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I would hope to end my career here if it came down to i
I would hope to end my career here if it came down to it and take other roles with ‘Lucha Underground.’ I see a lot of the style I was raised on here, and I think I can help out with the young upcoming talent and hope to be around here as long as it lasts.

We used to play the underground clubs like the UFO, and Middle Earth, and they were great because they would have on things like a poet, string quartets, and then a rock band! It was kinda cool!

Like AEW, it kind of feels like they’re treating you like a professional athlete, and Lucha Underground is like a lot of TV production stuff. It felt like they treated you like a professional actor. The treatment was just above that for a wrestler.

Brian Cage
The baby boomerspolitics have covered a wide band of silliness, from the Weather Underground to the Timothy McVeigh types. The great majority of us are well in the middle of that spectrum, but still, there’s been both leftie silliness and right-wing silliness.

Oftentimes, a history book in school will talk about the Underground Railroad as if it’s one sentence. But thousands of people decided to run, and they single-handedly changed the trajectory of our nation. By running to the North, they put a face to slavery, which recruited a lot of abolitionists.

I went from the most underground band in the world to signing with Madonna‘s producer and a record label that is extremely mainstream – it was interesting.

When I turned to writing fantasy, and writing for young people, it was joyous. It was like discovering an underground lake of ideas that went on forever.

Laini Taylor
I didn’t expect my popularity to be a mainstream thing, ’cause I’d only ever been an underground artist.

I’d heard a lot of Motown and Stax when I was a kid, but the more well-known end of it. On Jam tours, we had a DJ called Ady Croasdell who ran a ’60s club. He turned me on to underground stuff and what people call northern soul. It just blew my mind.

I did the underground scene growing up. I lived in Albany, New York so I’d go see Stigmata, Hatebreed, Murphy‘s Law so I was in that whole scene.

What was once underground is now coming to the surface.

Gavin Bryars
I feel like I just wanna go back to being more underground.

You got a lot of girls out there that can rhyme and are underground, but it’s sex appeal that makes people really big.

I don’t think there will ever be another company that has what Lucha Underground has. It’s very unique, exciting, and fresh – this is really something new.

A typical day in the Senate requires several trips to the Senate floor and back, although the journey is usually underground so that on some days, once I arrive at work, I never see the sun.

Underground people pay a desperate toll finding out things nobody else has discovered yet. We run around like headless chickens looking for the next cultural fix to spiral around in before it gets appropriated somewhere else and becomes something it never was. There’s this sort of one-upmanship in the underground.

Electroclash is good because it’s stayed underground.

The story of the Underground Railroad is a thriller. These are people who are basically in a heist movie, and it’s the most precious cargo ever, your life. You’re fighting for your freedom.

I was always singing but didn’t plan on pursuing it seriously. When I got to New York City when I was 18, I started playing in clubs in Brooklyn – I have good friends and devoted fans on the underground scene, but we were playing for each other at that point – and that was it.

When a band becomes as truly iconic as the Velvet Underground, there will often be a box set released, overburdened with mediocre material that dilutes what was fine left on its own.

Imogen Poots loves music to death and can literally name 300 bands that she listens to, that you’ve never heard. She’s so heavy into the underground music scene. When she’s speaking on music, she means it.

I first was introduced to really, I guess, underground electronic music when I was in middle school.

In Mexico, theater is very underground, so if you’re a theater actor it’s very difficult to make a living. But it’s also a very beautiful pathway to knowledge and to an open education.

The roster of ‘Lucha Underground’ would definitely be excited about a fifth season. Same thing with the producers and everybody.

Malice‘ wasn’t about horror to start with but an underground comic driven by the power of rumour. However, as nothing fuels a rumour like fear, I decided that it had to be a frightening comic.

Chris Wooding
At the age of 16 I immigrated to Palestine from Europe, where I became a member of the Haganah, the main underground army of the Jews.

We shotDelusion‘ in the middle of the desert and outside of Las Vegas where they did those underground nuclear bomb testings. So I only ate oysters and drank coffee because I didn’t want to turn into a mutant.

Jennifer Rubin
I remember when I started performing, I thought, ‘Why is this something that we do after hours, underground?’ I was waiting on the world to change and the idea of this art to become mainstream, and I think that’s what ‘RuPaul‘s Drag Race‘ has really accomplished in such an eloquent way.

Success happened for me when I dropped my first major label album for Def Jam, ‘Live From The Underground.’

My musical roots and inspiration lie not in rock n’ roll or metal music, but first and foremost in classical music, balalaika, and in underground house music.

Preppy never goes away. It just has its moment every 15 years, and then it goes back underground.

As a New Yorker you can’t help but be proud of the fact that so much music and culture started here. Punk rock, jazz, hip-hop and house music started here, George Gershwin debuted ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ here; the Velvet Underground are from New York.

