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I cannot wait to get to Boston and start to practice wi
I cannot wait to get to Boston and start to practice with the rest of the team in pursuit of a championship.

There’s so much passion and so much interest in the Red Sox in Boston.

Terry Francona
When I went to AI New England in Boston, I used to do my mixtapes, and honestly, if you look back at any of my mixtapes, every single mixtape tells a story.

Statik Selektah
Even as my father grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, signs told him: ‘No Irish Need Apply.’

I miss Boston so much and want to get back there someday.

I look at Boston-based companies all the time… There’s certainly great companies in Boston. If the deal makes sense on the merit of the deal itself, we’ll go and do the deal.

I know the Boston fans are all about their basketball.

And that’s the mistake that was made with Steel Pier. Roger was caught between a rock and hard place. It would have cost a couple of million dollars more to take it to Boston or someplace first. So we opened about a month too early.

I’m blessed to see another day. For something like that, with any strenuous activity, the tissue could rupture. Could have died, quite frankly. I’m grateful to the doctors in Boston that detected the aneurysm.

If Boston charters can be stymied despite their extraordinary success, charters anywhere can be stopped.

One night in a club in Boston, I tried the name Roger Duck. No laughs. The next night, I tried Orson Bean, putting together a pompous first name and a silly second name. I got laughs, so I decided to keep it.

Never say ‘I went to Harvard.’ Say ‘I schooled in the Boston area.’

I didn’t grow up in public life. I lived with my mother in Boston, not in Washington, DC, so I was somewhat sheltered from that.

Alexandra Kerry
I studied acting at Boston University. I was in the theater department there. Somewhere in there I decided that wasn’t what I was going to do and I went to the B.F.A. film program at N.Y.U.

I freelanced for the ‘Boston Phoenix.’

I have no idea what I would be, I really don’t have the vaguest idea what I would be, if my father had remained a Boston cop. I don’t have any idea what I would have thought the horizon was.

I was raised on African music, Harry Belafonte, and the Boston Pops. Then I got a dose of soul and hip-hop. I related to it immediately.

I didn’t watch much television growing up, and before I did ‘Boston Legal,’ I had no understanding of what it was like for a viewer to look forward to finding out what was going to happen the next week.

I got a fan letter on the back of a prison menu. And I remember thinking, ‘Well, they get pie. It’s not so bad. They get pie on the weekends.’ I want to say blueberry and also a Boston cream pie. Not so bad.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 16, 1923, the only child of Joel and Sylvia Miller.

Merton Miller
I’m from Boston, and I get easily overwhelmed in New York, so I go to Boston and stay with my parents for a few months at a time to write, or edit, or just to cry.

Alex Karpovsky
I can remember back as far as age 8, performing with the Boston Folk Song Society. It was a Woody Guthrie song.

Venture capital today is clustered in just a few locationsSilicon Valley, New York, Boston, and D.C. It’s far from efficiently distributed and accessible.

As a U.S. History major, there is something very cool about being in cities, and walking the streets of Philadelphia or Boston or New York and seeing historical sites.

I think I did that in my career, in Boston and Miami, being ready to play and at the same time when your number is not called, be ready to support your teammates, go out and be productive while not playing.

Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people. Not that I’m one of them. I just sorta sneaked in under the radar.

Music is such an important part of society, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra offers such great quality, and we just want to share it.

It’s an honor, any time you play with an organization like the Boston Celtics, all that history there. To put on that uniform, it’s a big deal.

When I was living in Boston, I worked in this store that played the college radio station. I had to listen to it all day, and I didn’t care for most of it.

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

American rock was, and still is to some extent, a closed shop. REO Speedwagon, Toto, Boston, Foreigner all those bands, and I wouldn’t be able to tell which from which.

I’m a Muslim Egyptian-American, born in Cairo. I grew up in Kuwait until the first Gulf War, when my family relocated to the United Arab Emirates. As an adult, I studied and lived in the U.K. before moving to Boston.

Obviously, I don’t want to leave Boston. Obviously, I love it here. Obviously, the fans have treated me great. No doubt about that.

I am a real New Yorker… I didn’t go to Harvard, I didn’t go to Yale… I rooted for the Yankees; I didn’t root for the Boston Red Sox.

The Boston College community took a personal interest in my success, not only as a student but as a human being.

Amul Thapar
When I was in Boston, I averaged 14 a game.

Marcus Morris
Boston will always have a place in my heart. I’ll always call Boston home, regardless of what city I’m living in or what team I’m playing for.

We can solve the car-bike conflict, and the solution unlocks a brighter, more inclusive economic and environmental future for Boston.

It’s an interesting dynamic living in New York in general as a Boston fan. It’s kind of fun that way. It’s fun to be the contrarian when everyone hates you as long as your team is winning.

Boston is one of my favorite places to wrestle.

If you’re writing a piece for the Boston Pops, the balance is towards one end. If you’re writing a piece for a chamber music society, then it’s towards another point. I won’t make a final answer on that. I think it changes with every piece.

