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Today we’re more distanced from each other, the bonds formed at the local shop replaced by the massive supermarket or the stressed driver thrusting a package through a letterbox. Instead of meeting in pubs, more of us sit at home with supermarket wine and Netflix.

I’m good friends with Robbie Williams because we both grew up in Stoke and our dads went to the same pubs. His dad, Pete, is like my second dad, I can talk to him about anything and I see him most weeks. And Rob is brilliant, a really generous, lovely bloke.

For me, normal means freedom to live life as we choose, from cramming into packed planes to go on holiday to crowding into pubs for birthday parties.

I love Tate Modern; there’s such great style and shopping here. I love the galleries and the pubs out on the street, just having your pint as the sun is setting.

My mum and dad had four pubs when we were growing up, but the main one was the New Inn in Hattersley, on the estate. It was a very good pub.

In recent years, breweries and brew pubs have flourished across the Nation. And, as the Representative from Oregon‘s fourth district, I have enjoyed seeing the diversity that craft brewery has fueled across the Nation.

After school, instead of going into the restaurant scene, I very consciously took my guitar around everywhere I could, to Irish pubs and restaurants, and I played four nights a week to make ends meet.

Nick Gehlfuss
At the beginning of my acting career, I worked for two seasons at the RSC and spent a lot of time in the Cotswolds exploring Shakespeare‘s countryside. It’s my kind of English landscape, with its tiny villages and one-room thatched pubs.

Pub life was such a huge part of growing up for me, going to pubs and being around them. It made me who I am today.

I have been gigging around Glasgow and Edinburgh since I was 12. I played in pubs at that age, even though I obviously was too young to be in them. So I used to hide in bathrooms, come out and play my set, then get the hell out as quickly as possible.

I have seen pretty horrible blokes thinking they can do pretty much what they like over the years, not just in showbusiness but in ordinary jobs and in pubs and stuff.

I grew up in pubs so my whole thing is ‘the game happened,’ people would go into the pub afterwards and discuss ‘it should have been a penalty, he should have scored that.’

I started singing when I was 18 and landed my first record deal with RCA when I was 26 after a lot of grafting singing in pubs and clubs.

If you’re trying to portray that I take massive business decisions in pubs and bars, then that is total crap. It is not the norm, otherwise I’d have to live in a pub because I take business decisions all day, every day.

But one of the most fantastic things about Ireland and Dublin is that the pubs are like Paris and the cafe culture. And Dublin, in many ways, is a pub culture.

Hugh Dancy
Being around my local community, seeing how many pubs are closing down there, it hurts me.

When I die I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin.

J P Donleavy
I don’t like discotheques, pubs, or late-night parties.

Getting up in front of the toughest crowds, you know, playing pubs in South Armagh – where people didn’t necessarily even know what stand-up comedy was – you had to force yourself to do it. It went against every instinct in your body, but you did it anyway.

Irish music in the local pubs was my first exposure to musical expression, and I feel like Irish music is very close to musical theater because it is always telling a story.

I have walked into several pubs, and guys in there have said to me, ‘My God, you are the girl off the dancing horse.’ They have got no idea about dressage, and they said, ‘I can’t work out whether you make the horse do that or the horse does it itself – we just couldn’t tell – but it brought tears to our eyes.’

People were following me home in cars, singing outside my window at my flat. I couldn’t go to pubs or supermarkets or walk down the street. It was bizarre, but that was my life.

As I travelled around Australia, strangers in pubs, on airplanes, in beach parking lots would bring up Gina Rinehart, not knowing I was writing about her. Everybody had something to say, some of it thoughtful, some of it poorly informed, some of it vividly obscene.

William Finnegan
But its jobs, jobs that pubs create and help sustain, thats massive. My pub alone, we get so many different bar staff, especially the young coming in, getting a start in life, learning to talk to people. And thats just inside the trade, theres outside… window cleaners, tradesmen.

In the very beginning, we went on tours with Rammstein in really small clubs. We didn’t even have a record out. We played in restaurants and pubs in the south of Germany.

Till Lindemann
Night buses serve not only the leisure economy- pubs, bars, clubs, theatres and concerts- but also hundreds of thousands of night workers.

I know Australians are no strangers to pubs, but in the U.K., the pub is a real meeting place because the houses can be quite small, so the pub is an extension of the living space.

I was never a big guy in pubs. I was never the main kind of aggressor or anything like that, but I found myself in trouble because I always had a mouth that would come back with something, and there was just never anyone who could make me be quiet.

I love pubs and I love pub culture.

I played a lot of pubs, and some were a bit rougher than others, but once you got on, it was the same reception everywhere.

By the time I was 17, I was in a band, writing songs and playing solo piano at weekends, in pubs or at weddings.

That’s the great things about games as social experiences. You play with all your friends across social groups. You see young girls as well as young boys playing. These are kids in school, people in offices, in pubs, all having fun together.

Looking back, I spent a lot of time sitting in pubs when I should have been perfecting my playwriting.

Jez Butterworth
We then took a shortened version of what we’d been doing in the pubs, with the best gags and things like that, out to cabaret clubs and things in the north of England for six weeks. And we became a big success.

Neil Innes
I like pubs too, but it’s hard for me to go and get proper bladdered in the way I used to. I don’t want to moan about being recognised but I do get a bit of grief sometimes.

Alan Davies
So we used to look for funny songs, and learn them and play them. And we used to play them in pubs.

Neil Innes
The age of 18 seemed the right time to try something different in my life. Moving to the U.K. was a risk, and I was never confident that I could ever make a full-time living being a musician, but I had to try. Initially, I worked as a jazz musician in pubs or with bands.

Manfred Mann
In its truest manifestation, where it gives judgments, poetry is super-luxury. It would be interesting to see what would happen to a High Court judge if he were forced to follow the true poetic formula, doing the job for love, being forced into pubs for relief.

I was only a young whippersnapper at that point. I was in pubs playing Barry Manilow songs. I didn’t know what to expect.

Personally, I’ve never been attracted to danger. It’s not my sort of thing. I am more attracted to pubs and cafes. The known, safe and comfortable world.

I started an all-girl band called Helen when I was 15. It wasn’t a precocious thing to do – everyone we knew was in a band, and all the bars and pubs in Leeds put on nights.

When you are traveling in vaudeville, you experience so many different kinds of audiences, depending on what time of the week it is, how long the pubs have been open, and things like that.

Clearly if a hypnotist could make someone to steal £100k just by telling them to, the world would be a different place, and I suspect that hypnotists wouldn’t bother doing shows in pubs or dodgy Spanish holiday resorts.

When I left my family home and had finished university, I stayed in South London but moved closer to London’s center, to Brixton and Herne Hill. Herne Hill is a tiny place that is ridiculously overstocked with lovely pubs.

Go back to the very beginning, when we first started playing in local pubs. We used to play Chuck Berry covers. Every now and then, we’d slip in one of our own songs, and we found that we were getting away with it – nobody seemed to know these were original tracks.

It was a very normal working-class family. My dad used to play guitar in a band around pubs and clubs and stuff, so we’ve always been surrounded by music and we all love musicals. There was really no escape from it as a child. It just manifested itself in me and my brother in that we want to be actors.

I get recognised by complete strangers in pubs, misrecognised by them and I dont have to work every weekend of my life anymore which is nice.

Paul Sinha
I’d been gigging since I was 14, doing little competitions and pubs and clubs and old people‘s homes.

I started – well, in England it works a little bit differently. You have to do Fringe theatre, which is basically free theatre. You do it in pubs and small theaters and village halls across the country, and you work for a theatre company. You’re part of a troupe.

Joshua Sasse