Top 60 Indication Quotes

Here we have the best Indication Quotes from famous authors such as Geoff Dyer, Walter Bagehot, Paul Parker, Lilly Singh, Richard Belzer. Find the perfect quotation from our collection.

Despite what Wordsworth says about thoughts that 'lie t
Despite what Wordsworth says about thoughts that ‘lie too deep for tears‘, I think tears are a pretty reliable indication of being in the grips of a profound experience.

Dullness in matters of government is a good sign, and not a bad one – in particular, dullness in parliamentary government is a test of its excellence, an indication of its success.

The best indication is that I still love to ski on most anything, from skating gear to heavy metal.

Paul Parker
No matter what I put out, somebody will be offended. I made a video on 10 reasons to smile, and it has dislikes. That should be an indication that there will be some who get offended no matter what you do. The best you can do as an entertainer or as someone who performs is to follow what you believe in.

I used to think of it as a joke that all paranoids were right. That was a joke in the ’60s, but now I’m convinced that people should be paranoid reflexively – and then pare it down from there if there’s any indication that they’re wrong.

A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.

If the 2016 election is any indication, every four years, millions more Americans will continue backing away from their own parties to choose a third party instead.

Feeling unique is no indication of uniqueness.

Footballers‘ ‘lack of loyalty,’ for instance, is not an indication of playersmoral delinquency. Instead, the capacity to move on quickly without forming lasting attachments is a skill that the contemporary capitalist world inculcates and relies upon.

A lot of bodybuilders have high BMIs. It’s not an indication of your overall health. Like, why put more standards on women saying there’s a maximum BMI? I just think we need to be healthy, and I am.

If I somehow felt like having a site which strictly validates was an indication of my manhood, maybe I’d do it, but it really means very little to me. We’re mavericks over here, what can we say?

Mike Davidson
As we have heard, the end of al-Zarqawi is a significant blow to al-Qaida operations in Iraq. It is another clear indication of the progress we are making.

I’ve never been in a business where safety performance was excellent and the business performance was not, so they go hand in hand, and for me, safety performance is an indication of discipline, of focus and of how joined up an organisation is.

Cynthia Carroll
A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.

From a scientific perspective there is some indication that a nuclear war could deplete the earth‘s ozone layer or, less likely, could bring on a new Ice Age – but there is no suggestion that either the created order or mankind would be destroyed in the process.

July is high burglary season because so many people leave town. To help avoid making that obvious, suspend your newspaper subscription and have your mail held. Another clear indication is if all your lights are off for an extended period. To fix that, you can buy a timer for about $30.

My father was hard to know and gave little indication that there was much to know. He claimed he remembered almost nothing about his childhood.

From high school, you can see my Sierra Club card – I’ve been a member since 1979. That gives you an indication of early interest.

The spread of Viking bling is a good indication of the spread of its culture.

A house is very much like a portrait. I cannot disconnect houses from people. The thought of arrangement, the curves and straight lines. It gives an indication of the character at the heart of it.

Spend time with the customers, immersing yourselves, watching. Spend time at their homes. Hear what they say, but most importantly, watch their behaviors as the indication of where the pain is. And then go solve that pain.

Television could perform a great service in mass education, but there’s no indication its sponsors have anything like this on their minds.

Tallulah Bankhead
It’s a sad indication of where Washington has come, where policy differences almost necessarily become questions of integrity. I came to Washington in the late ’70s, and people had the ability in the past to have intense policy differences but didn’t feel the need to question the other person‘s character.

The best time to make deficit reduction a priority is when the inflation rate and the bond market give you some indication that you are headed for a dangerous inflationary spiral.

Our frequent initiatives to normalise relations with Pakistan are not a sign of our weakness; rather, they are an indication of our commitment to peace.

If China‘s expansion into Africa and Russia‘s into Latin America and the former Soviet Union are any indication, Silicon Valley‘s ability to expand globally will be severely limited, if only because Beijing and Moscow have no qualms about blending politics and business.

Joe Biden’s nomination of gun-grabber David Chipman, who wants to ban, confiscate, and destroy the most popular self-defense and hunting rifle in America owned by millions of American patriots, is a clear indication that the ATF’s war on gun owners is just beginning and is about to crank up.