The reason we personify things like cars and computers is that just as monkeys live in an arboreal world and moles live in an underground world and water striders live in a surface tension-dominated flatland, we live in a social world.

With ‘Lucha Underground,’ it’s really tight, and you don’t need to fast-forward. Everything you’re watching is important and entertaining.

I was always heavily interested in underground musical movements, the post-dubstep scene; Mount Kimbie were coming out, and bands like that.

I’m not trying to be some kind of underground renegade.

If you live in London, where politicians and media commentators spend most of their time, you are spoilt for transport choicestrains, an extensive underground network and a regular bus service.

If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow.

Emile Zola
Scientists didn’t discover the noble gas helium – the second most common element in the universe – on Earth until 1895. And they thought it existed in minute quantities only, until miners found a huge underground cache in Kansas in 1903.

I was always interested in mixing experimentation with pop music, and Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream – we were all doing it at the same time, just very isolated from each other, all in our different cellars, in different worlds, without the Internet – underground in every sense.

Fall 2013 was inspired by the 1970s equestrian lifestyle. I wanted to incorporate the moody and romanticintricate baroque detailing and classic menswear elements – with something tougher and edgier in a nod to London’s rock n’ roll underground.

The Velvet Underground is probably the best band that’s ever existed, assuredly the best American one.

I went to an art school in Brooklyn and painted Fine Art, if that’s what you’d call it for eight years in New York, until I saw the first underground comics in the East Village Other.

Bill Griffith
I’m a fan of Lucha Underground and hope they are successful.

We don’t really want to be the ‘Late Night’ of the Internet. We want to have one foot in the mainstream, one foot in the underground.

I’ve had some really, really wild fun nights in Vegas. I ended up on stage once with this band, The Digital Underground, doing the Humpty Dance.

I just try to keep myself a traditionalist. I liked being an underground comic doing my thing. I want to maintain that. I just do.

There’s a certain type of success you can have where it means nothing. You’re just becoming someone in Hello! magazine and no one knows what you actually do any more… the only way to escape that is to go back underground.

I’ve always been ahead of the curve when it came to trying new stuff in the underground scene.

My whole goal in this industry nowadays is to keep doing the underground stuff, but to be able to add vocals that are sexy and underground.

Erick Morillo
The cool thing about ‘Sweet Tooth‘ is that you can bring influences from the underground and alternative people that I read and also bring in some genre influences, too, from movies and comics. And kind of mash it all up. It’s a fun project.

I met Tupac pretty much right after he did the movie ‘Juice,’ so he was already with Digital Underground, but he was on his own rise at this time. He was very humble, down to earth, a very cool guy.

As a teen, I heard the second Velvet Underground album, ‘White Light/White Heat,’ and it was too much for my limited scope of appreciation. It was intense, but I didn’t get it.

Artists have so much more control of their futures – they don’t need to rely so much on major labels or big companies to help them. You have artists like Skrillex that can dominate so much that he gets 5 Grammy nominees, and he’s clearly an underground artist.

I wore a $30 vintage wedding dress for my 8th birthday in an underground jazz club in Seattle. This was what I wanted.

Actually, the only thing I regret is not making more underground films and bringing them with me as historical documents.

It is important that carbon storage is carefully regulated, that the process is transparent to the public, and that there is a clear accounting of what happened to the CO2. This is particularly true of underground storage, where there is always a small chance that pressurized CO2 could escape.

Klaus Lackner
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salifist parties are a real force in the Egyptian society. No civil, liberal government can succeed, even after new elections, if the Islamists are forced to work underground as a foe and the country remains divided.

If you’ve never been to a live wrestling show, you need to go to one. To understand ‘Lucha Underground,’ you need to watch it.

In World War II, jazz absolutely was the music of freedom, and then in the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain, same thing. It was all underground, but they needed the food of freedom that jazz offered.

I have single-handedly provided job opportunities and training to 200 Indian fighters who were doing nothing but misusing their strength on the streets or in underground illegal fight clubs.

I am excited by the opportunity to join such an extraordinary group of athletes and be a part of the ‘Lucha Underground’ family.

I think I’m commercial underground. I’m not commercial in the way that people consider ‘pop,’ but I’m not underground in the way that people consider that. either. I am just a cool guy.

What Public Enemy and Underground Resistance had in common was a rejection of the idea of music as entertainment.

If you make a strange, eccentric record – like the Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’ – it takes on its own mood because it’s less about a shrewd marketing plan; it’s more about an individual emotion.

I’ve been pushing and training for Lucha Underground and AAA, as well as parkour and stunt training for my movie, and I’ve blended those styles together for my wrestling.

For me, the ’80s was great because you had Boy George, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Cyndi Lauper. No one put boxes saying this is urban, this is popular, this is underground. It was just good or bad.

