Top 40 Downtime Quotes

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I played basketball, baseball, and football. I never ha
I played basketball, baseball, and football. I never had much downtime. But I think playing multiple sports helped tremendously in my baseball career. I have the agility of all three combined into one.

With acting, you might have a month of very intense work, but you’ve got a lot of downtime as well.

Elize Du Toit
I’ve got three kids, so there’s not much downtime.

Keep going on hikes, keep having your friends in your life, keep that downtime sacred as well because as hard as you work in any job, it’s really nice to have the relaxing de-stressors. Stress is the worst thing. That’s the ultimate demise of any good thing.

I’m at my best when I’m working. I just recently learned how to find balance and deal with downtime and take advantage of it.

Whenever I am not filming and not required to travel with work, I spend all my downtime in Scotland.

As an actor, you have a ton of downtime, so it’s always good to have a hobby, especially another creative outlet outside of acting.

Chandler Riggs
And I love having the job to go to every week. With movies, there’s a lot of downtime. I like working, and television really does that.

If I ever have downtime, I’m usually sitting in my place playing video games. Or eating sandwiches somewhere, or watching sports some place.

I have things I watch in my downtime – I love ‘Scandal.’ I don’t write political romance, so there’s not a direct relation there. But it’s something I do just to turn off the brain for a little bit, and just to relax and recharge.

Honestly, if I’m around people I like, I can do nothing and have a good time. But when I have downtime, I like to go get a burger.

I wasn’t shuffling from one sport to the next that much. I had downtime to just be a high school student.

It’s a tougher gig than what people think it is. The proper, real, genuine, worldwide movie stars don’t get a lot of downtime from the world outside. That’s a tougher price, I think, than what people’s fantasy of fame account for.

I had some downtime with my career and… I got complacent.

Jake Busey
I didn’t have an agent beforeParks,’ and once you’re on a show, they’re not going to make money off of you. So if you’ve already booked something without an agent, unless they really want to hustle during the downtime, there’s seven months when they’re not going to make money off of you.

The biggest challenge to being an actor is, when you’re not working, just being unemployed: the downtime and not having anything to do.

I’m constantly preparing. Material hits me; I’m always writing. I go back and listen to my shows and just prepare and put my set together. But the day of, I like to have some downtime. A nice lunch is important for me.

I’m actually at home when I’m not on tour, and I have a lot of downtime.

Austin Carlile
There’s a lot of downtime where you’re filling your car up with gas, you’re driving to work, you’re stuck in traffic – it’s Los Angeles, and so much of it is a car lifestyle.

I’ve continued to pursue other interests in my downtime, but I’m glad I’m a musician. It’s the perfect career for me.

Rest is key. I need to get the right rest time and family time to stay refreshed. My downtime is for family activity. That’s all about there is. I never switch off. Running my day-to-day golf business is a fairly busy one. There’s a lot of moving parts and I’m trying to simplify it and make it easier.

Chinese cooking is noisy – a multitasking activity that requires constant vigilance. There is no downtime.

I think everyone knows that I’m always the one that’s the busiest in Maiden. When we’re not touring or recording, I’m still doing loads of Maiden stuff – video editing and god knows what else – so I get a lot less downtime than the others.

I think that all services will have downtime. No matter how much you prepare, have redundant systems, or audit, there will periodically be a black swan event that is completely unlike whatever you’ve experienced before. It even happens to Google!

I have a lot of downtime in airports and on flights.

My life has become a series of planes, trains, and automobiles with some occasional downtime at a hotel.

I’m not in a position physically to take in five years of losses and downtime.

There’s a lot of downtime when we’re not on stage leading up to the gigs.

Don’t get me wrong – I like to rest a little bit. But I don’t do well with downtime.

Even though it seems like there are a lot of parts, there is really tons of downtime in the acting world.

When I do find myself having downtime, I just put my guitar in my hands.

Ruston Kelly
My downtime tends to resemble my uptime. Weekends are workdays, but toned down. Over the whole weekend, I may have five meetings, as opposed to six on a weekday. I used to play piano for 30 minutes at night, but I had to pull that out of my schedule. I don’t have time for nonwork stuff.

Of course I party. Of course I go chase girls. Again, for me, balance is important. One hundred per cent, my work goes first. Martin Garrix is my main priority. But to maintain Martin Garrix, I have to enjoy my downtime.

The more downtime we have, the more time you have to play games like ‘Ghost Recon Future Soldiers,’ so for me it’s a fun way to get integrated into video games and for me to have fun with my buddies and team up and go into battle with ’em, kind of like out there on court.

Because I’m around comedians all the time, in my downtime I tend not to watch comedy. Something the whole family enjoys is ‘You’ve Been Framed!’ It satisfies all of us. It’s universal, and we all laugh a lot.

I need some downtime before I go to sleep.

Hmm, on my downtime, I take a shower or listen to the Bible on tape.

This year, I had some downtime before my Australia tour and spent a week or so in Phuket, Thailand. As a confessed workaholic, sometimes it’s good to unplug and detach and honestly, the scenery, the weather and the people truly made this an incredible place for me to recharge.

Erick Morillo
I’m so blessed to have as many jobs that I have, but I do agree that there needs to be some downtime.