It is, of course, further indication that a fundamentalist right has really taken over much of the Republican Party, People might cite George Bush as proof that you can be totally impervious to the effects of Harvard and Yale education.

It is very clear from the text of the Geneva Conventions that families have the right to know about the whereabouts of their missing and that belligerents have a duty to inform families if they have indication and if they are detaining people.

Ever since Adam‘s day, the divine law of the Sabbath has been emphasized repeatedly over the centuries more than any other commandment. This long emphasis alone is an indication of its importance.

If the past is an indication, when women are given a job to do in Congress, they get it done.

Something’s that written out is okay, but it’s not always a clear indication of what a person means.

Otis Redding was the ultimate 60s soul singer. We only get an indication of what he might have become, but he had the best soul pipes a lad could wish for.

When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, it’s a good indication of what you’re made of.

What we have seen of recent American action in the Pacific, the bombing of Tokyo and the engagements in the Coral Sea, off Midway Island and at Dutch Harbour, has been sufficient indication that America is beginning to discharge her supremely important duty in the Pacific.

If the dinosaurs are any indication, there’s a place in our pantheon for the extinct. My son has a blue plushy allosaurus he calls Spot-Spot, with whom he often sleeps.

The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.

In Scotland, the indication is that for the Westminster elections at least, Labour voters are satisfied with their government.

Facebook‘s headquarters is a two-story building at the end of a quiet, tree-lined street. Zuckerberg nicknamed it the Bunker. Facebook has grown so fast that this is the company‘s fifth home in six years – the third in Palo Alto. There is virtually no indication outside of the Bunker’s tenant.

People don’t walk away from their homes unless they can’t make the payments. That’s an indication that we are in a recession.

You should give no indication that we wish the three-way division of Bosnia.

Franjo Tudjman
When ‘Lost‘ was over, we expected that there’d be some people who’d really like it and other people who wouldn’t. The Emmy nominations are an indication to us that there were a fair number of people who did like the way we concluded our story.

The reception and the welcome home was quite overwhelming but an indication of how much the Welsh people valued my winning in the Olympics – it was a great memory.

Education, and I regret to say this as an educator, but there’s no indication that education has a direct effect on happiness.

Sometimes I pick parts because I think, ‘OK, it scares me,’ and that’s an indication it’s going to be a good movie for me to do. Sometimes that leaves me in a terrible… Well, it doesn’t always pan out, you know?

Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership.

If history is any indication, all truths will eventually turn out to be false.

Decor sets the stage for any party, and it also gives a great indication to your guests as to how much effort you’ve put into hosting them within your home.

The stock market can be down, but the stock market is not an indication of where people’s spirits and enthusiam are, and where their intellectual energy is.

Some forms of motor neuron disease are genetically linked, but I have no indication that my kind is. No other member of my family has had it. But I would be in favour of abortion if there was a high risk.

I worry that every time I lay down my credit card of choice, it says something about me. About my social standing or how I see myself. The very colour of your card is an indication of where you stand in the wealth stakes.

Donald Trump‘s crass charms are apparently very limited – historically so, if polling is any indication.

Every indication of wisdom, taken from the effect, is equally an indication of power to execute what wisdom planned.

Thomas Reid
To my mind, a well-developed sense of humor is the surest indication of a person’s humanity, no matter how black and bitter that humor may be.

Thomas Ligotti
If a man cannot do brain work without stimulants of any kind, he had better turn to hand work it is an indication on Nature‘s part that she did not mean him to be a head worker.

I am intrigued with the shapes people choose as their symbols to create a language. There is within all forms a basic structure, an indication of the entire object with a minimum of lines that becomes a symbol. This is common to all languages, all people, all times.

If you look at the average age of a company on the Dow Jones index, it’s something like 35 years or younger. In other wordssuccess is no indication of longevity.

I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ’s standards in your own daily life.

It’s an indication of how cynical our society has become that any kind of love story with a sad theme is automatically ridiculed as sentimental junk.

There is every indication that we are to see new developments of the power of aggregated capital to serve civilization, and that the new developments will be made right here in America.