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For years I was the only publicly out gay person who wa
For years I was the only publicly out gay person who was not a full-time gay activist: my position as a quasi-foreigner gave me a privileged perch, and my ability to earn money by writing for western publications made me almost impervious to discrimination. Other Russians were not in a hurry to come out.

Cotton Mather’s publications in his own lifetime amounted to more than 400 titles, and his magnum opus, on which he labored most of his life, remains unpublished: a commentary on every verse of every book of the Bible. Anyone who leaves that kind of record behind issues an irresistible invitation to historians.

West Virginia has consistently been ranked at or near the bottom amongst all states for our regulatory environment by publications such as Forbes and CNBC. This is an area where we need to improve.

As some of us can testify, the viciousness of the lobby groups funded by the fossil fuel industry, and the publications that amplify their message, knows no limits. As we have already seen, they treat even children as fair game.

I’m a prankster with a Monty Python sense of humor that somehow gets misrepresented in those tacky supermarket publications as bratty, snotty, and rude.

Because record companies do not routinely release sales figures the way film studios do, the weekly charts in trade publications likeBillboardprovide the best independent measure of record appeal.

The institution of a public library, containing books on education, would be well adapted for the information of teachers, many of whom are not able to purchase expensive publications on those subjects.

As feminism becomes more integrated into mainstream publications and conversation, I feel weary of an obsession of celebrity culture masquerading as activism or as conversation or action. It’s clickbait.

But the nature of my main work in chemistry can be better represented by more than 280 English publications, of which roughly 200 concern the theory of chemical reactions and related subjects.

Kenichi Fukui
Writing fueled me, and my task was to make it fit into my life. I practiced my trade as an attorney, and on weekends and holidays, I typed away. I assumed a nom de plume, Selena Montgomery, to separate my fiction from more academic publications.

The Federalist was one of the only publications to consistently express skepticism toward the Resistance‘s conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a traitor who had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

The Metropolitan Museum has all of our collections online, all our scholarly publications and catalogues since 1965. We have online features like the timeline of art history.

Thomas P Campbell
I’m so proud to be a real woman, a size 14 woman on the cover of a magazine like ‘Ralph.’ Women’s publications rarely put size 14 women on the cover, let alone men’s, so I’m really honoured and proud to be on the cover and representing curvy, sexy women out there.

Facts still matter, and social media is allowing for a wider range of new and independent voices to outcompete alarmist environmental journalism at legacy publications.

From 1999 on – until 2003 – I covered publishing in a weekly column for and wrote for several other publications – altogether writing over 150 articles.

Writing works when publications are writing and serving the best interest of their users; numbers are good yardstick but not a way to compensate a person.

I wound up studying art and design, got a job at Lonely Planet Publications as a designer, cartographer and illustrator.

Trudi Canavan
When I did my first price guide in 1979, publications weren’t interested in mentioning it. Now I get phone calls weekly if not daily from publications and television shows who want to know what’s hot, how to get started in antiques, and the best way to buy antiques.

Judith Miller
Having been unpopular in high school is not just cause for book publications.

I don’t trust news sources, and neither should other people. They should use them in the same way that they use medical opinions and get more than one on the important issues. Trust is the most precious thing you could possibly give to another person. But to institutions? Publications?

I started off in journalism 16 years ago in Stockholm, and I wrote for a few different publications for many years. I’ve also worked in advertising as a copywriter and creative director, but I changed it for architecture at 25 years old.

Magnus Larsson
My fiction is reviewed by the mainstream press, by science fiction periodicals, romance magazines, small press publications and various other journals, including some usually devoted to archaeological and other science material.

I have become this country‘s agony aunt as I am doling out relationship tips through various publications. I spotlight the problems and give solutions. It’s wonderful to know that so many people respond, it’s a responsibility.

Many companies and publications don’t understand what it means to be body positive or what it means to be plus-size. They’re just trying to capitalize on the term because it’s a hot topic.

Other bands in Vegas hated us because we hadn’t played shows and paid our dues. Publications called us out, saying we were just a put-together band, claiming we had ghostwriters. It made me so happy, the fact that everyone was hating on us so hard.

Without social media, I’d probably just be a quirky, amateur photographer with a hard drive full of photos. I’d be cold calling respected publications, begging for a feature.

Large and profitable newspapers have the ability to drop the cover price of their publications to increase circulation – this, in turn, attracts the advertising bucks and makes them more powerful.

In the spring of 1854, some of my publications persuaded King Maximilian II of Bavaria to offer me, at the suggestion of Emanuel Geibel, a position in Munich with an annual salary of 1000 guilders, to take part in his so-called symposia, weekly soirees at which scholars and poets were gathered.

Paul Heyse
Before the 21st century, stories became popular because people talked about them in other publications or shared magazine and newspaper clippings with friends.

It’s very rare that publications double their frequency.

My early work and publications centered around expanding on the analysis of life insurance in my dissertation and its relationship to investment banking.

Douglass North
People want to download publications quickly and read them without cruft. Publications that started in print carry too much baggage and usually have awful apps. ‘The Magazine’ was designed from the start to be streamlined, natively digital, and respectful of readers‘ time and attention.

Marco Arment
Bloggers and stores and publications and brands and houses all need to sort of take a deep breath and relax because no one is going away. The brands aren’t going away. The designers, bloggers, publications aren’t going away.