Peter Maxwell Davies
Tamerlan Tsarnaev is telling no tales. The older of the two brothers who committed the Boston Marathon bombings was likely the one who planned the attack, but when he died in a shootout with police just days after the blasts, his thoughts and motivations vanished with him.

I watched Gretzky, I watched Lemieux. Maybe it’s the time when you’re playing, but for a kid coming into the league, you play the Boston Bruins and you just watched Bobby Orr.

Marcel Dionne
I love Boston. I love the city. I think we have the best fans in the world.

There were high school coaches such as Charles Boston that took me under his wing and taught me the fundamentals of football. And when I went to college there was Robert Hill who took me there and he showed me what hard work and determination would do if you put forth the effort and you take a little time.

It’s very exciting to have a festival in the heart of Boston. It’s an amazing experience to be in a city and to be able to walk in and out of a festival. I think that’s part of what’s going to make Boston Calling really special.

Grub Street Writers is the reason I’ve stayed in Boston. I started teaching for Grub back in 1997, when founder Eve Bridburg, a Boston University M.A. alumna, as I am, kindly gave me my first job out of grad school.

Jenna Blum
I won my first medal when I was nine years old. It was at the Boston Open.

Right after we recorded ‘Satanic Satanist’ and ‘American Ghetto‘ here in Boston, we decided we’d grow our hair out. This is – was – like the Beatles thing. I wanted to see these pictures later in life.

Let’s be very honest about what this is about. It’s not about bashing Democrats, it’s not about taxes, they have no idea what the Boston tea party was about, they don’t know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.

I think D.C. has always been very, very vibrant for food. Like Boston in a way. Boston and D.C. were really the two cities that were the most active with their local chefs and their local food scene.

When my mom and dad got married, they lived in south Boston, which is where the first six of my brothers were born. After that, they moved to Minnesota, which is where the other five of us were born. So there’s 11 of us.

The refurbishing and rebuilding of Fenway Park since 2001 has created a new urban neighborhood in Boston.

I was born in Boston.

Texas is generally 82 degrees year round. I always tell people you don’t know cold until you have been to Boston.

It find it funny how people from Boston and New York hate each other because of pro teams.

I’ve conducted the Boston Pops! Imagine that! Me! Maya Angelou! I’ve sang and danced at La Scala!

The next time you’re driving from New York to Boston on I-95, you should make a little detour in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to visit the Old Slater Mill national historic landmark. It’s the site of what is considered to be the first successful water-powered textile spinning mill in America.

In Boston serpents whistle at the cold.

Robert Lowell
I grew up in Boston, so it’s a nice change to be cold after living in California.

When I went up there it was with one goal was to win a championship. Obviously that didn’t happen but I don’t have one bad thing to say about my time in Boston.

There aren’t a lot of cover bands that do Boston material or do it well, and the reason for that is that they are hard to play. So we put a lot of work into it. The musicians that I’ve managed to surround myself with after all of these years are individuals who really excel at what they do.

During my childhood, my father, a Southern Baptist minister, and my mother, a teacher, made sure I took educational trips to cities such as Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Va., Philadelphia, and Boston to learn about America’s history.

There are some cities that I did take time out to study, ’cause I love history and one of them was Boston, and of course Rome and all of those places like that. But, in Syracuse or Rochester, or any of those places, no.

Connie Francis
You know, I’m from Boston, and in Boston, you are born with a baseball bat in your hand.

We cut a few corners and brought the picture in under budget by $25,000, so Paramount let us go back to Boston with a small crew to shoot some additional footage.

Arthur Hiller
Boston must take every opportunity to move toward transparent, accountable, equitable development for public health and shared prosperity. That starts with using our votes and our voices to fight for a development approvals process that serves our communities.

I think in Boston we had three great players in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

There’s no ill will on my end for anybody within the Boston organization or players.

The one thing I try to do with my business in real estate is try to be as creative as I can, think outside of the box and take advantage of the fortunate platform that I have, and the network I can grow within the city of Milwaukee via the Bucks, or within the Notre Dame network, or being from Boston.

I’m from Boston, and I’m hard-headed, opinionated and a good arguer.

Kenny Wormald
It feels great just finally knowing where I’m going and have some place to call home. And I’m glad it’s Boston.

I call Boston home because it’s where I started coming into my own.

I started freelancing for Serious Eats while I was still living in Boston. I was born there, grew up in New York City, but went back to Boston for school, and then I lived in Boston for about ten years.

My most memorable moment came in 1985 as we beat the Boston Celtics.

My mom is like this hard-core, liberal feminist. She’s a professor in Boston, and she’s been teaching women‘s studies for 30 years and international politics.

This is a horrific day in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been injured.

Tonight, I am pleased to announce that I have secured $1 million from the Convention Host Committee to fund the beautification of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Thomas Menino
Barack Obama and Kay Hagan think that the minimum wage needs to be the same in the mountains of North Carolina and in the city of Boston – it makes no sense to me.

Personal honors never meant much to Bill Russell, one of America’s most successful athletes with 2 college titles, 1 Olympic gold medal and 11 – count ’em, 11 – N.B.A. championships with the Boston Celtics.