There is kind of an underground conservative movement in Hollywood, really.

I have really got into watching the unsigned bands. They play mad venues like the Sugarmill in Stoke and all sorts of underground, grimy places.

Even before the mainstream knew about P.O.D., we were going for several years underground. For me, those were the times where it really was about the music and really about the fan base.

I was an underground artist, but the underground status was successful. Coming from where I came from to see where rap is now, now artists are selling from a million to eight million copies.

During the Civil War, the Underground Railroad became a spy network, so we could still have fresh stories for these characters years into the future, with desperate people still doing desperate things.

Born a slave, Harriet Tubman was determined not to remain one. She escaped from her owners in Maryland on the Underground Railroad in 1849 and then fearlessly returned thirteen times to help guide family members and others to freedom as the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad.

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Sweet Jane‘ is my favorite song by Lou Reed the writer, at least the Velvet Underground Lou Reed.

The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.

I like underground rappers – Cory Gunz is a young kid that’s been really doing his thing. I’m a Gym Class Heroes type of fan even though they’re not new, but they’re definitely trendsetters.

I just like being on my own on trains, traveling. I spent all my pocket money travelling the London Underground and Southern Railway, what used to be the Western region, and in Europe as much as I could afford it. My parents used to think I was going places, but I wasn’t, I was just travelling the trains.

Parallels between classical and pop are not new. The whole San Francisco movement of John Cage and Terry Riley went hand in glove with what the Velvet Underground were doing.

The underground always has the best ideas. Sometimes those underground artists transcend and make it to the mainstream, but most of the time, the big guys just steal from us.

I’m so proud of ‘Underground’ because it’s this thriller; it’s this action- adventure. It’s unexpected. People think it’s gonna one be one thing – they think it’s gonna be very depressing and downtrodden – and it’s empowering.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain the way that the Velvet Underground’s records opened a door in my head. But it has something to do with Lou Reed as a mythic figure: a person who fitted no category, who defied limits and trends and definitions.

The end of coal in Appalachia doesn’t mean that America is running out of coal (there’s plenty left in Wyoming). But it should end the fantasy that coal can be an engine of job creation – the big open pit mines in Wyoming employ a tiny fraction of the number of people in an underground mine in Appalachia.

Since I loved underground music, I tried to carve a space for feminism within it. Those were my hopes.

Underground, raw movies that come out of nowhere and change everything – they aren’t slick-looking. But I have nothing against slick-looking as long as the scripts are funny.

Anyone that’s been with WWE, there’s frustrations of feeling like you can only do so much. The women are told not to punch or to kick, to do power bombs and the power moves, and none of that exists in ‘Lucha Underground.’

Well, me and Freaky been knowing each other for a while, and he was always playing crazy music in his room, but he would never release it. He’s, like, the most underground rapper I know, and he’s crazy talented.

I’ve done that I was touring a couple of years ago with R. Kelly and the Lillith Fair, I would do the late night underground gigs as well because it’s always around those times that there was a hot song, either on the radio or in the clubs, it would just be simultaneous.

No U.K. rapper has been in my position; there are loads of big rappers like Tinie Tempah or Skepta, but no one has done what I have: had mainstream success with underground music and pop music.

It’s so cliche, but I love the feeling you get from improv that anything can happen. The audience is already accepting that there are no props or costumes or furniture, so the performers can be anywhere doing anything; cut from underground to space, and it doesn’t matter.

Andy Daly
As far as being the guy and really the first guy with the reputation to sign on to be a part of ‘Lucha Underground,’ I take a great deal of pride in it.

I love the Velvet Underground, bro.

If the Jews had issues with the Polish people then why during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, did the Jewish underground hang two flags from the bunker – the Polish flag and the flag of the Jewish people? Why? They did it because they felt part of Polish society and that is how we view them as well.

I’d begun reading Crumb shortly before that, and other underground stuff, so that was an influence to some degree. Of course the Marvel and DC comics, they had been my main interests in my teenage years.

I would be happy to produce groups, like John Cale – he was in the Velvet Underground, and then he went on to produce these bands.

Who can forget that in critical times of war in 1962, 1965 and 1971, Naga underground organisations did not fire on the Indian Army? They showed restraint.

If you want to talk about EDM, let’s talk about Detroit underground music, Chicago house and let’s talk about all the things that got us to this place. We all get on the train of dance music. We need to all respectfully look through the carriages that have come before us and realize how we got here.

I guess, for me, what started me getting real excited about music was the New York punk and new-wave scene. All those bands looked back to the Velvet Underground and the Stooges and the Modern Lovers as well. But that was back when Television were punk, and the Talking Heads were punk.

My favorite model of success is when people say, ‘Nobody bought that first Velvet Underground album, but everyone who did started a band.’

