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Dancing sometimes you just get your groove on. I can da
Dancing sometimes you just get your groove on. I can dance. I’m kinda like Michael Jackson.

Joe Jackson was a tragic figure. He was a serene country boy who signed a confession he couldn’t read. He was illiterate.

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays.

Beth Henley
If Janet Jackson does the story of her life and I’m still young enough, I am there. No one can pull her off like I can. I have a dance background. I’m definitely not cutting an album anytime soon, but I can lip-synch all day. I can’t sing, but I can act like it very well.

If there’s one thing that I love as an entertainer, it’s a spectacle. We all have looked up to either Michael Jackson or Madonna or Janet Jackson or anyone of those things. When I was in *N SYNC, I would watch any concert video ever and really drink it all in.

JC Chasez
Beyonce is very special. I think the super-pop thing that supposedly died with Michael Jackson is still there with her.

Mark Jackson played 19, 20 years in the NBA. Shouldn’t even have probably been in the league, and he’s the third-ranked assist guy in the NBA. But you describe his game: Can he jump? No, not really. How’s his outside shot? Eh, it’s inconsistent. Can he defend? Nah, he can’t stay in front of guys. And he played 19 years!

Despite the sometimes sordid turns his life took, Michael Jackson always held my fascination, like he did for most of us.

I listened to the radio, so I was influenced by everyone from Michael Jackson to Milli Vanilli. But thankfully my dad had a collection of Cat Stevens albums while my mom was listening to jazz.

I think even before I knew I wanted to be a rapper, I wanted to be an entertainer. I was really into Michael Jackson as a kid.

I want to be the Denzel of acting and the Michael Jackson of music.

It is very sad about Michael Jackson, much as in the tragic cases of Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole and other celebrities who have died are a result of drugs. It is always sad when such a bright light goes out.

Grace Park
The artist that had the biggest impact on me was Michael Jackson. He was my Elvis and Beatles. When I was 15, I listened to a lot of Sinatra, but my jean jacket didn’t have, ‘I love Frank’ on it, it had, ‘I love AC/DC’, ‘Guns N Roses‘, ‘Pearl Jam‘. I thought Eddie Vedder was the second coming.

I leave the hip thrusts to Michael Jackson.

Everybody wanted to be Michael Jackson. That’s how Will and I got to know each other.

Music is my only guide. I don’t care if people pigeonhole me. Miles Davis is my hero. He covered Cindy Lauper and Michael Jackson, and he didn’t give a hoot about what the purists said.

I am a huge Michael Jackson fan.

I was a student at Harvard, and that’s where I learned about so-called avant-garde music. Jackson Pollock, abstract expressionism and painting were well known at this time.

Henry Flynt
As kids, we were at concerts like Michael Jackson every weekend. My first concert was Earth, Wind and Fire.

Everybody knows about Peter Jackson, ‘The Hobbitmovies and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films being made in New Zealand, and to actually have been part of it for such a long period, to live there and to have friends that I will have for life because of that experience, is an amazing thing.

The lullaby my husband puts our son to sleep with is so random. It’s ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ by Michael Jackson.

My first ball I ever got from a Big League player I actually got to purchase in Dodger Stadium in a silent auction, was Reggie Jackson.

Pedro Martinez
I created my lane. No one can ever run my lane because it’s mine. I’m the Michael Jackson of my lane. And you know, nobody was as great as Michael. I love Prince, but he’s not Michael.

One thing of the many things that I know about Jesse Jackson, he is persistent.

Jackie Jackson
The experiences that I’ve had growing up with music, you know, I couldn’t trade them for any money in the world. Dancing in the living room to enjoy myself. ‘Enjoy Yourself,’ Michael Jackson.

If the Treasury Department should not remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, what should they do? The answer is fairly simple: Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Great things happen in small places. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville.

My absolute idols growing up were Michael Jackson and Prince, and so, to get the stamp of approval from someone like Timbaland whom I know that these artists respect, that is a huge feat.

Drake come out there and he play his music and everybody just go crazy. Michael Jackson come out there and breathe.

My favorite artist in the world is Michael Jackson, and he revolutionized the music video aspect of music.

Anyone who thinks Peter Jackson would fall for market forces around him rather than artistic integrity doesn’t know the guy or the body of his work.

Michael Jackson was a Gemini. Kanye, Lauryn Hill, a lot of people that are amazing artists are Geminis.

Shelley Jackson’s ‘Half Life’ is the textual equivalent of an installation, a multivocal, polymorphous, dialogic, dystopian satire wrapped around a murder mystery wrapped around a bildungsroman.

I used to dress up like Michael Jackson. I didn’t have the glove, but I had a red jacket like in ‘Thriller.’

As a kid, looking at Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, New Edition, the Temptations, Motown, people who I felt were huge artists, they made me wanna do something.

I first met Michael in the early days of the Jackson 5 at the family home in Los Angeles, and the memory that stands out is that Michael, as cute and wide-eyed as an 11-year-old could be, was eager to get through the interview so he could watch cartoons before having to go to bed.

I called my managers, and they were like, ‘What is Tijuana Jackson?’

Romany Malco
I came around at a time when myself, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and George Michael, we were considered kind of dangerous.

You know, people’d always ask ‘Why is Jesse Jackson running for the White House?’ They never seen the house I’m running from.

It’s hard to solo when you’re walking around, especially when you’re in Michael Jackson’s presence. There are easier things in life to do.

We’re different off the court and on the court, but when people say I’m the next Lauren Jackson I don’t really mind because look what she’s done.

There are people out there who are into traditional country music and for those people you have artists like Brad Paisley and Josh Turner and Alan Jackson. Then you have artists with a progressive style of country music, like myself and Eric Church and Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert.

My highest score karaoke song is ‘Ben,’ by Michael Jackson.

I’m definitely inspired by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, James Brown, Lauryn Hill.

The key to empowerment is no more complicated than what Jesse Jackson said, ‘We are somebody.’ But the ‘We are somebody’ I would like to be in the larger sense: not just the urban African-American but homo sapiens in general – We are somebody.

Bernie Sanders is our Jesse Jackson only more so.

I listen to a lot of oldies stuff. Some Motown, Michael Jackson, jazz, etc.

