Top 30 Fan Mail Quotes

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My mother answers all my fan mail.
My mother answers all my fan mail.

You get fan mail and you see the reaction when you write someone back. It’s kind of shocking. You can make someone’s day and be a positive influence on the world when you’re in a position like that.

I get a lot of fan mail addressed to Bilbo and sometimes Sir Bilbo – it’s hardly ever addressed to Ian Holm, in fact. My business manager drafts the replies, and then I pop in to the office and sign them, ‘Bilbo!’

Ian Holm
It’s weird because my parents don’t really understand my business. I get fan mail all day long, but if a piece happens to get to their house, they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, you’ve got a fan! You have to write them back. You have to do it!’

I get comments all the time on Twitter, and fan mail about how amazing it is to see me play Iris West: a strong woman. It’s not really about her being black; she just happens to be black.

I try to answer all my fan mail. Sometimes I get questions from people who obviously only read the Wiki but haven‘t read the books. I’m like, ‘But you have to read the book or you’re not going to get it.’

Yes, I receive fan mail. One of my favorite things to do is sit down and read the letters people write. It’s really amazing the time people take to write these letters, tell their stories, draw pictures, etc.

My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.

Alexander Calder
My fan base is really, really young. They’re the youngest demographic that you can track on YouTube: 13- to 17-year-old females. But the fan mail that I get in my P.O. box, they’re all from moms and from kids who are two years old, three years old, four years old.

We get more fan mail from India than from America, the U.K., Australia and Italy combined. It’s unbelievable.

Over the years, the kind of fan mail I’ve gotten from men has always been different from what I get from women.

Fan mail is one thing, but fans you meet in person are a different matter entirely.

Audrey Meadows
I didn’t know what to do with the fan mail. I had a little mini, and I used to put it at the back of my mini, and it grew and grew.

It’s very hard for me to write back to some of the fan mail, so one of the things I wanted to do was reach out through a book.

Who needs fan mail when you have the Internet?

Some of the best fan mail I get are from our men and women in the military and intelligence communities. They say, ‘Boy you do your homework, this is exactly how we’re doing it.’

One time I got fan mail that was from Africa. It’s really neat.

Scarlett Pomers
If you receive so much fan mail, it does touch you personally.

When the first ‘Hellboy’ series came out, in the same batch of fan mail I got a letter from somebody from the Church of Satan, and I got a letter from a minister, and they both liked it. And I thought, ‘What am I doing that I’m making both these guys happy?’

Mike Mignola
I think Twitter is such a cool thing because it really is a direct line to the fans and for fans back to you, and it’s such a new thing. I think in the past there’s been usually fan mail and that’s really good, but Twitter, it gets an immediate response.

Most of my fan mail is from women, and if people want to judge me, then they should consider how I treat the women I know.

When I first started on telly, I used to get quite a lot of fan mail from Indians saying it’s great that an Indian is on!

I get some of the nicest fan mail you could imagine. Also when I’m up for an award, my fans all vote online and then they’ll boast to each other about how many thousands of times they’ve clicked my name. Their thumbs must be bleeding!

In terms of being a role model, I didn’t start out to be one. I don’t go to work every day with that in mind. But, I do get a lot of fan mail from young girls.

If the day gets really bad, I can always pull out fan mail. Who else gets mail where kids write to you and say, ‘Dear Mr. Scieszka, we were supposed to write to our favorite author, but Roald Dahl is dead. So I’m writing to you.’

Well, we get a lot of fan mail and it gets sent to the office – so we never see it for ages, and then we have one day of going through it all.

I think it’s a sensible thing not to read your fan mail – not to take it too seriously.

Robin Trower
I never looked at fan mail, for some reason. My mother and grandmother handled my mail – although it’s not like I was ever in the stratosphere of Kirk Cameron or Scott Baio.

Interaction with fans is super important to me. I have the best fans ever. They’re always the most creatively charged people. I’ve saved every single piece of fan mail that I’ve ever gotten. We have an archive of it and stuff. I think if I can inspire that, then it’s like my job is done.

I still get fan mail for Columbo.