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I'm in a very comfortable place, and some of that comes
I’m in a very comfortable place, and some of that comes from the shackles of not having to be what people want you to be.

My parents had broken through the shackles of dogma.

Franz Boas
Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.

I was raised Catholic, so guilt shackles you from acting like a complete fool all the time.

I suppose the more established one gets, you have what’s called a reputation, and so you want to protect that and preserve that. And I think the bravery really comes in one’s mid career where you then are constantly trying to move beyond that and move past that, because those so-called successors can become shackles.

I’m trying to escape the shackles of a pen and a pad. I’ve sat in sessions with Jay-Z where he doesn’t write anything down. He’ll come up with the most incredible triple entendre, all in his head – it’s amazing.

I went to drama school for four years at Carnegie Mellon, conservatory training before television comedy. I was doing Shakespeare and Chekov plays. It’s about delivering on the promise of a $100,000 education and taking the shackles off and trying the hand at my craft. I’m thrilled with what I’ve seen so far.

It is not my nature, when I see a people borne down by the weight of their shackles – the oppression of tyranny – to make their life more bitter by heaping upon them greater burdens; but rather would I do all in my power to raise the yoke than to add anything that would tend to crush them.

Commercial shackles are generally unjust, oppressive, and impolitic.

If Tony Blair really wants to see a higher education sector that is thriving and growing then he should be releasing universities from the shackles of government control.

Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise, every expanded prospect.

If you play without the shackles and burdens, then you play like you did when you were a kid.

It’s time to believe again in the potential of private enterprise set free from the shackles of over-bearing federal government.

There is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience.

Fantasy enabled me to break the shackles and create a whole new level of ‘the world is in dangerstakes.

Matthew Reilly
Free from the shackles of the E.U. – and an automatic right of entry for their citizens, with or without work – we will be able to give the type of preference to brilliant scientists, academics and highly-skilled workers that we want to see more of.

The Time to Succeed Coalition brings together an unprecedented group of leaders from education and business, communities and academia to say that it is time to strike the shackles of an outdated school calendar from our disadvantaged schools.

I’ve read stories of slave owners who were very generous. They didn’t keep them in shackles, they didn’t whip the slaves, they built schools and churches for them, free housing, free food, free everything. It’s wrong. No matter how nice you make it look, it’s wrong.

I think in more ways than one ‘Uyir’ did a lot good, getting the scope to perform. Things have really fallen in place since then. Breaking free of the shackles has given me the rich option to choose and pick from the range of characters coming my way.

The freedom movement transformed the status of women. Women fought along with men as comrades. In the process, the shackles that had bound them fell away.

Stereotyping of any race or culture is narrow-minded, and I can’t wait to help break the shackles.

But it required a disastrous, internecine war to bring this question of human freedom to a crisis, and the process of striking the shackles from the slave was accomplished in a single hour.

The marriage of computing and connectivity without the shackles of being tethered to a location is one of the biggest disruptive forces of modern times.

I refuse to accept that the shackles of slavery can ever be stronger than the quest for freedom.