I’m anti-social, and I don’t have too many friends. I’m in my own world doing my own things – training in martial arts, dancing, or watching a Michael Jackson video.

Let me appeal to the consciences of many silent, responsible citizens of the white community who know that a victory for democracy in Jackson will be a victory for democracy everywhere.

Medgar Evers
I wish I wrote songs like Donald Fagen, Walter Becker, Don Henley, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, so many of the songwriters I admire. They have the ability to say things.

Growing up, Missy Elliot and Janet Jackson were definitely major references.

Everything was so fresh and unique to us – it was a whole new world of music. Michael Jackson was so fresh, you know? We could approach it with such fresh ears, which wouldn’t be possible if we had been listening to it when we were younger.

He will be beginning a brand new chapter in the Michael Jackson legend.

The history of American art, in a way, begins with Jackson Pollock and his big paintings. This theme of bigness – all painters and sculptors have dealt with it ever since.

Michael Heizer
The prospect of coaching two of the game’s most exciting and decorated players in Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson was incredibly appealing to me, and I look forward to beginning this new chapter in my career.

At an incredibly divisive point in pop history, Donna Summer managed to create an undeniable across-the-board experience of mass pleasure – after ‘Bad Girls,’ nobody ever tried claiming disco sucked again. It set the template for what Michael Jackson would do a few months later with ‘Off The Wall.’

People tend to throw up hands at Michael Jackson’s multifarious bizarreness. But is it really so strange? The boy was forced to work by a cruel and physically abusive father starting at the age of 7.

Michael’s the ultimate entertainer. After Michael Jackson, it’s Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Bruce Lee.

In Buffalo, you can’t imagine how much people revere Fred Jackson because of his high character, his community involvement, coming from a Division III school.

When I was younger, to be honest, watching Bo Jackson, I dreamed of playing both sports. But as I got older, the opportunities were much better in hockey than baseball.

I would just take dolls around the house – there’s old VHS footage from my dad, who was an early adapter and had this RCA camera – and it’s me taking a Michael Jackson Barbie doll and putting on a show with that.

It’s like, I don’t think you understand, Michael Jackson’s bedroom is two stories and it has, like, three bathrooms and this and that. So, when I slept in his bedroom, yes, but you understand the whole scenario.

I don’t need to own one but I like to look at Diane Arbus’s pictures and anything by Jackson Pollock.

I probably wouldn’t be singing if not for Michael Jackson. When I started singing, I didn’t like my tone until my mom put me on to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, so listening to the way they used their instrument helped me get more comfortable with my own.

I naturally gravitated first to R&B and pop: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle.

Whenever I hear people crying about Kobe yelling at people in practice or wondering whether or not LeBron is best friends with his teammates, I just roll my eyes. You know how many off-court conversations I had with the Zen-Master Phil Jackson in my entire time with the Lakers? One.

I don’t want to look like Michael Jackson.

I did ‘XXX: State of the Union’ with Ice Cube because he and Samuel L. Jackson are some of favorite inspirations in life.

I went on tour with Beyonce when I was in Rich Girl and that was… something I will tell my kids for years and years and years to come. That’s like saying, ‘I toured with Michael Jackson.’ That will be something I will forever cherish.

My first introduction to pop music was probably the Osmonds, the Jackson 5, the BeeGees… Then the Beatles eventually. My father was pretty specific about what we listened to early on.

Indigenous peoples was messed over. It was like a tradition here. We broke every treaty with them that ever was written. I think Andrew Jackson wanted to wipe them out.

Instead of the Beatles and the Stones, my mum and dad were listening to Michael Jackson, Barry White.

One time, this guy at this music festival would not let me off the hook that I was Percy Jackson. He was like, ‘Quit lying to me, bro, I know you’re Percy Jackson.’ I was like, ‘I swear to God, I’m not Percy Jackson.’

Dylan Minnette
I want to give my compliments to Australia. Ever since your government paid a few million dollars for a Jackson Pollack painting, I figure that it must be a marvellous country.

Morton Feldman
The first bit of vinyl I bought was Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad.’

You know how you either grow up in a Michael Jackson house or a Prince house? For me it was Michael Jackson. I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him.

When I’m acting in TV or movies, I’m a character. But when I’m doing music, I’m Trevor Jackson.

Quentin Tarantino and Sam Jackson are the reasons I’m an actor.

I’m probably the only one in the world you can name that’s worked with Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong, Ella, Duke, Miles, Dizzy, Ray Charles, Aretha, Michael Jackson, rappers. ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ was played on the moon by Buzz Aldrin. Sinatra. Paul Simon. Tony Bennett. I’m the only one.

I love, love, love Michael Jackson.

Amber Riley
I was 14-15 when I first saw Michael Jackson dance, and I thought, ‘How can he move like that?’ I started following him. We didn’t have TV in those days, and could access videos on VCR. But who in Gujarat would keep a MJ tape? After a year or so, I knew somebody from Mumbai who got that tape for me.

Somebody approached me about working with Michael Jackson, and I did say no because I like working with new artists or people that I’ve worked with in the past. I can develop them from the ground up. There’s no set standard that I have to live up to or anything like that.

The closest things to an influence would be people like Charlie Watts or Al Jackson. But I didn’t really listen to drummers; I basically played what I thought was needed for the Ramones.

I was not so interested in night-after-night coverage of Michael Jackson’s death or Britney Spears’ latest breakdowntopics that were ‘breaking news‘ at the time.

I grew up with music in the house. I was told I could sing as soon as I started talking. Everybody in my family sang, always lots of records, blues and jazz and soul, R&B, you know, like Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Coltrane, that kind of thing.

I was inspired by James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince.

At nine or ten, I was playing guitar in music class in my elementary school in Jackson, Michigan. They had a guitar class, and I played with ten of my classmates, and we did a little guitar orchestra for a school music.

All true artists in the world from all countries and all genres are influenced by Michael Jackson. There were music videos before Michael Jackson, and there were music videos after Michael Jackson. He brought such a huge change in the marketing and positioning of the music video.

There is a strong demand for Michael Jackson’s music and merchandise, and that will only increase as more material surfaces in the years following his death.

