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There is no one right now in my judgment that can unite
There is no one right now in my judgment that can unite the Black electorate in such a way to present our agenda to a nominee to have them forthrightly address our concerns.

As a documentary filmmaker, I’m very respectful, and my interview style is not intrusive. I don’t really have an agenda. I just go in there, I mumble something or other, I wait for them to speak, and I wait for them to stop.

Tony Kaye
I think politicians know how to misrepresent data in order to support a political agenda. Politicians and the people that work for them – I should say – are expert at that.

Obama has now lost his trustworthiness. He has lost any hope of majority support from the American people for his agenda. Obamacare has wiped that out. It really has.

I hope to help the Indian government advance their economic reform agenda, which will benefit India‘s citizens and the world.

The economy of the future has been aligned with the climate agenda. Even the competitiveness of companies will depend on how resource efficient they are.

I think what irritates both conservatives and liberals alike is when news outlets pretend that they don’t have an agenda but then clearly do, be it in the editorial decisions they make and the guests they have and the material that they cover.

When you‘re in the minority, it doesn’t matter what you’re agenda is, you’re not going to have the degree of freedom that you have as a member of the majority.

Tom Daschle
There is a hidden agenda in the fragility of romance.

I suppose when any movie dealing with politics is released, there is a knee-jerk assumption that it is propelled by a liberal agenda. That may be true most of the time, but not with ‘Nothing but the Truth.’

Comedy is very disarming. It’s a way to talk about things and still be light-hearted. And when it’s done really well, you never see the strings, whereas when you watch an infomercial or a politician speaking, a lot of times you can see the strings, you can see what agenda they’re trying to push.

In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues. Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda.

Gen Y is depicted as self-centred and apathetic when it comes to politics, but it doesn’t help that we are largely overlooked. There have been policies to woo parents, pensioners and the sick, but the young do not appear to rank high on any political agenda.

I didn’t really have an agenda for my talent. I just wanted to be able to sing.

Brenda Lee
The fierce battles between New Democrat centrists and old-style liberals that defined the Democratic Party in the 1990s are long gone, with the party unified behind Barack Obama’s economic agenda of universal health care, expensive federal programs and more regulation of the financial markets.

Hunger Games‘ is a tried-and-true tale about a totalitarian society. It’s more similar to China than America, but it’s also similar to Nazi Germany and anywhere where the populace gets semi-brainwashed into serving the agenda of a very few.

Common sense will always prevail. America will advance the agenda for the greatest minds.

My purpose is to call on my colleagues, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, to get behind the agenda of trying to reform the government and make it work for the people rather than the other way around.

I’m not afraid of having an agenda. I do have an agenda. It’s a positive agenda.

I’ve always felt like in a democracy – this is how I was raised – that as a citizen, it’s your duty to work hard for the agenda of the country.

This is about Floridians saying what’s most important to them and making sure that we create an agenda that we can drive and deliver back in Washington, D.C. So it’s very exciting.

Katherine Harris
I rarely get a moment to myself, but I love the way that my agenda is dictated by the children, not my work.

Monica Ali
It’s time to put back on the agenda the importance of public ownership and public good, the value of working together collaboratively, not in competition.

The Macintosh having shipped, his next agenda was to turn the rest of Apple into the Mac group. He had perceived the rest of Apple wasn’t as creative or motivated as the Mac team, and what you need to take over the company are managers, not innovators or technical people.

Acting was not on my agenda. It just happened by chance. I always wanted to be involved in wildlife protection or maybe surrounded by kids. I love animals and children.

Google is a private company. It has the capacity to utilize its massive power for whatever political agenda it chooses. But for it to pretend to be an advocate for Internet freedom while simultaneously disadvantaging messages it finds politically incorrect is deeply hypocritical.

I have no particular career agenda.

He wasn’t, but producers are by definition annoying because they have a different agenda from you. They’re trying to stop you spending money and you’re trying to not spend money, but at the same time we’re great artists.

Michael Apted
I have been with Donald for 18 years, and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. He never had a hidden agenda when it comes to his patriotism because, like me, he loves this country so much.

My pledge to you is that the SNP will put women and gender equality right at the heart of the Westminster agenda.

I don’t have too many plans filled out. I know I want to keep doing more music. I’ve got a couple of albums worth of songs I’d like to put it out there. As far as movies, I just want to continue how I’ve been doing it: working with terrific people is certainly on my agenda, and then doing stories that interest me.

As the largest contributor to the United Nations and funder of international family planning, the U.S. is in a unique position to continue to lead the global agenda and place reproductive health at its core.

What is so clearly in the national interest is everything the government is doing in its strong, one nation domestic policy agenda: more police on the streets, more doctors and nurses in our hospitals, a welcoming face to scientists and international students.

I am ready to sacrifice everything in completing the unfinished agenda of our noble jihaduntil there is no bloodshed in Afghanistan and Islam becomes a way of life for our people.

Mohammed Omar
The government sets targets for increased four-year high school graduation rates as part of its agenda for improving Americans’ health.

I think if any president gets 30 – 35 percent of the agenda done within those first 100 days, I think it’s a pretty big accomplishment.

The State of the Union may look rosy from the White House balcony or the suites of George Bush’s wealthiest donors. But hardworking Americans will see through this president’s efforts to wrap his radical agenda with a compassionate ribbon.

As long as I feel I am doing what I think is right and just for my country, for the Greek people, that is enough for me. Saving Greece from this crisis was the first thing on the agenda. We are now on a much more normalised road.

The challenges of delivering more housing so people can enjoy the benefits of home ownership and improving standards and choice in public services can also be met with a strong Conservative policy agenda.

As the news agenda goes into warp speed, it becomes ever more difficult for authors writing about current events to keep their books timely and relevant.

I feel like I’m a nice character, and I don’t have my own agenda.

Any successful nominee should possess both the temperament to interpret the law and the wisdom to do so fairly. The next Supreme Court Justice should have a record of protecting individual rights and a strong willingness to put aside any political agenda.

Bennie Thompson
Conservatives always knew that the Left made a concerted effort to dominate in the entertainment field because it’s such a fabulous way to plant the seed of an agenda. Sugar helps the medicine go down, as does seeing it on the silver screen or hearing it in a catchy pop hook.

A lot of U.S. businesses are really going into the agenda of sustainability, and some are making their own commitments in emissions reductions in their own operations.

Victorian feminists made the mistake of making membership of the sisterhood conditional on signing up to a particular policy agenda. Marxist feminists made a similar mistake of saying, ‘You can’t be a real feminist unless you join with miners, the unions, the vegans.’

