Top 60 High Expectations Quotes

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Every morning, I have high expectations, and then I con
Every morning, I have high expectations, and then I confront the reality of what happens at 4 o’clock.

I set really high expectations.

Gamers love technology, and they have high expectations.

Usually when you get a script from actors, you don’t have high expectations.

I wouldn’t say I’m a victim of high expectations. The expectations are going to be there.

I’m as strict as my parents – I have high expectations, too. I’d never ask the kids to do something outside their capabilities, but I’ll encourage them not to be lazy and to try hard.

My parents had very high expectations. They expected me to get straight A’s from the time I was in kindergarten.

I hold very high expectations of myself and my work ethic.

I have really high expectations for myself, so I just want to go out there and compete.

There’s people out there, Canadians out there, that have high expectations for me, but I mean, I’m still a kid, still trying to learn the game. I’m just trying to develop my skills as much as possible.

Benitez is a coach with high expectations of his players, he demands a lot and I like that. He knows how to communicate with his players and he is intelligent.

I feel that ‘Tokoyo Driftblew people away because not many people had high expectations for it.

Nathalie Kelley
I set pretty high expectations for myself,and I hold myself to a pretty high standard.

Jimmy Garoppolo
My experience for myself as a performer is not one of high expectations.

The satirical direction I have chosen is an indication of my disappointment in man, which is the opposite way of saying that I have high expectations for the human race.

Jack Levine
Other people may not have had high expectations for me… but I had high expectations for myself.

It would be nice at some point to do something that people expect to be good. Although then with high expectations come a lot more pressure.

High expectations are really intimidating.

I feel like a lot of my fans hold high expectations of me when it comes to inside the Octagon – not so much outside of the Octagon – but I feel like most of my performances are pretty dominant, so I don’t feel like I have the luxury to not perform in an extremely impressive fashion.

I try not to have high expectations of people because it just sets you up for disappointment, but it’s great to work with actors who are that talented and accomplished.

Obviously, when you have a quarterback of the caliber of Aaron Rodgers, we’re going to have high expectations.

I’ve heard a lot about what second-round picks usually do – whether it’s D-League or whether it’s not playing – but for me, I have high expectations of myself regardless of where I’m picked.

Both parents worshiped individual achievement, but because of the Depression and the war, they never achieved what they wanted and deserved. So their ambition and high expectations were transferred to me.

A simple lifestyle can make you happy and high expectations can disappoint a lot.

The thing I know about Diana Trout is that she‘s the hardest-working person. She even says it in season one – that nobody works harder than she does. I believe that’s always been true about her. That is why she has high expectations of everyone around her.

I am extremely ecstatic about the presidency of Barack Obama. I think he is paving the way for young African-American men like myself. I have very high expectations for Obama, and I am extremely hopeful that he will bring great lasting change not just to America, but to the entire world.

Texas Battle
When I write, I write for myself, and I have high expectations… so I’m just trying to meet those. I’m not going to distract myself with other people’s expectations.

I have high expectations for the people who work for me. I figure that if they work really hard and do a good job on one of my campaigns or in my office, that experience will serve them well later on.

I think it’s natural when a team has such high expectations, under .500 halfway through the season, they’re going to go after a brand new coach.

There’s high expectations for Cowboys. There’s been some great quarterbacks who have come through that organization.

At UCLA, there will always be high expectations. That’s why you want to play here or coach here.

When you set these high expectations and goals, and they are demolished so early in the season, that has an effect on the psyche. It wears you down.

There are people who have really high expectations for what we’re doing. I have to not think about that so that I can be free and play around every day and not feel like I have to get it right. You want to be loose.

If you come from a family like Gandhi family, people have high expectations. He needed to perform. I wish Rahul could have more attendance, participated more, and believed in democracy, in the parliamentary system. He speaks more outside, less in Parliament.

I have a lot of what you might call creative self-loathing – I have pretty high expectations, and they seem to consistently be higher than what I’m able to accomplish.

I think I live in the land of high expectations after playing at Connecticut.

I have high expectations of my audience, and in general, I would say they’ve met that.

I have very high expectations of myself. I’m a very competitive person but competitive with myself. I want to be the best that I can be and if that means that I’m eventually better than everyone else then so be it.

The word that I constantly hear out of women is ‘fear.’ It’s almost like a background melody. Women have excellent degrees and experience, but we are afraid we aren’t good enough because we have such high expectations.

She was in a difficult position being the widow of a great American hero, a role that carried high expectations but she did a credible job of continuing Dr King’s dream especially in the face of a changing and often hostile American public.

Morris Dees
We have high expectations and a high level of standard we try to reach in everything we do. Ideas get through if they are good enough, songs get their way in.

People have high expectations of me, and I want to fulfil them.

Mum and Dad had high expectations of us as human beings – it wasn’t just about education. It’s a fantastic way to go about parenting, and I aspire to that.

John and I were lucky because our mother was a strong woman with high expectations and a strong sense of values. She encouraged us to pursue things we were interested in and not think about what other people wanted us to do.

High expectations are the key to everything.

Whatever he does in office, no man can live up to the high expectations of the world, but we have been changed by his election. Obama’s inauguration is a historic global achievement, a major milestone in the journey of a powerful nation.

Des Browne
Our children can achieve great things when we set high expectations for them.

The expectations are high, so we know: If we do not meet them, there is criticism. We have high expectations ourselves. We are not happy with fourth, third, or second, either.

I have high expectations from Babar Azam and Imam-ul Haq.

I live for the high expectations.

I’m always confident, always expect high expectations for myself.

I respect myself. I have very high expectations for myself.

My mother has a very chic sense of style, but she also has high expectations for her clothes to be functional and practical.

The good thing is that women have such high expectations of men that it inspires us to live up to them. That’s what I learned about male-female relationships.

I think Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays like New Year‘s where people develop such high expectations that even if it’s a decent day, it doesn’t live up, and it’s disappointing.

My last name is all I have. I try to carry that to a high standard by setting high expectations.

Coach Morris wasn’t too hard on me, not at all. Being drafted where I was at, there were high expectations for me. I still have high expectations for myself.

Gaines Adams
The hard thing about ‘The Saint‘ was that my character was supposed to die, but then they reshot the ending based on tests and she lives. I created the character based on her dying – she would never have been as innocent otherwise. So I didn’t have high expectations for that film.

My dad was very critical and had very high expectations without a lot of the details filled in. It was, ‘I expect you to achieve greatness in grades, in athletics, in whatever you do.’

You should have high expectations for yourself and others should come second.