Adam Kluger
There’s no doubt my having been a ballplayer made me feel a special sense of responsibility to Joe Jackson’s life.

Kerr is great, but I started my career under Mark Jackson, so there’s no hard feelings there.

Billy Joel and Joe Jackson were both great, and they both play piano.

I think that Michael Jackson, just as an entertainer, as a figure who embodies the contradictions of black identity and the possibilities of R&B music in the ’70s and ’80s, will continue to be one of the most recognized and formidable human beings that we’ve ever produced in our tradition.

I was very shocked to hear about Michael Jackson’s passing. He was a pioneer, and icon and a legend. I remember buying ‘Thriller’ when I was pretty young.

Adam Gontier
I thought I had the rights to The Lord of the Rings. I don’t know how Jackson ended up with the rights.

There probably won’t be an animated The Roots or Black Thought as there was, say, an animated Michael Jackson when ‘The Jackson 5’ cartoon show was on when we were kids.

I woke up and I just saw all these things, like ‘RIP Skai Jackson,’ and I’m like, ‘Why do people think I’m dead? Like, what happened? Where did this come from?’ And then one of my fans told me it was some girl who started it. And for me, that’s just like not funny at all.

You’re never going to improve on a Michael Jackson song if you cover it.

I’d asked for things like the ‘Footloose’ soundtrack and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ for my birthdays, but I remember walking what felt like miles to this cassette shop called The Warehouse to buy Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland,’ U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ and a Roberta Flack album. I had pretty good taste.

As a child I always wanted to be a singer. The music my mother played in the house moved me – Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Mahalia Jackson. It was truly spiritual. It made you understand what God was. We are all spirits. We get depressed. But music makes you want to live. I know my music has saved my life.

Michael Jackson was one of popular culture‘s greatest artists. Nobody danced better. Few sang more compellingly. No one understood more about stage spectacles or music videos. He was an innovator. His reach was global.

I do love Shirley Jackson, but I don’t deserve to be named in connection with her. I remember reading ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and having goosebumps for hours. The way she builds narrative pressure in that book is just amazing. I think you could reread it a few times and actually go out of your mind.

Michael Jackson and I talk all the time. I think we understand each other in a way that most people can’t understand either of us.

I always like Madonna; any Madonna song is good for me. Old school Janet Jackson is always good. I usually go old school. It’s very rare that I pick a song from nowadays.

Michael Jackson, the 49ers and the Lakers – that’s what I know about the ’80s.

I have great coaches, but one thing I’ve never really had is that head coach – a Greg Jackson, Matt Hume, John Hackleman.

My first professional acting role was a small part in a television series called ‘The Wizard.’ I later had the opportunity to work on Michael Jackson’s Moon-walker music video.

Everything Michael Jackson does on stage is exactly right.

From Michael Jackson to Peggy Lee, I like it all.

Cyrille Aimee
Phil Jackson was a brilliant basketball coach, not just because of the offense that he employed, but it was so many other things that went into it.

I was proud to march beside some of the most notable Civil Rights activists, such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., from Selma to Montgomery.

Minister and writer Barbara Kaufmann has addressed the subject of guerrilla decontextualization on both the ‘Voices Compassionate Educationwebsite and on ‘Inner Michael’, where she offers the kind of insights into the spiritual aspects of Michael Jackson’s creative artistry that mainstream media mostly ignores.

I’ve been performing since I was very little, about three years old. I was inspired at first by the MTV artists of the ’80s and started putting on ‘shows‘ in the apartment, most of them set to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album. In my mind, there was a full lighting rig behind me… but it was just a couch.

Erich Bergen
It was an amazing experience to work with Michael Jackson, who is a legend.

Mario Vazquez
I think Lady Gaga is talented. Madonna is talented, and the flair that Michael Jackson had. He was talented! Whatever it is that they do, they must be doing something right. They do have an audience out there, so I respect that.

I’m a mash-up of everyone. My influences would be Michael Jackson, Brandy, Aaliyah – those types of people. So if you can imagine them – and with me taking them, and then putting my own twist and the influence on it – that’s musically what I would sound like.

I keep saying that, if Samuel L. Jackson and Bette Davis could have a baby, it would be Taraji P. Henson. To me, she’s one of the greatest character actors of our generation, let alone leading ladies. She’s just phenomenal in everything she does.

I would love to have some sort of ‘Back To The Future‘ Delorean time machine travel device so I could go back to 1981 to see that very first Jackson 5 concert I went to, back when I was a kid.

All really great artists, Jackson Pollack, John Cage, Beckett or Joyce – you are never indifferent to them.

After Jackie Robinson the most important black in baseball history is Reggie Jackson, I really mean that.

If my Michael Jackson routine left even one person feeling uncomfortable or less joyful, I felt like it was in everyone’s best interest to change the music to my routine.

‘Remember the Time’ and ‘You Rock My World’ from Michael Jackson were two of my favorite songs ever. My mom used to bump them all the time.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers.

I called the doctor, during writing the book, the psychiatrist who treated me at that time, Dr. Jackson. And I said, Dr. Jackson, whole pieces are missing. I don’t understand what happened to me.

My biggest style inspirations come from the ’90s. I’m really inspired by TLC, Janet Jackson, and designers like Jeremy Scott. I’m hugely inspired by Club Kids from New York back in the ’90s. I’m inspired by the drag queen scene. Combat boots and the torn off jeans and a baggy shirt – I love that look.

I love working out to Michael Jackson.

My absolute earliest influences would be people like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Outkast, ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ era 50 cent.

I started dancing because of Janet Jackson.

My mom and I used to dance to the Jackson 5 in our living room.

A little before noon I sent orders to all my batteries to open fire through the streets or at any points where the troops were seen about the city, as a diversion in favor of Jackson.

James Longstreet
Michael Jackson is the most awesome person who ever walked onstage. He was just incredible.

Gospel music was very prevalent in my house. My mother also loved Nat King Cole. That was some of the first music that I heard. Mahalia Jackson, Nat King Cole and the Mississippi Mass Choir.

One of the interesting things about YA books – I don’t know about Percy Jackson, but I do know about ‘Twilight‘ and ‘Maximum Ride’: There are a lot of adult readers. In fact, we released ‘Maximum Ride’ both as a paperback for kids and as a mass release for adults.

