Top 40 Guinness Quotes

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I want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. And
I want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. And I don’t have the patience to grow the longest fingernails in the world. Why not be the fastest woman on four wheels? It makes complete sense.

Jessi Combs
And as – funny enough, it actually became – so I’ve always wanted to be a Guinness world record holder. And believe it or not, before I made this there was not a category for world’s largest Nerf gun, but there is now.

Mark Rober
I’m the world ‘Guinness Book of Records’ holder of 1,749 hugs in one hour. My arms fell off.

As a very young writerkindergarten through about fifth grade – I most often wrote about black characters. My very early stories were science fiction and fantasy, with kids stowing away on spaceships and a girl named Tilly who was trying to get into the ‘Guinness Book of World Records.’

Tananarive Due
My dad cooks beef in Guinness, I don’t know why he does that, he adds chocolate to his spaghetti Bolognese too, I’m scared about doing that, it would like chocolate Bolognese if I did it, he likes to make it look rich that’s why, so yes, my dad experiments but I don’t.

When I opened the world’s largest Internet cafe, certified by the ‘Guinness Book of Records,’ in Times Square in New York, I was live on ‘Good Morning America,’ and for me, that was an achievement.

The actors I respect are the real character actors, who are the real chameleon actors that completely change from role to role. I love Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness and Gary Oldman. They tend to be British, I guess. People who really disappear and transform, I really like that.

Fran Kranz
London is like my second home. I’ve still got friends there from school and from when I first started in the modelling businesspeople such as Karen Elson, Jasmine Guinness, Jade Parfitt.

I can’t tell you how much we laughed on the set to have Alec Guinness in a scene with a big, furry dog that’s flying a space ship.

Basically, right before college I got into the Guinness book for my feet and started to do local commercials and little radio spots, just little things and found I really liked it.

Matthew McGrory
I’ve always loved Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness movies.

Dave Franco, I could put him up there with the best card throwers in the world. Not the best sleight of hand, but he could take a card and fire it over there and stick it into an apple. If he kept training at it, he could definitely break a Guinness World Record – he’s that good.

I’ve been watching what I eat. When I was putting on all the weight, I was drinking Guinness and not eating. I didn’t have room to because I was drinking all the time.

I admit I was drinking a Guinness… but I did not swallow.

I have a science YouTube channel where I will sometimes use my engineering skills to build things such as the world’s largest Super Soaker or the Guinness World Record world’s largest Nerf gun.

Mark Rober
Strictly‘ is the most successful reality format in the world – it’s in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ – going to 38 countries. ‘X Factor‘ hasn’t done that.

I started being interested in acting when I heard the voices of Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir John Gielgud and Sir Alec Guinness. I’ve had the great privilege of working with Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Anthony Hopkins. These are people who inspire the work that I do.

I have done 33 films in one year, for which I hold a Guinness Book World record. Plus I’ve done songs for all languages from Hindi to Malayalam, Punjabi to Telugu, and Kannada to Oriya.

Daphne Guinness, who makes couture seem wearable, is an icon who influences what I wear.

I knew what kind of actor I was going to be, and I looked for inspiration to people like Alec Guinness, Cyril Cusack, Timothy Spall and Jim Broadbent. I looked at them and thought, ‘They play human beings as they really are.’

I was given a thick paperback copy of the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ when I was 11 years old, and I read it gluttonously, cover to cover, paying special lip-smacking attention to all the incredibly gruesome chapters about the violence of human history.

I once bought an ill-advised half cashmere, half camel hair jumper for £800, then ruined it by spilling a pint of Guinness all over it.

Daphne Guinness was amazingly comfortable in her skin, and she has an amazing collection in fashion that I wish I could just touch.

I’m an early riser. I work out really hard. I push myself; I get my job done, and at the end of the day, there’s a Guinness waiting for me.

People talk about me as if I am the sole inheritor of the Guinness family fortune and worth masses, but I have hundreds of cousins.

My favorite food from my homeland is Guinness. My second choice in Guinness. My third choice – would have to be Guinness.

I’m a comedic actor, not to mix words, but it’s something I think about. A comedic actor. I like to think that Christopher Guest, Phil Hartman, Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness are comedic actors. And Dan Aykroyd, too. Those are my heroes.

I like Guinness, and that will make anyone Irish. That and soda bread, and I’m good to go.

Back in ’75 I had five albums in the top 10. Simultaneously. And among them the number one album and the number one single. And my name was mentioned twice or three times in the Guinness Book of Records.

I’m more of a Smithwick’s or Bulmer’s girl than a pint of Guinness.

I really think the more talent people have, the more polite they are: Laurence Olivier and Alec Guinness always arrived on time and were impeccably behaved. It’s only the gutter snipes who leave their lipstick on the studio floor – and that’s just the men.

Antony Armstrong-Jones
Comedy. It was just huge in my house. Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness, Monty Python and all those James Bond movies were highly regarded.

I know I hold the contest record for downing the most hot dogs, and the record for most Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest championships, but it was really cool to be a part of a Guinness World Records official attempt.

The first director I ever worked with on ‘Thrones,’ he had a big hand in casting me. He said he cast me because there was a bit of an Alec Guinness about me, but a very dangerous Alec Guinness.

Richard Dormer
For watching sports, I tend to drink Guinness; early evenings always begin well with a Grey Goose and tonic with plenty of lime; and on a cold winter‘s night, there’s nothing quite like a glass of Black Maple Hill… an absolute peach of a bourbon.

Martin Bashir
I have a Guinness Book of World Records entry as the most-watched person on television; now I have a new entry as the only man who has a crab named after him.

When I blow the head off a glass of Guinness or eat a slice of white bread, there are so many bubbles!

I love a woman in a tuxedo, or in a dress, who looks comfortable, relaxed, happy. I’d love to dress Daphne Guinness – she has exactly that attitude.

Stephane Rolland
Some people get very successful for something they’re very cynical about – like Alec Guinness in ‘Star Wars.’ He thought it was ridiculous. Whereas for me, I’m so proud of ‘Stranger Things.’ I’m so proud of everyone‘s work in it. And it’s become so successful. So for those two to meet is incredible.

Being recognised by Guinness World Records in their 60th year is a real honour. It’s also a real privilege for me to be positioned beside such sporting greats.