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I'm not a fighter, but I would love to be a boxer becau
I’m not a fighter, but I would love to be a boxer because I love the courage and toughness. I mean, there can be nothing more terrifying than walking into an arena and looking at Mike Tyson in the ring.

Mark McGrath
I look at Mike Tyson as a fighter. He don’t go out there to play. He goes out there to hurt because he‘s in the hurt game. That’s what I like about him.

What I know about Mike Tyson, I see in the boxing ring. As far as all of the gossip stuff that I hear about him, I know first hand to take that with a grain of salt.

Gerald McRaney
Although there’s been a fighter before me called Mike Tyson, I’m my own Tyson. I’m Tyson Fury. I ain’t trying to be anybody else.

I’m not here to judge Mike Tyson. I’m not here to judge nobody. I’m not here to monitor no other fighters. I respect him for what he did in the sport of boxing. He was an entertainer.

When I was a kid, I wanted to fight Joe Louis. But I think if I had seen Mike Tyson at that time, I would have said, ‘Nah, I don’t want to fight him.’ He’s deadly. He could have been one of the great heavyweight champions. But he goofed.

Kids always used to come up and ask me if I ever fought Mike Tyson, and I used to tell them that we couldn’t because we were in different weight classes.

I think the WWE is a great place for professional athletes. Floyd Mayweather did it. Mike Tyson has done it. Even Donald Trump has appeared in the ring.

Mike Tyson as a kid was a mark, he loved wrestling. So that was something he loved to do when he had the opportunity to participate.

I study Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr and Sugar Ray Leonard.

In boxing, Mike Tyson fascinates me. The attitude and confidence that he could not be beaten when he was heavyweight champion of the world was interesting. He came across as very mild-mannered, and much of what he said made sense.

I wanted to look like Mike Tyson. But then I started to realize, in a twelve round fight, you must be patient.

The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that it is only two minutes long. It is the quickest event in sports, except for Sumo-wrestling & Mike Tyson fights. Maybe Drag-racing is quicker, but I have never been attracted to it.

I got my very last tattoo after my father died. I’m not getting anymore; otherwise I’ll end up like Mike Tyson with a tattoo on my face.

I just idolise Nigel Benn, the things he said, how ferocious he was, how intimidating he was – I just loved watching him. As I do the old Mike Tyson, the ’89 Mike Tyson. The Tyson who walked to the ring with a white towel on and looked ferocious. He frightened me just watching him.

On June 27, 1988, a 21-year-old Mike Tyson made in excess of 21 million dollars for 91 seconds of work. It took him just over 14 seconds to pull in more money than Michael Jordan, in his prime, made for an entire season of work that year.

I dedicate some of my power to Mike Tyson. I watched a lot of film on Mike Tyson. Then we started taking notes on Muhammad Ali. We took notes on Sugar Ray Leonard. What was that fighter known for? Why was he so difficult to beat in his time, in his era and, you know, why was he at the top?

I know he’s not an MMA fighter, but can we just talk about how great Deontay Wilder is? He’s must-see TV. Not since Mike Tyson has boxing had an American heavyweight who could hit like him… and talk like him, too. I love his interviews, his demeanor, his fighting style… the whole package.

I remember when Muhammad Ali got beaten the first time. I remember when Lennox Lewis got beaten the first time, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson. All of those were legendary fighters, and they came back, and that’s what made them different – what they did after they got beat.

People go on about weight. Mike Tyson wasn’t the biggest heavyweight and he was an animal.

I’d see people being really successful, whether it was my teammates or big-name fighters like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, and I’d think, ‘I want to be a legend like that.’

The sport needs a personality, not a fighter. We’ve got plenty of great fighters in the sport, but no personalities. No one is standing for anything. The last personality we had was Mike Tyson. He stood for something. It wasn’t much, but he stood for something.

My dad calls me ‘Mac‘ a lot, from ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’ – Little Mac is the main character. I was obsessed. I can still beat Mike Tyson on ‘Punch Out.’

Mike Tyson loved throwing hooks to the body and then coming up, even with the same hand… He knew that he was on the inside, and from there he had the perfect angle to come right up instead of going around the elbows.

I really, truly appreciate Conor McGregor’s style – his fighting style and the way he talks. The reason why is because he reminds me of a young Mike Tyson, a young Muhammad Ali, the way he talks.

Mike Tyson is the most complex person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve known Mike since 1986. We’re both from Brooklyn. I didn’t know him growing up, but once he became heavyweight champion, I knew him then.

I thought the Mike Tyson story was beautiful and it drew me in. He was bullied, a small kid who started knocking out giants.

Mike Tyson would have been a good sparring partner for me and Muhammad Ali because Tyson was a fast fighter and he could punch and throw good combinations.

Mike Tyson and I came up together in the streets, and being around people like him, I learned what goes on behind the scenes.

Eric B
Some people who love boxing might love Mike Tyson, but people outside of the sport are generally repulsed by him and therefore, repulsed by the sport.

Dick Schaap
Wouldn’t you love to see Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield go one more time? It’s not like just one of them has aged. They’ve both aged. They’re both icons.

When it gets to the part in life where you’re more afraid of what your wife is going to do to you than if you box, say, Mike Tyson, you’ve got to get a new profession. You don’t get to be a family. I know why boxers never quit, some of them. They don’t have wives.

I was a huge Mike Tyson fan, would sit through the night watching boxing matches and would hit the bag at every opportunity I would get.

When Mike Tyson was only 18, his managers used to market him on posters, reminding you that if your grandfather had missed Joe Louis, or your father Muhammad Ali, don’t you miss Tyson.

Mike Tyson and Kool G Rap had lisps – lisps always been cool!

I don’t fight like Mike Tyson. I’m nothing at all like Mike Tyson. I’m out to build my own legacy and not live off anyone else‘s name.

What makes a champion great is how he dethrones the guy before him. Look at Mike Tyson against Trevor Berbick and how he crushed him. You have to rip the title away from him.

I cannot come and suddenly put on a persona. Like, I cannot be Mike Tyson. When you saw him it was raw, it was intense, ‘I want to hurt you.’ But now everybody tries it. I don’t enjoy that. It’s not real.

I remember seeing Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and the old films of Sugar Ray Robinson.

I just got into Mike Tyson. My security people kept saying, ‘Haven‘t you seen him yet?’ Well, I finally did, and he’s got a real knockout punch.

I am not a big fan of Mike Tyson. I almost idolized him for what he did in the ring – he was such a great fighter. But his behavior out of the ring… he needed to realize he was in the public eye, and there is a responsibility.

The first time I got recognized in the Sates, it was by Mike Tyson. He sangCruel Summer‘ at us as we were walking out of the hotel to go to the beach.

As Mike Tyson says, everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth. The one thing we know about American presidential politics is you’re going to get hit in the mouth.

I beat Larry Holmes and George Foreman. I whupped Mike Tyson twice. I had my ear chewed off and spat on the ground in front of me. I’ve seen everything it is possible to see in boxing. I know this business better than anyone. So I live and die by my own decisions.

My little brother and I, we’re just in our generation. We’re doing the best job we can do. There were champions like Mike Tyson who fought everybody, and not everybody was just as good.