People still look at Michael Jackson as being a Motown artist.

I’m inspired by Jackson Pollock; splashing layer upon layer, using different materials, experimenting with new methods to produce something fresh. I’d love to be able to create in this way!

The horror genre is vast and full of brilliance. Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Herman Melville, the book of Esther. I’ll happily join that list.

I was madly in love with Michael Jackson.

I love Janet Jackson and her creative set design.

There are some seminal things that happened in the ’70s for me: Billy Joel and Jackson 5.

If I had to go back to something, I would go back to the ‘Victory Tour’ of the Jacksons, because I love me some Michael Jackson. I’d get my one glove, and my high water pants on, and my sparkly socks and black loafers.

I started dreaming of becoming a singer after seeing Michael Jackson in the ‘Billie Jean’ video. The mix of fantastic choreography and amazing music made such a huge impact on the music industry.

The signing of the Sex Pistols was a turning point for Virgin. It put the company on the map and, over the years, attracted bands such as Genesis, the Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, and Janet Jackson. It also attracted Culture Club, who were ground-breaking.

A lot of my friends were a lot into theatre a lot earlier than I was. A lot of my friends were kids who were in The Broadway Kids and the kids auditioning for Gavroche in ‘Les Miz.’ I was never that kid. I was weaned on Michael Jackson. Not literally, because that would have been odd.

Erich Bergen
I really wanted Michael Jackson to be in the first Men in Black, but he didn’t want to be considered as an alien!

Barry Sonnenfeld
I really liked watching Bo Jackson run just because of his size and his speed.

Jamal Lewis
When I was a kid, I remember seeing Michael Jackson. I thought he was an alien. You don’t grow up to be like Michael Jackson. I’m not saying I’m Michael Jackson, but Mercury Prizes are for aliens, basically. So I was very chuffed that I got nominated, and then I won.

It was expected of me that I was to bow to the name of Andrew Jackson… even at the expense of my conscience and judgement. such a thing was new to me, and a total stranger to my principles.

It was not possible to broadcast any of that because of an agreement between Jackson and the family. Our legal advice was that we could not broadcast it.

Martin Bashir
Nobody compares to Drake as far as hits, but Michael Jackson had presence. That’s the difference.

I would love to do a song with Janet Jackson. Janet was, is, forever will be, the ultimate. She’s the ultimate dream girl for every guy – and for every girl.

Obama is no different than Jeremiah Wright Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton – he’s just more polished and better at hiding who he is.

Jesse Lee Peterson
The person I call my secret weapon is an arranger, pianist and musical director, Herman Jackson.

Who didn’t want to dance like Michael Jackson? I know I did.

I have a very eclectic iPod. So I’ve got my cardio people – so it’s anything from Beyonce to some Jay-Z to Janelle Monae, her song ‘Tightrope,’ that’s a good cardio song. And then I’ve got Sting. I’ve got Mary J. Blige. I’ve got The Beatles. I’ve got Michael Jackson. I try to pick the songs that I personally love.

Whenever you went into any place where there was Michael Jackson footage at Sony, it was like going through Homeland Security.

Kenny Ortega
When I was growing up, the brands that were most powerful were people brands, like Michael Jackson or Madonna. They stood for something that, perhaps, wasn’t wholly who they were, which then became an image that they sold. That’s still a brand to me.

Anyone who still supports George Bush would still let Michael Jackson babysit their kids.

What Peter Jackson proved with ‘Lord Of The Rings‘ movies is that you could make various changes, and you could pull things around, but as long as it was in the spirit of the storytelling, and because he made The Shire so real, the fans forgave him for the changes.

Jackson was not a religious man when he came to Lexington.

Daniel H Hill
I remember – when I was little, I remember playing ‘Tecmo Bowl,’ and I would be so excited to be Bo Jackson in the game that I wanted to watch him play in real life.

What’s wrong with being a two-sport athlete? You’ve got Deion Sanders. You’ve got Bo Jackson. You’ve got Michael Jordan; he wasn’t a very good baseball player. There’s nothing wrong with crossing over.

Michael Jackson was the biggest star the world has ever seen – he put so much into everything; a lot of attention to detail. I want to do that. I want to pay that kind of attention to detail in everything – in music, visually – all of that.

I’ve always loved Don Cheadle and Jeffery Wright and even Sam Jackson.

Andre Royo
I was a part of the planning and attack package intelligence team for the strike against Syria in 1983 – in which we lost a pilot and had another one captured until Jesse Jackson got him out – and numerous other operations against Syria both before the Iraq war and during the insurgency.

Michael Jackson believed in making music that made people feel good.

Rampage Jackson came to the UFC with a brain. He came to the UFC with a huge following from being in Asia with Pride. He was a personality before he came to the UFC. You don’t see them putting marketing money behind him to blow him up.

I never got to meet Michael Jackson, and he’s gone – so to be on stage with Prince was like if Michael… you know what I’m saying? And Prince, he’s just such a warmhearted guy. He’s so humble. He’s such a spiritual man. I like his style.

Every group has its time. Nobody reigns forever, except Michael Jackson. So, you’ve gotta be ready for that – and be wise about what you’re doing.

When I was really, really young, I was in love with Michael Jackson.

His name is Michael Jackson, not Super Michael Jackson. He makes mistakes just like all of us.

Heavy D
From dancing around to Michael Jackson and Madonna as a kid to having my mind blown by the first sounds of punk and indie rock, to getting to play my own songs and have people listen, music is what got me through.

Somebody DM’d me like, ‘Bruh, you remind me so much of Michael Jackson.’ I was like, ‘What? That’s a bar.’

I saw ‘Tintin’ in Europe – it is ‘Indiana Jones‘ on steroids. Unbelievable. What a fantastic movie. Steven Spielberg, you rock the house. And working with those young English guys like Edgar Wright, and also Peter Jackson; what a great combination.

Harvey Weinstein
The first video that made me want to get into entertainment was Janet Jackson’s ‘That’s The Way Love Goes.’

You can get really left of centre influences in mainstream pop. Michael Jackson and Prince are some of the most progressive artists ever if you actually dissect their songs there’s some crazy stuff going on.