There’s no certain type of cinema, but there’s a certain type of promise every film comes with. The agenda is to keep an eye on quality and live up to that promise.

The higher the stakes, the more responsible we have to be. It was with this in mind that I began to build my Green Economy and Climate Agenda.

Together, we can create something new, something bold, and something to act as a check and balance to Washington’s out-of-touch agenda.

Catholic writer’ seems like you have an agenda of evangelization, as if you were somehow influenced in your choice of perspective by dogma or canon law. That has nothing to do with me. I don’t have a lot in common with other ‘Catholic’ writers.

Mary Gordon
I have no agenda.

We have to wrap this imperative of addressing climate change in a prosperity framework, and secondly we have to do a much better job of putting forward an American jobs agenda that’s a match for the climate challenge.

As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt learned when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, the three branches of government are coequal for a reason. Neither the executive branch or the legislative branch should use the third branch to a pursue a partisan agenda.

As mayor, I’m charged with a big-picture agenda.

My only agenda is trying to make you laugh and say something smart.

Only in Washington can the pursuit of a conservative agenda, with centrist policies, be depicted as liberal reform.

I’ve said in the primary race repeatedly that a Labour Party that I lead would be a true red Labour Party, be very clear about its social democratic roots and its social democratic agenda.

David Cunliffe
I’ve gotten to a place where I still love to play and sing, but I don’t have any ego agenda left, outside of just wanting to stay in a creative place and play music. I much prefer to sing for somebody else, and to somebody else.

Others have said it before me. If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu. And so it is important that we have women in the United States Senatestrong women, women who are there to help advance an agenda that is important to women.

My interest is to establish an agenda of engagement with Mexicans that will respond to Mexicans’ most urgent needs.

Every parent wants to know that their children are protected against those who have a particular agenda until they get old enough to make decisions for themselves.

The presidency is not an office job. If I only sit in the office in Dar es Salaam, I’m not running the country. I visit the country to inspect development programmes, to inspect activities, to see how things are going, how the government agenda is being implemented, what are the teething issues.

Jakaya Kikwete
I’ll see Naomi Wolf on television periodically, I have nothing against her and what she says, but I’ll feel that she’s a politician, like she’s got an agenda to get across and that she doesn’t always say what’s really true or exactly what she feels.

I’ve learnt an enormous amount from my children. Mostly that my agenda isn’t the most important thing in the world. For a while, I was trying to squeeze them into my life. And it was such torment! It makes you realise how selfish you are.

The pen is an instrument of discovery rather than just a recording implement. If you write a letter of resignation or something with an agenda, you’re simply using a pen to record what you have thought out.

When I met Narendra Modi in 2014, I submitted an 18-point agenda which included the issues faced by the tribesmen in the State.

It’s insane how much press my Instagram will get. It’s weird, in a way, that I can dictate the agenda – but I love being able to have a say in all of that.

In fact, the CCP’s ideological agenda extends far beyond the country’s borders and represents a threat to the idea of democracy itself, including in the United States.

I didn’t have any agenda or plan when I started writing stuff.

I never wanted to be one of those actors with a political agenda.

We won’t do something different for different’s sake. Designers cave in to marketing, to the corporate agenda, which is sort of, ‘Oh, it looks like the last one; can’t we make it look different?’ Well no, there’s no reason to.

Democrats have no agenda, no plan for the future, and no sense of leadership.

I lost many friendships because of my wealth. When my friends met me, they had an agenda in mind. Just because I had money, they expected one thing or the other from me, which they didn’t before.

Life is #1 on the agenda, and #2 is work.

Restoring the people’s voice in Congress is not just one part of our Better Way agenda, it’s the most important part. Unless people are back in the driver‘s seat, we won’t be able to rebuild our military, roll back the red tape, or help our most vulnerable.

Donald Trump is certainly an American original. Barack Obama, he’s an American original. Where else but in America could that man become president? George W. Bush, a very different man from his father. These guys, they have their distinct voice and their distinct agenda.

What pleases me most is that sustainable development is on almost everybody‘s agenda now.

If you go on stage with an agenda, you have to accept not everyone‘s going to agree with it.

Everybody comes to the journalist with an agenda.

Shepard Smith
The House Freedom Caucus has the same agenda today as it did yesterday, and that is to try to address the needs of each of our constituents, address the concerns the voters have been saying they have for a long time.

I always hated when I had to do the promos, especially because I got to push their agenda and try to tell you that this championship match is more important than anything in the world to me. Come on. No, it’s not.

Most people travel with a good book, but I also keep my agenda with me; I’ll flip through the pages and take a few moments to organize my life a little – I rarely get the time to do this normally.

To someone like me, who has watched trade negotiations closely for more than a quarter-century, it is clear that U.S. trade negotiators got most of what they wanted. The problem was with what they wanted. Their agenda was set, behind closed doors, by corporations.

What’s going on for half the country? Who’s lost out? The victims of elitist agenda; standing up for them, being a voice for them. That’s the idea behind positive populism, that’s what drives the content.

Our pro-jobs, pro-growth economic agenda is paying off for New Hampshire families, allowing them the freedom to spend their money as they see fit.

I don’t think it’s good to interact with people with a certain agenda in mind.

I took on the leader of the globalist agenda, the leader of the Republican Party, the Koch brothers.

I would like to see Donald Trump lay out specifics on an economic agenda that are realistic, that are small-business focused.

Here in Tennessee, instead of the big spending, big government, job killing agenda of the Obama Administration, Tennesseans have tightened their belts and are struggling to find jobs that will enable them to support their families.

Design is so critical it should be on the agenda of every meeting in every single department.

We have witnessed a stunning reversal of power between mainstream and social media: The ability to go direct to end users of information through social channels radically disrupted the mainstream news agenda.

The White House has a secular, humanistic agenda.

I have no agenda at all. I just want to do stuff I like. It can cost $200 million or $200 thousand.

Helping set the day’s agenda and deciding what we used and editing it, that was a journalistic high point. I liked reporting as well. Just doing the news – the live performance – wasn’t important. Working on the desk was.

The Republican Party is terrific at determining how a program will impact the federal budget, but we’re not nearly as good as the Democrats in explaining to people how our agenda will directly benefit them and their families.

I don’t want to be a 66-year-old man banging on youth, because that’s not my agenda.

A few people have asked me about the women agenda on country radio. I can only speak for myself on this, and all I have to say is that I’m very grateful, and thankful, that country radio has been so automatically accepting, and supportive, of me and my music.

I don’t have any political agenda. I never have and I never will.

The House Republican conference can tolerate a member who caters to the Democratic media complex in order to further her personal agenda. However, she can’t be in leadership.

