Top 55 Soap Opera Quotes

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The first job where I actually made money was on 'Guidi
The first job where I actually made money was on ‘Guiding Light,’ the soap opera. And I played a maid. My name was Ginger, and I had a Brooklyn accent – a really bad one, if I remember correctly.

I think of myself as a realistic writer, not a creator of soap opera or melodrama.

Soaps taught me the fundamentals of the game. You know, how to show up, hit your mark, how to be on time. That soap opera world is a microcosm of the entertainment culture.

I never pictured myself as a telenovela galan – never imagined I’d be in a soap opera.

Jencarlos Canela
Every job you have, there are days that are more difficult than others. I worked on a daytime soap opera, where the volume at which you’re producing this medium is incredible.

Soap opera seems to be a dirty word, but actually they are the most popular shows we have.

My dad became a soap opera actor, and I was an extra in a skating rink scene on the soap. I didn’t audition. It was nepotism all the way.

I like soap opera acting. If it’s done really well, there’s nothing better. It’s old school. It’s like what those melodramas in the ’30s and ’40s were like.

You would be amazed at the pompadour that I was rocking in the first job I had on the soap opera called ‘Loving,’ my first contract job.

Dumb luck brought on the move from business to acting. I had moved to New York when I was 23, in the year 2000. On a lark, I went to audition for a soap opera. I thought, ‘Hey, this will be a really fun story to tell my grandkids one day, that I auditioned for a soap!’

Teddy Sears
Political reporting is too often trivialised, treated as a soap opera based in Westminster, rather than placed in a broader social or economic context.

My mom was a soap opera queen in Mexico and Latin America. I started acting because of her.

A show like Knots or any other show that can be called a soap opera does terribly in syndication because if you’re a viewer and you miss a week you don’t know what’s going on.

There’s no better training than working on a soap opera because of the amount of hours, the amount of pages you do a day are unbelievable. It’s the best training I had in terms of discipline.

Texting isn’t writing. It’s not like letter writing. Texting is short scriptwriting. It’s a collaborative soap opera where nothing happens.

I remember I had a low point when I was working on a soap opera, ‘General Hospital,’ five years ago. It was my first real job, and it was so overwhelming. You would work five days a week and have to learn sometimes up to 30 pages of new dialogue a night, then have one take to shoot it all, the next day.

I think one of the great strengths of ‘The Flash‘ is just how close everyone is on the show. They tend not to have these raging conflicts, like what we keep giving everybody on ‘Arrow.’ That show is more of a soap opera, and I don’t say that derogatorily.

Andrew Kreisberg
It’s better to be on a soap opera to renew your career and following than to be on any other medium.

Joan Fontaine
I think ‘Empire‘ is entertaining. It’s a soap opera. Does it touch on stereotypes? Sure, it does… I don’t know if that’s necessarily good or bad.

I am a person. I am not a soap opera.

When something like that happens, people want to try to find some dirt and make it more of a soap opera. But I think we both walked away with the door still open, if we want to do something together again. So yeah, I would call it a friendly break-up.

Having the games on TV, I’ve always believed it’s like watching a soap opera – fans can’t wait for the next episode.

Rocky Wirtz
The thing is I really struggle with commitments, so committing myself to six months to a year in a soap opera… I don’t think it would suit my lifestyle. A few days working on a project is enough for me, and then I get bored and am ready to move on and do something else.

Soap opera seems to be a dirty word, but actually they are the most popular shows we have. People want to know what happens next, people hate the villains and love the lovers. It’s good, fun TV. But I wouldn’t call ‘Downton’ a soap opera as such.

Before, there were only four pay per views throughout the whole year. Guys who were doing soap opera storylines could build them up week after week. We had longevity, and that is one of the main reasons why people remember.

I have also just finished three weeks on a soap opera in England. The soap opera is a rather famous one called Crossroads. It was first on television 25 years ago, and it has recently been brought back. I play the part of a businessman called David Wheeler.

Jeremy Bulloch
My first offer was when I was 12, and it was for a soap opera. And I turned it down because I knew that I was an unformed actor, and I didn’t want to develop bad habits.

I was on the soap opera ‘Days of our Lives.’

