Top 30 Affiliation Quotes

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The 'Playboy' affiliation will probably stick for the r
The ‘Playboy’ affiliation will probably stick for the rest of my life to some extent.

While I unconditionally support the First Amendment, inciting violence against others due to their political affiliation is not constitutionally protected speech.

Let them be reassured, it has never been one of our intentions to ban religion in society, but solely to protect the national education system from any conspicuous display of religious affiliation.

Regardless of your political affiliation, most people agree that Ronald Reagan was an American icon. He was a president of national significance and for that reason he deserves an honor in the nation‘s capital.

Henry Bonilla
To be honest, I think affiliation is anathema – if you‘re a rock ‘n’ roller, you’re a lone wolf.

Ours was a family of engineers with no political affiliation; art and culture were the only things that we discussed at home.

Irrespective of their party affiliation or wishes on the matter, those governing from 10 Downing Street now have to take on much of the aura and role of head of state. And this is bound to have heavy consequences for their family.

Well, your premise is correct, that we have to first guard against those who have an affiliation with terrorists and a connection, and so we have watch lists and systems that can make that connection.

Keep in mind, our demographics of our state, how it breaks down in terms of political affiliation: over half the people in this state chose not to align themselves with any party at all.

Kushner is the victim of exaggerated speculation supported by little evidence. Because of his affiliation with the Trump White House and the Trump family, he is subject to the perverse standard of guilty until proven innocent. It is a grotesque miscarriage of justice indeed.

Just as we responded following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and just as an earlier generation rallied in a united front to fight World War II, members of Congress must respond to the coronavirus pandemic without regard to our party affiliation.

I have never belonged to a party. I don’t have party affiliation.

I have people ask me if I’m going to convince my daughters to be Democrats, and I say, ‘I have yet to convince my daughters to close a door.’ I don’t how in the world I would ever convince them to be in a political affiliation.

The writer is the person who stands outside society, independent of affiliation and independent of influence.

Statistics on religious affiliation are notoriously slippery: the government isn’t allowed to gather such data, and the membership claims of religious organizations aren’t entirely reliable.

More than my political affiliation, I consider myself a hellraising humanitarian. Hell raising in the sense that I don’t just go along to get along.

The people of Central Virginia expect me to work with all Members of the House – regardless of party affiliation – to advocate for policies that will expand opportunity for their businesses and families, and I’m committed to following through on that promise.

I love being able to be political without any political affiliation.

As a black woman, my politics and political affiliation are bound up with and flow from participation in my people’s struggle for liberation, and with the fight of oppressed people all over the world against American imperialism.

Regardless of political affiliation most of the policy/media world, as a subset of ‘the educated classes‘ in general, tended to hold a broadly ‘blank slateview of the world mostly uninformed by decades of scientific progress.

Companies in the East put a lot more emphasis on human relationships, while those from the West focus on the product, the bottom line. Westerners appear to have more of a need for achievement, while in the East there’s more need for affiliation.

I’ve always had a natural affiliation with nature. If I wasn’t an actor, I’d be some sort of biologist working in the field in Africa or something.

Burton Cummings joining the Guess Who in January 1966 changed my life forever. It’s been a rocky affiliation, no doubt. One journalist once described our relationship as the longest running soap opera in Canadian history. That may be a bit oversimplified.

Touch seems to be such an important tool for enhancing social cooperation and affiliation that we have evolved a special physical route along which those subliminal feelings of social connection travel from skin to brain.

If the media isn’t slanted toward the Left, why is everyone so worried about my affiliation with Glenn Beck but not with Alec Baldwin?

I have been unable to live an uncommitted or suspended life. I have not hesitated to declare my affiliation with an extremely unpopular cause.

Edward Said
I plan to work my utmost for Singaporeans, whatever be their political affiliation. The presidency is above politics.

I am sick and tired of hearing that it is our moral duty to serve the state, because conservatives believe that it is our moral duty to serve our fellow man regardless of race, sex, affiliation or creed, and when we serve, we believe that it is the state’s duty to get out of the way.

I think youth will always be connected to the strongest music at the time because… I don’t want to use the wordtribal,’ but there was this sort of familial affiliation that people would feel with the music they were listening to.

There are people hell-bent on the idea that we’re a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It’s simply about life experience.