I find it inconceivable that we’re meeting for five and a half days, and there isn’t one moment on the agenda to deal with the greatest crisis we’ve ever had in the church since 1789.

Roger Mahony
Billions have been spent for one purpose and one purpose only: to obscure and distract from the fact that Mitt Romney is backing the identical agenda George W. Bush did.

If there is a ground zero in the cultural wars, it is Missouri, a state where pro-life groups are strong and well organized and their agenda dominates local politics.

Eleanor Clift
The media has their own agenda.

President Obama instituted the most anti-growth, anti-investment, anti-jobs measures that we have seen in our lifetime. Now he called his agenda ambitious, I call it reckless.

The corporate media is there to push the agenda of the sponsors, and many of those sponsors are weapons manufacturers. So it stands to reason that you won’t get a diversity of opinions on television.

‘Call Me by Your Name‘ does not have a political agenda. It is not a ’cause’ film. It is a simple and beautifully shot story about a same-sex relationship that exists in a very tiny Italian village.

Satan has an agenda.

So much of the agenda behind Brexit has been murky.

While the surfeit of cheap calories that the U.S. food system has produced since the late 1970s may have taken food prices off the political agenda, this has come at a steep cost to public health.

I think Trump had this general populist agenda but has not been particularly adept at using the levers of power in Washington.

MoveOn loves government. It remains enamored of government spending as fuel for its liberal agenda; and anything that threatens to close that spigot in any degree is perceived as a dire threat – worthy of Chicken-Little warnings that the sky is going to fall.

BJP’s agenda was all wrong. They claimed that India was shining. Is it a utensil which will shine when rubbed? They fooled the people by these slogans and tried to divide them on the lines of religion.

It’s when someone has an agenda of their own for the record that it doesn’t work for me.

It never was because of my positions or policies that people refused to vote for me. In fact, most people agreed with my policy agenda. Rather, the problem was my personality.

The borrow-spend-and-centralize agenda that has been so destructive to job creation elsewhere in America has been a gravy boat inside the Beltway.

Hollywood pushes a liberal agenda to the rest of the country. And, whether we like it or not, Hollywood dictates the culture of the country.

Commercial theater, in its agenda to appeal to everybody, is often at the expense of the unique vision of the artist.

My district really wanted me… to take a hard stance against a Donald Trump agenda.

In the developing world, it’s about time that women are on the agenda. For instance, 80 percent of small-subsistence farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are women, and yet all the programs in the past were predominantly focused on men.

We have a double agenda of trying to deliver something exciting that people will talk about and will brighten their day and will amaze people and make us proud to have created an object of beauty. And on the other hand being true to the story.

It is unacceptable that Democrat leaders would rather push their divisive agenda and focus only on identity politics instead of holding hearings or doing the bipartisan, substantive work Israel needs.

It is no secret that our tax code is drastically outdated and burdensome to all Americans. Fortunately, more and more people are aware daily of the inequities that arise from things such as the estate tax, and it has come to the forefront of Congress’ agenda.

The fact that the Bush administration, and those in Europe who have followed its 9/11-inspired agenda, somehow believe that the future of the world is being played out in the Middle East and Central Asia rather than East Asia has only served to accelerate China’s rise and the U.S.’s decline.

If you’re keeping yourself in the bubble and only looking at your own data or only watching the TV that fits your agenda then it gets boring.

My role is really just to try to make sure that the voice of all shareholders and employees is heard – that no one is bullying their agenda, their choice of a CEO, or their selection of who should be the board members. Benchmark, I believe, has been pushing their agenda at the expense of those stakeholders.

The nightmare reviewer is the reviewer who has some sort of agenda that precludes him or her responding sincerely to the book. Often, that agenda is seeming clever and/or taking someone who has received more than her fair share of attention down a notch.

Working for CNN, you help set the agenda for decision makers and industry leaders simply by doing your job. What the network covers and how we cover it affects people. I am not naive enough to believe I work in some ‘pure‘ news vacuum.

But in the right-wing media, they do have a right-wing bias. And they also have an agenda. So their agenda is: we’re an adjunct of the Republican Party, and we’re going push that agenda every day, and, as you say, brand these stories that help further the right-wing cause.

Having spent a number of my younger years with trade-union parents attending NUT annual conferences, I feel comfortable with an agenda in my hand and a procedural format for debate.

Hypocrisy is a detriment to progress. There’s always a hidden agenda.

Larry Flynt
We see entrepreneurship and small businesses and supply chains as a critical part of the economic growth and competitiveness agenda.

It’s now clear that from the very moment President Bush took office, Iraq was his highest priority as unfinished business from the first Bush Administration. His agenda was clear: find a rationale to get rid of Saddam.

Edward Kennedy
Ringo is one of the world’s true humans. The only one out those four guys, who did not have an agenda. Ringo was just into the music.

Many elected Republicans know that ensuring that people of color can vote freely would spell bad news for them and their agenda, which privileges corporations and the wealthy.

The Congressional leaders set the agenda for journalism; it’s not the other way around.

My grandparents went through a bad experience themselves; they invested money in a church and got burned – the pastor had his own agenda – and my grandfather lost interest in the church after that. That was when I had the option to not go. ‘Grandpa ain’t going; I’m gonna stay with Grandpa.’

The D.C. playbook is obsolete. It’s time for the people of California to bring the agenda to Washington, not the other way around.

I don’t have a personal agenda. My priority is expeditious implementation of my party’s manifesto, the Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra.

Unlike some people, my father would try to meet with President-elect Trump because he recognizes that in order to move the agenda of justice, freedom, and equality forward, you can’t just protest and resist. You also have to negotiate as well.

The unions no longer control the education agenda of the Democratic Party.

Any political agenda and organization which doesn’t begin with personal responsibility is just half the argument. It’s just not going to succeed.

In general, science journalism concerns itself with what has been published in a handful of peer-reviewed journals – Nature, Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine – which set the agenda.

I’m really looking for an agenda that looks at safety for our communities beyond policing.

I wanted to fulfil the unfinished agenda of my father, which was to solve the problems of farmers, daily wage workers, and downtrodden people, irrespective of their caste and religion.

It’s very dangerous for a storyteller to walk into a situation with a political agenda because you end up telling a story about issues instead of telling a story about people.

As governor, I learned the importance of having an agenda.

So long as confusion reigns, there will be no successful global Internet agenda, only contradiction.

There’s no better platform than to be with Sky. Sky will bring the elevation that the women’s game needs. It’s a partner that is taking women’s sport very seriously and football tops that agenda.