Guys like Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper, Kenny Lawler, Darius Powe, Richard Rodgers, Jackson Bouza. All those guys are incredible. They run great routes and have great hands.

I never got formal training in music. I would just sit with my ear to the speaker and my hand on the needle. I’d listen to Wanda Jackson and think, ‘How did she do that?,’ and lift the needle and try it myself.

I had danced with Janet Jackson and P. Diddy so I had done a bunch of hip hop. Really and truly my roots are in modern and ballet but, professionally, that’s not really out there any more, unfortunately, so these artists aren’t really having a lot of ballet dancers behind them so I had to learn hip hop really quick.

Big up Samuel L. Jackson, because here’s a guy who has broken down doors.

I’ve got so many dance heroes, and it’s such a cliche, but how can I not say Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul – they are the people I remember when I was a little girl, watching their videos and trying to learn all the choreography.

I had a very curly perm in the ’80s, thanks to the ‘Way You Make Me Feel’ Michael Jackson video. I liked the girl in it.

I quite like Jackson Pollock, and have a real gut reaction to it, so it does whatever it does to me.

I think we’re in an age where artists really have an incredible range of materials at their command now. They can use almost anything from household items – Jackson Pollock used house paint – to, you know, advanced computer systems, to good old oil paint and acrylic paint.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and George Strait. That’s what I grew up on. But I also loved Usher and Justin Timberlake.

The song that’s affected me the most profoundly is probably Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ or, more specifically, the couple seconds of instrumental break before Vincent Price startsrapping.’

Do you remember where you were when Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died?

The difference between me and them is that I’ll look at Jesse Jackson and I’ll see four Jesse Jacksons, and they’ll just see one, the clown ambulance chaser.

I’m from the same hometown as Bo Jackson, I wish Bo Jackson would’ve snuck in the classroom and surprised me.

I worked in Maynard Jackson’s first campaign, and I remember the excitement we felt when he won.

Pearl Cleage
I read the book with interest, but when Jackson was a candidate in 1828 for the Presidency, I opposed him and voted for Adams. I favored a protective tariff.

Ezra Cornell
When you get to work with people like Ian McKellen or directors like Peter Jackson, you sit and watch.

I don’t know who’s worse with little boys, Mario or Michael Jackson.

Dustin Diamond
When I was a baby, my mom used to have a dance school, and she used to teach classes there. We didn’t have money for a babysitter, so she always brought me with her to the dancing school. Back then, I was already watching and listening to Michael Jackson for a long time.

There were three great child singing stars: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Jackie Washington.

Don Cornelius
In the words of Michael Jackson: I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Henry M. Jackson, congressman and senator from 1941 until his death in 1983, achieved far greater renown than most legislators, ran for president in 1972 and 1976, and was for much of the 1970s and 1980s one of the most powerful men in America.

I don’t know exactly what genre to put it in, I just know that I grew up listening to a lot of soul music – Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston. I was inspired by all these great big voices, and I try to do music that’s timeless.

I grew up listening to a lot of Usher at 13 and 14. I have every Usher album that ever existed. So I grew up listening to a lot of Usher, Michael Jackson, Luis Miguel, a lot of pioneers in Latin music.

When I was 17, my producer Rodney Jerkins was working with Michael Jackson at the time. He knew how much I wanted to meet Michael Jackson, so he says, ‘Would you like to come and meet him?’ I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Of course I want to meet Michael Jackson! Where do I meet you? Where do we come?’

Even as I was trying to become a rock god, Michael Jackson was the ultimate magic rock star to me. I loved his music, his scene and style. He transcended musical categories.

The real Michael Jackson that has not been seen… with children, one in diapers, the other two toddlers.

Michael Jackson’s one of my favorite artists of my whole life. In fact, I think he is my favorite. It’s one of the first things I fell in love with before I learned about genres and before I knew what was cool to like.

Yes well I’ve done three movies with Samuel L. Jackson, so I’ve met him a couple of times already. Well, I see him everyday, but its only on the screen.

Michael Jackson loved epic symbols. In his shows and his videos, he always destroyed or salvaged worlds; he was the hero of parables about street violence, sexual combat, war and natural disaster. It was always apocalypse or apotheosis now.

I wrote a lot of ‘A Time to Kill’ at the State Capitol in Jackson, Miss., hiding in little committee rooms, killing time waiting for legislation to come to the floor.

Peter Jackson is a wonderful man. He’s a great director. He’s found his niche in life.

Singing is all about certain inflection on certain lines. I used to listen to tapes of everybody from Michael Jackson and Prince to Earth, Wind and Fire. They would have different vocal inflections. If the line insinuated pain, they would cringe on some lines.

I idolised former sprint and hurdling champion Colin Jackson.

In 1984, I managed Walter Mondale’s campaign for president. Mondale won the nomination after a bruising battle with Colorado Senator Gary Hart and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

R.E.M.’s ‘Automatic for the People’ – that’s probably one of my favourite records – Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – that’s some recordCrowded House’s ‘Together Alone’ – that’s brilliant, fantastic record.

Jamie Lawson
I remember I met Mark Jackson – and even now he still remembers me from middle school.

I vividly remember my mom would put on this VHS of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits music videos. I’d watch that all the time.

I mean, Janet Jackson? She’s like Michael Jackson with hair.

Ronnie Spector
I’ve been caught in parachute pants. And on my high school yearbook, they used the wrong picture. They were supposed to use the picture of me with a nice suit on. They used me with my collar flipped up, in a fuchsia and white striped shirt. I blame Prince and Michael Jackson in the Eighties for that.

If I say often enough that I’m going to be in ‘King Kong,’ I’m hoping that Peter Jackson will take the hint.

I think my fighting skills have certainly been improved by working with Peter Jackson.

Nate Dogg is my favorite artist. I cried more when he passed than when Michael Jackson did.

When I go back home, I feel like Michael Jackson in Memphis. They love me.

Reggie Jackson hit one off me that’s still burrowing its way to Los Angeles.

Dan Quisenberry
Plenty of people detested Michael Jackson before his death wiped away the world’s collective memory. Timberlake was originally dismissed as just another boy-bander. Legions have joined in a ‘Hate Anne Hathaway’ movement. Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Kristen Bell, even Mozart had haters.

