Top 45 Irritate Quotes

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It does irritate me when I am described as a controvers
It does irritate me when I am described as a controversialist and commentator on Israel.

I have moles and freckles, and they irritate me. They are an insecurity of mine, and I wish I could have clear, beautiful skin.

We seriously irritate each other and don’t want to spend any time together. And yet we have a profound respect for the partnership. We’re like a couple of dogs with a rag.

People are always asking me for pictures, signing autographs, everywhere I go. Before, it used to irritate me, but I’ve learned to handle the situation. I cannot run away unless I lock myself in my room and never go out.

When something irritates me, I don’t go home and write; I just don’t do that.

It kind of irritates me that I’m seen as this pretty face. People also say I’m too thin. The truth is pretty people aren’t as accepted as other people. It comes with all these stigmas.

Unwanted honking not only irritates others, but may also end up causing accidents. Drivers lose cool and it may result in road rage.

What irritates me is the bland way people go around saying, ‘Oh, our attitude has changed. We don’t dislike these people any more.’ But by the strangest coincidence, they haven‘t taken away the injustice; the laws are still on the books.

Christopher Isherwood
I know what it means to do a job… I worked in a factory. I respect people in the service industry. What irritates me more is when people aren’t respectful. There’s a lot of nonsense behavior, especially in a place like Hollywood. The money, the power, they create little monsters.

Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.

Queen Victoria
I’m not easily wound up, but overly cynical people irritate me.

It irritates me to see people aping superstars.

I irritate the wife because of my private dancing.

Brian McDermott
The truth only irritates those it enlightens, but does not convert.

Pasquier Quesnel
When I was a kid, I used to pretend to be Bond; I used to make up scenarios and irritate my sister and annoy my mother and father pretending to be someone else, so I kind of was already acting when I was a child. I just didn’t really know it.

I enjoy sports movies that don’t sugarcoat. One thing that irritates me about sports movies is that they’re like, ‘The magic of the ball,’ and ‘The magic of the stadium.’ It ain’t that magical. When you get hit coming across the middle at 25 miles per hour, the magic’s over.

Success turns a lot of people off. I have a pretty solid sense of joy and respect that irritates people, and can irritate me, too.

I’ve had people shout in my face trying to irritate me. I go: ‘I’m not here to fight, I’m here to love.’

The conundrum that I face on a daily basis is that I have two sons who have grown up watching ‘The Simpsons,’ so they know exactly what buttons to push. They know how Bart irritates Homer, and they use these lines against me to tell me that I’m not funny anymore.

Nothing irritates me more than going to see an artist and paying all this money and then have them rant about very specific political opinions.

If I read something on the news that really irritates me, I get my rageful venting out on Twitter. I’m more of my light side on Instagram.

I have only got down on to paper, really, three types of people: the person I think I am, the people who irritate me, and the people I’d like to be.

Where grief is fresh, any attempt to divert it only irritates.

It’s amazing how people will treat you better when you’re ‘somebody.’ The minute clerks in a store recognize me, they suddenly rush to take care of me. That irritates me.

Jamie Farr
That irritates me the mostmissing tackles.

This person they make me out to be irritates the hell out of me as well.

Analog sounds so much better. I frankly can’t listen to digital audio for more than a few hours without really starting to hate what I’m listening to. Even decent 24-bit digital resolution really irritates me after a while.

The termhero‘ irritates me greatly.

Irena Sendler
We Indians are musical- and dance-minded people. If a child is born or on a wedding, birthday, we dance. But when a song starts unreasonably, it irritates me.

I actually have eyes that irritate easily, so I wear the glasses to keep stuff out of my eyes. If you see me in shades indoors, you might be like, ‘RZA is wearing shades inside. What the hell is going on?’ I’m protecting my eyes, and I’m looking cool.

As long as I am on the sets I am like a goddess, goody-goody and nice. If there is something that upsets me or irritates me, I don’t show it there. I wait till I get home and direct it on my family.

Kovai Sarala
Something that really irritates me is when I come to a four-way stop, and I clearly have the right of way, and the other person who doesn’t have the right of way waves for me to go. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know I can go.’

No doubt relinquishing our nuclear arsenal would irritate Washington but what would the U.S. rather have, the U.K. able to assist in military operations or an ill-equipped conventional force and a nuclear arsenal which will never come into play?

I used to rarely go on film sets, as I felt it was very boring to see the same shot being done so many times. I felt I had nothing to do. I used to irritate the cameramen.

It irritates me that everybody concentrates on Gawker, because it’s just one of 15 sites and it doesn’t even get the most traffic. It’s a significant site, but it’s not what we are.

Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it’s only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly.

I seem to be some sort of lightning rod. I just really irritate people, you know? I really do.

It irritates me when Trump says what he does.

I use Bioderma, because it’s very gentle, water-based, and it doesn’t irritate the skin.

If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.

There will always be people who irritate you, inside and outside of any fanbase. That’s not a fault of the fanbase, it’s a fault of people, and we’re all guilty.

Scott Cawthon
The ‘serial kisser’ tag that has been thrust on to me is a lame stereotype. It irritates me. Yes, there is sexual content in my movies, and I have never been apologetic about doing bold scenes. But it’s not fair to tag me this way because that can be very stifling.

It really irritates me when I see people in the public eye who pretend they do it all and I know they don’t.

I think what irritates both conservatives and liberals alike is when news outlets pretend that they don’t have an agenda but then clearly do, be it in the editorial decisions they make and the guests they have and the material that they cover.