It’s nice to be back in front of the fans and being in Boston.

I love Boston, and Boston loves me.

Strangely enough, my favorite airport is Logan Airport in Boston – but largely for sentimental reasons. My first real summer job was working as a journeyman for the airport’s resident maintenance crew – a small army of union electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.

Playing in New England and the Boston area, the fans are so passionate about their sports if you don’t play well, they’ll let you know so I know it’s not something that they take lightly.

In the fall of 1989, I was writing 600-word columns at the ‘Herald.’ My heart always was in long-form narrative writing, though. It’s what I cut my teeth on at the ‘Boston Phoenix.’

Playing for Boston Bulldogs in front of 700 to 800 fans was obviously different from playing for Liverpool in front of the Kop and 40,000 passionate Reds.

The Boston Symphony is one of the best orchestras in the world and has such a great tradition – which I want to cherish, of course, and to learn from and to continue and to add whatever I can add.

I remember the beginnings of the Kurzweil reading machine. I was one of the first to meet Ray Kurzweil and purchase the reading machine in Boston. To think that the machine was at least two and a half large suitcases at the time, and now you have a camera and it takes a picture and you have sound.

Pretty excited to get to Boston. Great city and great team; they’re in the race. They want to win here, and that’s what I want to do.

I’m from outside of Boston, and in Boston, people are so passionate about their Irishness.

I’m a big tradition guy. If you love this country and study history, then you will love Boston.

I was going to be a teacher. I was applying to graduate school when I got the call to do ‘Same Love,’ actually. I was gonna go to Boston University for my masters in teaching.

I was actually born in New York, and spent some of my childhood in Boston. But my family moved to San Diego when I was 12, and I went to high school here.

Jandy Nelson
Boston is a very proud franchise. The NBA misses them when they are not in the mix. They, along with teams like the Knicks and 76ers are a big part of the heart, soul and history of the league.

I went to Wellesley College, and it was really hard for me to get a job after I graduated. I would go into places where I would not see any black people at all in Boston – like, zero. And then in publishing in New York City, it was pretty much the same. I knew that it wasn’t about the value of my work.

When I grew up it was Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls, the Lakers, the Boston Celtics, those were the teams you loved or hated and me being from San Diego, you loved the Lakers.

I put more pressure on me than anyone else in Boston or on Team Canada.

I was surprised when I finally moved to Boston and the East Coast, to discover that there weren’t that many vibraphone players around. And I was the only one playing with four mallets.

Gary Burton
Being from Boston, I think we have to get the ‘Good Will Huntingposter tattooed on our backs when we’re like 16 or 17; it’s just a rite of passage. That movie is so, so, so huge.

Nobody loves the Boston Marathon as much as the people who make fun of it year after year. This was the race that previously offered as a prize a not particularly expensive medal, a laurel wreath, and a bowl of beef stew. This was the race that, on one memorable occasion, nobody knew who actually won.

Boston is so laced with jerseys that you can be dressed head to toe in team apparel and no one will look twice.

I really love Glasgow. It reminds me of Boston in parts.

I love Boston, and at some point, my plan is to have a home back there.

I’m a big fan of all the Boston guys that are acting – Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg – they made a great career out of it, and they found a way to do it and still be cool guys, so that’s kind of where I want to be.

Kenny Wormald
If you grew up in Boston, you actually grew up thinking that Patriots‘ Day is a major American holiday, sort of like the other Fourth of July.

I speak with a Northern Irish accent with a tinge of New York. My wife has a bit of a Boston accent; my oldest daughter talks with a Denver accent, and my youngest has a true blue Aussie accent. It’s complicated.

I knew I had to get out of Boston and stop making movies there, at least for one movie, otherwise no one would ever consider me for a movie that took place south of Providence.

I want to be in Boston. I want to be here. I love this city, I love this team. I love the atmosphere it gives off.

When I was in Boston, I was doing a lot of Americana stuff – I fell in love with Ray LaMontagne, Patty Griffin, and Neil Young.

Madi Diaz
At one point, I was hell-bent on being a Disney animator, and sort of got over that in college and wanted to do my own stuff. You know, towards the end of college I had actually planned to go to the Boston Conservatory of Music for musical theater.

I went to Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Massachusetts and Emerson College in Boston.

At the decisive Boston town meeting of Nov. 29, 1773, while ships loaded with cargo from the East India Company idled in the harbor, Thomas Young was the first and only speaker to propose that the best way to protest the new Tea Act was to dump the tea into the water.

On my first day on the set of ‘Boston Legal,’ I thought the director was calling me ‘Candice’ instead of ‘Constance.’ But I didn’t realize he was actually talking to Candice Bergen.

I was a huge fan of J. Courtney Sullivan’s novel ‘Maine,’ and like that novel, ‘Saint‘ is a family saga set in Boston. Irish Catholic family secrets – is there anything better?

There’s a lot of history in Boston and a lot of history, obviously, in New York with all the championships.

While awaiting deportation proceedings, my parents remained in detention near Boston, so I could visit them. They would have liked to fight deportation, but without a lawyer and an immigration system that rarely gives judges the discretion to allow families to stay together, they never had a chance.

