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I chose to support Purpose Prep because it is important
I chose to support Purpose Prep because it is important for every child to have the opportunity to receive a great education, and the Purpose Prep programs are designed for underprivileged children in my hometown to have access to those services.

I first decided that I wanted to act when I was 9. And I was at a very bizarre prep school at the time; to say ‘high Anglo-Catholicwould be a real English understatement.

I treat it just like a workday. When I’m training, I’m training. When I’m not, I’m not. And when I’m not in fight prep, we have fun weekends.

I was given a lot of homework: I had to practise ironing as a synth, practise washing up as a synth, cooking a meal as a synth. It’s definitely the most prep I’ve had to do for a role.

For me, meal prep is about doing the work when you have the time, which is usually on the weekend.

I grew up playing field hockey and lacrosse – prep school sport – and I was terrible at them.

With physical prep work, you know if you go to the gym, you will get size. There’s no chance it won‘t happen. The emotional prep work is a variable. You could step onto the set one day and have a disconnect with your thoughts and feelings and have a rough day acting because you can’t quite tap into what you need.

Anybody that comes in, a new person is supposed to spend six months downstairs in the basement doing prep work. I didn’t. I got on the line right away.

I went to a college prep high school in St. Louis, Missouri. When I graduated from school, I owned this thing called the Headmaster’s Cup, and the Headmaster’s Cup is for the student who exemplifies the spirit of the institution and is recognized by the faculty and administration.

I had three weeks of prep on ‘Wolfman,’ a ridiculously inadequate amount of time to try to bring together the fractured and scattered pieces of the production. I had taken the job mostly because I had a cash flow problem, the only time in my career I’ve ever let finances enter into the decision process.

Joe Johnston
I was a chorister at St Mary‘s Music School, from the ages of 11 to 13, after prep school and before I went to the Durham School. Edinburgh‘s my favourite city in the whole world. I don’t think there’s anywhere that comes close to it.

I went to a prep school in Chicago, and my dad and mom worked really hardeven though we lived in the ghetto – to get me to there. A lot of it had to do with ‘Stand and Deliver‘ and ‘Dead Poet‘s Society.’ It does help you. It inspires you. It definitely did for me.

Obviously, I’m a female in sports. You work really hard, you prep really hard, you put a lot into the show, so when you have certain comments, and people are saying, ‘Oh you add nothing,’ or, ‘You got your job because of this.’ Really? Why don’t you look at my master‘s degree?

I trust myself. I trust my instincts. I know what I’m gonna do, what I can do, what I can’t do. I’ve been through a lot, and I could go through more, but I hope I don’t have to. But if I did, I’d be able to do it. I’m not going to enjoy dying, but there’s not much prep for that.

Thugs Of Hindostan’ involved a lot of prep to be able to make the character look effortless.

Boardwalk‘ has kind of exposed me to a different demographic. And it upped my skills in terms of the speed with which I can prep a scene, and I’m excited to apply that.

I was foreign and Jewish, with a funny name, and was very small and hated sport, a real problem at an English prep school. So the way to get round it was to become the school joker, which I did quite effectively – I was always fooling around to make the people who would otherwise dump me in the loo laugh.

You have to be sharp when the camera‘s rolling. I want to be totally unselfconscious, like a child playing. I do as much prep as possible so I can lose myself for those seconds.

I had gone to a Catholic prep school where everyone was rich and having kids by the time they were 30.

I had thirty weeks of prep on ‘Captain America.’ I have a small team of qualified, supportive, creative producers who are actually helping me achieve my vision of the film. I had a dream cast headed by Chris Evans. I had the best designers, artists, sculptors, craftspeople.

Joe Johnston
I walked onstage in a play at prep school, and with childish naivete, told myself, ‘Wow, I’m an actor!’

Efrem Zimbalist Jr
Modeling isn’t really a tough job. Acting is much harder: so much prep and changing your look and mannerisms. It’s a more difficult lifestyle being a model. I traveled all the time. Although, now I wonder, because I travel all the time for acting, too. So they both have their difficulties.

I try to prep a lot of things in advance and be organized, whether that’s meals, school runs, homework plans, plenty of GCSE revision.

I get horrified when I have to do table reads with the whole cast, because there’s a lot of stuttering coming from me, so I have to do a lot of prep.

It’s so important to get your skin to look even, whether it’s with a MAC Cosmetics glow, a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, or even just a solid foundation. Start off with a good prep and a good primer.