It is to such men as Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson and Jackson and Franklin, all most lowly born, that we owe most of our greatness as a nation.

I think Phil Jackson started that feud. It happened many times that after team practice he would say, ‘Kobe said this about Shaq, and Shaq said that about Kobe… ‘ We couldn’t believe how could that happen, because just the day before we saw them together, jumping on one another.

The beauty of recording in L.A. is that most of the musicians that are on the record live here, so it was easy to get world class artists like Rick Braun to swing by and play a little trumpet, Everette Harp on sax, guitarist Paul Jackson.

Jackson, however, persevered. He joined the Franklin Debating Society, an institution that had been in existence over fifty years, and had enrolled in its membership some of the ablest men in Virginia.

Daniel H Hill
I remember being really, really young and watching Prince and Michael Jackson concert DVDs. One of my favorites is Prince’s ‘Rave Un2 The Year 2000.’

I’m a postmodern commentator, and so, in a cheeky parallel to James Joyce or James Kelman, I get to places, verbally, that are a little unusual – when I talk about Jocky Wilson and end up sounding like a Jackson Pollock of the commentary box.

What if Picasso had gone to the Moon? Or Andy Warhol or Michael Jackson or John Lennon? What about Coco Chanel? These are all artists that I adore.

Yusaku Maezawa
I think the first album I bought was The Jackson Five, but the first CD I was given was ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe,’ the single! Bless my mum – don’t know what she was thinkin’!

Can’t step from one movie set to the next. Only Samuel L. Jackson can do that. All us mere mortals can’t do that!

Glenda Jackson called me an amateur in 1976 when we were in a play, ‘The White Devil.’ I’ve never forgiven her.

I grew up on Michael Jackson, Pat Benetar, and Van Halen – all the things coming out of the television.

I feel very fortunate to be compared to somebody so incredible. Michael Jackson’s an icon.

When you have a chance to get Phil Jackson to run your team, you just do it, plain and simple.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be Michael Jackson. I used to sing and dance and perform with my sister at parties for 50p.

My favorites growing up were always Billy Joel, Michael Jackson… and Placido Domingo.

Josh Young
Black women fought for the right to vote during the suffrage movement and fought again during the civil rights movement. The rote narrative in the press of the civil rights movement is truncated with the briefest of histories of men like Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, or John Lewis.

There are so many fantastic stories and I want to bring Thor and Odin and the other gods into the modern world, just like I did with the Greeks and ‘Percy Jackson.’ I’ll give the books an urban setting and have young people interacting with the Norse gods.

You can make an argument that Bill O’Reilly is a conservative or a Republican. Bill’s kind of unpredictable. Somebody might say that he would have been comfortable in the Democratic Party of Scoop Jackson.

Great actors like Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page and Samuel L. Jackson will go and do a videogame, because they understand that storytelling isn’t just necessarily about filmmaking.

Greg Jackson gave me hope after four losses. After my last loss in the Strikeforce grand prix against Kharitonov, I gave him a call and asked him if he thought I should retire. Some of my trainers, some people told me I had lost it. He said, ‘Absolutely not. Just come to Albuquerque,’ and gave me that hope.

I was more in opposition within my own party, and for a long while, I was part of the opposition. I had – Scoop Jackson was my candidate in ’76. I made no bones about that.

I had a Jackson 5 wig that I would wear around, and I would do, like, the dances from the Jackson 5, and, you know, my mother thought that was hysterical. So of course, that seed got planted very early, the physicality of comedy.

I do a lot of touring, yes, and I have my whole life ever since I was 19 years old, when I used to tour with Al Jarreau, Rickie Lee Jones, and Jackson Browne as a side musician.

When I sit here and see that the eight brothers from the neighborhood that I grew up with still have success, it had to be magical. I doubt if you get another ‘Wu-Tang Clan.’ That might be harder than getting the new ‘Jackson Five.’ Certain groups you only get one time, and we just happened to be that group.

When I was a little girl – well, like, a teenager – I wanted to be Sam Jackson. I always wanted to be men.

A part of ‘Happy New Year‘ is inspired by western pop culture, the pop music videos of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran in the ’80s.

There’s a whole other chapter of my life where I was, for 15 years, the significant other of coach Phil Jackson.

How do you make something the same but different? That’s the question I had to deal with in my approach to the cover painting for ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes.’ I wanted it to have many similarities to ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods,’ but I knew they couldn’t be too similar.

John Rocco
Michael Jackson is an accidental civil rights leader – an accidental pioneer. He broke ground and barriers in so many different realms in artistry, in pictures, in movies, in music, you name it.

The Warriors team with Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson – that was an incredible team.

Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It caused quite a controversy, because his nose isn’t eligible for another fifteen years.

When I did ‘The Green‘ with Cheyenne Jackson, I was the lead of a film for the first time. That was really fun; I hadn’t dug in to a part like that before.

Jason Butler Harner
I did ballet, tap and modern dance – I loved Janet Jackson with a passion – and I was good enough to star in lots of amateur shows.

Collin Jackson was a little before my time and he was a really good athlete. I’ve raced with him, but he’s now retired. He’s a really good role model and someone that I’ve learnt a lot from.

Liu Xiang
I think even back as far as ‘Lord of the Rings,’ there was always the chance that ‘The Hobbit’ would be made, even way back then. Of course at that point, Peter Jackson didn’t probably think at that point that he’d be directing it.

For me, Michael Jackson was a star. Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are stars. They are the ones who own and carry stardom.

My earliest influence was Quincy Jones. I thought ‘The Wiz’ soundtrack was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard. It was my first record and you had Michael Jackson, Ted Ross, Nipsey Russell and Diana Ross on it. I even took it to show and tell in third grade!

My own experience with trains dates to long-ago childhood trips with my family in Mississippi to see my grandmother off at the station in Jackson, bound for Memphis.

I have very mixed feelings about Jesse Jackson. He’s very good about labor, and human and civil rights issues, but not so good on cultural issues.