I can’t say Boston is ‘home-home.’ It’s definitely a place I’m growing accustomed to. It’s such a great sports town.

Wes Welker
The more disgruntled the white people are, the happier they are to see me, that has to be it. I do really well in Boston, I do really well in Cleveland, I do really well in Philly, Jersey, certain parts of Florida. Places where there are really really aggressive white people tend to love me.

Being an opponent playing in Boston over the years, you always see guys in the stands who played for the Celtics. It’s a mystique. It’s cool.

Boston had the first public library, Liverpool had the first lending library. Both cities have pioneered medical advancements during the decades and both have the largest economic powers in the world exactly 213 miles to the south by car.

I grew up in Kentucky, and went to boarding school outside Boston at Phillips Academy Andover for two years.

I remember when the photograph was taken. The famous one, I mean. The one of me being rushed from the Boston Marathon bombing without my legs.

There was no way to lock down, or tighten up, or Fail-Safe into Security Theater a race that covers 26.2 miles, a race that travels from town to town, a race that travels past people’s houses. There was no way to garrison the Boston Marathon. Now there will be.

In the 1990s, we introduced Boston’s community policing strategy. We reversed the tide of violent crime that threatened our city, and we established a national model for preventing and fighting crime.

Thomas Menino
I rooted for all types of Boston sports.

We were supposed to stay over in Boston, but when Scribners heard I’d won the Pulitzer, they told me to get on a plane – that Katie Couric wanted my body. And when Katie Couric wants your body, you get moving right away.

Boston fans are pretty tough.

I stay very much undercover and behind the scenes – most places I go, people don’t know how important I am. But I will admit that my favorite piece of clothing to wear out is an old T-shirt from a Boston tour that does have a Boston logo. But that doesn’t change anything.

I don’t know why people always think of the Kennedys as a Boston family.

I’ve run the Boston Marathon 6 times before. I think the best aspects of the marathon are the beautiful changes of the scenery along the route and the warmth of the people’s support. I feel happier every time I enter this marathon.

What Boston basically said was, I didn’t ‘pass the eye test.’ They were looking for somebody bigger, bulkier. They put me where they put guys my size – on the perimeter.

I grew up in the Boston suburbs and inherited a stubborn New England refusal to acknowledge frigid temperatures.

I’d been politically active ever since my parents wheeled me in a stroller in a ‘ban the bomb’ march in Boston in 1963.

I grew up about 30 minutes north of Boston in a town that was a virtual melting pot – I was exposed to all different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, fueling my personal interests in global issues.

Alex Newell
My parents came here from Colombia during a time of great instability there. Escaping a dire economic situation at home, they moved to New Jersey, where they had friends and family, seeking a better life, and then moved to Boston after I was born.

I guarantee you, if you could give me 10 points in all those seventh games against the Boston Celtics, instead of Bill Russell having 11 rings, I could’ve at least had nine or eight.

Wilt Chamberlain
Well, when I moved to L.A. at 17, I had just come out of high school. I grew up and went to public school in Boston.

I’ve been surprised by Austin. I had a cowboy image of the place. It’s a pretty sophisticated city – in some ways, more sophisticated than Boston. And there’s a lighter feel to the place. It’s very good for my spirits.

The Boston run of ‘Lolita, My Love’ ended after a mere nine performances – though one of them was recorded at decent enough quality to be preserved by the New York Public Library.

In Boston, the year we won the championship, guys were so much different in age. You don’t have the same lives off the court.

No one was more surprised that that first Boston record took off than the record company itself.

When you go to the big city – you’re in New York, Boston, you’re in L.A. – you walk in the streets, and nobody says anything to you. It becomes so impersonal because there’s so many people.

My later jobs as a waitress felt like a posh paradise after my first one at Boston Market.

I went to Harvard College, grew up in Boston, and went to high school in Boston.

I grew up in a city – it’s called Lawrence, Massachusetts. It’s about half an hour north of Boston. When my parents got divorced, I moved to New Hampshire because my father worked up there.

Statik Selektah
All my family’s from Boston.

I know that Boston is one of the great centers of intellectual culture as well as sport. It’s one of the centers of America, with a great orchestra, great sports, great hospitals, and great universities.

Medical knowledge and technical savvy are biodegradable. The sort of medicine that was practiced in Boston or New York or Atlanta fifty years ago would be as strange to a medical student or intern today as the ceremonial dance of a !Kung San tribe would seem to a rock festival audience in Hackensack.

We don’t have a full black community in Boston. Our people are scattered. There’s a middle class where I live in Highland Park but it’s not like a piece of Washington or Chicago.

Henry Hampton
It’s all about hustling, whether it’s in Boston or the film industry. I’ve been hustling my entire life – acting my way into trouble and acting my way back out again. I’m just fortunate to have had the opportunity to apply it in a different direction.

I am not interesting in making money. I go to the most expensive restaurant in Boston to have dinner. It is where billionaires come to eat. Even if I become richer, I will still have to go there to eat. After some time, money doesn’t make a difference.

