Top 30 Fences Quotes

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We deal here with the right of all of our children, wha
We deal here with the right of all of our children, whatever their race, to an equal start in life and to an equal opportunity to reach their full potential as citizens. Those children who have been denied that right in the past deserve better than to see fences thrown up to deny them that right in the future.

The first time I mentioned publicly that I had known Viola for some time, many people took it like Viola got me the job in ‘Fences’.

It’s as if our electric grid didn’t even have fences around it. This is disgraceful what we do, and what we don’t do, to protect the Internet.

Paul Vixie
There aren’t any fences to the imagination, and so there shouldn’t be any for books.

I always approach every play based on the cast. When Denzel and I did ‘Fences,’ I didn’t go to rehearsals and say, ‘OK, James Earl Jones did a wonderful job in ’87. Let me see if you can come close to James Earl Jones.’

Everyone gives ‘Picket Fences’ credit for being so willing to delve into issues that now would be no big deal. But it was then. It was ahead of its time.

The thing that happens is that politicians run on tough-on-crime rhetoric. You appeal to the public and say, ‘Let’s put more money into taller fences, tougher laws, tougher sentencing, handcuffs,’ and where does that money come from? Well, immediately, it comes out of all the money needed for corrections.

Trump is a raptor testing the fences, and he found weaknesses to escape and try things that would work, every single day.

Our experience shows that security does not lie in weapons or fences or armies.

The stupidity of militarized fences between two worlds is a metaphor for all the things that divide us as human beings.

Australia was a very different world and culture from the one I left in Europe. Life was much more spread out. People drove everywhere. They built higher fences. Neighbours didn’t interact so much.

Some people build fences to keep people out; some people build fences to keep people in.

In one line of his poem he said good fences make good neighbors. I’d like to think that Alaska and British Columbia working together can prove that we can be pretty darned good neighbors without fences.

Dan Miller
I was trying my damnedest to lead a conventional life, for that was how I was brought up, and it was what my husband wanted of me. But one can’t build little white picket fences to keep nightmares out.

Anne Sexton
I was really impressed with and excited about being immersed in this world and this time period with ‘Fences,’ being able to walk the neighborhood, and it looks exactly like the 1950s.

When things go badly, individuals look for scapegoats. I just do not believe that barbed-wire fences or guns on our border will solve any of our problems.

Working with plants, trees, fences and walls, if they practice sincerely they will attain enlightenment.

My suggestion to newspapers everywhere is to give the public a reason to read them again. So here’s an idea: get on a big story with widespread public appeal, devote your best resources to it, say a quiet prayer, and swing for the fences.

Without ‘Twin Peaks,’ there would have been no ‘Northern Exposure,’ ‘Picket Fences,’ ‘X-Files‘ or ‘Alias.’ It started the movement of ‘off-center’ television.

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

While some livestock farms are much better than others, there are none in this country that look like natural ecosystems. Nature has no fences.

Getting up at four in the morning to tend the farm while the world is quiet – feeding animals, mucking stalls, gathering eggs, filling water troughs, checking fences, letting animals out into the field – is a high point to my day.

Fences split up the territory that a hedgehog has to forage in so having a little hole in your fence could well enable it to move in and out of your garden.

I did ‘Fences’ off-broadway at the Beacon Theater, so it’s amazing that Denzel Washington and Viola Davis brought it to Broadway.

I’m now the elder in the position of doling out wisdom and trying to mend fences.

It was a big thing for me to read black writers. ‘Fences,’ by August Wilson. James Baldwin’s ‘Amen Corner.’ ‘The Fire Next Time.’ ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X,’ of course.

It was everyone going up there to swing for the fences, because the home runs were what would get them on ‘SportsCenter.’ That really changed the mindset of the players.

Hard comedy goes for the fences. It’s also what you might call take-a-risk comedy because if you don’t hit a home run, you might strike out. It’s either a belly laugh or it’s no go and no show.

Young people especially sometimes feel that the standards of the Lord are like fences and chains, blocking them from those activities that seem most enjoyable in life.