Top 45 Theft Quotes

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In terms of dangers, such as viruses, fraud or identity
In terms of dangers, such as viruses, fraud or identity theft, I don’t think we were thinking about that at all when we got started. If we had been worried about that, the net might have been better today, but we might not have even got there.

Bob Kahn
We are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the plunder of public resources nor the theft by corporate criminals of the hard-earned savings of ordinary people.

Theft and corruption in the private sector is as bad as that in government and must be dealt with decisively by law enforcement agencies.

Identity theft is a serious crime that affects millions of Americans each year.

If you play a game likeGrand Theft Auto‘ you don’t go home afterwards and cry because you ran over a couple characters, because you do not give them personhood.

Online theft has changed the business model of filmmaking because the DVD market is very soft. So, more ambitious, compelling, character-driven narrative of a certain budget level isn’t really a viable business model in the eyes of the studios right now.

Identity theft involving these cards is a growing form of white collar crime, facilitating illegal immigration, banking and accounting fraud, tax evasion, and other nefarious activities.

Each and every Notary Public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft. They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do.

To use for our exclusive benefit what is not ours is theft.

Theft of a firearm should be punished as a felony, plain and simple.

I’m the best PlayStation player you’ll ever see. I’ll play anything. ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘NBA2K,’ ‘Grand Theft Auto.’

By its nature, governments and taxes are not voluntary. Government actions are violent and coercive, and theft as well.

Jeff Berwick
The United States was founded on the triple sin of slavery, genocide, and land theft.

Inflation is taxation and taxation is theft that takes more money out of hard-working Americans’ pocket books.

If you are looking for a producer, try to contact established producers. Don’t let the fear of theft paralyze you, or you will never get anywhere with it.

Whether by theft or by artistry or by conquest, when it comes to time, Venetians are the world‘s greatest experts. They bested time like no one else.

I know a baseball star who wouldn’t report the theft of his wife‘s credit cards because the thief spends less than she does.

Joe Garagiola
Citizens identify with something larger than themselves – if one’s country is attacked, it can feel like a personal attack in a way that a fellow bank customer‘s account theft does not feel like a personal invasion.

Cyber-enabled theft of trade secrets by state actors in China has emerged as a major threat to our economic and, thus, national security.

We’ve seen it time and againChinese companies don’t play by the rules, committing intellectual property theft and disregarding basic regulatory standards at the expense of investors. Not a single taxpayer dollar should be invested with these entities that have a clear history of corruption.

Black people are pledging their fealty to the state, and yet they aren’t getting the same return. This is theft. It’s systemized.

Healthy competition is good for the global economy. Criminal conduct is not. Rampant theft is not. Cheating is not.

All art is theft.

One Thanksgiving weekend, I had a lost weekend at a friend‘s place with ‘Grand Theft Auto.’

I’ve always believed that the best way you combat intellectual property theft is making a product available that is well priced, well timed to market, whether it’s a movie product, TV product, music product, even theme-park product.

All, all is theft, all is unceasing and rigorous competition in nature; the desire to make off with the substance of others is the foremost – the most legitimatepassion nature has bred into us and, without doubt, the most agreeable one.

The government, of course, will print money to bail out the banks‘ uncovered casino bets, but not to bail out the elderly from the theft of their funds.

What’s cooler than pretending you hate money and giving away someone else’s stuff under the guise of ‘fairness?’ You know what’s cooler than that? Having the ability to make your own money, your own damn choices and not being subjected to mob theft that steals opportunity right out from under you.

I certainly don’t know if you could claim that every theft is wrong, but I’ll prove to you that every theft is forbidden, by simply locking you up.

They don’t have a lot of crime in the countryside other than theft. But every once in a while, things turn ugly, and when they turn ugly, they turn very ugly.

We should be very concerned: if identity theft is so simple to do, what’s to stop me from entering this country and assuming the identity of someone else for the sole purpose of living here illegally for terrorist reasons? That alone would be a concern.

I used to play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ when I was an early teen, between eleven and thirteen.

If we don’t act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft.

Bill Nelson
Theft annoys me more than anything else. The purloining of effects from another magician. Some people think it’s massive to steal the secrets of nuclear reactors, but to steal a card move is trivial. They’re wrong.

I think, with Obama and the progressives, you’ve seen a massive expansion of big government, and it’s all based on a moral premise. The moral premise is that wealth is theft. And I don’t just mean the wealth of America, I mean, your wealth, my wealth.

Facebook says, ‘Privacy is theft,’ because they’re selling your lack of privacy to the advertisers who might show up one day.

I think coercive taxation is theft, and government has a moral duty to keep it to a minimum.

If two individuals enter into a contract to commit trespass, theft, robbery or murder upon a third, the contract is unlawful and void, simply because it is a contract to violate natural justice, or men‘s natural rights.

It’s sad when ‘Grand Theft Auto’ has more consequences for criminal behavior than real life.

As problems like identity theft become more prevalent, now more than ever, Americans need to take their financial health seriously – and this information is of the utmost importance.

As part of my efforts to fight identity theft, I worked with my colleagues on the Financial Services Committee to strengthen consumer protection with a reasonable notification requirement.

The name of ‘reform‘ simply covers what is latently a process of the theft of the national heritage.

A libertarian presidential candidate isn’t going to win anyway, so he can afford to say that all taxation is theft, and it isn’t the job of a libertarian presidential candidate to cook up new ways to commit theft.

We must deal with Chinese theft of intellectual property, though no one is sure that tariffs are the solution.