I love the Prado in Madrid. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is also great.

Marcel Dzama
Sometimes you just don’t feel the same everyday, it doesn’t matter what you do, but when you have people looking forward to seeing you perform for them, that puts you in the mood, and that’s natural in Boston. That’s why it’s such a special place to play.

Ever since childhood, when I lived within earshot of the Boston and Maine, I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it.

I had never been to Boston before shooting the ‘Chasing Life’ pilot in 2012. I love it there!

The number one mistake is giving pets table scraps. I made the mistake thinking I was showing my dog love by giving her food and treats. You see a tiny 4 oz. piece of cheese, but for a Boston Terrier like mine, that’s like one and a half hamburgers. That’s unhealthy.

New York is about success. Boston is about resentment.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, people shared grief and outrage on social media.

I take chances. I don’t limit myself. I don’t think anybody who listens to Boston would have predicted hearing a female rapper on the beginning of the song ‘Sail Away.’ But that’s what fit.

The ‘Daughter of the Regiment‘ that I did in Boston was vintage Sarah Caldwell, which is to say it was brilliant. Before my career was over, I’m sure I sang the role of Marie at least a hundred times, often in productions that cost a fortune, but none touched hers.

2004 was a great year for Boston! The Patriots won the Super Bowl! Boston hosted its first national political convention! And – the Red Sox won the World Series!

Thomas Menino
People would tell us, ‘I love your company, but I want to go to Chicago or Boston or New York.’

For three years, I lived in a miniscule apartment on Beacon Street, less than a mile from the Boston Marathon explosions.

I’ve got two dogs; they’re Boston terriers, and they’re allowed everywhere.

Remember, the Boston bombers were Chechen rebels.

For every $5 that Boston’s economy sends up to Beacon Hill, the state gives only $1 back to us.

Thomas Menino
I grew up in Stoneham, a little suburb of Boston. It’s pronounced ‘Stone ’em’ because Massachusetts doesn’t bend to the will of ‘how letters are supposed to be said.’

I used to get made fun of a lot for being a male dancer, especially growing up in Boston. Kids are terrible, they don’t realize how heavy words can be.

Kenny Wormald
Tom Brady is fun and happy. Boston is cranky and intense.

I interned at NBC News and had a great experience there in both New York City and Washington. After graduating, I got an entry-level production job at PBS in Boston. There, I developed the bug for programming and production.

Hometown Aerosmith fans are different from other Aerosmith fans, and that mainly has to do with Joe Perry. It’s tough to overstate his strange grip on the local psyche. Tyler is a star who belongs to the whole world, but Perry, that dude belongs to Boston.

It was tough leaving Boston with a great city, a great organization and a great bunch of guys.

Boston’s justice system is in serious need of reform. Many of its policies and practices are antiquated, expensive, and don’t really even make Boston safer.

Oh, man, the first concert I ever went to was Boston and Sammy Hagar, and it was absolutely incredible. I was just blown away by both bands, and, once again, it was my first concert, so that made it super, super special.

You know, Boston people are full of sauce.

I love Boston. I love Fenway Park. I love Red Sox history. But in no way am I a Red Sox fan.

Here’s the thing: I had never been to Boston, my whole life. Probably because I’m a Yankee fan.

I think it’s very important to be part of the Boston society and the people who live in Boston.

I love Boston.

I was always just like, ‘Standups are making it up.’ A lot of people have that myth about standup. And so it wasn’t until I was in college for theater school in Boston that I realized I can actually start going to open mics and figuring this out.

When you went into a Boston Chicken and ordered quarter-chicken, white, with mash and corn, when that was rung up, that would signal all the way along the supply chain the need for more potatoes to be put on a truck a thousand miles away.

Stephen Elop
I grew up in Boston in a very, very, very Marine town. So back in my neighborhood in Boston, a working-class neighborhood, when you got your draft notice, you went down, and you took your draft physical. And then, if you passed it, you joined the Marine Corps.

I started performing with the Boston Children‘s Opera when I was 5, and I stayed working with that group until I was about 12 or 13, so that was a huge part of my life. It was, weirdly, an extremely professional environment geared towards kids.

I found a place in Boston, a home in Boston, and I’m pretty happy here.

I adored Boston, and I loved school there.

Since I do not believe that there should be different recommendations for people living in the Bronx and people living in Manhattan, I am uncomfortable making different recommendations for my patients in Boston and in Haiti.

Probably the biggest thing that surprises people is that I am obsessed with hockey. I grew up in the Boston area so I am obsessed with hockey since I was a little kid.

I was nearly fired from my second job, which was writing press releases for Boston’s public television station.

Elinor Lipman
Five days after the Tsarnaev brothers blew up Boston’s most sacred event, and just 24 hours after one brother was killed and the other was caught, everyone decided that it was OK to play baseball at Fenway again. The game happened on a Saturday afternoon, preceded by an emotional ceremony and many prayers.

Boston was a good situation for me, but I think it was over time they were able to understand what they had.

The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed in 1974 after tests discovered carcinogens, lead and dangerous bacteria flowing from faucets in New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Boston and elsewhere.

