Top 40 Likable Quotes

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The kind of career that I want is not easy as a lady to
The kind of career that I want is not easy as a lady to manifest, because everyone wants a lady to be likable.

We have hated the French for years. Now you have just joined the club. It makes you much more likable.

I don’t trust people who are likable.

There are so many male antiheroes but not nearly as many female antiheroes.There’s a lot of pressure on female characters to be likable. That puts a lot of pressure on women to be likable.

Many people feel that if they’re lonely, that means that they’re not likable or that they’re broken in some way.

One of my favorite movies is Bette Davis in ‘All About Eve,’ and it is shocking there was no pressure on her to be likable.

I’m a pretty upbeat person. I think I sometimes get cast as these brooding types because I bring light and joy, which hopefully makes them more likable.

It’s hard not to like Asimov; he’s a really likable guy.

Cory Doctorow
It is better to be likable than to be talented.

Utah Phillips
I don’t worry about whether a character is likable, as long as the character is believable.

I want Barack Obama for president. I love Obama. I call Palin the helicopter huntress from hell! I want my children to have a wonderful future, and it’s disturbing when I look around. Americans aren’t very well-liked. A likable president would be a great start.

The characters don’t all have to be likable, and they don’t all have to be hateable. As long as it’s interesting and you connect to them and they resonate with you and you want to find out what happens and it feels authentic, then we have something.

Aaron Ehasz
In order to appeal to a wider audience on network in order to survive, generally your characters need to be, at a base level, a little bit more likable.

Shawn Ryan
I don’t mind playing somebody who’s not likable, or makes the audience feel slightly conflicted.

I often play women who are not essentially good or likable, and I often go through a stage where I hate them. Then I end up loving and defending them.

I don’t end up playing a lot of likable characters, so I find myself living in a lot of unlikable skin. As a result of that, I don’t always feel good. I get a lot more catharsis from taking pictures or painting or making short films.

A lot of the stuff I have done had been not only the likable guy, but like the nice likable guy.

Defensive players kind of have that two-faced kind of way of being able to be very aggressive on the football field and going out there and getting there job done. At the same time, from my own incidents and my own personality, I’m much a person that’s very likable and lovable.

I do want to play characters that have redeeming qualities, that are likable, for sure, and I have in the past, and I will again.

Pablo Schreiber
Even the great bad guys in cinema history, they’re likable.

Balthazar Getty
As for the like of Hillary Clinton, I – you know, I’ve covered Secretary of State Clinton before. I covered her during her campaign. And she‘s a very likable and charismatic person once you get the chance to spend any time close to her.

So it was good for me to play a likable person and it was just an amazing situation to be in.

The skill set of pastor and comedian are incredibly similar. You want to affect people. You’re good at reading rooms. You’re persuasive, and you’re likable.

I went to Eton, that’s a slightly controversial issue, but it’s an interesting subject to try and come across as likable and self-aware and possibly even defeat a couple of stereotypes.

Ivo Graham
There are so few strong roles for women, especially young women. And Veronica is very serious but also very likable. She’s a lone wolf, and it appeals to people that she isn’t rich and doesn’t have a lot of friends. No posse. She’s just like you, like most of us.

You can track elections by who was playing that president on ‘SNL‘ at that time. There’s the theory that the more likable or charismatic impression would help get the president elected.

People seem to need a likable protagonist more than ever.

I thought it was time for a tough, smart, likable female private investigator, and that’s how VI came to life.

I’ve got everything against likable characters. Likable characters are usually completely forgettable, and we don’t really care. I think we love villainsprecisely because they show us these disturbing complexities that I don’t think nice characters do.

If you’re likable, people will like you.

As women get more powerful, they get less likable. I see women holding themselves back because of this, but if we start talking about the success-likability penalty women face, then we can do something about it.

In ‘UnREAL’, for me, just being so openly feminist, just being so overtly, like, ‘This show is about women who are not necessarily likable, doing a job that is despicable, and we are not going to be afraid of that.’

If you can make a character likable that’s not very nice, that’s the challenge of the job.

Likable leaders truly believe that everyone, regardless of rank or ability, is worth their time and attention. They make everyone feel valuable because they believe that everyone is valuable.

If you’re a likable person and you’re passionate, then people are drawn to that wherever you are in the world.

I understood something way back when I was on ‘Three‘s Company.’ When I got the part, I was flat broke. I was so happy to get the part, but I kept thinking, ‘Ugh – dumb blondes are so irritating; how do I make her likable?’ I think that I achieved that. It took a while for people to realize I was acting.

I really like Savannah Guthrie. I think that she is a very likable person.

The characters are likable. Even the villainous Plankton – he’s still flawed, and you still root for him, in a way, and the style of humor is simple, and it’s about human behavior, and everybody can identify with that.

I only knew one thing about policemen: they were inhuman beasts. The problem was how to turn them into likable, sympathetic human beings. The answer was simple. Give them head colds. And first names. And keep their dialogue homey and conversational.

It’s a funny show. The characters are surprisingly likable, given how ugly they are. We’ve got this huge cast of characters that we can move around. And over the last few seasons, we’ve explored some of the secondary characters’ personal lives a bit more.