At a party in L.A., I met this middle-aged gentleman who I was talking to for ages when I asked, ‘So, what do you do?’ Turns out I was speaking to legendary music producer Quincy Jones, who worked on Michael Jackson’s hits. And there was little old me rattling on – I was so embarrassed.

Elliot Cowan
I always wanted to work with Michael Jackson. His music will live forever and with technology nowadays… maybe I could.

Peter Jackson has the sort of imagination that no one else has.

Barely Lethal‘ is a non-Disney project, and is with Samuel L. Jackson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jessica Alba. It is a really, really phenomenal film.

How about no one’s ever going to outsell Michael Jackson at selling records because the record industry is over. Game over. There’s no more record stores. With no more record stores there’s no more pressing plants. With no more pressing plants, there’s no more charts.

I grew up in Kilmichael, Mississippi. It’s a dot on the map 100 miles north of Jackson.

Grace Hightower
I run with music all the time. I cannot run without my iPod. I have everything. Teddy Pendergrass. Luther Van Dross. Michael Jackson. Outkast. If an Usher song comes on and it’s fast, I go fast.

It’s tough to write beautifully about ugly things, but Mitchell S. Jackson makes it look easy.

Michael Jackson. I’m a fan of his, a very big fan.

I listen to a little bit of hip-hop, but I mainly go back to what was big when I was at the University of Georgia in the ’70s. I’m a big Emerson, Lake & Palmer guy, a big Jackson Browne guy, the soundtrack of college.

I remember on ‘JAG,’ Joe Jackson punched Stephen Culp and shattered his nose.

David James Elliott
Joe Jackson is a great man. The problem that people have with my father is that he tells it like it is. He’s just straight up and doesn’t beat around the bush. Tough love.

Tito Jackson
I would say the first concert I ever went to is my earliest memory. I was four and already obsessed with Michael Jackson. We were living in Munich at the time. My mom, being the best person ever, somehow managed to get us two tickets to the ’97 Michael Jackson History World Tour.

My dad worked with Mary Jackson very closely at one point. I knew Katherine Johnson as well. They were all part of this group of black engineers and scientists within this larger NASA community.

I feel like my peers now are artists like Madonna and the Stones, Michael Jackson and Prince. These are people who were able to take their careers beyond the normal here-today-gone-tomorrow life span.

I was on tour with Michael Jackson for a while; I did the ‘Dangerous’ and ‘History’ tours. I was also on tour with Diana Ross.

Cris Judd
Old school Janet Jackson is always good. I usually go old school, it’s very rare that I pick a song from nowadays.

Peter Jackson has just really earned the right to be Tolkien‘s torchbearer on screen.

What I like about Elvis is the same thing I like about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince. These guys, back in the day, there was no smoke and mirrors. It was just raw talent. They would step out onstage and command an audience. Talk about awesome.

Peter Jackson is a real big hero of mine because he had the nerve to make ‘The Hobbit’ at 48 frames per second.

I was such an innocent and loving child. I lived in a dream world, I was obsessed with ‘Star Wars‘, ‘E.T’, Michael Jackson and Madonna. I was big-hearted, emotional, and excitable.

When I went back to my old high school, all these kids looking at me like I’m the real big homie, the same way I look at Jay Z, Nas, or Dr. Dre. You would’ve thought Michael Jackson walked through that joint off the excitement that they had.

Deion Sanders played two sports, and Bo Jackson played two sports. I’m not athletic enough to do two sports, but I think I’m good enough to do two professions and do them pretty well at a high level.

If I wasn’t doing candy, I’d want to create the best rescue animal-shelter organization. Otherwise, the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were so much a part of my childhood, and Janet and I have become friends. So my second dream job would be backup singer for Janet Jackson!

My ‘Slide Some Oil’ ain’t gon’ be Nipsey Russell’s ‘Slide Some Oil.’ Elijah Kelley’s ‘You Can’t Win’ ain’t gon’ be Michael Jackson’s ‘You Can’t Win.’

Growing up, I was surrounded by music by the Stones, Carole King, and the Beach Boys. I didn’t know who Michael Jackson was till I was about 13.

Michael Jackson is the ultimate traffic accident. People can’t take their eyes off him.

Working with Michael Jackson was awesome. He was an incredible entertainer, dancer, singer, magician, everything, and he was really sweet, too.

Fame has sent a number of celebrities off the deep end, and in the case of Michael Jackson, to the kiddy pool.

For me, the ’80s was great because you had Boy George, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Cyndi Lauper. No one put boxes saying this is urban, this is popular, this is underground. It was just good or bad.

The simplest way to do something cool is the cross-turn. Like in the ’80s – Michael Jackson did it. You jump and cross your legs together at the same time, and then spin out of it. That’s it.

Heather Morris
Sometimes a producer and an artist get together and they make magic like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. As far as my own music career – you could liken my chemistry with Timbaland to Marty Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

I always wanted to interview Michael Jackson, because I just wanted to humanize him.

The judge gave Michael permission to issue a statement. I think Jackson went way outside the bounds of the judge’s intent. It will be interesting to see what the judge does tomorrow in court.

Catherine Crier
I love creating partnerships; I love not having to bear the entire burden of the creative storytelling, and when I have unions like with George Lucas and Peter Jackson, it’s really great; not only do I benefit, but the project is better for it.

When I was running the Troubadour, there was this transition from the classic singer/songwriter Jackson Browne types to bands like Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, and Fear. Those are just some that come to mind. Oh, and Adam Ant! The Fear fans wanted to ‘crush‘ the Ants. These guys hated each other.

My parents listened to a lot of music when I was really little. They used to listen to people like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and I used to be really into that.

Conor Maynard
There’s no recreating what Michael Jackson and Diana Ross did in ‘The Wiz’. We’re trying to figure out who these characters are in 2015. How would these times change their motives, change the things they would say and do?

The New Zealand culture and nature is such that we find it very difficult to celebrate creative achievement. In order to get New Zealanders’ respect you have to dominate the world like Peter Jackson has done. He is absolutely revered.

I don’t feel I have to be Jackson Browne. Still, I like to say something.

They had scarcely established themselves, however, before another company of Jackson county citizens, chiefly from around Independence, organized to drive them off.

Cole Younger
Stephen Daldry would be a director that I would love to work with as well as Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and I’m very lucky to have worked with Isabel Coixet, who is also one of my favourite directors.