When I was 11, at prep school, I was starring in the school play, editing the school magazine and standing as Conservative candidate for the 1959 mock election.

You prep, you prep, you prep. And on the day that you film, you let all of that go. I try to achieve emptiness as much as possible – the Zen thing – to let the deal come out of that nothing.

When I create a character, I do it with the directors, and I take their notes and try to have my notes meet in a common ground. I don’t create characters myself, and I don’t really think that’s my job. I’m not a prep person at all – plus, I’m just a lazy procrastinator.

Keir Gilchrist
When you prepare for something, you can then play around; you’re not as worried about remembering your lines because you already know them so well. That’s where you can find the freedom. So I’m all about prep work.

I was confirmed at my prep school at the age of 13.

If you want a good play and a show, you need time to prep for it. Artistes must be allowed to practice without being charged for the practice sessions. Let the auditorium charge for the tickets.

I was 11 when I started Latin – not like boys, who start early at prep school. At 14, you had to choose whether to start Greek and drop German, but my mum made a fuss, and I took Latin, Greek, French, and German at O-level, which meant I didn’t do much science.

When I was in prep school, an English teacher said to me, ‘Hemingway, I expect more from you!’ And I said, ‘Why, sir?’

I always put on M.A.C. Prep and Primer before anything.

My usual will be eating five boiled eggs, go into the gym, then eat my oatmeal, then get cracking with whatever press I have. I try to meal prep or get a meal prep company or buy a certain amount of meals throughout that day while I’m travelling.

Joivan Wade
The list of costly services that supplement some children’s public education is growing longer and now includes consultants, tutors, and test prep. That’s in addition to the homework help some stay-at-home parents can afford to provide.

Before I leave for the office in the morning, I read the ‘Financial Times’ and the ‘Economist.’ The key articles I need to understand are there, after which I focus on prep for the day.

I learned a lot about the prep Monday through Wednesday with my coach.

I think that with beauty, people jump to the end instead of starting from the beginning with a good lotion or prep.

I love St. John‘s Prep as a school. I like the people there, it’s a great school.

I came from a prep school in New Jersey, so I get that when I got to FSU, some people weren’t sure about me – I didn’t play in Florida or Texas or at a powerhouse high school.

I just never want to be in this situation where I get to set and they’re like, ‘We rewrote this scene, you’re now naked.’ I need a little prep work.

I made ‘Enemy‘ to prep myself for ‘Prisoners.’ I had the need to direct something smaller in English before going to Hollywood. That’s the way I sold it to Warner because they asked me if I was berserk to make a movie right before.

You have to recognize at some point that even though you have the passion and creative level to be able to do something, you might have to do a lot of prep. Sometimes you just can’t do it as quickly as you want to do it.

I think backstory is really important to know because I’m all about prep work. I like to do all of my work right away, as soon as I get it. I’m incapable of procrastinating on anything, so I like to do all of the work.

I had a few months of physical prep where I was training six hours a day – I was doing an hour and a bit of yoga, I would do a couple hours of cardio and weight-lifting, and then I would do an hour or maybe two of martial arts training.

I do a mean beef Wellington. Gordon Ramsay’s is a phenomenal recipe. But that’s a lot of prep. The secret to wrap it in Parma ham before wrapping in pastry. I’m so pro smuggling more meat in.

All the work I’m able to be a part of through Grizzlies Prep, Code Crew, our mentoring programs and with the Grizzlies Foundation, they all go hand in hand because the kids are our future.

You know those hard days you go home where you’ve been worked to the bone and you just want to do nothing? In fight prep, every day is that day.

I definitely think I’m kind of more of an East Coast player than a West Coast player. But I knew at a young age, too, that if I didn’t get a scholarship that I was going to go to prep school.

We record when I have a hole in the schedule. Sometimes night, sometimes afternoon, sometimes morning – we fit it in when we can. I prep for episodes all the time.

I meal prep when I’m traveling and make sure to have three solid, high-protein and low-carb meals a day with a few snacks in between. But I try not to be too hard on myself. At the end of the day, it’s all about having a healthy balance.

I was a hostess, a waitress, a cafe manager, and a prep chef. For one job, I had to wear a hat shaped like a head of garlic.

Jenna Blum
My father passed away when I was 12, so it was very difficult. But I was always the class clown. I don’t know why – maybe as an escape. But then I was sent away to military prep school.

I always thought that a prep school was what some people went to after high school to prepare themselves for college.