Top 40 Upwards Quotes

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People have always asked whether evolution is constantl
People have always asked whether evolution is constantly driving onwards and upwards. Is there always going to be improvement? The answer is no: evolution is a progression of form and function, but it is not purposeful.

Each time we enter imaginatively into the life of another, it’s a small step upwards in the elevation of the human race.

I’ve never been under the illusion that everybody on death row is innocentfar from it. My own guess is upwards of 90 percent are guilty. But a ten percent error rate if that’s what it is, or even five percent, is really way too high.

I’ve never tried to enhance my reputation. Never moved upwards from one thing to another. That sort of thing is of no interest to me at all.

I don’t know anybody that buys more shoes on eBay than me. I like eBay because I can always find rare gems in my size. I always have upwards of 40 sneakers in my cart at any given time.

Natural Selection never made it come to pass, as a habit of nature, that an unsupported stone should move downwards rather than upwards. It applies to no part of inorganic nature, and is very limited even in the phenomena of organic life.

Chauncey Wright
But even now, when people see me in the street, they point upwards to the sky.

It is clear to everyone that astronomy at all events compels the soul to look upwards, and draws it from the things of this world to the other.

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.

When you have been lucky enough to move up the ladder, all you see, really, is the slide back down. You don’t see the further steps upwards.

My only trick to having wing liner sharp enough to cut is be careful and take your time! I have hooded eyes, so I draw my wings more outwards as opposed to upwards so they accentuate my eye shape better.

It was just my sense being on the ground, doing four unique independents a week and then finally seeing how, at the ROH event, fans react to us as a group. I really see the sport trending upwards.

It was an impossible ask to go out to Russia and knock out Kovalev. I felt that was the only way I’d win, but I made a good account of myself and we keep moving onwards and upwards.

Then we did what we called basically I suppose a club tour in England, which was the time I think that our second album came out, we club toured around the whole country where the venues were hold to five hundreds upwards to that sort of thing you know.

I’ve been working on my ground skills. Putting in there upwards of 3 to 6 hours a day dedicated to training. And of course part of it is groundwork, and being that I am a striker, ground work for me is more for positioning and striking on the ground.

In history, the evidence is overwhelming: Stock market bottoms happen, and then stocks jolt upwards while the economy keeps getting worsesometimes by a lot and for a long time.

In politics, strangely enough, the best way to play your cards is to lay them face upwards on the table.

Yeah, I am a little bit, and I think it is a natural progression of the sport, of going upwards in technical ability and everything like that.

Brian Boitano
I spend upwards of 200 nights a year on the road.

We saw how a lot of companies charge upwards of $1500 for a basic LSAT course, and we all thought that is simply way too much, even if the instruction was good.

In Hollywood you just fail upwards.

In the Fall of 1774 & Winter of 1775, I was one of upwards of thirty, chiefly mechanics, who formed ourselves into a committee for the purpose of watching the movements of the British soldiers, and gaining every intelligence of the movements of the Tories.

Paul Revere
What does the truth matter? Haven‘t we mothers all given our sons a taste for lies, lies which from the cradle upwards lull them, reassure them, send them to sleep: lies as soft and warm as a breast!

Georges Bernanos
Knowledge has always flowed upwards to bishops and kings, not down to serfs and slaves.

I have for many years interested myself in the study of children from three years upwards. Many have urged me to continue my studies on the same lines with older children. But what I have felt to be most vital is the need for more careful and particularized study of the tiny child.

We fear our passage will be attended with difficulties by reason of the great number of passingers which are one hundred and eighty and upwards in number.

Nathaniel Smith
The lowest I’ve ever made – and this was on the prelims – was 35 grand on a fight. I’ve made upwards of 80 grand on a fight on sponsors.

It’s morally wrong, and economically self-defeating, that so much wealth flows upwards towards the richest of Americans, while millions work full time but still can’t provide for their families.

I’ve made upwards of a million bucks in the cops-and-robbers business.

Broderick Crawford
Even in decline, a virtuous man increases the beauty of his behavior. A burning stick, though turned to the ground, has its flame drawn upwards.

Saskya Pandita
A lot of times, guys leave WWE or get fired by WWE, but there’s always that little bit of buzz right when they get out on the scene, but like all buzz, it fades. But I feel really flattered that, for whatever reason, it seems to be trending upwards.

The debate on healthcare was not done like most of our conferences are done – meaning it was not all on television. There was this procedural feeling that the bill wasn’t done thoroughly and didn’t reflect peoples’ wishes. It’s not coincidence that upwards of 60 percent of folks in my district are against it.

Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.

Fred Hoyle
An excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable; A villain, like the beams of a balance, is always varying, upwards and downwards.

On ‘Game of Thrones,’ all of my closest friends are 30 upwards, which is quite strange.

The natural movement of one’s soul is upwards. But just as any object is dragged down when a heavy weight is tied to it, the burden of the body drags down the soul.

Part of the reason for the ugliness of adults, in a child’s eyes, is that the child is usually looking upwards, and few faces are at their best when seen from below.

Children of five and upwards write asking if it’s my own hair, whether I’m married, how old I am, what’s inside a Dalek and how Tardis works. Nearly all of them send me drawings of Daleks and incidents from stories.

William Hartnell
I’m lucky: I always wanted to be an actor. But I never felt the need to be in with the crowd. I didn’t mind being on the outside. I was always looking forward or upwards, not in.