wasn’t allowed to. But I haven‘t had a seizure for a long time so I could, theoretically, get my licence. But I’m now just so used to not driving, I’m scared of what I’d do.