In America, when you hear about the Underground Railroad, it’s so evocative. You think it’s a literal subway for a few minutes before your teacher goes on and describes where it actually was.

‘You Talk’ was originally a copy of a certain Velvet Underground song.

The song ‘Jumme ki Raat’ is a treat for all the fans of Salman. It is shot in the underground style on a very big scale. We have tried to give it the edgy and grungy feel.

There’s always going to be a fight between mainstream and underground because the mainstream is a very small bubble, and the underground scene is a very small bubble, and they both see themselves as secret societies. But I never saw it that way. I always thought music was open to all things.

I feel that in the underground world, there’s not enough vocals out there.

Erick Morillo
Encouraging underground uranium mining on the Colorado Plateau um, the federal government was the only purchaser of uranium ore to try to manufacture uh, atomic bombs.

Tom Udall
I know Diplo knows a lot about underground music culture – he was one of the people to put me onto music like that when I used to listen to the Mad Decent Mixes. It was like, ‘Oh, he knows what I want.’

I come from the underground, from the ground.

What, exactly, did Sjahrir do for the Republic? … His entire underground effort can be summed up by saying that he sat quietly and safely away somewhere listening to a clandestine radio.

I like their darkness but I also like the pop-side of the Velvet Underground.

During the Second World War, we lived in a flat on Whitechapel Road in the East End of London. At one point during the blitz, the air-raid sirens went off every night for 30 nights, and each time, my parents would grab my sister and me and take us to the shelter beneath Whitechapel underground station.

In the public sector, there are a million people in the health service. There ought to be a couple of dozen or more on the Labour side, who learned their trade in different parts of the health service, and the public sector, and local government. And bus drivers, and people on the Underground.

The thing about hip-hop is that it’s from the underground, ideas from the underbelly, from people who have mostly been locked out, who have not been recognized.

Competition is always good, but I truly believe that ‘Lucha Underground’ has nothing to do with WWE or their programming. We are completely different, you know. And, in a way, we have more to offer.

Ginger is often called a root, but it is actually a rhizome, which means it is an underground stem that sends shoots and roots laterally in all directions. This is why ginger often looks so gnarly and knobby, making it tough to know where to get started when prepping it.

Before the Civil War, Canada was at the top of the underground railroad. If you made it into Canada, you were safe unless someone came and hauled you back. That was also true during the Vietnam War for draft resisters.

It was humbling to see how many fans there are of ‘Serenity.’ It’s like an underground fan base.

If people didn’t read books on the subway, underground journeys would be dreary.

What made Andy famous was the years I managed him. I created the Velvet Underground and told him not to worry about them because they would help his career. All those things I did created his fame.

A friend of mine had this great theory about the Teletubbies, that it’s preparing us for being mindless. And getting us ready for living in an underground world. That’s why the scenery is so flat.

I didn’t plan to be a politician. The founder of our country, David Ben-Gurion, called me from the kibbutz to serve in the underground. We were short of manpower, short of arms. I was 24 years old. I was supposed to serve my country for one or two years. I am 89 years old this year, and I keep going.

For years, I survived as an artist on grants and touring as a dancer with dance companies, and I was living underground like so many artists, hand-to-mouth and so forth. And I never had the power to make decisions.

When we learned to play in bands, what we were covering was equal part the Velvet Underground and the Grateful Dead. That would defy the logic that somehow these things don’t fit in the same musical well.

When we came along in 1982, music was getting boring – like 1976 when punk hadn’t happened. We wanted to be rock ‘n’ roll. We grew up with The Velvet Underground, the Stones and Mars bars and Marianne Faithfull and we knew we didn’t want to be boring – and we weren’t!

Underground literature only began in the ’70s, when technical developments made it possible. Before that, we were involved in a game with the censors. That was our struggle.

You don’t make this kind of music expecting to have to do TV press and stuff like that. I don’t mind doing it, but it’s a fairly underground type of music. You do it for the love of the music more than being a star or anything.

If I’m gonna make a dancehall record, I’m gonna reference the best dancehall that I know – even if it might just be super underground, but I know it’s quality.

I made the choice to go into the world of underground poker.

Feelings are more dangerous than ideas, because they aren’t susceptible to rational evaluation. They grow quietly, spreading underground, and erupt suddenly, all over the place.

I like Velvet Underground, but I was never really hardcore into them. I like them, and I like Nico, but I won’t front like I’m super knowledgeable. I just never got around to it.

We’re making this huge changeover from underground to more mainstream audiences. I don’t know if we could ever repeat this type of feeling. We’re really excited.

I feel like artists like Three 6 Mafia and 8 Ball and MJG reached a point in their careers where they were hot and underground.

