Top 44 Exploding Quotes

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It's a pity that nobody has found an exploding black ho
It’s a pity that nobody has found an exploding black hole. If they had, I would have won a Nobel prize.

When I started women‘s college basketball coverage, it was exploding. I happened into a men’s college basketball game because of a mistake, someone not showing up. So I’ve sort of been the beneficiary of good timing.

I’m not looking ahead joyfully to the rest of my life or the future of the human race. I’ve always written about man as an animal species among other animals, competing for limited resources. Our population is exploding. Our environment is dying. Science has debunked God.

What doesworkmean in this 21st, ultra-wired century, with its exploding new industries, low barriers to entry and endless possibilities? Is technology making our lives more flexible – or our days more endless?

Big Bang gave us hydrogen and helium. We couldn’t make people out of hydrogen and helium. So we’re made out of exploding stars.

This is motor racing. We go at very high speeds, and tires have always been deflating or exploding. It is just part of the sport.

My father died in my arms. That’s tumult. That’s everything exploding.

It’s hard for people who obey and respect the law to keep their heads from exploding in the face of affronts to common sense and the rule of law.

When I came back from my first TED, very few people knew what it was. But around the time I was sitting down to write ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette,’ in 2010, TED was exploding.

I have an amazing stylist; she‘s called Rebecca Corbin Murray… I go around to her living room, and it’s sort of exploding with dresses, and we go through them all, and she’s so good at picking things she knows I’ll like, and we work together. She’s taught me absolutely everything; she’s brilliant.

The game is exploding for Latinos… They’ve embraced the game.

For me, relationships are the real action movies. Bombs are exploding every day and the kitchen is Ground Zero.

For me, writing post-apocalyptic novels isn’t so much about exploding helicopters and fifty-megaton doomsday bombs as it is about the pleasure of dealing with the best of everything that makes us human: cleverness, grit, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.

Jeff Carlson
My ‘Black Pantherrun really wasn’t about Black Panther. It was about Ross. It was about exploding myths about black superheroes, black characters, and black people, targeted specifically at a white, male-dominated retailer base.

Fundly is at the dynamic intersection of high-growth technology startups, social entrepreneurship, and the exploding world of social media. Kapor Capital is proud to back this passionate team, their product, and Fundly’s impressive customer base.

Soldiers of the American Revolution fought that 18th century war with heavy muskets. In the early 20th century, we kids fought it every Fourth of July not only with exploding powder and shimmering flares, but with all of our senses.

I know the exploding cost of health care is at the root of our long-term fiscal challenges.

Looking ahead, we see the popularity of eSports exploding as competitive gaming becomes more mainstream and eSports leagues like ‘Call of Duty‘ World League and Overwatch League driving greater engagement and viewership.

Our job is to represent the truth of human nature, whether you‘re playing a tender love story that’s set in a coffee shop or whether you’re in ‘The Avengers,’ which is set in a Manhattan which is exploding.

Cyberespionage and cyberattack is exploding from our adversaries inside our country. We don’t seem capable of stopping it.

What is clear is that the Gospel of Judas has joined the other spectacular discoveries that are exploding the myth of a monolithic Christianity and showing how diverse and fascinating the early Christian movement really was.

Traditions are imploding and exploding everywhere – everything is coming together, for better or worse, and we can no longer pretend we’re all living in different worlds because we’re on different continents.

Philip Glass
I teach 18- to 21-year-olds – the ‘Harry Pottergeneration. They grew up as voracious readers, reading books in this exploding genre. But at some point, I would love for them to give Umberto Eco or A.S. Byatt a try. I hope ‘A Discovery of Witcheswill serve as a kind of stepping-stone.

The caliber of play suffered and attendance declined year by year. Interest in college football was exploding, and there was this new game called basketball.

Violence and chaos were an ever-present part of the world that I grew up in. And unfortunately, it wasn’t just in my family. Sometimes, you’d see, you know, Mom fighting with one of her boyfriends. But a lot of times, you’d see people exploding on each other in a local restaurant or on the street.

Wearable tech is really exploding, and I feel like five years down the road tech is going to be totally in our clothing. It’s the next frontier for tech to conquer in our lives.

Mark Rober
As governor of California in 1970, Reagan endeared himself to millions of conservatives nationwide when he publicly rebuked the anti-war movement that was exploding on college campuses.

The need to express yourself in Los Angeles makes the city so vibrant. If I lived here, it would be lovely to be in a cool new high-rise looking out over a city that is exploding.

We look at distant exploding stars called supernovae, and we’ve developed techniques to measure how far away they are and how fast they’re moving away from us.

Adam Riess
I’m used to very low-budget situations. In ‘The Exploding Girl,’ we were literally changing in Starbucks because we didn’t have trailers.

The subprime disaster was a result of financial bombs – derivatives – exploding in financial institutions such as AIG and Lehman Brothers, as well as banks and financial institutions throughout the world.

I’m a pyro. I love exploding things.

God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you’ll know I’ve lost all my money.

The form of the blues helps us express our joys, our fears, our – anything you want to express. And it helps you get it out instead of it spiraling inward, and you’re getting twisted up and exploding. So it’s a bit of salvation.

When I think of Emily Dickinson, there’s not one particular poem of hers that jumps out, but I do have a very vivid image of an ill woman with giant eyes who wants to write about the sun exploding.

I remember my mother taking me as a very little kid to the roof of our home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to look at the bombs exploding in the distance. She didn’t want us to be scared by the booms and the strange flashes of light. It was her way of helping us to understand what was happening.

What played to what had been a relative weakness for us-this was exploding overseas as well, and we had to scramble to mount some reach and get into places and be competitive on the ground.

‘Pompeii’ will be PG-13. I think it has to have a level of violence and death in it because you’ve got a volcano exploding. But it will be another PG-13 movie.

I remember one day sitting at the pool and suddenly the tears were streaming down my cheeks. Why was I so unhappy? I had success. I had security. But it wasn’t enough. I was exploding inside.

Ingrid Bergman
Philadelphia reflected the national turmoil over race and the Vietnam War, often exploding on my watch.

Andrea Mitchell
Knowledge is exploding, so you need to commit yourself to a plan for lifelong learning.

Don Tapscott
I can’t stay mad very long. I get grumpy when I read a bad review. I say, ‘How could he say that about my music?’ Then I forget about it. If I got mad every time somebody wrote something negative about me, I’d be exploding all the time. I’d be burned out just from reading reviews.