‘iCarly’ gives me the luxury of addressing the fans directly. It was a sort of loving nudge to the fans saying, ‘We’re just a fun little sitcom to make you laugh.’ This isn’t a heavy-duty soap opera.

Misery loves company. This is a Hollywood soap opera, and I’m not going to be a star in another Bryant soap opera.

If work isn’t rooted in comedy, people will turn from it, or they’ll use it like soap opera.

I’m straight and always have been. When our family gets together, we joke about it or throw our hands up in desperation because there is very little we can do. If we make a big fuss about correcting these rumors, it just creates more attention and turns the whole thing into a soap opera.

Because we’re in a small town and somewhat isolated from the fast lane of high tech, we’ve been able to grow and concentrate on our work instead of being distracted by the competition and getting caught up in the soap opera of Silicon Valley.

I have the greatest fans. I have fans that come from soap opera world. I have fans that come from superhero world, which are a whole different section of fans. They’re so cool. When people are fanatical about something, it’s contagious.

I don’t know, a lot of people go crazy about ‘Breaking Bad,’ but I don’t like the soap opera aspect of it and only following one character. I like the context to all of it, all the pieces, like ‘The Wire.’ It’s more about the state of things; it’s not about the narrative of a person.

Gone With The Wind‘ is one of the all-time greats. Read Margaret Mitchell‘s book and watch the film again; it’s a soap opera in all its glory. It is superb and memorable.

Timothy Dalton
I just figured, ‘I don’t want to go to university anymore,’ so I went to Stockholm. I went into this teaching school and after one year I got a part in a soap opera in Stockholm. It’s called ‘Rederiet.’

My first time on camera was ‘One Life to Live.’ I mourn for actors coming up that the daytime soap opera is becoming extinct. It’s theater onscreen.

It’s much easier for me to be silly than it is to be serious on soap opera.

Doug Davidson
In a totalitarian state like North Korea, a group of neighbors gathering once a week to watch the latest episode of a forbidden soap opera is committing a political act, and forming, with the market traders who deliver them this treasure, a rudimentary civil society.

My mom was on a soap opera for 40 years, so I know about love and romance.

I never learned music. I’m quite uneducated, and usually I sat in front of the TV, with soap operas on, in England. It was very inspiring for me, I’d done all this traveling around, I came back living with my parents, everyone around me was like they’re living in a soap opera.

Graham Parker
Friends‘ played in this territory of being funny, and then also just grabbing your heart. And not afraid of that. It was a comedic soap opera. Not being afraid to have an audience feel something, laugh and cry, was quite extraordinary and quite wonderful.

I started working in front of the camera for the first time when I was 15 years old. I joined a soap opera. We filmed in Brooklyn, and I would skip class to shoot my scenes.

I was one of the lucky people who found what I loved at a really young age. When I was 16, I got my first job in a Portuguese soap opera, and I realized how much I really loved it.

I was playing this role on ‘Ugly Betty,’ the sweetest, nicest guy. He was a fun character to play, but I was in a Latin soap opera – where are you gonna go with a nice guy in a Latin soap opera?

I only use my sick days for hang-overs and soap opera weddings.

Kate O’Brien
Think ‘Game of Thrones.’ In the old days, this sort of show might be considered bad writing. It doesn’t really seem to be moving toward a crisis or climax, it has no true protagonist, and it’s structured less like a TV show or a movie than a soap opera.

Dumb luck brought on the move from business to acting. I had moved to New York when I was 23, in the year 2000. On a lark, I went to audition for a soap opera.

Teddy Sears
I vowed I would never do a commercial, or a soap opera – both of which I did as soon as I left the Acting Company and was starving.

Kevin Kline
If you have to be in a soap opera try not to get the worst role.

It was the late ’70s when my parents met. My dad was a lighting director for a soap opera, and my mom was a temp at the studio. They moved into a house in The Valley in L.A., to a neighborhood that was leafy and affordable.

Music has always played a big part in my life and, believe it or not, in my soap opera career.

Kassie DePaiva
Soap opera wouldn’t be my first choice, but at this point in my life, I would consider a soap. It would allow me to act and still do other things with my life.

Joe Lando
WWE is a company that produces fiction. It’s a soap opera that runs 52 weeks a year without reruns.