In our perform agenda, segmentation is one of our key strategic priorities. Segmentation is about deploying the right go-to-market channel to the right customers with the right pricing and the right cost to serve. And as a result, the segmentation strategy ensures that we generate profitable growth.

Governments are not running the show anymore. Scumbag Entrepreneurs are, and they have a harsh and ruthless agenda.

Ralph Steadman
Let me even say before I even get inaugurated, during the transition we are going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the United States of America.

When we try to push the envelope, there are certain sectors of society that say this is a Zionist plot to sort of destabilize our country, or this is an American agenda.

It is an ambitious agenda, but the approach to Russia should be, ‘Confront where we must, but cooperate where we can.’

What happens here, the daily agenda of Arsenal, is very different from what I experienced in Monchengladbach.

We haven‘t had an agenda for American cities probably since at least Jimmy Carter. We have left cities to fend for themselves.

It’s not their job from the establishment-through-calcification to sit there and try to withhold the president, to rein him in or slow down his agenda.

Voters will never wonder where I stand on an issue or if I will be there when needed. I will be side by side with them as we fight back against the Trump agenda together.

Directing is not on my agenda, but writing is. I want to write everything from action, superhero films to quiet dramas, smaller films.

David Dastmalchian
Transforming our societies and our economies is an agenda that requires the participation of all. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are key. Including and empowering women and girls to develop and implement climate solutions is the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do.

The sheer scale of what the Tories are attempting to do is staggering. But Sinn Fein will not agree to this ideologically driven austerity agenda.

The 21st Amendment gives the states the right to decide what the drinking ages should be and other aspects relative to alcoholic beverages, and I support that. As a United States senator, I want to weigh in – this is not my agenda.

Pete Coors
I don’t have any personal agenda or vendetta against any individual, even Narendra Modi.

I feel the whole issue has been a witchhunt from day one as part of a broader Republican political agenda.

Kojo Annan
What I don’t want is to be in the public’s face all the time. I know there are people who will do anything and everything to be out there. That’s not my agenda. I love doing what I do and doing it for a period of time and then stopping.

Anthony Warlow
President Trump has harnessed the fear and prejudice that have accompanied every wave of immigrants in United States history, and stoked those fears to further his own agenda.

Now Speaker Gingrich says interesting and insightful things. He can explain them well. On many occasions he also says outrageous things that come from nowhere and he has a tendency to say them at exactly the time when they most undermine the conservative agenda.

I don’t have an agenda where I do a comedy and say, ‘I have to do a drama next,’ or ‘I am looking for an action movie now.’

Trump’s biggest success in his first term has been his foreign policy agenda.

You’ve got to understand that in Bollywood, every actor is an instrument, and yet a human being. They come to the set with a set agenda, believing, ‘This is who I am, this is what I want, and no, I am not going to become that character you want me to.’

I was anorexic in the ’60s and ’70s, although it wasn’t called anorexia then. I thought people would be nicer to me if I looked very small and delicate, so food wasn’t high on my agenda. But it is now.

I don’t believe revenge is part of my agenda. I’m a firm believer that, just like hate spreads hate, love and kindness spread love and kindness.

Vietnam was a lie but at least there was a political agenda. It was the domino theory. Iraq is about nothing but George Bush’s ego laced with imperialist ambitions. And it was helped by your government.

People who like my stuff and know what my agenda is have never mistaken me for being racist or poking fun at the wrong thing.

My agenda is not to reassure anybody outside Lebanon.

Najib Mikati
Gay activists claim that because I don’t subscribe to their political agenda, I am a homophobe, meaning I have a mental disorder – because that is what phobias are.

Business needs to push the agenda rather than waiting for it to happen.

I think we are not serious about attacking the long-term debt problem, and that’s one of the things that he’s going to have to find a way to get on the agenda.

Exxon, Coca-Cola, BHP Billiton and News Corporation have much more say in organising the global agenda than the planet‘s 5 billion mature-age voters without a ballot box.

September 11, 2001, was a terrible tragedy by any measure, but it was not a historical turning point. It did not herald a new era of international relations in which terrorists with a global agenda prevailed or in which such spectacular terrorist attacks became commonplace.

The source of wealth is from individuals with little or no history of interest in the game, who have happened upon football as a means of serving some hidden agenda.

Sepp Blatter
Part of my agenda has been to support art that engages life with people.

Jeffrey Deitch
Canadians no longer have any financial room. Half of Canadians are $200 away from insolvency. They are facing a slowing economy with a diminishing number of jobs, and a rising cost of living to go along with it. That is the consequence of the Trudeau, Morneau tax-and-spend agenda, which is driving our economy down.

Our adversaries – our Democratic adversaries – like to be able to portray the Republican Party as a bunch of wingnuts – narrow based, always have some agenda that’s not attractive to the public… That’s easier for them, and more fun, than dealing with their own problems. And I think their problems are significant.

I’m not an artist who has an agenda that’s set by the work.

I know that the DeVos agenda has absolutely devastated our public school system in Michigan.

We have to challenge head-on the way the BNP takes legitimate concerns and manipulates them in the interests of its fascist agenda.

The Obama administration excelled at pushing its radical agenda through any means necessary. Since its gun-control agenda was not going anywhere, it decided to control ammunition, which would have had the same effect.

The first thing we need is for President Obama to finally enforce current immigration law and strengthen our borders. To take up any other agenda is bad policy for the American people and bad politics for Republicans.

Politicians often misuse science for political ends and to pursue their own agenda.

Korra and Aang ultimately stand for freedom, equality, and basic human rights, and I think Mike and I are fine with pushing that agenda.

If a fan approaches me and I feel like they have some kind of agenda, I’m probably gonna get real closed-off and not talk to them. But if I feel a connection with someone, or if I feel a certain trust with somebody, I feel like, ‘You know what, I can open up to this person and tell them about an experience.’

Most of these producers have an agenda of what they want to push or what they think will be hot for someone. I don’t have an agenda. My agenda is to take someone and bring out their dreams, what they’re hearing in their head.’

In the absence of an engaged, diplomatically energized America, others will set the agenda, shape the rules and dominate international institutions – and probably not in ways that advance our interests or values.

The debate we won’t be having is whether or not the debt ceiling should be raised. We will not have a situation where people will hold the American economy hostage in order to achieve a specific agenda – at least not until 2013. So we think that is incredibly important as a matter of economic good.

Jay Carney
The GSEs became powerful advocates for their own bottom lines, providing substantial financial support for political candidates who supported the GSE agenda.

As an actor, I don’t have an agenda. I don’t have to prove a point; I am not a bastion of a particular brand of cinema. I am doing what makes me happy.

