Top 45 Gambler Quotes

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As a gambler, I hold myself to an especially high stand
As a gambler, I hold myself to an especially high standard of honor, and it disgusts me when people try to cheat at games.

I’m a gambler and love slot machines.

Luckily, I’m not a gambler or a drinker or – you know, I get my fix of comedy.

I’m definitely a gambler, as exemplified by the massive risks I’ve taken.

I find that when I come upon something that I think is a historical revelation, I have the sort of adrenaline rush that I imagine a gambler gets in Las Vegas when he hits the jackpot. It’s still tremendously exciting to me, and I think all of my peers in the business feel the same way.

Between the daylight gambler and the player at night there is the same difference that lies between a careless husband and the lover swooning under his lady‘s window.

Making pictures, for an actress, is like betting, for a gambler. Each time you make a picture you try to analyze why you won or lost.

Running a fashion business takes the heart of a good gambler. You’re always dealing with new things. And there’s no guarantee that anything new is going to be successful.

I don’t play. I’m a terrible gambler. I don’t know half the rules, and I’m not really patient enough to sit through hours of gaming.

Pansy Ho
Sometimes, I seem to be only able to actually move and get going with things on the razor edge of possibly still managing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. I think, secretly, I might even get a buzz out of it. Maybe I crave the adrenalin like some sort of crazy gambler high on risking everything on the turn of a card.

I’m not a gambler or a nightclub guy.

There’s a touch of the gambler in anybody really competitive and somebody that’s willing to concede that to succeed, sometimes you need to cut corners and to make bold choices.

Josh Charles
I was a professional gambler. When I lived in London, there were a couple of years when I didn’t really earn money doing anything else. I mean, I did other things: like, I made work, and I was working with Derek Jarman at the time, but the way I made money was putting money on horses.

I’m not a gambler, let’s just say that, nor have I ever been a dealer at a casino.

At the first rumors of war, timid investors in various government stock, being panic-stricken, sell out, to their loss and the gamblers’ gain.

Randal Cremer
There is no fool like a careless gambler who starts taking victory for granted.

Understand why casinos and racetracks stay in business – the gambler always loses over the long term.

My father was an insurance man and a small-time gambler. He was a good man, but he had an eye for the racehorses, and I saw how it used to bother my mother. I’ve never gambled a dime. Never, in all those years in Vegas.

I’m not really a gambler, but I’ll bet on the Super Bowl or some boxing. Something I feel comfortable with.

My dad was a womaniser, a gambler. He was violent. They thought if they left Scotland, they would leave the problems behind.

I’m a pro sports gambler. You have winning days and you have losing days. But you know if you’ve got the right strategy, you’re going to get it in the end.

I used to be a heavy gambler. But now I just make mental bets. That’s how I lost my mind.

I like to play a little bit of blackjack and a little bit of roulette but I’m not a big gambler.

I actually went to some Gamblers Anonymous classes, and I sat there for three or four of them, and I’m trying to figure out what I have in similarities with these other people, and I could never find anything. It just seems like it wasn’t the right place for me.

I’m a gambler at heart. That’s my life.

Kirk Kerkorian
I’ve always believed if a young guy has a chance to play, why would you explain where his weakness is? The only reason would be to help the other team, or to help a gambler.

I’m urging NASA to foster the development of what I callrunway landers.’ No, that’s not the name of a high stakes gambler from Vegas. It’s a type of spacecraft that flies to orbit like the retiring Shuttles but then glides to a landing like an airplane on a runway. Just like the Shuttles do.

The Gambler’ is one of the movies that inspired us. We love that movie.

My perception of a professional gambler has always been a positive one.

The problem is that to be a producer, one must be a gambler, and the greatest French producers were gamblers.

Marcel Carne
On banks, I make no apology for attacking spivs and gamblers who did more harm to the British economy than Bob Crow could achieve in his wildest Trotskyite fantasies, while paying themselves outrageous bonuses underwritten by the taxpayer. There is much public anger about banks and it is well deserved.

Artists of all times are like the gamblers of Monte Carlo, and this blind lottery allows some to succeed and ruins others. In my opinion, neither the winners nor the losers are worth worrying about.

I’m not a gambler.

Jil Sander
I like playing roulette, I like dice. I grew up with gamblers.

Chazz Palminteri
The Doc Holliday of legend is a gambler and gunman who appears out of nowhere in 1881, arriving in Tombstone with a bad reputation and a hooker named Big Nose Kate.

Mary Doria Russell
I wouldn’t see myself as a gambler.

Sean Quinn
They haven‘t given too many gamblers a second chances in the world of baseball.

All gamblers lose regularly, but they rarely discuss it in public. Losing is bad for the image, dude. Nobody buys Hot Tips from Losers. Remember that.

Money, again, has often been a cause of the delusion of the multitudes. Sober nations have all at once become desperate gamblers, and risked almost their existence upon the turn of a piece of paper.

Charles Mackay
I am a gambler. I decided to go in with Company E in the first wave.

Robert Capa
Short Term 12′ was such a marathon. It’s like trying to convey the same emotional depth as ‘The Gambler’ but with less time and a fingernail’s worth of the budget.

I don’t like fantasy where a king snaps his fingers and suddenly a whole army appears and goes off to war – he’s got to feed them, he’s got to pay them, he’s got to take care of the camp followers and the gamblers and the people who cause disorder.

I will never be in the stock market. It’s just gambling. I’m a gambler, but I’ll gamble on the practicality of things.

Speculative joy, the joy derived from being right and being rewarded, may well be similar to the rush felt by a winning gambler.

Michael Steinhardt