When you grow up in a city like Boston, where I grew up, a lot of kids became criminals or cops. I never really had a bad take on cops other than I hate when there’s one behind me on the highway.

Bulk collection of phone records didn’t find or stop the Tsarnaev brothers from the massacre in Boston. In fact, one might argue that all of the money spent on bulk collection takes money away from human analysts that might have noticed the older brother‘s trip to become radicalized in Chechnya.

There was a time when I was wondering about this business of going public, so I visited about a half-dozen companies in the Boston area, all of them formed by MIT faculty and all had gone public.

For years, I’d go to the movies and see guys doing Boston accents and think, ‘Oh please, God, I hope I never have to do that.’

Boston is the cream of the crop of the marathon world. It has such history that you feel such honor just being a part of it. All the other races have pacers to get you to a Boston qualifying time.

In Boston they have gone from large autonomous high schools to smaller schools within the same building.

Michael Welch
At a Boston signing, someone from the audience asked why I was so obsessed with furniture in my books. The question rattled around in my head. I had no idea that I was obsessed with furniture.

I reject the notion that Boston is a city hopelessly divided by neighborhood, income level or political outlook.

Boston’s future depends on taking the lessons from the coronavirus pandemic to tackle big challenges.

When the Red Sox spent $300million on Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, Liverpool fans were irate. It actually should have been Boston fans.

They played Boston. They played at the Boston Tea Party and through an amazing chain of events I got to hang out with them backstage even though I was underage.

Jonathan Richman
Even throughout college and post-college, I’ve always been incredibly hyperactive. Even at Boston College, I was involved in so many different organizations and initiatives.

I felt I was never going to beat Igor Ter-Ovanesyan or Ralph Boston because they were the joint world record holders.

I’m on the board of trustees at Boston University. I’m on the board of trustees at Jewish Family Services.

Boston is just a great place to be from.

Boston and America is really resilient.

I’ve lived in Boston.

This is a bad day for Boston, but I think if we pull together we’ll get through it.

Thomas Menino
My time in Boston was great.

When I first left Florida for Boston, I was so eager to shed my Floridian identity, perhaps some of my earlier surreal gestures felt hollow and unconvincing because they were not rising from the particular brand of the uncanny I knew best.

The basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ are simple, and they are universal. Faith in the Savior is the same in Boston as it is in Accra.

In Boston I got to a point where I thought I was putting out fires more than being a baseball coach. And some of it was my fault. I was getting stubborn. My fuse was a little shorter than it needed to be. And that helps nobody.

Terry Francona
The energy from the fans in Boston is always something we can count on for support.

In New York, I run into Packers fans who have never lived in Wisconsin, Canadiens fans who have never lived in La Belle Province, Celtics fans who admire Russell and Bird and Pierce but have no trace of a Boston accent.

I was doing a show in Bridgeport, Conn., and getting offers for more money from Boston and other cities in the east. But I figured I would hold out for New York. Then one day, I got a call out of the blue from Hollywood from KNX.

We want Boston to be the safest bicycling city.

In my case, I belong to a group of aspiring and practicing biographers in Boston. We meet once a month for a coupla hours. It’s become my lifelineforgive the pun.

I always figured Metropolis was north of New York, actually. Between New York and Boston, in my mind.

When I moved from Boston to L.A., I floundered. I definitely did time at the Improv and the Comedy Store, making 20 bucks a night. I learned how to be a starving comic. I was an in-debt comic: I ate well on loan.

As a kid, you always wanna play for either the Lakers or Boston just for the rivalry alone.

I became an American on Nov. 4, 2010, at an elegant ceremony in Great Hall of Bullfinch’s Faneuil Hall, Boston, beneath a vast painting of Daniel Webster debating the preservation of the Union with Robert Hayne of South Carolina, before the Civil War.

Boston is awesome, man. It’s a rush to go out there and perform.

Boston was a great city to grow up in, and it probably still is. We were surrounded by two very important elements: academia and the arts. I was surrounded by theater, music, dance, museums. And I learned how to sail on the Charles River. So I had a great childhood in Boston. It was wonderful.

I grew up a Red Sox fan. I grew up going to Fenway Park and the Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum and Symphony Hall and going to the Common, walking around. My whole family at different times lived and worked in Boston.

I went to Boston University and got my BFA, and performed Off Broadway.

Jenn Proske
In my freshman year in high school, I went to the only public high school in Boston with a theatre program.

My folks came to U.S. as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien.

I’m definitely nervous and excited. I feel like I’ve been playing off-Broadway, not to say that Boston doesn’t have a great theatre district or great theatre, but it’s not going to Broadway; it’s just a different city.

For the most part, the only contact that most Quebecers have with the world of Islam is through these images of violence, repeated over and over: wars, riots, bombs, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Boston marathon… The reaction is obvious: We’ll have none of that here!

Jacques Parizeau
I was a street kid, but that meant hopping a ride on the back of the MTA down to Revere Beach – that’s the beach that’s made out of concrete – or sneaking into the Boston Garden to watch the Celtics or the Bruins.