The Left, however, resists anglicizing Spanish terms because its political agenda relies on encouraging illegal immigration from Latin America and discouraging the assimilation of Hispanics into American society.

Awards shows are being pushed to shed their genteel limousine liberalism and embrace the race-gender-sexual identity agenda in full.

There is a widespread assumption that simply because my generation of women has the good fortune to live in a world touched by the feminist movement, that means everything we do is magically imbued with its agenda, but it doesn’t work that way.

Our party’s agenda is not only to form a government, but also to facilitate a political process.

A black agenda is jobs, jobs, jobs, quality education, investment in infrastructure and strong democratic regulation of corporations. The black agenda, at its best, looks at America from the vantage point of the least of these and asks what’s best for all.

Therefore it does not help to sneer at the imperfection of today’s reality or to preach absolutes as a daily agenda.

Gustav Heinemann
If you go into the mainstream with a female perspective that seems to resonate with a lot of people, you have a political agenda imposed on you: you are told that you are a feminist.

If the world wants a climate deal and new development agenda that’s good for the economy, for the poor, and for businesses, the path forward needs to include forests.

I think it is important for readers to know that it is possible to bring intellectualism and idealism to the White House and still be political enough to advance an agenda.

A Scott Berg
I’m enjoying the opportunity that ‘Parks And Recreation‘ affords me to exploit my own soapbox agenda, which is to try to encourage people to make things with their hands.

My agenda for national public service would provide a pathway to the middle class for all Americans and would ensure that those who dedicate themselves to their communities are rewarded for their efforts.

You’re not failed parents because you didn’t meet every agenda on your child‘s schedule.

I have no agenda except to be funny. Neither I or the writers profess to offer any worldly wisdom.

The task ahead of us will be extremely challenging as the Tory party continue with their austerity agenda and as we continue to resolve the issues of the past and build unity, reconciliation, and equality.

Few believe Democrats will control both houses of Congress in 2021, and even if they manage to, Republicans will still be around to play spoiler on plenty of big agenda items.

The When Women Succeed, America Succeeds economic agenda will enable women to achieve greater economic security, raise wages for women and their families, and better allow working parents to support and care for their families.

It is important that we take full advantage of the RSC’s size, character and the passion of its members to advance our conservative agenda in order to restore America to the ‘shining city on a hill‘ that Ronald Reagan envisioned.

We would certainly encourage the Italian government to put forward an ambitious agenda of reform.

Rodrigo Rato
It’s always comedy first on ‘Will and Grace.’ There was never any other agenda.

Most people have a very strong sense of organizational ownership, but I think what people have to own is an innovation agenda, and everything is shared in terms of the implementation.

The great responsibility that we have today is to put the poor and the near poor back on front of the American agenda.

Never let the other fellow set the agenda.

James Baker
I think it’s a shame that the day somebody hears about a shooting, the first thing they think about is, ‘How can I go promote my gun control agenda?’ as opposed to saying, ‘How do I go pray and help the families that are suffering?’

CIOs have earned a strategic seat at the table, but now they’ve got to hold that seat – and the only way they can do that is to converse in the language of business value and business benefits and business outcomes that all align perfectly with the strategic agenda of the company.

But I’m not particularly aligned with the Democratic Party’s policy agenda.

If the anti-Christian agenda will say, ‘Here’s your identity, you’re an evolved amoeba who ought to just go do whatever you want and don’t let anybody tell you different,’ then they can get you to throw your faith, your character, your courage, and your liberty right out the window.

Of course, ‘Fox & Friends’ is more of an entertainment product than a newscast. The show’s viewers know that the morning show promotes Trump and his agenda. Most of Trump’s interviews are with boosterish shows like this.

I avoid continuously writing or tweeting about ISIS, as it centres them in the narrative and we end up reacting to them and reacting to the agenda they set.

You don’t need too much to have an agenda of how to father. You just have to be a good person. The interactions at home between you and your spouse and the way you deal with your kids in certain situations, that’s what they take.

My only agenda is to bring attention to otherwise ignored and shunned lives.

Jim Goldberg
On ‘Sons of Anarchy‘, Wendy and Nero are the only characters who really don’t have an agenda that has to do with anything but their love for their children, their love for their mates, their love for their friends.

Drea De Matteo
The U.K. has always had good track record in providing leadership and a constructive agenda for change.

What we won’t become is a ‘Democratic Party lite!’ We are a party that wants smaller government and lower taxes. Obama and the Democrats do not. We are a party that wants to encourage small business. We are a party that has a large constituent group that believes in a social agenda and we will not abandon them.

Ed Rollins
Once you start saying, ‘Let’s talk political, my own politics, my own aspirations,’ it can become not just distracting in that it takes time, but it can become confusing and frustrating, and is this now a political agenda or a governmental agenda.

If someone busted into your house and robbed you, would you then forgive them if you found out they were a veteran? Of course not. So why are we forgiving McCain for selling out his country by supporting the Bush agenda?

Feminism‘s agenda is basic: It asks that women not be forced to choose between public justice and private happiness.

Susan Faludi
We have to set our own agenda, we have to set our own standards, we have to be very strong about what we want, we have to be very strong about our passion and if it’s not right for you, you shouldn’t do it just because you’re advised by so-called geniuses.

Improving our nation’s education system has long been the cornerstone of my policy agenda.

Unelected bureaucrats should not have the ability to direct settlement funds to progressive organizations under the guise of ‘donations,’ especially when these groups could turn right around and use that money to put pressure on members of Congress to vote with their agenda.

We need to combat Trump’s agenda to make sure he can’t divide our families.

People using a public platform to further their own personal agenda, I think that’s immoral. You have no right to do that. Tony Blair is a great example of that.

These ‘mistakesoccur in my books for a reason. I have an agenda: I’m secretly trying to inspire kids to create their own stories and comics, and I don’t want them to feel stifled by ‘perfectionism.’

Dav Pilkey
When it comes to being a responsible steward of the economy, Congress needs to either lead by promoting a pro-growth economic agenda – or, better yet, get the heck out of the way.

If you write a letter of resignation or something with an agenda, you’re simply using a pen to record what you have thought out. In a poem, the pen is more like a flashlight, a Geiger counter, or one of those metal detectors that people walk around beaches with.

I am not at all justifying Kapil’s abusive behavior. I am only trying to say that when you know the person is depressed, you are still publishing negative stories about him and trying to break him. Why are you instigating him when you know his mental state? It looks as though people have an agenda.

Franklin Roosevelt had to govern at a time of crisis. If you’re going to make changes in the way a nation thinks, you have to have the ability to take the crisis of the moment and use it to shape an agenda.