On ‘Underground,’ we had used contemporary music to pull you into the present and not just look at it as a portrait on the wall and in the past.

When you break it all down, my punk rock is my dad‘s blues. It’s music from the underground, and it’s real, and it’s written for the downtrodden in uncertain times.

I had seen some films made about the underground music world in Tehran, and most of them were short documentaries about 30 or 40 minutes long. And I always wondered why they weren’t publicized more. Really, their only flaw was they were short documentaries.

I like Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Common. But I like the underground stuff like Young Jeezy, Black Rob and Shine. I also love heavy metal like Slipknot and Pantera, It’s very intense stuff.

I don’t write songs in order to stick it to my exes. I don’t release underground dis tracks.

Those who have not seen wrestling before have probably tuned in to ‘Lucha Underground’ and go, ‘Whoa! This is a TV series turned into wrestling.’

It doesn’t really seem any different anywhere. I’d say it seems like we’re biggest in Australia. It’s just that we’ve always been this underground band and for some reason in the last month has been starting to go overground.

A lot of artists get famous overseas first. I don’t know what it is here. I have a large underground following in the U.S., but I don’t get the airplay as much as I do in, say, Australia. Over there, they can play whatever they like, it seems, but not so much here.

Still, language is resilient, and poetry when it is pressured simply goes underground.

I don’t know anybody who does what I do. I’m very underground.

Eric Bogosian
There will always be an underground.

I was an underground rapper and only 16 years old, a freshman at high school. Bang thought I had potential as a rapper and lyricist, and we went from there. Then Suga joined us.

My favourite place in South Korea is Jeju Island: it’s a tropical paradise with sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and the magnificent Geomunoreum lava tube system of underground caves.

At the end of the ’90s and into 2000, electronic music was still an underground phenomenon, especially in America.

The sum total of what I learned about African American culture in school was Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and the Underground Railroad. This was more than my mom knew; she didn’t even see a black person in real life until she was 18 years old.

I don’t think anything’s underground anymore. And I think that’s a good thing. Everything is up for grabs.

The reason why I’m just ‘Cage’ in Lucha Underground instead of ‘Brian Cage’ is because DJ, the writer, Chris DeJoseph, we wanted to keep my name the same.

Brian Cage
My parents led this double life. They were in the underground movement to bring down the Nazis. My father was hanged for being a traitor.

Veruschka von Lehndorff
Thanks partly to the kind of poets that we now have and partly to funding, there’s been a gigantic shift in the way poetry is perceivedPoems on the Underground, poets in schools, football clubs, zoos.

It doesn’t get any more underground, conscious or indie than Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, but because they got a couple of really big pop hits, actually some of the biggest pop hits that hip-hop has ever seen, people are missing that part of their story. People are not counting that blessing.

Hopefully, when people watch ‘Lucha Underground’ and WWE, Ring of Honor, New Japan, AAA, and any other promotion out there, they fall in love with pro wrestling. Pro wrestling, as it affects pop culture, is bigger than any one promotion.

At 18, I moved to L.A. with my heavy metal band Avant Garde, which was very much influenced by Metallica. At 19, I got a job at Tower Records, and everything started to change very quickly. I started listening to the Velvet Underground, Pixies, early Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and also earlier music like the Beatles.

Open debate is our strongest tool in standing up to extremism. The far more dangerous avenue is to force extremist ideas underground, where they can fester without competition.

Jonas Gahr Store
I don’t want be an underground DJ – don’t get me wrong – I just wanna share my music with everybody.

It’s really a grand old, legendary theatre where the spirits of like Judy Garland and all these great performers have been. The clubs are way more underground.

Couples without kids have each other, their friends, families, and Siri to talk to. It’s not like they’re quarantining themselves in an underground bunker, never to take a romantic stroll on the beach or attend a Morrissey concert ever again. They’re just using birth control.

It’s a dangerous thing to build pipelines underground.

One percent of all comics ever reach the level of a Chris Rock or a Jerry Seinfeld. When audiences come to the underground rooms, they have a chance to watch the process that happens along the way – and see the comedians grow.

Even though I accomplished the whole WWE thing, which I feel like was everybody’s dream when you were growing up, but it wasn’t until I got to Lucha Underground that I felt how I thought I’d feel at 10 years old to be a pro wrestler.

Brian Cage
The Americans have their way of talking, their way of dressing, their way of doing things, and we have ours. That’s why this whole U.K. underground thing has become sick, because everyone has finally said, ‘Yeah, yeah, Drake is sick – but hang on, we are too.’

There’s a critic that I love, Manohla Dargis of the ‘L.A. Weekly.’ I like the underground point of view; it’s my old radical sympathies. Maybe I like her because she likes my movies.

There’s constantly this melancholy about British hip-hop. People are always waiting for it to explode like American hip-hop, but it might just be that British hip-hop will always be as it is: an underground thing which will stay that way.

