Top 30 Prowess Quotes

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Music and football are two industries where black people excel, because talent is undeniable. You can’t deny an amazing voice. You can’t deny amazing athletic prowess. Physically, it’s evident. But in other industries, circumstance is more of a thing.

I could probably use some tips from a vocal trainer or something about breathing, but we all know it’s not about technical prowess.

The MC that we love are usually the ones that we consider be kinda heartless, like 50 Cent. That’s pretty much the prowess and power of an MC. That’s what sells.

Beauty is an asset, just like physical prowess, charisma, brains or emotional intelligence. The key with any gift is in the way that you use it. It doesn’t define you as a person. Rather, it’s an asset to be used judiciously and with an understanding of how it is just a small part of who you are.

It is a law of human nature that in victory even the coward may boast of his prowess, while defeat injures the reputation even of the brave.

Quite frankly, Minnesota was where my career kind of turned around, and it all had to do with Flip Saunders and his coaching prowess and his system.

Our defence forces and their morale symbolise the prowess of the India of the 21st century.

One of London‘s massive strengths is its sporting prowess, its great football teams.

With growing economic prowess comes, of course, military power.

But there were women in the world, and from them each of our heroes had taken to himself a wife. The good ladies were no strangers to the prowess of their husbands. and, strange as it may seem, they presumed a little upon it.

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
Whereas China has set about systematically striving for Olympic success since it re-entered global competition after years of isolation, India has remained complacent about its lack of sporting prowess.

In sports teams, apart from talk of sporting prowess and the imparting of inspirational thought, an extraordinary amount of time is spent discussing, and flaunting, material possessions.

I wanted to direct a film that can showcase my son’s acting prowess.

Thambi Ramaiah
Sport is not just about entertainment. It is equally about winning and losing, pooling and galvanising the energy of the youth, upgrading people’s physical fitness and mental prowess.

One of the reasons I’m an actor is because I was no physical specimen as a child. I wasn’t athletic and didn’t have any prowess in that regard. Growing up in Kentucky, most little boys were trying to get into sports, and it was very competitive, so that was not to be. But I did want to do something.

The U.S. military is known the world over for its advanced technology as well as the prowess, skill, and dedication of its service members. When you grow up in the company of its leaders, as I did, you understand that this greatness is something that is cultivated.

I will be the first to say that it is always difficult to get monetary policy just right. But the Fed‘s analytical prowess is top-notch, and our forecasting record is second to none.

I think my mental toughness, athleticism, and my physical prowess, I’d be successful if I decided to fight, no matter what.

In the schools of small Midwestern towns, the only aristocracies are of beauty, intelligence, and athletic prowess.

Ellen Gilchrist
If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that President Trump‘s political prowess should not be discounted or underestimated.

I’d rather concentrate on making my character more convincing than trying to prove my acting prowess.

In Utah, one word sums up our business prowess: investment. Simply put, we know we can’t have long-term economic growth and maintain Utah’s enviable quality of life without making some critical investments.

Every man ultimately falls into the company with which he affiliates. And he is the strongest who draws men to himself, who creates the company; and this is through having a positive quality – courage and physical prowess.

I began to realize that, in spite of great achievements in wealth and military prowess, the great powers of Europe have not yet succeeded in providing the greatest happiness of the vast majority of the people; and that the reformers in these European countries were working hard for a new social revolution.

A remarkable thing about the Silicon Valley culture is that its status structure is so based on technical accomplishment and prowess.

I can never forget my early days, when I was running from pillar to post to get chance to exhibit my prowess at higher level, but no one was ready to give me a break.

Messi simply cannot be stopped by yourself. Ronaldo is easier because he is more about athletic prowess.

People of small caliber are always carping. They are bent on showing their own superiority, their knowledge or prowess or good breeding.

Van Wyck Brooks
Trump manipulates the fearful by promising that he will use his fraudulent deal-making prowess to protect and take care of his supporters.