The Tea Party movement went off on a more extreme agenda that I did not support at all, and was very frustrated by it, to the point that not only did I change parties, I decided to do something about it and run for Congress.

I have a friendship with Hezbollah, and I also have contacts outside of Lebanon, but it doesn’t mean I follow anyone‘s agenda.

Najib Mikati
We need a liberal agenda in which government resists the temptation to interfere in the lives of individuals but is equally determined to play an active role where creative action can advance the liberties of all.

I think in some ways we have allowed other people to set the agenda. Other people to define who we are.

Martin Luther King Jr. really understood the role of the churches when he said, ‘The church is not meant to be the master of the state.’ We don’t sort of take power and grab the levers of government and impose our agenda down people’s throats.

A President doesn’t have a terribly long time to talk to people who are not really on the agenda.

Erich Leinsdorf
I call on Democrats to use their leverage to fight for a clean DREAM Act and to reject Trump’s racist agenda – not only in word but in deed.

I think Mitch McConnell and, to a degree, Paul Ryan – they do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. It’s very obvious.

President Obama has not only failed to uphold several of our nation’s laws, he has vowed to continue to do so in order to enact his unpopular agenda.

Healthcare reform is a paradigmatic case. It is self-evidently necessary and inevitable and has been on the agenda for 35 years, and the political class seems completely unable to respond to it.

During the 2008 election, I made clear to the Obama campaign that I don’t think it’s wise for me to force my personal political agenda on anyone.

We will reverse course on the heavy hand of regulation, discarding Dodd-Frank and any other regulations that advance a political agenda at the expense of jobs and investment on Main Street.

The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives – and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century.

The Democrats’ agenda isn’t working for women. Their vision has produced big government and limited opportunity. Our vision is for limited government and opportunity for all. Women deserve better than what President Obama has delivered.

Our Revolution has been the keeper of the flame doing the vital work of building a grassroots movement that leverages the people’s agenda.

Based on history, many presidents come into office with lots of plans, and an agenda and things they want to start and an order in which they want to do those things.

We must embrace a new agenda based on inclusiveness; a commitment to reconnecting the social and the economic; a relinking of the latter to a plausible redistributive system; and a determination to ensure that everyone has access to justice. All these things are within our reach.

It’s important to push the agenda of hiring women directors.

Wyck Godfrey
Corruption is one of the high priorities of my agenda.

I play like I always used to, with no agenda. And, every once in a while, I will play something I really hadn’t thought about or even intended to play. And I’ll go, ‘Whoa! What was that?’

Part of the Khmer Rouge project was not only to destroy individual people, but to destroy the very notion of the individual. I want to simply rebuild the stories of people – it’s part of my fight against the Khmer Rouge agenda.

To move forward, what’s required is a unified space agenda based on exploration, science, development, commerce, and security.

Fame has never been high on my agenda.

Anti-Christian ideology has permeated much of the secular news media, and so often Biblical Christians are mocked, misrepresented or attacked for what they believe by anti-Christian agenda driven reporters.

I don’t like dirt. Cleanliness is high on my agenda, but I don’t have a phobia of dirt. I’m just not keen on it. I don’t really like dirty people or houses or smelly things.

How does he support Clinton‘s urban agenda? He doesn’t know what it is.

The tragedy of the UPA is not that it didn’t do anything, but that it is not able to take credit for what it has done. By staying silent when it should have been shouting from the rooftop and by protecting the guilty, it surrendered the governance agenda to AAP.

The G7 doesn’t have a permanent secretariat. The OECD can help the G8 and set the agenda for them. The secretary general of the OECD should be going to them proactively and discussing issues and priorities.

I’m not out to conquer anything, which I think is a good thing. That’s why I also think crazy, different things come my way. I really don’t have an agenda, and I’m really happy not to have one. I’m just keeping it light.

The Arab representatives and their followers were not interested in the persecuted millions throughout the world; they were fixed on a political agenda that distracted the world from their own serious shortcomings in the human-rights department.

Having a house with seven-and-a-half acres of land and a swimming pool wasn’t really on my agenda when in my old job and while I haven’t spent too much money on cars or any other expensive gadgets, I did treat myself to a JCB digger.

It’s easy to look at the vampires as a metaphor for any feared or misunderstood group. It’s also easy to look at them as a metaphor for a shadow organization that says one thing and has a completely different agenda on their mind, and anybody who gets in their way, they just get rid of them. Does that sound familiar?

I refuse to stand by and watch as Sen. Tester tries to implement his radical environmental agenda here and kill our coal industry and destroy thousands of Montana jobs.

Hispanics’ support for the Democratic economic agenda, both in California and nationally, stems in part from their receipt of government assistance.

It’s pretty clear that over the last three months the economy has paused. And it’s also pretty clear the American people are still demanding and asking the question, ‘Where are the jobs?’ And the reason we don’t have new jobs is because of the job-killing agenda pursued by President Obama and his allies in the Congress.

Using official government resources to help bankroll an explicit political agenda – whether on the right or left – is flat out wrong.

I have helped shape in the past the Democratic Party’s agenda on innovation.

I have a very clear jobs agenda for Queensland, and I expect everybody to support that jobs agenda.

I’ve noticed that some Democrats, who seldom mention their faith or maybe never mention their faith, will seize on to a phrase that Pope Francis may have said, and they want to attach themselves to that agenda. Political opportunists is what they are.

The modern period adds social ethics to religions agenda, for we now realize that social structures are not like laws of nature. They are human creations, so we are responsible for them.

The Democrats have invested a lot of time in telling struggling Americans that Republicans or anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda doesn’t care about people who are struggling.

In the past, young, talented architects worked together to form a strong social agenda and communicate with a larger audience. That’s what today’s architecture community should be.

My main agenda as an actor is just to spend time with my characters – I am really glad that the roles being offered to me is very versatile.

So many Christian leaders have been so tepid or downright silent on the advance of the homosexual agenda.

Religion cannot be the agenda of any government.

I care about women’s rights and reproductive rights and my gay friends being able to keep their marriages official. You don’t want your genre to disown you for it – and I don’t think they would now – but you still see that sort of hatred and vitriol that comes with disagreeing with the conservative agenda.

The whole idea that the Constitution of the United States would be used to advance a political agenda is absurd.

As the most radical agenda in American history comes through the 117th Congress, the Whip Team will play an important role in making sure House Republicans keep a united front in advocating for conservative policies and principles.

The Law of Triviality… briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved.

C Northcote Parkinson
The Republican Party is in a great place for 2018 and I think Americans will continue to support the Trump agenda.

I worked with Salman even when he was not doing so well, so now that he is successful, people think I have an agenda.