If you go into an underground train in London – probably anywhere, but chiefly in London – there’s that sense of almost entering a ghostly dimension. People are very still and quiet; they don’t exchange many pleasantries.

I have traveled down this path before – ‘List of Seven’ and ‘Twin Peaks‘ both have thematic similarities – but ‘Paladin’ took me much deeper into the intuitive underground. Always bearing in mind Joseph Campbell‘s Rule No. 1: When entering a labyrinth, don’t forget your ball of twine.

When you look at hip-hop, I want to do that: to spit fire and take our best from the ashes to build our kingdom; to recognize all the regional styles, conscious lyrics, the tracks, underground, mainstream, the way we treat each other. Lose the garbage and rebuild our scene.

In my 20s, when I was a photojournalist in Beijing. I joined an underground art group and put on clandestine exhibitions of my paintings.

Only in the nineteenth century, with the improvements to the water supply forced by the fear of cholera, and with the building of underground sewers, did the flushing toilet finally take its place in most homes.

When I was eight, nine years of age, my mother bought me a pair of green trousers – corduroy green trousers. I didn’t like green, and I basically buried them underground. And my mother kept asking me, ‘Where are your trousers?’ I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know.’ And from then on I stopped wearing green.

I have a fascination for extra-judicial societies and underground cultures, and in situations where justice can only be found outside the law, and how these societies have evolved over the centuries.

I learned a lot while working on ‘Live From the Underground.’

‘Lucha Underground’ really is the first episodic professional wrestling show. There are storylines in every promotion, but the way ‘Lucha Underground’ is crafted really is more of a TV show than your traditional wrestling show.

I got involved in the underground world known as ballroom culture, and I used to walk a category called ‘face,’ and it was a very heavily Latino culture – it’s black and Latino – and they used to call me ‘cara,’ which means face in Spanish, so I started putting ‘cara’ on everything: hats, jackets.

I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.

Zone One’ has one kind of an apocalypse, and ‘The Underground Railroad’ another. In both cases, the narrators are animated by a hope in a better place of refuge – in the last surviving human outpost, Up North. Does it exist? They can only believe.

I hate that people have made the term SoundCloud rapper into a bad thing, because a lot of artists are underground and they don’t have a way to put their music on. But to get that clout, to get that popularity, you might want to upload your music to SoundCloud – because how else is everybody going to hear it?

HATE, even if it’s making money. is an underground movie, that’s how it was made. It’s a film about police brutality in the largest sense, it’s about the whole of society and not just about the hood.

Mathieu Kassovitz
Ultimately, the issue is not whether you are pro- or anti-sports betting. You begin, from my standpoint, from the premise that it is going to continue to exist, and if it is going to continue to exist, should it be shoved underground, or should it be regulated?

Adam Silver
It’s called ‘Fight Valley,’ and it’s my first feature film. I just dove in and did the best I could. I don’t think I’m gonna win any Academy Awards on this one. I had fun with it and hopefully will get more opportunities like that. It’s about two sisters, one poor and one rich, and one goes into underground fighting.

I love hip hop music and would do anything to help the culture blow up in China because it’s been so underground. I just want people know how good this culture is, how good the music is, and how it can change your life.

Kris Wu
Oh, I’m a huge fan of ‘Lucha Underground.’

I’m happy that grime remains underground. A lot of people talk like it’s some underrated or ignored genre, but to me, that’s the beauty of it.

The Florida peninsula is, in fact, an emerging plateau, honeycombed with voids and vents, caves and underground waterways. Travelers on Interstate Highway I-75 have no idea that, beneath them, are cave labyrinths still being mapped by speleologists – ‘cavers,’ they prefer to be called.

Randy Wayne White
I’ve worked as a singer in metal bands for over ten years now, so I’ve definitely kind of put in my time building that underground family, that underground, loyal fan base.

I know it sounds weird, but the kind of music I write isn’t the kind of music that I listen to, which is quite underground, left-of-centre stuff like PJ Harvey and Tom Waits.

‘Lucha Underground’ is like a combination of Lucha Libre, American Pro Wrestling, and gridy action films. It’s got a lot of things I like – action, wrestling, and really good storytelling.

I got caught up on drugs for a few years, I’m off it, I’m very happy, got two kids and a family and everything. And like I said I’m making the underground music, and keeping it real.

Although drag has a long cultural history in America, it remained largely underground till the late 1980s.

When I was very little, I was into Michael Jackson. At six or seven, it was Madonna, but she’s not what she used to be. I’ve been into everything from Edith Piaf to Joe Strummer to the Velvet Underground to Suicide to A Tribe Called Quest to African music.

When I was doing dancehalls, nobody was doing well in dancehalls. Dancehalls was not mainstream music that was blazing charts and knocking down barriers. This was an underground phenom.

