Top 45 Crust Quotes

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Set the foot down with distrust on the crust of the wor
Set the foot down with distrust on the crust of the world – it is thin.

The waste products in Earth’s crust are also the human in this expanded, spectral sense. One’s garbage doesn’t go ‘away‘ – it just goes somewhere else.

The 2008 election settled nothing, not even for a while. Our national politics are reflecting what appears to be going on geologically, on the bottom of the oceans and beneath the crust of the Earth: the tectonic plates are moving.

When you share your last crust of bread with a beggar, you mustn’t behave as if you were throwing a bone to a dog. You must give humbly, and thank him for allowing you to have a part in his hunger.

Giovanni Guareschi
I don’t show just anyone how to crust a sea bass. That’s sacred information.

A pastry crust is arguably the least healthy (and most time-consuming) part of a quiche. Replacing pastry with richly browned chunks of sweet potato creates a similar buttery contrast and a satisfying bite.

Like all Iranian kids, I grew up feeling strongly that the best part of dinner was tahdig, the crisp, golden crust that forms at the bottom of every pot of Persian rice – and sometimes other dishes, too.

My grandmother taught me how to make the basic pate brise pastry crust when I was young. The one thing I learned simply by eating her endless variations on delicious tarts for dinner every night is that this dough can be used for just about anything – sweet or savory.

Thin crust, provolone cheese, marinara sauce – it’s just a St. Louis thing. That’s what I grew up eating.

I love roasted pecans. I’ll make a sort of granola with the roasted pecans, turn that into a super nutty pie crust, and top that with apple-syrup pudding and top that with cooked custard and maple syrup.

Western Australia is covered by granite, the largest single piece of Achaean rock that still lies on the surface of the, of, of the Earth, that’s 2.5 to 2.9 billion years old. It’s one of the most ancient and intact bits of the Earth’s crust.

Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. You never know what’s going to happen.

Failing ownership of a wood-fired oven, whacking pizza dough straight on to the hot grill is the next best way to achieve that beautiful scorched crust.

After coating pasta with tomato-rich meat sauce, my mom would drizzle the bottom of a nonstick pot with oil and put it all back in to form a dark crust of tangled noodles. Once she unmolded it at the table like a cake, my brothers and I would excitedly cut into it, verbally laying claim to our preferred pieces.

If you could drive straight down, into a tunnel bored through the crust of the planet, you’d hit this molten mess in about an hour. It’s called the asthenosphere – a sluggish sea, several hundred miles thick, on which floats the Earth’s cool epidermis – the so-called tectonic plates.

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

I can’t for the life of me think of the link between Iraq and why a fruit vendor self-immolates in Tunisia and cracks this seemingly solid crust that turns out to be so fragile that societal unrest touches off.

Roasting fish that’s encased inside a salt crust is a centuries-old method of ensuring moist, ultra-flavorful flesh.

I grew up listening to the Light Crust Doughboys on WBAP.

Johnny Gimble
Cities are 2% of the earth’s crust, but they are 50% of the world’s population.

Carlo Ratti
How many times have you wanted to make a chocolate cake from scratch or prove you can make a flakey crust as good as your grandmother’s….but you just don’t have the time! A snow day is the perfect day to enlist the kids with no time pressure, or worse, dinner guests to impress.

Aluminum is the most common metal in the earth’s crust, almost twice as abundant as iron. And one common class of aluminum minerals, collectively called alum, has been in use since at least Greek and Roman times.

Relationships are very good at making you more conscious of yourself. Especially as you get older, you develop a crust around your madnesses and shortcomings that take someone else to recognize them.

If I am making a spice rub or a spice mix for a braise or even just to crust a piece of fish, I’ll use mustard seeds. If you soak them in a little bit of vinegar and let them get plumped and soft and then you puree them, they’re delicious.

Pizza is definitely my favorite food. I usually go with a pepperoni and sausage mix. But I love the New York-style thin crust.

There are some things I like that Hef likes, too. For example, Colonel Sanders’ chicken is a standby. I’ve never been able to figure out how to recreate the combination of herbs they use to flavor the crust.

The earth’s crust has not yet stopped heaving and plunging under our feet. Mountain ranges are still being thrust up on the horizon. Granites are still growing under the continental masses. Nor has the organic world ceased to produce new buds at the tips of its countless branches.

Whether rich or poor, a home is not a home unless the roots of love are ever striking deeper through the crust of the earthly and the conventional, into the very realities of being, not consciously always; seldom, perhaps; the simplicity of loving grows by living simply near nature and God.

We belabour, I think, under a very heavy crust of consumerism really.

In a shooting day in the U.K., every few hours, everyone takes a bit of a tea break – not coffee, but a tea break. They bring out these little finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. Everyone sits around for a few minutes, with their pinkies in the air, drinking. It’s so cultured.

Jonathan Silverman
Statistics are to baseball what a flaky crust is to Mom’s apple pie.

Harry Reasoner
A deep ocean under the icy crust of Ganymede opens up further exciting possibilities for life beyond Earth.

The Four Horsemen were limousines and Lear Jets, while DX was trailer parks and outhouses. One was white trash, one was upper crust. I always saw DX and the NWO as the natural rivals at the time.

Kasha is the hardy starch of a Slavic winter – buckwheat, in fact – but when cooked properly, it gets a nutty, deep-brown crust.

I think my biggest heartbreak was when I just couldn’t get an American cheese cake/pie with a saltine cracker crust and green tomato sorbet to work out in my favor.

My all-time favorite way to use for instant dashi is to simply boil potatoes in it, simmering the water all the way down until Im left with a finger-licking salty dashi crust all around them.

I grew up in poverty on the edge of a golf course. I saw how people lived on the other side of the tracks, the upper crust and the WASPs at the country club. We had chickens and pigs in our yards. We butchered every year. I’ll never forget those things.

I’m pretty proud of my pie crust. I think I’ve finally learned how to manhandle it just enough.

If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor.

Christiaan Barnard
You must pre-bake the bottom crust of a custard pie, but this is a tricky step in the pie-making process. Without the presence of filling the crust can slump down into the plate as it bakes, necessitating pie weights to help keep its shape. Then, once you remove the weights to blind bake the crust, the bottom puffs.

Older women are like aging strudels – the crust may not be so lovely, but the filling has come at last into its own.

Robert Farrar Capon
Man, a mere inhabitant of the earth, cannot overstep its boundaries! But though he is confined to its crust, he may penetrate into all its secrets.

The earth’s crust is very thin but the planet can act as a spaceship if a force or energy powerful enough was exerted on it, to eject it from the solar system. But its mantle and core may leak due to inertia, causing the planet to disintegrate.