I don’t really know any people from Boston.

What’s the difference in opening from scratch in Philly or opening from scratch in New York? The old out-of-town tryout circuit – taking the show pre-Broadway to cities like Boston, New Haven, Philadelphia, Washington – has sort of been replaced with the amount of workshops we do.

I ran track in high school very competitively, and then ran it D-1 at Boston University. I ran there on an athletic scholarship and chose BU because they had both a good track program and an arts program.

A great deal of my comedy comes from the trials and tribulations of growing up a big kid in the Boston area.

In my eyes, there’s heroes I look up to. People who saved me – my caretakers, people at Boston Medical Center. My surgeon. The people that pulled me off that ground, who pulled me out. Those are my heroes. The police. The paramedics. Those are the true heroes.

I recently did a piece for the Boston Pops and John Williams, and I hope that it’s as well a composed piece as I’ve ever done for any other medium or occasion.

Peter Maxwell Davies
Boston is known for its innovation.

Thomas Menino
The Boston Globe‘s award-winning journalism as well as its rich history and tradition of excellence have established it as one of the most well-respected media companies in the country.

I don’t know if I could go to another run-of-the-mill baseball department and work because it would probably feel like work. In Boston and Chicago, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a privilege.

I’d never really experienced the West before moving to Colorado. The East Coast, where I grew up, has a lot of big cities, like Boston and New York, and is more densely populated, and I instantly fell in love with the big open spaces of the West, where you can see not just for a few miles but for a few hundred miles.

Tyler Hamilton
I quit law school in 1990 and started doing stand up in Boston.

To support myself as a kid, I was a model at art schools around Boston.

Rene Ricard
We thought I was going to go to Boston at 14, and then Miami took me at 13. So I got blessed to come here, instead of there.

In the 1950s and ’60s, America’s natural resources were in bad shape. Communities were so polluted that clouds of smog lingered over cities like Los Angeles. Rivers and lakes were filled with chemicals. In my hometown of Boston, the harbor was among the nation‘s most polluted waterways.

I love everything about Boston. The women are phenomenal, they’re all dirty. It’s just a really great place to do comedy.

William Lloyd Garrison was up there with Frederick Douglass being thrown off trains and going through what happened in the 1960s in 1840 in Boston.

If somebody says Kyrie Irving wants the Boston Celtics to win the championship without him, they’re flat-out lying to you.

In other places, especially in Boston, it’s like a place where comedy gestates. People come out of there that are fantastic, but you have to come to New York or L.A. to quote unquote ‘make it.’

Boston is the first major city I ever lived in. I spent eight great years there and I grew up there. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I was born in Ann Arbor. I lived for a while in Ohio; Pennsylvania, California for 10 years, and now in Boston. And I lived in Iowa for a couple of years, where I studied at the Writers Workshop.

People saying, ‘Life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.’ Welcome to the club. I wanted to be the starting center-fielder for the Boston Red Sox, for chrissakes!

The roads in Boston suck. Highways included. There are potholes and bumps all over the place. It’s not a fun place to drive.

I am from San Diego, and I went to college in Boston, so I have seen the opposite coasts.

I don’t believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?

Sparky Anderson
I didnt travel properly until the year before university when I went backpacking around the US, circling around from New York up to Boston, then travelling on the Canadian Pacific Railway to Montreal and going down the west coast of America.

My mum is very political – left wing – and my dad was in the advertising business. They were both from the East Coast: Boston and New York City, respectively.

I said to my doctor at the beginning, ‘I’m no good; I can’t do anything. I’m dumb.’ He suggested I try educating myself by listening to Boston’s educational TV station. He said I had a perfectly good mind.

Anne Sexton
When I was applying to college, my mother told me I could apply to any school within the Boston subway map.

It’s different from Liverpool. Boston seems to be a friendly place.

Ian Rush
I may not have taken the stand, but I was an expert on the Boston bombing trial.

Sebastian Gorka
Boston is really a small town, and the pro sports here are almost like a college sport.

When I grew up as a kid, a part of my life – I grew up in Boston near Revere Beach, at my grandma‘s, and she would take me to the beach.

To a bookish boy in a Boston suburb in the mid-1970s, the lyrics of Cole Porter came as something of a revelation.

I’ve run into people who say, ‘I know what you’re like: You’re a Boston guy.’ That’s so weird. This person who doesn’t know anything about me thinks they know a lot because of the city I grew up in, which, to me, is a meaningless label. There are all kinds of people from Boston.

I wrote the first book, and I thought people would say: ‘Separate and unequal schools in the City of Boston? I didn’t know that. Let’s go out and fix it.’

While most Americans know about the Boston Tea Party, few are aware of the Liberty Tree and how important it was to fanning the flames of rebellion that led to the revolution in 1775 and the Declaration of Independence.

I really, honest to God, didn’t know what to read until I was out of college and living in Boston, and someone said, ‘Well, why don’t you read Hemingway?’ And I thought, ‘OK. I guess I’ll try this Hemingway fellow.’