I would love to have a chat with Michael Jackson. For the sole purpose of seeing if he has a deep voice or not. A lot of people say he actually had a deep baritone, but then on TV he always had the high pitched squeaky voice. I would love to spend some time with him.

They all matter to me, whether I’m working on a Sam Jackson film for a week or I’m the star of my own TV series – I take it all very seriously, and I have a healthy respect for the work in general, despite the role.

The Coen Brothers, Peter Jackson, and Guillermo del Toro have really made something of themselves and impacted people. I’d love to work with them sometime, too.

Molly Quinn
My role models came in my imagination, from what I’d heard on the radio or on record… Vera Lynn I loved, but I’d only ever heard her on the radio. Gospel singers, Bessie Smith, Mahalia Jackson. So it was in my head that I visualised the emotion but no way to see how people do it.

Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross and the Jackson 5, that’s what I grew up on.

Michael Jackson wanted to be in Men in Black II. He told me he had seen the first Men in Black in Paris and had stayed behind and sat there and wept. I had to explain to him that it was a comedy.

Barry Sonnenfeld
Hue Jackson is a great guy.

It’s always a really great feeling when I talk to people who watched ‘Jett Jackson’ because we were the same age. We were all kids. I was 13 when I started working on that show, and that was part of my childhood.

Lee Thompson Young
I remember when Michael Jackson came to India and I was crazy about his gig.

Jesse Jackson is not anti-Semitic, but in politics, you always get in trouble when you try to be cute.

Bert Lance
Nicole Richie invited me to her birthday party, and it was at Michael Jackson’s Neverland!

The people that become the biggest jokes are people who do not change. They stay the way they were in the past. Look at Michael Jackson, he never evolved.

Listen, Bruce Lee fought out of anger. That’s why they call it the ‘Fists of Fury.’ Michael Jackson danced with fury. I do stand up out of fury. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m not mad at any human being because I’m a human being.

As a little kid, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson.

My favorite place in the whole world is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It would have been the equivalent of Jackson Pollock’s attempts to copy the Sistine Chapel.

Malcolm Cowley
Scripts were rather scarce in 1968. We did a lot of Amiri Baraka’s plays, the agitprop stuff he was writing. It was at a time when black student organizations were active on the campuses, so we were invited to the colleges around Pittsburgh and Ohio, and even as far away as Jackson, Mississippi.

Our country was thereby saved from the consequences of its distracting individualistic conception of democracy, and its merely legal conception of nationality. It was because the followers of Jackson and Douglas did fight for it, that the Union was preserved.

The narrative that Peter Jackson has put into ‘The Battle of the Five Armies,’ it stands alone as a film. Rather than just finishing off the story, it’s like a whole new adventure all of its own. I’m very excited about it.

Phil Jackson is a mastermind, and he knows how to keep his team from being complacent.

I dream of collaborating with Q-Tip and Timbaland – it’s all producers. I’d really like to work with Drake and DRAM. The Weeknd would be dope. The list goes on and on. If Michael Jackson were alive, I’d love to collaborate with him.

I really like Alan Jackson, in Country Music. I think he’s really very, very talented along with George Jones, and Merle Haggard, the same old favorites.

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best actors there is.

Joel Siegel
If we all had a little bit of Michael Jackson in us, I think it would make the world a better place.

If I was working on Michael Jackson if he came back to life, I would be ready. I would be ready. ‘The Resurrection‘ Michael Jackson album, I would be ready.

My hero is Michael Jackson. Was and continues to be. He’s amazing. When I was growing up, it was the time of ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad.’ I’d come home from school and put on the vinyls. I’d put on a white V-neck T-shirt and roll back the carpet and dance for hours. I’d moonwalk and do the spins.

He will go down as a legend along with Elvis and the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Bob Marley is right up there. He was a leader for reggae music – he really made it appeal to a world audience.

I’d die if I was Madonna. I’d die. God, what a horrible way to live. And Michael Jackson! To be so famous and to feel so isolated. I feel so bad for them. I don’t know how it feels, and I hope it never happens to me.

Early inspirations included Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie… Those were the people I actually wound up studying just to hone my craft.

Sam Jackson is like the Jeezy of Hollywood: He’s for his people.

When I was born, that was the music my mother was listening to. Michael Jackson is a third parent to me.

I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson. I’d love to be able to have my life exactly the way it is, but with his dance moves.

And I’m looking at him like, ‘Oh my God. This is Michael Jackson’. I fainted, blacked out – like seriously blacked out.

Michael Jackson asked me to sign a Playboy. I was more than happy to.

Michael Jackson had a stable vision. He had a strong message, not only pop. People just fainted at his concert.

I like to enjoy good music. I like Michael Jackson; I don’t care who wrote the songs.

We did a lot of fight scenes in ‘Hitman: Agent 47,’ so you have to learn repetitious movements to music; otherwise, it’s amazingly boring. Michael Jackson was our savior.

Hannah Ware
There were bars that began to have acoustic musicians play, it was 1970: Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, America, The Eagles, all that kind of stuff was popular. It was very easy for me to just kind of move in and be noticed.

At the ‘L.A. Times,’ I always wanted to write about artists I thought were meaningful. So I interviewed Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eminem, White Stripes. And I could understand how almost everybody I interviewed had a sense of artistry.

My mom thought I could dance because I used to dance to this Janet Jackson song she’d play when I was a baby. Then she would take me to a Saturday dance school. I used to go every week and got spotted by a scout, who suggested I audition for the role of Billy in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical.’

It’s the state of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. That is our heritage. It is what makes us Virginia.

I grew up in Florida, started fishing with my dad going down to the Everglades and around the state, plus some offshore stuff for sails and wahoo – but I never really got the bug until my husband and I went float fishing on the Snake River at Jackson Hole for trout – I’ve been pretty much addicted ever since.

Truth is, I love all the horror guys and girls: Gord Rollo, Shirley Jackson, Harlan Ellison, Ramsey Campbell, Dan Simmons, Thomas Ligotti. Each one of them brings something wonderfully different and, because I love the genre, I love those who love the genre, too. And I hope the genre ends up loving me back.