I had three older sisters whose record collections I borrowed, so I was listening to The Velvet Underground as well as Bach and brass band music.

I’m a comic nerd. I’m a former serious collector for much of my childhood and early teen years I wanted to draw underground comics.

When I was 13, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground made more sense to me than anything else.

Rotgut was, to me, just this way to get into the underground of Manhattan where you have these little pockets a villain could rise from; a rot in the bowels of Manhattan. It led to these stories that were just very creepy.

The Underground Railroad, which was the first integrated civil rights movement, is a part of our history that not a lot of us know about. And it’s actually a very empowering side of our history.

As big as Metallica are, they’re still not like a pop act. As big as they are, they’re still not U2 or Lady Gaga. It’s still underground.

The Underground Railroad was a spy network for the North and that story has never been told.

I’m really interested in how you create a whole new economy of recycling. It’s literally the ‘underground economy.’ All this stuff that on the surface creates growth and profit, ends up with waste, junk, and CO2. So how do you make it economic to bring new players into the ball game?

Peter Senge
No part of Manhattan these days really has the same vibe I get from a Ramones song or a Velvet Underground song.

I’m usually bored with both gangsta rappers and underground ones, too.

It seemed record companies wanted bands to be creative because they didn’t know how to manufacture underground music. We could do our own thing and go at our own pace. But that changed when major labels started wanting bands that would sell 7 million records.

In ‘Underground,’ you have to write for everyone, even the bad guys. People need to laugh and love and have voices and do bad things. Even slave owners need to be people.

A lot of underground hip-hop will inspire me as far as rhyme patterns – really wordy, intelligent lyrics.

In many ways, my entire graphic novel career was a long diversion. Originally, all I wanted to do was to be an underground cartoonist and maybe bring out a groovy underground mag.

I think I can pinpoint the moment that I realized that I enjoyed hip-hop music and it was the video game called Need For Speed Underground.

Because we spent so much time in the States in the beginning, we weren’t able to do so much in England. It was slower catching up. And we didn’t have radio here like what was called underground radio over there. So we got these little slots on the BBC.

It’s hard to imagine the whole punk movement without The Velvet Underground. I toured with them when they did their reunion tour, and no one sounds like that; they are a very unique-sounding band.

I never felt like ‘I’m an underground dude‘ or ‘I can only be hot in New York.’

Of course, I started really being a comics fan with the underground stuff in the ’70s.

My favorite part of working with ‘Lucha Underground’ is learning more Lucha, combining that with my WWE psychology, and taking wrestling to a place we’ve never seen before in the evolution of wrestling.

I was fortunate enough to be living in Hollywood, CA, when the underground punk rock music scene started. It was a small group of artists, misfits and weirdos, where everyone was welcomed and encouraged to express themselves.

Washington, D.C., has everything that Rome, Paris and London have in the way of great architecturegreat power bases. Washington has obelisks and pyramids and underground tunnels and great art and a whole shadow world that we really don’t see.

There is always the underground rapper people enjoy, and you want to see him come up. That’s kind of how it is in wrestling.

I have already applied to the Home Ministry for security. So far, I have got nothing. For security, I am staying underground.

I’m very underground.

Eric Bogosian
I don’t care about the underground, even if that’s where I’m currently residing sonically.

I model a lot and I’m very fortunate and blessed to be able to do as many partnerships I do for an underground musician such as myself.

The thing I stress to my fans is that I’ve been making big, universally friendly-type music for a long time now. I never really made underground music.

I had originally done a production called ‘The Resistance.’ It was one of those underground guerilla things, very low budget. Then Starz and Ghost House ended up picking it up and funding it, and we reshot it.

Katrina Law
There’s a lot more hypocrisy than before. Racism has gone back underground.

On the second verse of ‘Tears to Snow,’ I talk about rappers and the way they view me now, rappers in the underground world who I might’ve know for a little bit, or they might’ve opened a show for me. A lot of them talk crap about me behind my back, and they’ll smile in my face.

When I left the country to study in the U.K., I suddenly realized, and I’m still realizing, how much other stuff is out there – like My Bloody Valentine, who millions of people are passionate about, but they’re still considered an ‘underground’ band.

That’s just the way the world’s going – everything has to be so instantly commercial that it kills anything that’s a little bit underground instantly.

Wrestling in Australia is big, but it’s kind of underground.

Peyton Royce
‘Lucha Underground’ is a fantastic product. They have the right people, talent, and backing up the product.

I’ve come to think of Dunnett as the literary equivalent of the Velvet Underground; Not many people bought the books, but everyone who did wrote a novel.

Alaya Dawn Johnson
The last time I put out ‘Raw,’ that boosted me up in the underground to one of the top underground artists who was making moves and touring around the world.