Every kid who just played basketball knew about the Boston Celtics. They’re one of the few teams who were always on national TV along with the Lakers.

Boston is an unbelievable city, and for any athlete looking to become involved in the community, this is the perfect place.

Playing in front of your home crowd, they can almost be like the best sixth man in the league, especially being in Boston.

My mother taught me how to make Boston baked beans. People always buy pork and beans, but my mother will make them from scratch, because she learned as a bride and there’s an art to it.

Certainly, the situation I was in with Boston, we had a lot of great players.

I was born in Boston, and when I was two and a half, my parents moved to Minneapolis. And then from there, when I was five, we moved back to Portugal. But before that, a lot of family members had come to visit us, and we had been back to Portugal many times because my whole family lived there.

The first time that I ever saw Babe Ruth was in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse.

Waite Hoyt
I think I am a smart aleck because I grew up close enough to Boston, and most people from Massachusetts talk fast, and I have a little bit of a wiseacre, and I think I’m a little bit like that.

The priesthood is not dying, but the clerical state is dead. It needs to be buried, preferably with a Viking funeral in Boston Harbor so nobody can miss the spectacle of its passing.

When you think about Boston, Harvard and M.I.T. are the brains of the city, and its soul might be Faneuil Hall or the State House or the Old Church. But I think the pulsing, pounding heart of Boston is Fenway Park.

I think there are four or five interesting pockets where a lot of cool technology companies are getting started. Chicago is one of them. New York is certainly another. Silicon Valley really dominates. And you’re seeing some stuff out of Boston and Seattle and down South.

Eric Lefkofsky
Obviously, New York and Boston and Los Angeles have pretty vibrant entrepreneurial scenes.

I was born in Boston. I spent time in Boston and in Spain. My family now lives in Spain. I moved to New York when I was 19 years old and I have lived here ever since. For me, I feel like I have spent 10 years sharing that story over and over again. And now it seems like it’s not enough.

Hockey is definitely a huge sport in Boston.

Our favorite teams bring people together, keep family members close, bond people from different generations. Some of the happiest moments of my life involve something that happened with one of my teams. Some of the best relationships I ever had were with Boston athletes that I never even met.

For me, there is a strong family connection to Boston and anything connected to Boston, which includes Fenway.

The City of Boston and the T need each other. From designating bus-only lanes to implementing transit signal priority, the MBTA and Boston Transportation Department must work together like never before to unclog roads and keep riders on buses and the Green Line moving – for the health of the entire region.

Tom Brady is aspirational. He married a supermodel. He’s creating a global brand. He has houses in Costa Rica, Montana. Tom’s always been about growth and evolving. That’s not Boston.

In 1974, when the city of Boston was desegregating its schools, I watched the news with my dad and saw the police escorts in riot gear, the protesters screaming at the buses, small frightened faces in their windows.

Boston is an oasis in the desert, a place where the larger proportion of people are loving, rational and happy.

Julia Ward Howe
I grew up outside Cleveland, Ohio, and I went to college at Boston University. I majored in film. Then I came out to Los Angeles.

There’s a company in Boston called Ginger IO that has a smartphone app that can predict, two days before you get depressed, that you’re going to get depressed.

I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics were my favorite team. The way they played, the teamwork, the sacrifice, the commitment, the joy, the camaraderie, the relationship with the fans.

Marathon Day in Boston and all of Massachusetts, it’s Patriot‘s Day, and it’s a big celebration for us. It’s a day when we’re kind of the whole world’s city there.

Of all the four major sports, whether you like Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, maybe you like Bobby Orr, or you like Larry Bird or Tom Brady – Bill Russell is the greatest athlete to play in Boston.

Growing up, I think I was arrested 20-odd times by the Boston police. The good news is that I’ve been able to use those experiences in a lot of my roles, and that has been a blessing.

I can’t remember one bad time I had in Boston as far as where I got negative feedback from fans, no matter the first year we lost 18 straight or the following year we won a championship.

Before my mother was a King, she was a gifted vocalist and musician, whose skill and academia garnered her a scholarship to the prestigious New England Conservatory for Music in Boston.

No offense to Boston, but I was glad to get out of there. I think it’s just because I’m from Philly. Honestly, the blue collar side of each are pretty similar in ways, but something about the makeup of your brain, Philly versus Boston. It’s a lot different, in weird ways.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to come to Boston – to contend and win a championship, especially with the history of the Celtics and what they stand for.

One of our biggest pet peeves is listening to bands that use harmony guitars for the sake of it. If you can’t figure out how do something different than Maiden, UFO, or even Boston, then what’s the point?

There isn’t much discussion of ruling class in America even in Boston, probably one of the most class-conscious cities in the country?

To live in Portsmouth without possessing a family portrait done by Copley is like living in Boston without having an ancestor in the old Granary Burying-Ground. You can exist, but you cannot be said to flourish.

A ‘Globe’ examination found that Boston police officers exercise broad discretion when deciding whether to issue a ticket.

Growing up, my parents loved Bon Jovi and Boston and Rush and all that, but it wasn’t really connecting with me. I was still in my boy-band phaseBackstreet Boys for life!