Top 35 Quite Some Time Quotes

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I've been studying China for quite some time now, and I
I’ve been studying China for quite some time now, and I’m big on China as well. And I think we need to be very concerned about Chinese technology getting into our systems or the systems of our allies.

Hairbond is a high quality product that I have been using for quite some time now and I am very happy to represent Hairbond product range in the future as their brand ambassador.

It’s my privilege to work with an actor like Vikram who gets into the skin of the character he is playing, so much so that after the shoot it takes him quite some time to get back to his real self.

A lot of these guys in ‘Fight Masterwill compete in Bellator and in mixed mart arts for quite some time.

Randy Couture
I have known Eliaquim Mangala for quite some time and we understand each other well.

This is something that’s been on my radar for quite some time actually, voice acting.

The young very seldom lead anything in our country today. It’s been quite some time since a younger generation pushed an older one to a higher standard.

When Kate Spade New York told me that we would be going to Dubai to celebrate the opening of two stores there, I was so thrilled – Dubai has been a place that I have wanted to visit for quite some time. There was something mysterious about Dubai that I wanted to see for myself so I could draw my own conclusions.

For quite some time, I lost my way, not only business-wise but personally.

Erick Morillo
I have been following badminton for quite some time, and I know most of the Indian players personally.

I was studying Francis of Assisi for quite some time, when Benedict was still the pope. And I was studying it for a song that I did for my last album, ‘Banga.’

The actual thought of not really having a home was, for me, very depressing, and it was something that I was dealing with for quite some time.

The funny thing about advertising is that it’s not a zero-sum gameHistorically, in the digital ad world, pie has gotten larger and it’s possible for everyone to win, and it’s perfectly possible that will continue to be true for quite some time.

I believe in providing an alternative for fans, and I really believe that the audience has wanted an alternative for quite some time. This is now the platform to give people exactly what they want, and I am really looking forward to proving myself in AEW.

I’ll be the first to thank RuPaul, who gave me the money and let me out into the world. RuPaul is an excellent role model. I’m talking about someone who has worked hard in the business for quite some time. RuPaul put gay men in wigs into people’s living rooms. RuPaul is the reason that we’re not threatening.

I’ve been doing television with TBS for quite some time, and it’s been a great journey.

I have another Russian idea, too, with a place and a period, so I guess I have enough to keep me busy for quite some time, especially considering that I’m such a slow writer.

Martin Cruz Smith
I have a really strong opponent in Randy Orton. A former multi-time world champion. He’s held just about every title under the sun. And he’s done it all in a major way. He’s basically wreaked havoc and ran roughshod over the WWE for quite some time. Some people might forget that.

I’ve been involved in politics for quite some time. I’ve held positions, and my experiences are very deep, and I think I have the capacity, the courage, and the character to institute the kinds of reforms that are so desperately needed.

When you go to the Sistine Chapel with Sophia Loren, it can be quite some time before your thoughts turn to the ceiling.

Then I thought I was going to be a photographer. I tried a hand at darkroom technician. I played in a band. It took me quite some time to discover that I wanted to write.

Guy Johnson
We just happened to come along at time where there hadn’t been a new young adult drama that also could appeal to adults as well in quite some time. We sort of found a little bit of a niche.

UF is Utilization Flight. That got put in the manifest quite some time ago.

I’ve been working on my finishing for quite some time. It’s just a question of paying attention to the minor details.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Hurricane Katrina made landfall along the Gulf Coast, and while we are still dealing with the tremendous devastation – and will be for quite some time – we are also seeing increased signs of recovery and help in our region.

Donald Beardslee is set for execution this week in California. His crimes were about twenty years ago, but it will be the first execution in California in quite some time.

Catherine Crier
The truth is that a number of us have been saying for quite some time that it was only a matter of time until someone went to a gun show, bought a military-like semi-automatic assault weapon with a large capacity magazine, and did enormous damage.

It’s the word ‘artful’; it’s such a great word, with its dark and its light side, its art and its cunning, the craft and the crafty of it – I’ve been preoccupied with the word ‘artful’ and the twin notions of ‘cornucopia’ and ‘pickpocket’ it suggests for quite some time.

I have been directing ads and videos for quite some time. And I wanted to direct films.

Obviously, I’m still building a name and reputation for myself. The stigmas that come with my past will remain there for quite some time, but I’m not afraid to challenge those things, and I never have been.

The Eagles ended on a rather abrupt note, although in retrospect I realize now that it had been ending for quite some time.

Don Henley
There’s something about being under-rested and knowing that the situation is going to remain that way for quite some time that makes things more meaningful.

I’m very lucky, in that I’ve known Adele for quite some time.

I wanted to make an unusual superhero film for quite some time.

I’ve had no shellfish and no pork for quite some time.