Top 30 Festive Quotes

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I personally adore the festival of Dussehra, as its a c
I personally adore the festival of Dussehra, as its a celebration of our culture and mythological legacy. I celebrate, almost, all my festivals with Life OK, be it Holi or Diwali or Dussehra. It’s like a festive home for me.

I always look forward to the holidays because I love dressing up in festive, shimmery evening dresses.

Hilary Rhoda
Throughout its history, the members of Shearith Israel have observed Thanksgiving by reciting in synagogue the same psalms of praise and gratitude sung by Jews all over the world on festive days like Hanukkah.

When I cook for my family on Christmas, I make feijoada, a South American dish of roasted and smoked meats like ham, pork, beef, lamb, and bacon – all served with black beans and rice. It’s festive but different.

Putting up the festive lights outdoors is my husband‘s responsibility and he really jazzes it, managing to attract everyone‘s attention in the neighborhood!

How could anyone not use the humble chestnut at Christmas? It has a great flavour and can be used to make chocolate cake more festive.

Well, you know, for me, I think Spanish food is festive.

Jose Garces
Spritzers are festive yet economical. By adding seltzer and juice, you stretch the number of people a bottle of wine serves.

I am very partial to Lucknow Chikankari work. My colors that I love to work with are ivory based colors, to make it more festive I throw in Mukesh embroidery which brings the color alive.

The British fans, they are very festive; they support their people.

What I love about Encores! is that it’s a tremendous amount of work in a short amount of time, but it’s just so festive and so celebratory and fun. It harkens back to the old days of just getting together and putting on a show.

Festive seasons are good for releases, but we have to leave some festival dates for other producers to release their films as well. We cannot take away all the holiday releases.

I don’t normally try to stay trim over the festive period – a nice little shift dress and some tights always hides the Christmas bulge.

My husband is very much of the ilk that expects to waited on hand and foot during the festive season.

For Eid – or Raya, as the Malaysians call it – we love to shop for new clothes for the festive season. There will be open houses to go to, and Malaysians love to look good for these.

When you recognize the festive and the still moments as moments of prayer, then you gradually realize that to pray is to live.

I’m very much into the Gypsy Kings. It’s rumba and very festive, very passionate music, rhythmic guitar, passionate singing about love from happy people.

Sofia Milos
I’m so excited to be appearing in ‘Peter Pan.’ It really is an extraordinary production, the like of which Wembley has never seen before. It’s a big, bold arena extravaganza and festive treat with something for everyone.

It’s quite nice to have a bit more color on the lips during wintertime. And it’s festive, isn’t it?

You can go one of two ways with festive dressing. All of the sparkles can be about the outfit or the accessories but not both.

The French take their festive platters seriously and spend lavishly on them. Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day, is when they tuck into the big family meal known as Le Gros Souper or Le Reveillon. Traditionally, it was served after the return from midnight Mass.

I’ve been playing since I was about 7. I never really used a pick very much. I mean, once in a while, if you’re in a festive mood, you might draw a little blood, but nothing significant… But my hands aren’t abused, really.

I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.

What good to me is the festive garment of freedom when I am in a slave’s smock at home?

Johann Georg Hamann
Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you’re feeling festive?

Normally, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the festive spirit. I’m not a Scrooge. But when I was growing up, Christmas didn’t begin until mid-December.

Colors which stand the test of time are Valentino red, white and black. For the festive look, using these colors, you can work with embroidery and sequins to add some bling element to it.

The window in which it’s acceptable to listen to Ella Fitzgerald‘s 1960 record ‘Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas’ is short, so I keep it in heavy rotation throughout the festive season.

For many people, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of year. But the festive period can also bring its own unique stresses and strains. But don’t despair: there are solutions to many – if not all – of these issues.

Bullfights have so much color. Not just the matador but also the bull, the arena, and the public. It’s all very festive.