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The futures of Crackle and Hulu and so forth become mor
The futures of Crackle and Hulu and so forth become more and more important as we connect to more and more devices. We need our content to make our services as attractive as Apple‘s or Amazon’s or Microsoft‘s. We’re in a brave new world of fierce competition.

We are fortunate to have collectively built a culture that matters, a brand that matters, a business that matters. It is impossible to state in words how much this team means to me, how much Hulu means to me.

I watch old ‘Truth or Consequences‘ on Hulu. ‘Concentration.’ And ‘The Match Game’ with Gene Rayburn.

Now we live in this DVD, iTunes, Hulu age, and show creators and networks are realizing that and letting shows develop on those terms rather than ‘We gotta just punch it week to week, man.’ Now they’re like, ‘What will happen if someone watches the entire show?’

We’re simple-minded, the team at Hulu, which is, we think if we can obsess over quality and build a better mousetrap, that good things will happen. Users will adopt the service, advertisers will see great value in it, and that’s what we’re seeing.

The future of how the networks and studios deal with Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video is certainly going to determine their future.

When we blaze trails, which is what Hulu is about, it takes time. That is not for the faint of heart, and we understand that.

I definitely applaud Netflix and all of those guys, whether it’s Hulu or whoever, for doing original programming.

Hulu is about the shows, not the networks. The shows are the brands that users care about.

I directed a short series for Hulu called ‘Paloma,’ and being in an editing room, I learned a lot about acting. It gave me a new bolt of energy in terms of my interest in filmmaking because it made me realize how collaborative filmmaking can be and also that you‘re not just limited to one job.

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, people are getting more and more used to consuming longer stretches of content on their televisions or computer screens.

I think the networks, in general, have to evaluate what’s happening around them. I’m sure they’re scared about a lot of things: Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and all these places that allow people to watch shows in chunks.

There are so many entertainment options – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu – and especially for younger people, who are Internet-savvy and video game fans.

Toby Emmerich
We saw Hulu as an opportunity to broaden our audience for ABC content.

I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don’t download movies, I don’t watch Hulu, I don’t have Netflix. I don’t do any of that. But I do geek out to music.

Netflix and Hulu are just extensions of television that live on the Web.

John Cabrera
What’s great is that I keep hearing from people who are discoveringFriday Night Lights‘ because of streaming and Netflix and Hulu and all of these things. Somehow… things don’t get old as fast as they used to. They stay vibrant.

If we lived in a time where people couldn’t watch ‘Lost‘ on Hulu or record it on their DVR, we wouldn’t necessarily have succeeded. We need people to be able to catch up. Now you choose when you watch TV. We wouldn’t have survived in the old days because people would have missed episodes.

Imagine you’re watching ’30 Rock‘ and an ad comes on, but you don’t like it. With Hulu Ad Swap, you can actually click the button and trade out the ad. So for the first time ever, a consumer is in control of their ad experience. For us, it’s a big win because users are able to take control of what they see.

I don’t have a television. All I have is Netflix and Apple TV and Hulu.

Bojana Novakovic
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching episodes of my favorite shows on Hulu and reading the daily trash on PageSix, but I also embrace the opportunity to settle down with a good book and let my mind travel to another place and time.

A great deal of American T.V. viewed on Hulu, which is superb – ’30 Rock’, for instance, is on very good form.

Ben Schott
Hulu understood how much content costs. By remaining defensive, YouTube is losing various aspects of video – long-form, for example – to other companies.

Some estimate Hulu IPO could bring in $2 billion. What will the content providers get? Zero. What is Hulu without content? An empty jukebox.

Steven Levitan
Television is really fertile ground, and it’s because of platforms like Netflix and Hulu and, of course, the cable channels like HBO and Showtime.

Society would be a lot better if people watched Hulu’s original programming and not just ‘Mozart in the Jungle,’ which everyone is watching, apparently.

When we launched Hulu, everybody was saying, ‘Oh, this is going to be a substitute for pay TV in the living room.’

The literary world has to compete with YouTube, Instagram, PlayStation, Xbox, Hulu.

The one thing that’s important to know is Hulu’s not looking for traffic to be sent to from its relationships with Yahoo and Fancast and MSN.

Streaming TV shows, movies, and other types of video over the Internet to all manner of devices, once a fringe habit, is now a squarely mainstream practice. Even people still paying for cable or satellite service often also have Netflix or Hulu accounts.