Top 30 Offset Quotes

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Offset is a boss.
Offset is a boss.

I never understood why movies don’t have to be as responsible, or the responsibility stops with Rated R. I feel like music, you gotta – you put the sticker on it, you make the clean version, then you’re explaining yourself, and then you have to do charities to offset what you just said. No one else has to do this!

Every effort needs to be made to try and offset the costs of Katrina and Rita by reductions in other government programs, especially those that are wasteful, duplicative and ineffective.

You don’t implement change easily in Japan unless you explain very clearly why you need to do this change, how you’re going to do this change and what’s going to be the outcome of this change. If you offset or you forget to explain one of these three steps you’re not going to do it.

Some economists believe that the Greekswork ethic and thrift can pull them through. But the classical virtues can do nothing to offset the dearth of innovation that plagues the economy.

The idea is to offset sexy dresses with a dash of the unexpected and have fun with fashion and accessories.

I believe in carbon offset initiatives, in eco-villages, in the sustainable regeneration of the tropical rainforest.

I don’t want one tournament to offset another. I want to be fresh and take full advantage of the opportunity I’ve been given.

Offset is helping to expand our relationship with large enterprises and serve a broader set of imaging.

I think if you go beyond a year – if this continues into the system in the out years, I think there is a risk and that – that we could have a negative reaction in the bond market and that will offset the good that was attempted to be done.

Franklin Raines
I’m now happily remarried to a good cook, which encourages me to be lazy. I like to think that I’m a new man, but perhaps I’m not. I offset it by doing the ironing, though. She has a small farm in the New Forest with a herd of cattle, so she serves up a steak and kidney pie made with her own beef.

Geoengineering – the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the earth’s climate to offset global warming – is a nightmare fix for climate change.

Since I am as evil as can be, I do need religion to offset my evilness!

It’s true that humanity has seen a succession of crises, wars and atrocities, but this negative side is offset by advances in technology and cultural exchanges.

Abbe Pierre
You can have the platinum album. But, you know, when you still feel like you haven‘t quite found your place in the world, it kind of gives a crazy offset.

In the private sector we budget for rainy days or offset unexpected expenditures with spending cuts and the same principles should apply to Congress.

My hope is that we’re going to end up with a far more tolerant society, where the erosion of privacy, to the extent it erodes, will be offset by increased tolerance.

Congressional intervention and the availability of intervention demonstrably offset agency indifference; are a guard against arbitrary, improper, and illegal bureaucratic decisions; and provide the power of public pressure to require the nonelected official to be responsive.

Terry Sanford
There are a lot of impractical things about owning a Porsche. But they’re all offset by the driving experience. It really is unique. Lamborghinis and Ferraris come close. And they are more powerful, but they don’t handle like a Porsche.

But we had a pretty diversified portfolio of businesses around the world and things tended to offset each other. But one or two years ago, we had a lot of things happening at the same time.

We tour the world and my carbon footprint is massive. I feel like it’s my responsibility to do something – not just to offset it but to help make a difference.

Maybe I don’t ever fully switch off, but I think the way I offset that is by splitting my time between film and music. I always want to challenge myself and grow, fail, self-flagellate, and then try again.

If the fiscal cliff occurs, I don’t think the Federal Reserve has the tools to offset that event.

The School Energy Crisis Relief Act authorizes the Secretary of Energy to issue energy assistance grants to help the poorest school districts across the Nation offset these unexpected and challenging costs.

Even if your bosoms are your best asset, deep round-neck or scoop-neck Ts can be too revealing. Offset this flash of gorgeousness by covering up your arms with a little cardi that has sleeves to the elbow.

Clothes should just be like a beautiful setting for a jewel: They should offset you.

Shalom Harlow
Nearly everybody I know does something to try to remove herself to clear her head and to have enough time and space to think… All of us instinctively feel that something inside us is crying out for more spaciousness and stillness to offset the exhilarations of this movement and the fun and diversion of the modern world.