One of the big challenges for our party is to demonstrate to people that we have an agenda for economic prosperity and that we can be trusted with their money.

Peace between Israel and Palestine is a top priority for the European Union, and it will remain a top priority in our political agenda.

Drinking isn’t tops on my agenda. In fact, I hate champagne… and all white wines, for that matter.

‘Yes’ is a far more potent word than ‘no’ in American politics. By adopting the positions which animate the political agenda for the other side, one can disarm them and leave them sputtering with nothing to say.

We in the Labour party know better than most that opposition is the easy part. What’s more difficult is governing and setting out an agenda for government.

Our children shouldn’t be saddled with trillions of dollars of more debt and forced to pay for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda.

I get frustrated by the fact that comics go on stage with some kind of agenda beyond comedy – I’m not sure it should be about that.

Andrew Lawrence
I really like playing the bad guy. There are so many more objectives to play when you’re mad or villainesque, or when there’s some agenda that you have. That’s drama, that’s where the heart lives. I love playing the bad guy, but especially the bad guy who’s still with the girl.

Keegan Allen
Let us develop an agenda for children that says we can do something about teen pregnancy. Let us make sure that parents are old enough, wise enough, and financially able to take care of their children.

The Emmys seem like an entity unto themselves that have an agenda that sometimes corresponds to quality, sometimes doesn’t.

Chris Bauer
A Christian philosophy of literature begins with the same agenda of issues that any philosophy of literature addresses. Its distinctive feature is that it relates these issues to the Christian faith.

I will promote a positive agenda focused on issues important to Mississippians.

I love the energy of an independent film set. No one is there for the money. Everyone is there ’cause they really want to be there. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s without ego and agenda, other than just wanting to fulfill a creative dream.

Honoring George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown Jr., and too many other Black people taken from our communities by state violence is at the heart of why we legislate in defense of Black lives – and it’s why we lead with an agenda rooted in saving lives.

But eventually it’s a question of access: Getting access to fields is on top of the oil companies‘ agenda. We see a substantial build-up of supply occurring over the coming years.

This ‘bubbly’ word, I am personally going to take it up as an agenda to ban it. Colas are bubbly. Champagne is bubbly. I am not bubbly!

Gerald Ford brought to the political arena no demons, no hidden agenda, no hit list or acts of vengeance. He knew who he was, and he didn’t require consultants or gurus to change him.

It’s weird. I went so far away from music that I had to re-invent music again. I had to come back to music. I had to put music with an agenda down and at least write for my son, write to keep writing, but the idea of having a music career had to go away for a while.

Issues relating to global health and sustainability must stay high on the agenda if we are to cope with an ageing and ever-increasing population, with growing pressure on resources, and with rising global temperatures. The risks and dangers need to be assessed and then confronted.

Let’s hope the Canadian public sector starts putting the blockchain on their agenda so we can see a significant difference in how government services are delivered.

I always went with my agenda, I just couldn’t execute it.

A filmmaker chooses an actress keeping the best interest of the film in mind. If he doesn’t cast you, it doesn’t mean there’s a personal agenda. Change is constant, and if you have agreed to be part of this industry, you will have to go with the change. The films and filmmakers, even the audience has changed.

I don’t really have a political agenda, I just like things to be fair – I get angered by pomposity and privilege.

My stories have a deep spiritual core because I have a deep desire to understand things of the spirit, but yet I don’t think I’ve written these stories from any kind of specific religious agenda because I don’t think that would work.

Corporate America is drowning in meetings. To make one thing clear, I am not against communication. Quick one-on-ones can be extremely effective. I am talking about those hour-long recurring meetings, devoid of a clear agenda, and attended by many. I dread them.

The Tea Party movement’s economic agenda is a matter of emphasis, not exclusion. This is not a single-issue group.

If I ever called myself an activist, I regret it, and I was cornered into it by an industry who couldn’t justify me taking up space without saying that I had some kind of radical political agenda because they saw my participation as a radical political thing. Which it was not.

My book, ‘Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,’ is a gay love story. It’s also a story about friendship. Quite honestly, it’s also probably a 320-page product placement for Oreos.

I’m always trying to find innovative ways to be able to keep God famous. For all the properties I’m involved in, that’s been my agenda.

If Ralph Nader runs, President Bush is going to be re-elected, and if Ralph Nader doesn’t run, President Bush is going to be re-elected. We’re going to run on the president’s strong and principled leadership and his positive agenda for a second term.

By uploading 40 years of ‘Ecologist’ editions online, we will be creating the world’s most extensive ecological archive. ‘The Ecologist’ will continue to set the environmental and political agenda here and abroad.

An agenda is not a bad thing.

I’m a wishy-washy ‘Guardianreader, but the last thing I want to do is force a political agenda down people’s throats. It’s not central to my work, unlike, say, China Mieville, who’s very politicised.

It wasn’t on my agenda, but the thing about getting important awards is it makes the adventure of your career have a little more possibility. I think just what’s happened so far is already making the opportunities more interesting, even though I’m at the twilight of my career of like 48 years.

Conservative voters tend to believe that the ‘climate change‘ agenda has been foisted upon us by an unaccountable lobby of politicised intellectuals.

A concrete agenda and landslide victory might not even guarantee a president his mandate in a capital as polarized as Washington.

I’m not sure what the UFC’s agenda is when it comes to me. It’s their show, their press. They can change to whatever they want to do at any point. They own this thing. They can do whatever they want.

The Tea Party is an organic, spontaneous movement that rose up in opposition to to the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda.

It’s normal for human beings to identify with their own separate self. The problem is that we get caught in that notion of ourself as a separate individual and caught in that individual self’s agenda.

September 11 shocked many Americans into an awareness that they had better pay much closer attention to what the U.S. government does in the world and how it is perceived. Many issues have been opened for discussion that were not on the agenda before. That’s all to the good.

It is hard to see Judge Roberts as a judicial activist who would place ideological purity or a particular agenda above or ahead the need for thoughtful legal reasoning.

When I’m in the studio, I’m very cautious about it because if there’s one thing that can destroy music being made, it’s any sort of agenda, expectation and/or schedule, or any of that.

At a time when we aim to accelerate our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and define a bold agenda for the period beyond 2015, the role of charity can and should grow. U.N. bodies such as the U.N. Volunteers Programme and UNICEF offer venues for people across the world to get involved.

Making movies is about control. You need to control your narcissism in the first place, and you need to be disciplined enough to understand the reason for the film. You need to follow the agenda of the film, not a personal agenda or that of the studio. Or, worst of all, of the actors.

Supporting and investing in local economic projects has always been a significant part of my agenda.