Most of these experiments required the reduction of the cosmic ray muon flux in order to be successful, and the group necessarily became expert in the operation of deep underground laboratories.

Frederick Reines
Billions of taxpayers‘ money has been wasted in bad deals. The London Underground modernisation, personally negotiated by one of Gordon Brown‘s team, was a disaster, as the National Audit Office has confirmed.

When I first got involved in the underground metal scene in ’82, ’83, there were only about five or six major Death or Black Metal bands around. There were so many other bands that were inspirational, that really helped.

Chuck Schuldiner
On some summer days in New York City, the air hangs thickly visible, like the combined exhalations of eight million souls. Steam rising from vents underground makes you wonder if there isn’t one giant sweat gland lodged beneath the city.

We’ve become an underground thing for kids, because we never got the love our peers got back in the day. Kids are loving discovering us, and I’m happy to be that band.

The air that people breathe in many Chinese cities has become dangerously polluted. Their food supply is subject to constant contamination scandals. Now it appears that not merely stagnant ponds but the water people draw from deep underground is already tainted.

When the music industry started collapsing, the logical people understood that the only place to go for shelter was the underground. If the world on the surface is burning up, and you know people that have bunkers, go to the bunkers.

That’s one of the ways language evolved, by some very obscure form becoming common usage. And I must say that I’m very intrigued by use of language and slang, and criminal underground terms.

I think there’s so many amazing LGBTQ artists, ranging from commercial to underground, that are influencing people at large.

I left for Fiji 36 hours after we wrapped ‘Lucha Underground’ season 4. The producers of ‘Lucha Underground’ had to bend over backwards to get me wrapped out of the season to leave for ‘Survivor.’

Out of every 10 scripts I get sent, seven are fairly generic about an American guy who gets the girl and is involved in underground espionage activity.

I heard the Velvet Underground and that changed things when I was like, 15.

I’m an underground mix-tape artist who’s had a level of commercial success.

I have quite a bit of experience reporting on corporate behavior, both doing it with independent operations in early in my career, in the underground press, to magazines like ‘Rolling Stone,’ to regional newspapers and television, and television news programs, to papers like the ‘New York Times‘ and public television.

Lowell Bergman
My least favorite word is ‘Bank‘ because it’s the worst underground station in London. It’s terrible. I get lost in it all the time; like a labyrinth, and you just can’t find your way out.

Skating was popular, but it wasn’t mainstream. It had this underground following, and you could go on tours, win decent prize money, and make royalties from signature products – that’s how I came to buy a house when I was a senior in high school.

When people say ‘What are underground comics?’ I think the best way you can define them is just the absolute freedom involved… we didn’t have anyone standing over us.

I represent a kind of underground, punk side of drag.

Dance music always goes through its changes; many styles come have their light and go back to the underground ’til it happens again.

For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground.

You gotta look beyond the mainstream… the mainstream’ll drown you, you know? There’s always a pulse in the underground that I love. And the pulse in the underground is what keeps heavy metal alive.

We been bubblin’ in the Los Angeles underground for years.

I mean there’s certainly a lot of progressive rock and metal that exists at the underground level, which has its own vitality, as it should. But it seems to have lost its ability to really charge up the hill.

I went to underground music studios. In the studios, I learned that you can make a movie without a permit.

Though gay lifestyles have certainly moved into the open, there’s little evidence that society has become more open in its basic attitudes or that entertainers should feel cozy in emerging from the velvet underground.

Peter Bart
Us comics guys tend to get really good at the things we draw a lot. I’m good at creepy old forests, Victorian houses, underground goblin cities, and beautiful but creepy fairies.

The naked mole is, like, the ugliest freakin’ creature in the world. It is so radically, unbelievably disgusting. And the star-nosed mole is also. It looks like it snorted a firecracker. They live way underground, and to get footage of them is basically impossible.

A lot of the surreal writing that I love is really dreamlike. Like Murakami. He uses the real world, and it’s pretty recognizable, but its populated by these strange visitors, or it has these underground spaces. I was always really compelled by that.

Those nations that say it’s a crime to preach your religion are making a terrible mistake. All they’re doing is driving underground other forms of spiritual intuitions and practices.

I have a tremendous support from a lot of the Underground fans. They believe in me, they want to see me do well, and they’re behind me. But there are a lot of people out there who don’t believe it, and so I want to separate perception and reality. I want to be able to do that.

There’s this whole underground world of amateur television production.

I listen to all kinds of music. I love underground, new music that’s popping.

To put the point sharply: If an informer in the French underground who sent a friend to the torture chambers of the Gestapo was equally a victim, then there can be no right or wrong in life that I understand.

Albert Maltz
I’m interested to work with Lucha Underground and as champion that would put me in the mix to work with them.