Obama, Bloomberg, and the national gun-ban media frequently exploit tragedy, using fear and lies to sell their agenda to non-gun owners, especially when it comes to election season. This is their traditional playbook.

There are wonderful things happening all around the world. From Nova Scotia to Kerala, Bristol to Melbourne, and even in the Philippines, zero waste is on the agenda. I think what’s particularly inspiring is when communities don’t wait to be told what to do but just go ahead and do it.

The policies and laws executed by the grand mufti in Libya, the long-term agenda in the short-lived Morsi government in Egypt, and by ISIS in its ideal Islamist Ummah are incompatible with the Constitution, period.

I came to Washington D.C. to continue President Trump’s America First agenda and deliver for Northwest Georgia.

And let me take one of the explanations most commonly given: Analysts were pressured to reach conclusions that would fit the political agenda of one or another administration. I deeply think that is a wrong explanation.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is more interested in furthering its political agenda than in following the law.

The problem with the Tea Party is that it’s been used in a way that scares people into supporting an agenda that’s counter to their own interests.

When religious leaders get involved in elections, it is usually with a reactionary social agenda.

Elizabeth Joan Smith
What Richard and Mildred Loving did was, by their nature, not by any calculus, they separated themselves from the political conversation. They did not have an agenda. They did not want to be martyrs. They did not want to be symbols of a movement.

Any political or philosophical agenda can and will be perverted by power and/or fear.

It’s about time we all faced up to the truth. If we accept the radical homosexual agenda, be it in the military or in marriage or in other areas of our lives, we are utterly destroying the concept of family.

Alan Keyes
Many Virginia Republicans would rather work with Democrats to assist the Kaine-Clinton-McAuliffe agenda than work with a conservative like me to block Obamacare’s failed legacy in Virginia.

Privatization of the state-owned economy is not yet on the agenda. We cannot do it immediately; my colleagues would not agree to it. But we must put all forms of ownership on an equal footing immediately and let different types of ownership compete with the state firms.

Anyone can accomplish anything and rise to the challenge as long as they are willing to work with others, to let go of the personal agenda, to reach a higher goal, and to do what is right for the common good.

I’ve never been truly closeted on the air; it’s just something I never really made a big deal out of because I never felt like I wanted to push an agenda or push it any further than I felt comfortable with.

Trump is not a conservative and has no conservative agenda. If elected president, he would not govern as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

We need a modern people’s lobby that empowers all of us to choose our leaders and set our agenda. Imagine voting for a president we’re truly excited about. Imagine a government that promotes capitalism and civil rights.

I think the problem with President Obama – and I like him personally, I came into the Senate with him – is his agenda.

There are versions of the pro-gay and anti-gay agenda that assume a simplistic rather than simple understanding of the issue – at least from a biblical perspective. Reject it or embrace it: that’s the easy choice that makes for great sound-bites but ruins lives.

Michael Horton
Whether I’ve been here three years or 10 years, my agenda is still in the same place as it was when I first came in: it’s to continue to make good music, and raise the bar to grow and evolve as a person, as an artist, as everything; just to be a better me.

The string of disqualification cases were filed against me when I was still contemplating a run for the presidency by people whose motives were suspect at best. Powerful groups with personal agenda are behind these cases. But I am not afraid. Not when the people are behind me.

I think that what is really important is that, at the grassroots level, Indian-Americans really engage in the political process. That means voting and volunteering and assisting candidates who support the agenda that is friendly to their values.

Our institute‘s agenda is relatively simple. We study the relationship between social-economic change and culture. By culture we mean beliefs, values and lifestyles. We cover a broad range of issues, and we work very internationally.

It may take a while, but I think ‘On the Town‘ has the potential for us to break down the boundaries between the traditional theatergoer who may have fond memories of the musical and those with a ‘Broadway-is-not-for-me’ agenda.

There are so many classic Big Brother warning books: the Internet is a horrible, controlling thing, as if it has a consciousness or political agenda.

When someone is trying to interpret something for you, they always have an agenda.

Far as the government’s reform agenda is concerned, a series of measures have been enacted which should increase the supply potential of the economy.

When I was elected Governor, we had an audacious agenda that naysayers said couldn’t be enacted with a Democrat majority in the state legislature. However, we worked across party lines and enacted historic reforms. Working together, we cut taxes by more than $600 million.

George Allen
The Olympics had never really been on my agenda. I had been a huge sports fan growing up, But it never really occurred to me that I would have a chance to participate.

I think I learned very quickly after I started putting out music… you just learn that people are going to take what they want and make it fit their agenda or make it fit their interpretation. And you make peace with that or you suffer forever.

You’re not just voting for an individual, in my judgment, you’re voting for an agenda. You’re voting for a platform. You’re voting for a political philosophy.

I liked the fact that there were so many different representations of black women and black men in the movie. It wasn’t like we all had the same agenda.

Mitt Romney’s primary season embrace of the social and economic agenda of the more rabid elements of his party doomed him, especially the shrill immigration rhetoric and the harshly insensitive theory that no additional sacrifice or contribution should be sought from those at the top.

I think the main parenting or education you do for your children is by way of being, and not by way of having guidelines or some agenda. I think that life itself is constantly bringing learning opportunities.

Well, if Democratic members in the House elect Nancy Pelosi as their leader, it’s almost as if they just didn’t get the message from the voters this election. I mean, the voters outright rejected the agenda that she’s been about. And here they’re going to put her back in charge.

I don’t like it when a filmmaker has an agenda and I don’t know it. When the contract is not clear, that’s when there’s a problem.

I do think there’s a lot more we can do on the life agenda.

It’s hard being bisexual, omnisexual, multisexual, whatever you want to call it, when people have their agenda and expect you to just represent their agenda.

I don’t like when people try to put a spin and have a second agenda to make a person look bad.

Robert Atkins
This liberal progressive agenda… is the antithesis of who we are as a constitutional republic.

Our pro-growth agenda of cutting business taxes and increasing opportunity continues to deliver results for the people of New Hampshire.

I’m not really sure if I want kids. It’s never really been on my agenda.

Jesy Nelson
In my time in the U.S. Senate, I tried to craft an energy policy… I will be part of President Obama’s efforts to achieve energy independence and enhance the landscape. I am also part of his reform agenda.

The death penalty question should be put on the agenda in Hungary.

We have been fed so many false narratives, many of them racialized to deliberately feed a racist agenda. It’s important to address and dig into that wherever you can.

The Occupy movement needs an organizing principle, and – just as the Tea Party did – it needs some actual measures of success. Choose one candidate whose agenda is squarely within that of the movement and make his or her electoral success a focal point.